Amazon flex provides great opportunity for the people to work as part time or full time drivers for the punctual and quality delivery of services. The job can potentially let the employee work and earn more than the expected minimum wages. The pay normally range between 18$ to 25$ per hour if the driver works for a full time. They are given app for Amazon flex which they use and claim their block by taping on the ‘block’ icon on the app. 

How Many Packages Does Amazon Flex Give You?

This allows the driver to navigate using the map and reach their site of delivery after taking the packages from the necessary delivery stations of Amazon flex. Amazon drivers have to reach their site of destination to deliver the product against time blocks that one can either accept or ignore. 

An example for this can be taken such that a driver is able to claim 2 hour blocks that offer them a pay from Amazon flex of a range of 36$ to 50$. This range assures them that they will earn 36$ as a minimum wage and if they are able to receive tips along with the delivery of product then they can earn more and very often the drivers are given a 100% tip.

How is Amazon flex flexible?

Blocks define a set of deliveries that are assigned as a task for the amazon drivers against a specified time. If they are able to deliver their product on time then they get paid for their work which can often be more than the average amount. 

But if they are unable to deliver their product timely and take much more time than they are not paid any extra amount and often suffer bad remarks on the reliability report. 

If one looks at the brighter side of using Amazon flex, they can realize the benefit the app can provide by allowing the drivers to earn twice a week which helps those who require earning money quickly as a good opportunity to avail the services and register as a driver on Amazon flex.

Concern of drivers regarding the time frame

Some of the drivers however, do show concerns regarding the time frame for the different blocks. If they are unable to reach their destination timely not only are they liable to bad reliability report but also are not paid the amount which they rightly deserve. 

Some of the reasons where they have to face delays are their inability to make delivery which is an hour or more from the warehouse and require transport or navigation through a busy road or through a road where toll tax is required which leads to delays. 

This delay of time is not accounted in the time frame that is assigned to carry out one block task. Additionally, the job may not be as flexible as one may consider and cannot promise an accurate number of working hours.

Packages that Amazon flex provides

The packages the amazon flex offer can be considered in two distinct terms.

Delivery of ‘packages’

One is if you have a larger car you are able to deliver more packages that are the delivery product one has to transport from the delivery stations to the desired customer. These packages can be up to 70 packages a day. 

Once the driver reaches the location their block time starts. The driver is also responsible for scanning of QR code or bar code that allows the driver to load them accurately. Amazon fresh provides services that allow the hand trucks to carry products that weigh more than 50 pounds and also offer the drivers more tips.

Furthermore, the amazon flex driver can deliver up to 9 blocks daily. Most blocks require a time period of 3-4 hours to deliver the packages. If one works for a block for up to 4 hours then they may not be able to reach their daily limit which is 9 blocks a day.

‘Packages’ amazon flex offers the drivers

Amazon flex allows the drivers to earn between 18$ to 25$ which is more than the average earning amount. A number of factors define whether a person can earn more or not. Some of these factors are:

  • A large car can allow you to deliver more packages thus it can also allow you to earn more as well.
  • Claiming blocks during a busy time which automatically cause a rise in the amount of pay as well can allow the driver to carry out product delivery at higher rates. Prime now and Amazon fresh are examples where the drivers are given 100% tips thus allowing them to earn more.
  • Drivers are paid twice a week mostly on a Tuesday and Friday which are beneficial for earners that depend on daily wages. The amount to be paid is usually deposited directly.
  • If a driver is delivering for amazon restaurant or prime now, they are paid tips that take a day or two to process and amount deposition once the tips are processed.
  • As one becomes an independent contractor with Amazon flex therefore they can withhold or off hold tax as per their requirement and pay the quarterly tax as per their need.

Other rewarding packages by amazon flex

Amazon flex debit card

An Amazon flex debit card allows one to earn 6% cash back on fuel purchases, 2% cash back on and food market purchases and 1% cash back on all purchases that are made using Amazon flex debit card.

Scheduling your preferred station

Rewards in the form of scheduling your preferred station that allows you to work on a specific day of a week at a specified time in the Amazon flex app that allow the driver to level up and see a higher number of offers that match the preferences of driver and allows more time for the driver to decide the best offer that match their preference.

Accessing stride for discounts and rewards

One can save their money through stride by accessing it on Amazon flex app and see the featured discounts by leveling up to get discounts on restaurants, entertainment and apparel.

Access tools like insurance and taxes

As the driver is the lead contractor with amazon they can navigate and access through a number of health tools and get guarantee for insurance and accidents in addition to keeping a track of taxes and expenses with access of stride. Earning points can allow one to get better reliability rates. After every 3 months the points renew and one can maintain their rewards by continuing to deliver services carefully and maintain their rewards.