Amazon flex is much like post mates and door dash that involves rideshare drivers to deliver the amazon packages to their customers. It allows the provision of delivery services to be carried out by its employers that use their own vehicle for the transport of products timely to their customers. 

These deliveries can include packages that are picked from the delivery stations and timely delivered within hours to the respective customer. Prime now and amazon fresh also deals in grocery services and services for household items that are picked up from amazon delivery station. 

Instant offers can also be available on amazon flex and depends on the availability of amazon delivery station near one’s location to provide the services within 15 to 45 minutes.

How Long Can You Be Inactive On Amazon Flex?

The best thing about amazon flex is the amount they pay to the rideshare drivers which is between 18$ to 25$ per hour and can vary depending on location but make it worth for the drivers to work for amazon flex for delivery of services.

How long one can stay inactive on amazon flex?

One may suffer a deactivation of their account if they stay inactive. But the amazon flex does provide the user notification of warning before considering deactivating the account due to long period of inactivity. There are terms set forth by the delivery partner agreement that specify deactivation of account becomes qualified if there is a period of 180 days of inactivity on the account. 

One has to continue working blocks to avoid any kind of suspension and as the agreement specifies the terms for suspension sometimes no notification or warning sign are given that can indicate suspension of the account at amazon flex. The agreement also requires one to undergo a background check which if failed by one trying for the account to stay activated can suffer suspension as well.

Temporary or permanent deactivation

There are two kind of deactivation for amazon flex as well which are temporary or permanent. Too many late deliveries, customer complains of not receiving their delivery, undeliverable deliveries and working for someone else during an amazon flex block often leads to temporary suspension of the account. 

On the other hand, permanent deactivation may result from missing shifts or blocks and being repeatedly late for the shift or block despite warnings. If the account holder fails to provide timely services they are sent an email with a list of offenses against their inability to follow the terms and leads to account deactivation. 

After this they allow a period of 10 days for the user of amazon flex to reply using online Qualtrics that undergo further processing that can take up to 3 weeks’ time.

Reasons for inactivity of account users of amazon flex

There could be several reasons for inactivity which can be as follows:

  • Not being able to work up to the schedule of the shift leading to inactivity
  • Working for other than amazon flex which can lead to missing of shift or blocks which can appear as inactivity of the user on their account
  • Missing shift or being constantly late that may suggest inactivity for the account
  • Being unable to return the deliveries back to amazon on timely fashion again leading to inactivity

Other reasons for deactivation

Though these reasons represent inactivity for an account holder’s profile, there are also several other reasons that can simply lead to deactivation of the account after an inactive period of 180 days which include:

  • Not timely delivering the services
  • Not having enough hot or cold bags of food from restaurant pickup to the place of delivery
  • Missing shifts and having bad customer service remarks
  • Many undeliverable packages or a history of stealing objects

Request for appeal

These if become consistent would lead the amazon flex to deliver an email letter to inform deactivation of the account. One may be able to forward a request for appeal and reinstatement but that entirely depends on the nature of cause that led to deactivation in the first place. 

Therefore, for one to forward appeal they must be clear that they are not complained for something serious like stealing or missing to many shifts which would lead to permanent deactivation from amazon flex.

Appeal for account reestablishment

Once an account is deactivated for whatever the reason, one is given a time period during which they can reply and forward their appeal. This mostly uses online Qualtrics form which is usually sent with a deactivation email which are to be filled and sent for evaluation and assessment. 

One may not be given the option to contact the amazon flex through normal ways such as on call that will not help out and lead from deactivation to closure of the account. One thus only request reactivation through their official email id-

How should one respond if their account is deactivated?

One must think before they rush towards replying using online Qualtrics. Usually 10 days’ time is provided before one can justify their appeal. For this reason one must always reconsider and take a day or two to deliberate for a proper reason and then respond in an apologetic and polite manner without excuses to justify the period of inactivity on the account. 

One must make sure to give adequate reasoning and avoid any argument or lame excuses that may suggest a wrong impression of the account holder and lead to permanent deactivation. One must reason such that they provide assurance for not committing the same mistake again and improve their quality of service for customer satisfaction.

What is response time for appeal to Amazon flex?

Amazon flex can take up to 3 weeks to respond which is also stated at their website while there are deactivated accounts which are reinstated immediately as well if the reason for inactivity provided in valid. If the reestablishment of account takes place almost immediately the account still takes time to activate completely which may require a day or two to completely activate. 

Therefore one must be aware of this and should not schedule a block immediately after account restoration and must wait till the account is completely reactivated.