Amazon is an American company dedicated to online commerce. This company was launched in 1994 in Seattle. One year after it was launch, this company also appeared on the online platforms for selling. In the first phase, the company sells through an e-commerce platform, various products such as books, music, electronics or video games. 

With the evolution of technology, new products have appeared in the Amazon portfolio. An example of this category is the new gadgets. In 2014, Amazon started marketing a new product called fire stick.

Can You Have 2 Amazon Firesticks In The Same House?

1. What are Fire TV Sticks

Amazon has launched a new market, that of streaming gadgets that attach to TVs to play multimedia content. The new Fire TV Stick has a low price and offers noteworthy performance. Fire Stick is a streaming product and offers you the possibility to stream your content over the internet. 

This product became known for its launch on the Amazon platform. It is important that Fire Stick is an Android based device. A user of Fire Stick products cannot access Google Play services. Through Fire Stick, you can download applications from the Amazon Store.

Fire TV Stick offers access to online movie platforms, the one offered by Amazon, Prime, YouTube, and can even run games. The gadget surprised those who tested it by the speed with which it responds to commands. 

Uploading applications and accessed content is done immediately, it has an interface similar to another Amazon product, Fire TV Box, which works more like a media player. The two have many identical functions. The Amazon product offers a Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n connection and a Bluetooth 3.0.

Fire TV Stick is most often used via remote control. But currently, there is the possibility to use Fire TV Stick through your smartphone or tablet. To connect to the TV you need an HDMI port and a smart TV. From a technical point of view, Fire TV Stick can send images, videos from your tablet, phone or computer directly to your TV in a very short time.

2. Different generations of Fire Stick

Fire TV stick is part of a series of several models. Its strong point is the size. Fire TV Stick is the smallest version to date. This feature gives it great flexibility. It is worth mentioning that there are three generations of Fire Sticks. The first generation, the second and Fire TV Stick 4 k is part of the latest generation.

The first generation of Fire TV is one of the best streaming devices on the market. When the product was launched, it benefited from positive reviews from customers. The internal memory of the first Fire TV is 8 GB and 2 GB RAM.

The second generation of Fire TV is also known as Sloane. It appeared in 2015 and featured 4k resolution support for the very first time. Sloane was at the time the best choice for people who wanted to see quality video content. 

The second generation of Fire TV came with a lot of improvements WIFI, Bluetooth and a dual-band. Although Sloane allowed higher quality video playback and brought a list of improvements. In the online environment, the first model was much more appreciated.

3. How to install your Amazon Fire Stick

If you buy a Fire Stick, don't worry. Its installation is very simple. There are four steps to follow and you will find them below. These steps apply no matter what version of Fire Stick you have.

  • Plug your Amazon Fire TV Stick into your HDTV, or use the included HDMI extender
  • Plug your Amazon Fire TV stick into wall outlet
  • Turn on your TV and select the correct HDMI port
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Amazon Fire TV stick to your home internet

After installing the Fire Stick, any content purchased on your Amazon account can be played on TV. You can listen to your playlist or watch a movie. You can also share on the TV the pictures, videos or content you have uploaded to your Amazon Cloud Drive.

4. How many Fire Sticks can you have in the same house

There is no rule on how many fire sticks can be used in the same house. If you have several TVs in the house and you want to distribute different multimedia content, you can use more fire sticks.

For example, if you have four TVs in the house, you can use four wire sticks to distribute different content. You can also connect all these wire sticks to the same WIFI. This does not affect expenses. The costs will only apply to the first wire sticks. You can manage them on the same account.


The first Fire Stick model appeared in 2014. It was very well ranked by users. The success was immediate. Also, they were sold only through the Amazon platform. People who buy movies, music through Amazon need this gadget to display them on TV.

In total, from 2014 to 2021 appeared three generations of Fire Stick, the most recent being able to play movies in 4k format. Each model came with a number of improvements. An important thing to mention is that several Fire Sticks can be used in the same house. Also, all of the Fire Sticks can be used with the same WIFI connection.

The only errors that can occur with a Fire Stick can come from a lack of internet connection. As I mentioned in the article, it is very important to have a WIFI network to which the Fire Stick can connect. Also, if you damage the Fire Stick it is possible to make some problems and doesn't work properly. 

In conclusion, Fire Stick is a device dedicated to streaming. Depending on your desires and needs you can choose between three generations. The most complex is the Fire TV Stick that covers all current requirements.