Are you planning to buy an Amazon Fire Stick? Do you need to know how to set it up with your television? Do not worry about it. This product is notably user-friendly. Amazon had their users in mind when designing it. They created a product that is easy to understand. 

This way, you do not have to hire someone else to install it for you. Thus, you will not have a hard time using it. However, you may have difficulties when it comes to the power supply. To solve these problems, we recommend following the subsequent tips.

An Amazon Fire Stick is a USB-like device that connects to your TV or your projector and offers a way to watch different streaming services. This product is an excellent acquisition if you do not own a Smart TV or plan to make a home theater in your house. 

It comes preinstalled with different streaming apps, but you can download as many as you have. One of its best features is the connectivity to other Amazon products and services. 

Can I Use The USB Port On My TV To Power My Amazon Firestick?

If you own Amazon Prime, you can already enjoy numerous films of TV shows in Prime Video, or you can stream music on Amazon Music. And if you have family members interested in videogames, you can use your free subscription to Twitch TV. 

All these services and many others come with your subscription to Amazon Prime. Therefore, the Amazon Fire Stick is a great product to buy when you are a loyal customer of the Amazon company.

Nevertheless, you may encounter some common problem when you do not have an electric plug available to power up you Fire Stick. Here we show you why this is a common issue you may face and how you can solve it.

A power outlet unavailable

For your Fire Stick to function, you need to plug it into a power source. The simplest way is to set this up is to connect it to the outlet in your wall. If you do not have any available, you could buy another outlet to connect various plugs. 

This way, you can have both your TV and your Amazon Fire Stick plugged simultaneously. Nevertheless, when this option does not work, one may recure to use the USB cable and connect it to the TV or the projector. Your Fire Stick may turn on in this case, but it will show a message that says it needs more power.

Therefore, it is not an efficient solution for several reasons. First, when one TV has a USB port, it usually only has the power to browse its contents. There is a big difference between a USB and a Fire Stick. The former is a small device that can store data, while the latter is like a minicomputer. The power each of these products needs varies. 

If you try to power up your Fire Stick with a TV, you may encounter an error message. This problem is more common when trying to use projectors. People may not have a long enough cable and may try to connect the USB to the projector instead of connecting it to a power outlet.


The simple answer is yes. You can power your Amazon Fire Stick with the ports of your TV. However, to resolve the "insufficient power" message, you may need to buy another accessory. It is not an expensive purchase and can be a great solution to your problems. 

Instead of needing to buy an external plug or an extension, you only need to buy a small USB cable. Therefore, you will not need to carry many accessories when you travel or set up your Fire Stick in another room.

This product is called Fire Cable. You can find it on Amazon for around 10 dollars. If you plan on buying the Fire Stick, it may be a well option to consider beforehand. Look up at your setup and ask yourself if you need to buy a Fire Cable. 

But why do this cable work and others do not? It is built especially for the Fire Stick. While other cables do not have enough wires to power up your Fire Stick, this one does. It is made with heavy copper. Copper is a great conductor and powers up your Fire Stick easily. 

Second, it can only power up your Fire Stick. It has the exact energy conduction necessary. Thus, avoid using it on different devices. It also works when you want to power up your Amazon Fire Stick with your projector. Third, it eliminates the need to connect your AC adapter to a power plug and declutters the excessive wires you might have.

The Fire Stick is already travel-friendly. It is small and does not new many cables to function. However, if you decide to buy the Fire Cable, you will have more portability. It is also a great option if you want to eliminate the number of wires connected to your entertainment system.


An Amazon Fire Stick is a reliable option for entertainment. However, you must be careful when you buy a new one. It has small dimensions. It does not mean that the Fire Stick does not consume a lot of power. 

The Fire Cable is an excellent option for your household. It has various advantages. It reduces the number of cables you need and makes your device more portable. It is also a great option when you cannot use a power outlet to power up your Fire Stick.

The Fire Stick is also a great option when you already own other Amazon services. Thanks to other Echo devices, you can make your entertainment system go wireless. If you already have Amazon Prime, you can have a full library of content to stream everywhere you are.