High-Definition Multimedia Interface, also known as HMDI, is a type of cable which allows you to connect different devices together. It was become the standard in wired connections since its introduction to the market. Every device can connect to an exterior screen or projector. One of the advantages of this product is its usability. One does not need to do many connectors to get sound and image. You only have to connect an HDMI cable. It has a strong signal, and its image has a high resolution.

Why Has My HDMI Cable Stopped Working?

Almost every device uses this technology and comes packaged with this cable. It has become reliable to the home entertainment industry. Both game consoles and Blu-Ray players have HDMI ports to connect to your television.

Nevertheless, sometimes one device does not receive the signal the other sends. If this were to happen, you need to make sure the HDMI is still working, or it has stopped. There are various causes to this issue. You need to cover every basis before you decide to buy another one. Sometimes the cable is the problem, it has become defective. Other times, the problem has to do with the hardware or your devices. Either way, you need to make sure you are aware of the problem to search for a solution.

Check your connectivity

There are times in which your cable does not transmit a signal in between the devices. When this happens, you ought to check that your cables are properly connected to either port. First, you are going to readjust the cable to both ports. HDMI cables are sometimes delicate to connect. For this reason, people often tend to connect them incorrectly. If this solves your problem, you do not need to continue fixing it. If it does not, you must check the source in both devices. 

If you are trying to connect your computer, make sure you search for the Project button in your menu. When the screen is black, this may mean that your computer is programmed to project the signal in only one screen. You can change it in this menu. Either you decide to project the image in both screens or you decide to use the second one as the only projection.

If this does not work either, check your second device. These devices usually have two or more ports. This is made in other to assure that you can connect more than one device simultaneously. You must search in your control or in the panel of control on your device for the source button. You may have connected to the wrong source; therefore, it does not receive the signal. More times than ever, the solution to your problems is quite simple. You may not need to purchase a new cable at all. However, if the problem persists, you could have the following issues.

Your hardware is defective

When you have confirmed that the problem is not the source, make sure you check your cable. It might have stopped working without you realizing. The most common thing to happen is that the wires inside your cable have bent and broken. Well-made HDMI cables last a long period of time. The quality of the materials is better than other products. 

When you buy some device that always connects to an exterior screen (such as DVD or Blu-Ray players or videogame consoles), they come with one cable packaged. They usually have a high quality. These cables can last you for years. 

The problem comes when you buy a cheaper cable for those products that do not necessitate another screen to function. These cables could have materials with less quality. The most common problems they present is defective wiring. If your cable works when it is placed at a certain position, its wires are disconnected. 

There is not a simple solution to do at home. The best option is to buy another cable. Another problem these cheaper wires have might be more visible. If the plastic around your wires is pealing-off, then the heat or the constant use is damaging it.

Another option is to check the hardware in your devices. One thing you need to do is using another cable. If the signal works, then the problem is the cable. When you change the cable, you are using and the signal still does not show, then the problem might be the ports in your devices. If you want to doble check the status of your cable in this case, use it in different devices. 

This problem might have been caused by a fall. If you accidentally dropped your computer, it might have damaged its hardware. To solve this problem, you need to go to a technician. They can give you a full diagnosis of your computer. 

This are some of the most common solutions for this problem. First, your port could have disconnected from the graphic card. Second, the ports in your computers might have broken. Either way, the best solution is to open the computer and check it.


There are many causes why your HDMI has stopped working. If none of these solutions work for you, you may have a problem with your software. There are times where the HDMI is encrypted with certain prohibitions. 

These problems usually come when you use an HDMI cable that was not meant for a certain device. To bypass these prohibitions, it is better if you go to a computer scientist. Nevertheless, this problem is not usually necessary to resolve. It may be cheaper and easier to purchase a new cable.

Another thing you must have in mind is its symptoms. If your HMDI cable starts showing a blurry image or produces no sound. You may need to check the tips you have read. Try being a few steps ahead of the problems and do not let them come to a surprise. If your cable is faulty and its problem is solved temporarily, buy another cable before it stops working all together.