Amazon is a platform for buying and selling stuff. One may have an established E-commerce business or would like to launch their product for sale in market or would just prefer it as a passion for buying stuff and selling them online can find amazon as a wonderful platform for the sale of their products. This opportunity to carry out online marketing and selling of one’s product has attracted people to this platform not just for buying products but also selling them at reasonable costs through their amazon seller accounts.

Why Is My Amazon Seller Account Inactive?

What is an amazon seller account?

Amazon provides opportunities for its consumers to use their program that allows the individuals as well as the business holders to sell their product online by creating an inventory on the website. This is especially beneficial for the beginners who have not setup their own online stores and are looking to introduce their product to a consumer community that actively prefer popular online sites for buying product of their demand. 

Amazon that is used widely not just in U.S but also the other parts of world is providing the opportunity for the new business holders or professionals to use this platform and create their amazon seller account to attract the consumer community and sell their products off at reasonable rates. 

These amazon seller accounts can be of two types. One is an individual seller account on amazon that does not contain an initial registration cost for opening the account and only charges 0.99$ for each item sold by the account holder using the individual seller account. Whereas a professional seller account charges an initial registration fee of 39.99$ and provides additional features that can improve the sale of their product. 

However, one can switch from their professional account to individual account and vice versa depending on their requirement and demand to sale product for consumer market.

Inactive amazon seller account

One may find a decent source of earning if they are able to establish their amazon seller account and carry out selling of their product under the terms and conditions that are defined by the amazon stakeholders. Sometimes one may undergo trouble of losing the privilege to sell stuff and suffer an inactivation of their account. 

There can be many reasons associated with it as amazon makes sure to keep their credibility and fame consistent for the general public to buy products without having to face complaints from the buyers that can eventually cause the site to lose their reliability and their customers. For this reason, amazon has developed some serious terms and conditions for their seller accounts to ensure product buying and selling optimal for the benefit of the consumers as well as for the users who sale their stuff online.

Causes of deactivation

Seller account on amazon can become deactivated as a result of violation of any of the agreements mentioned in the third section of amazon’s business solution agreements. Any policy that is mentioned therein can lead to inactivation and complete ban if they are not abided by the user and causes the suspension of account and disabling of listings to any further course of action by the user. This in turn results in the account to become inactive and the user cannot use it until and only the account is reactivated again. Some of the causes that lead to an inactivation of the account are as follows:

Maintain competitive flow of sale on amazon

Amazon has maintained their name through their constant efforts to stay in competition with the market where other online sources are also available for consumers to carry out their purchase. But what sets amazon apart is their resolution to maintain a competitive marketplace that allows the customers to buy products through the means of excellent and optimal services for the consumer society. If one is unable to perform up to the mark and sale their stuff, the amazon policies imply to deactivate the seller account of the individual.

1) Avoid violating rules and policies of amazon

Amazon can also deactivate a seller account if the user violates any of their policy. All the policies are transparent and elaborated in the third section of Amazon’s Business Agreement solutions and the site expects for its seller user accounts to abide by those policies if they prefer to maintain a constant flow of selling of their products online. One has to remember that they have to abide by the rules of amazon as optimal customer services delivered to their consumers is their top priority.

2) Avoid selling illegal and restricted products

One is not allowed to sell a restricted product like drugs, prescriptions that require physician approval or crime scene images or any other illegal product that may cause reputational blow to the site also leads to the deactivation of the seller account.

How to prevent deactivation of seller account on amazon?

One can suffer a huge loss if their seller account is deactivated especially if this is the sole source of their earning and can often take a lot of time before the account becomes reactivated for them to carry out their process of sale on amazon. Here we present you some guidelines to avoid such an uneventful moment from taking place:

One must make sure to keep their amazon report in check on a daily basis. This allows the seller account holder to closely monitor all the imperfect orders or any negative remark that may be directed from the customer. This also requires one to stay vigilant for their shipments to timely reach the consumer. As amazon basis much of its foundation to value customer demands, one must ensure to abide by the shipping, return and refund policies of the site to maintain an adequate level of satisfaction for their customer.

The amazon seller account holder should always have the app downloaded in their androids and IPhones. This can help them respond much quickly to customers with particular demands while one must make sure that the new and used products they have are in their ideal condition for the purpose of selling.

Make sure the product descriptions define the product as accurately as one may get while they buy for a shop. This helps to ensure quality and customer satisfaction for the product while maintaining the reliability of the seller’s account.

Return and refunds are a part of reliable selling firms and so is the adage of amazon. The seller account must first of all ensure that the products they sale are without any faults and are up to mark to satisfy the customer demand. But if they are somehow not what the customer requested the seller must ensure and stand by the policy of return and refund of the product from the customer.

Thus if one is able to focus more on policy and maintain quality they are guaranteed not to face any such issue and maintain their credibility not just with amazon but also with the customers who consider the platform a booming place for their daily needs and product acquisition.