A Roomba is a revolutionary device when it comes to cleaning your house. Roombas are robot vacuums that can clean your entire house without any effort from your side. These small and compact devices are capable of entering places that generally prove challenging to clean. 

Moreover, after a Roomba is done cleaning your house, it goes back to its own house and recharges itself for the next round of cleaning. It is a very convenient device to keep your home clean. But can you Roomba tell if your house has been cleaned or will it proceed to clean the room again? Let’s have a look.

Does A Roomba Know When A Room Is Clean?

Can a Roomba tell if a room is clean?

A Roomba cannot really tell if a room is already clean but the algorithm of the Roomba does calculations to measure the area of your room and ensure that it has been cleaned. Therefore even if your Roomba can’t detect a clean room, it knows exactly how long it will take to cover the area of the room. 

Roombas have a mapping algorithm that measures different aspects like the size of the room, the swept area, the cleaning speed, collisions, the time required to get back after a collision, and other aspects. So your Roomba can tell if it has cleaned the entire room or if it needs to go back and clean spots that might have missed. 

The Roomba uses its sensor to detect areas that are dirtier and spends more time cleaning those areas. Once the detector tells the Roomba that the job is done, it goes back home. 

The newer models of the Roomba are smarter when it comes to detecting dirt and finding areas that have already been cleaned. A few new models also have a camera to tell the device whether an area has been cleaned properly or not. 

Does the Roomba clean every spot every day?

No, your Roomba won’t clean every corner and every spot every day. Roombas detect the dirt and spend extra time cleaning those areas. If the Roomba detects no dirt in some spots, it might skip those spots. Moreover, since a Roomba originally calculates the time it would need in each room, due to spending more time on one area it might not be able to work on other areas.

Another thing that is observed in some models is that they often struggle and take complicated paths if they detect dirt in a certain place. The Roomba doesn’t stop until it finds the foreign particle it is looking for. This process can go on for very long and in trying to find the path to one specific dirt speckle, it might miss other spots. 

How to make the Roomba clean your house better? 

If you just switch on your Roomba and expect it to do everything without paying any attention to it ever, then your Roomba might not do a great job. You should be around when your Roomba is cleaning to make sure that it doesn’t get stuck somewhere or faces any issues. You can do a few things from your end to help the Roomba clean better. 

Empty out the bins after every cleaning round

If your Roomba’s bin is full, it won’t be able to pick any more dirt and might just go around the house exhausting its battery uselessly. One con about robot vacuum cleaners is that the size of their bin is very small and requires to be emptied out pretty often. If the bin is full, the Roomba might also carry dirt around the house instead of picking it up. Therefore cleaning the bin routinely is a good idea if you want your Roomba to do its job efficiently. 

Keep the rooms well-lit when the Roomba is cleaning

The Roomba uses many techniques like lasers to spot dust particles and other objects. This is very crucial if your Roomba doesn’t have in-built navigation light. Roombas that don’t have in-built detection lights generally use optical sensors to move around and navigate their way. The older models are more likely to have optical sensors. For any Roomba that uses optical sensors, there needs to be adequate light for it to navigate its way around the house. 

Pick up hair, dental floss, and cables before you use your Roomba

A few things tend to get stuck on the Roomba’s wheel and disrupt its cleaning process. This can not only leave the surfaces dirty but can also cause scratches of wooden surfaces if the Roomba is dragging itself. 

So even if your Roomba will clean the entire house for you, it is important to pick up strands of hair, thread, wires, and other things that can get tangled in your Roomba’s front wheel. Moreover, Roombas are known to eat up wires and shoelaces so pay extra attention to these things. 

Buy a Roomba that is the best fit for your needs

There are many models of Roombas available, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The flooring and the size of your house are important things that you might want to consider before choosing your perfect Roomba. 

If you have wooden flooring, pay extra attention to the details and check with the people who installed your floor to ensure that the Roomba doesn’t scratch your floor. 


Roombas are very smart devices and they learn the map of your house, detect dirt and other particles and pay extra attention to dirty areas. Your Roomba will know when it has done its job and cleaned your house properly. Once the Roomba is satisfied with the cleaning, it automatically goes back to its home and charges itself for another round of cleaning. 

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the cleaning, you can always wait for your Roomba to charge and set it out for another round of cleaning. Let your Roomba clean your house every day to make sure that your house is clean.