With the fast-paced world taking the reins, no longer can one afford to try and balance their household with the workload. Add to that, imagine the presence of your pet’s fur and kids’ playful crumbs falling off here and there on the floor and sticking to every possible corner. To handle that without any assistance would be a certain nightmare. Roomba, the cleaning robot, comes to the rescue here. The clean dream begins with the user’s Roomba command, as the flat-disked robot rushes off to its job. 

Does Roomba Pick Up Where It Left Off?

However, this comfort sometimes comes with a caveat of technological difficulties and understanding that the owner must deal with. Say the battery were to die in the middle of a cleaning spree, or the device was to get stuck on an odd marble and remain there, or the sudden appearance of a guest forces you to pause it in the middle, a plethora of questions comes up. Will the device clean the whole area again? Will it pick up where it left off? How will it know where it left off? What procedure to follow? Here we rest your thoughts with the answers to it all. 

Does the Roomba pick up where it left off?

With its smart built and technology, the Roomba has the ability to pick up right where it left off. In case it stops at a particular point for any reason, the device would not go on to clean the already cleaned area unless the command is closed off. As long as its command stays, the Roomba will clean the areas left by it in the last shift of its job. However, in certain circumstances, the command gets closed off. In such scenarios, the Roomba fails to pick up where it left off.

The recharge and resume process in case of battery drain

The feature of recharge and resume ensures that in case your Roomba is drained of battery midway through the job, on recovering, it would start right where it left off. Once the battery starts running low, the Roomba returns to the same location where it started off from, i.e., the home base. This is indicated by the switch of the light ring into the blue pattern. There, after a certain time, the Roomba would either reach the maximum charge time or will get fully charged. This is followed by the mission resume song. The light ring also indicates this by changing to the resume pattern. At the conclusion of this process, the device resumes its work.

Auto cancellation in case of a long pause

In case of a situation where say an off piece of marble or an awkward table foot obstructs your Roomba, in a way where it cannot find its way out of it, then there is only so long that it would stay in function for. Beyond that portion of time, the job gets cancelled and the command needs to be given out again. This duration of time may differ from model to model. For instance, the 960 model keeps working on the same job until an hour and a half passes by of it being paused. 

Beyond that hour and a half, the 960 models would stop and there needs to be a fresh command. In such a scenario, the pause would not allow the Roomba to pick up from where it left off since such a resume procedure happens only when the command remains constant. In this situation, where the fresh command takes over, that isn’t possible and the robot works through it all again if a certain area has been already cleaned off.

Resuming of the work before auto cancellation of the command

Sometimes when the Roomba gets stuck in a certain situation or spot, a nudge or two might help it get out of the spot. Some other ways like altering its direction and making way through the furniture might help it in getting freed from the state where it is stuck. This would help to evade the auto cancellation since the command remains in place and the Roomba continues to follow it. 

However, the situation might get a little tricky when it fails to recalibrate. It might take a very short while like 1 minute or sometimes longer like around 5 to 10 minutes for this to happen and the device would then pick up from the spot where it left off. The recalibration would set it back on track. 

In case this does not happen efficiently, then the device might start again from scratch and not pick up from the spot where it had then left off. This would be similar to the instances where a new command directs its work and starts cleaning as if from scratch.

Is it possible to resume a cancelled job?

It is, however, not possible to have a Roomba resume a job that has already been cancelled. The cancellation upon being caused for any reason would in a way reset the device and the only way to get it working again would be through the allotting of a new fresh job. This means that in case a Roomba remains stuck for more than the designated pause time, the job will be started from scratch and not from where it was left off.

Can the Roomba clean a specific room?

Most of the models of Roomba do not have the feature to have it clean a specific room. So, generally, there is no option of commanding the robot to clean the space apart from the one already cleaned by it in a fresh command. However, some of the new models of Roomba, like the i7 do allow the option of cleaning specific rooms through labelling them.


Despite the technological know-how required for its functioning, the Roomba does come in handy in the day to day working. The most frequent issue being of battery drainage, its resumption avoids the issue of re-cleaning. Therefore, it is a great investment and the few issues that do arise are rare and resolvable.