Cleaning houses free of dust has become much easier now since the invention of robot vacuum cleaners. All you have to do is sit back, tell the robot to start cleaning by using Alexa or Google assistance and relax. While choosing one for your house, you always come down to two options; the Shark IQ or the Roomba. Both are, undoubtedly, the best vacuum robots available in the market. 

Which Is Better: Shark IQ Robot Or Roomba?


The Roomba is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that cleans all sorts of dust, debris, pet hair, and crumbs, allowing you to spare time for much more important things. It has smart sensors which guide its movement automatically. It makes 60 decisions every second while cleaning on the floor, over the carpet, or under the sofa. 

It vacuums the dirt in three stages. First, it locates the dirt and catches it from its corners and edges. Second, it uses its dual counter-rotating brushes to catch the dirt, and finally, it suctions the dirt in the dirtbag with 99% efficiency. Using the Roomba is easy; it can be controlled with your house, with the help of Alexa or Google assistance. 

Some of the latest versions, like the Roomba s9+, come with the self-emptying ability, which means you don’t even have to empty the vacuum for up to a month. You can arrange the schedule on your phone app, set cleaning times, view cleaning history, and come home to an already clean house. 

Shark IQ

The Shark IQ is no less than the Roomba. It maps your house and automatically cleans the house without you having to oversee the cleaning in a matter of 0.6 seconds as soon as the debris falls to the floor. It can be operated with Google assistance and Alexa, or you could use your own voice to control it. Moreover, its self-cleaning ability is life-changing. 

It has a self-cleaning base and a self-cleaning brush roll which enables it to clean itself.  It does not even have a bag that holds the debris in; it cleans itself without one. So there’s one more chore out of your way now! You only have to make a schedule of self-cleaning. Another positive thing about it is that it never got stuck during testing. Now that we’ve established that the two vacuum robots are strong competitors, let’s compare the two in terms of their features.


The first and very important difference is the price. The two actually have a drastic and visible difference. The Shark IQ with the self-emptying base costs the consumer around $475 while the Roomba s9+ with the self-cleaning base is a stark $1,099, which is more than twice the price of Shark IQ. So, if you’re willing to buy the Roomba s9+, you’d better start saving some money! 

However, the Roomba s7+ is a little handy and affordable and comes in between the prices of the two mentioned above at $799. It might be better for you to buy this version if you’ve made the choice of buying a Roomba. Roomba has also recently launched their i3+ which is, although still more expensive, for $599, but much more convenient.


The two designs are both very aesthetic to look at. They have been designed in a way that affords its practicality and functionality, adjusting to the interior of the house at the same time. The minimal design of the Shark is a mixture of glossy and matt black, with silver touch-ups. 

It has two big rubber wheels with a good grip on either side, with a small caster wheel in the front. The debris and dirt are fed to the V-shaped bristle and fin brush roll in the center by the two single spoke brushes in the front. Even though this design already existed in other vacuum robots, Shark IQ was able to gather the dirt inside of it. 

The Roomba s9+ is shaped like a D, with the front like a circle that has been stretched out at the end like a square. It has been given the finish of matt black. The top has a bronze brushed disk in the center which is highlighted while the vacuum is cleaning in white light. There are two vibrant green rubber rollers underneath the bot that cover the entire straight edge. 

The rollers are hollow from one end, which makes them easily susceptible to getting animal fur or dirt stuck in them. There is also a small 5 spoke brush at the front of it which sweeps the dirt to the inside of the bot. 

Even though both the vacuum bots have a height of 3.5 inches, the Roomba is much heavier, which can cause you a backache in case you have to constantly change floors while cleaning. In addition, there was one major difference between the two designs; the self-emptying base. 

As mentioned above, the Shark IQ does not have a bag, hence, while emptying itself, a small puff of dirt is let loose in the air, something which is not liked by the customers, especially if one is prone to allergens and has breathing issues. In comparison, the Roomba has a bag fitted inside of it (3 can be purchased for $14.99 from Amazon) which cleanly disposes of the dirt. 


Now, let’s compare the two on the basis of which bot can clean better. While conducting tests, it was found out that the Roomba s9+ can vacuum 97% of dog hair on carpet and 99% on a wooden floor, while the Shark IQ can get only 50% of fur from carpet and 87% from wooden floor. And again, the Roomba 7s+ was in the middle with picking 87.6% of the litter. 


Even though the Roomba s9+ is a better option especially in consideration of the cleaning ability, it is much more expensive than Shark IQ. We can safely conclude by carefully studying the above comparisons that the more money you spend on your vacuum bot, the cleaner your house will be.