Many people are concerned about whether they should run their Roomba every day or just a few days a week. The answer to this question, of course, varies from person to person. Some people run their Roombas for 3 to 4 days a week, while others run them every day. It depends upon various factors, which have been discussed in detail below. 

Should I Run My Roomba Every Day?

1. The number of residents.

How many people live in your home? If you have 1 to 3 residents in your home, then you don't need to run your Roomba every day. You can probably run it twice or thrice a week without any compromise to your house's neatness. But, if the resident sum rises to 5 or beyond, then, you are required to run it daily. The more people in your home, the messier it will be.

2. The type of floor.

Some people prefer solid floors, while others prefer carpeted floors. The type of floor laid in your house plays a considerable role in the determination of a schedule for your Roomba. A carpeted floor can assimilate a larger amount of dust than a solid floor. Due to this reason, a Roomba should be used on a carpeted floor often. The carpet will only get dirtier by the hour. So if you have carpets, you need to tidy them with your Roomba every day.

3. Presence of Children.

Do you have any children in your home? Kids are a source of joy and fun, but they are an even better source of junk. If you have even a single child in your home, you should consider running the robot vacuum 5 times a week. With 2 or more kids, the Roomba should be run daily.

4. Presence of pets.

Every other household has a pet of some kind. Either it's a hamster or a dog, everybody has one! Pets spread litter throughout a house if they are allowed to roam freely. Having even a single pet means dirty rags, paw prints, and littering spread all over your home. A furry animal will leave tons of hairs for the Roomba to scavenge out. It would get even worse if the floor is carpeted. So running the robot vacuum daily is a must if you have pets in your house.

5. Location of house.

If your house is located in a sandy or tropical region, then a ton of dust will take shelter in your residence. That puts a lot of pressure on your Roomba, so you should definitely increase its uptime. In such situations, it would be ideal to run the Roomba daily. A house in an arctic or a cold region means the opposite i.e. the robot vacuum’s work is reduced considerably, and it should only be used 3 to 5 times a week.

6. Size of house.

If you have an apartment of fairly small size, then you should use your Roomba at a regular interval of 1 day. If you live in a single room, then the Roomba should be used at least 4 times a week. If you have a large residence, then Roomba should be run every day. An enormous residential area like a mansion would require multiple Roombas running daily. In the case of an average medium-sized house, the Roomba should be run daily.

7. General preference.

Everybody makes their own choices! Whether you want to run it once a week, thrice a week, or daily, it is entirely up to you. How clean do you want your home to be? Either, you want everything to be spick and span, or you generally like to live in a little messy environment, the choice is yours. The noise of a Roomba can get on one’s nerves. If you are annoyed by the noise produced by Roomba while it performs cleansing action, then you can reduce its uptime per week, or you could schedule it to cleanse the floor when you are away at work.

Some robot vacuums require manual removal of the dust bin, if the Roomba is allowed to run daily, the dust will accumulate much faster. You will have to clean the bag much more regularly. If you get annoyed, you can reduce the uptime of Roomba per week. You can also get a Roomba which cleans its dust bag automatically.

8. Improving battery life.

Even if you don’t need Roomba to clean your house regularly, you definitely should run it at least thrice a week. This will keep the decline of battery health of your robot vacuum at a bare minimum. If a Roomba is left for long periods of time without functioning, then its battery health will decline severely and could drop down to even 30 minutes! So, running a robot vacuum at regular intervals is important, even you don’t need to clean the house.

9. Health condition.

All the necessary precautions should be taken if you have a medical condition. If your medical condition is related to dust, even in the slightest, then you should consider running your Roomba every day. Maintenance of your health is of top priority, so it is necessary to maintain a sanitary environment at all times. Conditions like asthma can have adverse effects if one inhales spores, pollens, or dust particles. So, it’s always better to run your Roomba daily to save your health.


Roomba can be used daily or at intervals according to one’s requirements. The decision to use Roombas depend upon many factors including the number of residents in one’s house, types of floors laid, presence of kids or pets, size or location of the house, and the general preference of an individual.

A Roomba performs a cleansing action. If you want the cleanest floors, you would want to get the most out of your robot vacuum. Is it safe to use Roomba every day? It most definitely is safe to use Roombas every day. Using them daily does not wear them out. Remember, they are robots and programmed to run daily!