Roombas are unable to express emotion; therefore they rely on other means, like as indication lights, to inform us of what is happening, what is malfunctioning, or just how they are feeling. In this article, we'll look at some frequently asked questions concerning indicator lights(red) including what it signify and what you should do if you see one.

What Does Red Light Mean ON Roomba?

Roomba robotic vac communicates different states to you by flashing its red light ring, making sounds, and sending app notifications through the Roomba mobile app. The following could provide three indications of the red light rings, as well as an explanation of each.

  • When the red light band from around CLEAN button are is pure, the Roomba will notify you via a voiced audio message that something is wrong with the vacuum.

  • A flashing red light band around the CLEAN button area indicates that the Roomba battery charge is insufficient to start the vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the robot is connected to the Home Base or to a power source in order to begin charging the battery on.

  • When the red light band around the CLEAN button area begins to move toward the rear, the trash needs to be  emptied.

When anything goes wrong, however, such as the Roomba's red light flashing while it is charging, it can be difficult to try to find out what is wrong and how it could figured out .In most cases, this indicates that there is a problem with the battery or power source; nevertheless, we will go into further depth below on how you may resolve this issue immediately. 

The good news is that, assuming you know what you're doing, this is a pretty straightforward problem to detect and resolve. Because the iRobot support site isn't always the most helpful when it comes to figuring out what to do to solve problems, we searched the internet for professionals who could advise us exactly what to do in this frustrating scenario.

Roomba 500-series or 600-series vacuum cleaner

Which series of Roomba you have is determined by the model number of the vacuum you own. Make sure the yellow light on your 500 or 600-series Roomba is not flashing as well if you have one of these models. If that's the case, the red light isn't a problem; it just indicates that the Roomba's charge was running low and is currently undergoing a more rigorous charging cycle. This cycle will take far longer than a typical charging. Allow it to rest for a few hours; it should be ready to use once the cycle is complete.

Roomba robot vacuum cleaners of higher series

If you have a Roomba of a higher series, a Roomba flashing red light indicates that there is an issue. If you pay attention to how many times the battery indicator flashes, you will be able to pinpoint precisely where the problem is occurring, which will make it much easier to diagnose and resolve the issue. On their support website, iRobot provides a diagram that demonstrates this concept in further detail.

 When you attempt to start a cleaning cycle when the battery is too low, the Roombas will also flash a red light to alert you. If it's doing this while it's charging, it's possible that the charger isn't being recognised by the device for whatever reason. Check to see that the Home Base is properly plugged in and powered, and that the Roomba is correctly locking into position on top of it before continuing. If it still won't lock in, examine the base of the Roomba and the port on the Home Base to make sure there aren't any obstacles in the way before attempting to remedy the problem. 

Given that you may not have paid much attention to the Roomba while it was charging successfully, you may not be totally aware of what the Roomba should look like when it is functioning properly until anything goes wrong when it does. 

Despite the fact that each Roomba and Home Base charging station is designed differently, there are small variations between each model. When attempting to determine the source of any difficulties, be certain that you are looking for the appropriate indicators for your model.

To begin, consider the home base. The led indicator should flicker green every few seconds when you initially connect it in. Following that, depending on the model, it may continue pulsing or halt. If you're unsure whether the home base is functioning properly, simply disconnect it and reconnect it, then watch for the flashing light. 

Additionally, when the Roomba is charging, different models will show differently. On some, the indication light will remain bright green during the charging cycle; on others, it may dim to conserve energy after a few seconds.

How can I test the home base?

Start by making sure the power source is plugged into the Roomba Home Base and that it is connected properly by pulsing the green light. Depending on the model, this light will either turn deep green or turn off entirely after a few seconds. A typical issue is that the Roomba does not charge when connected to the Home Base. Connect a different charging cable to the Roomba's charging port to determine whether the issue is with the Home Base or the Roomba itself. 

If it charges, your Home Base is broken or the Roomba-Home Base connection pads are filthy. Give them a good wipe. Few of the causes of a Roomba not docking are really connected to the Home Base. To rule this out, inspect the wires. There is probably something else stopping your robo pet from coming home, even if your wires are in fine shape.

Bottom line

Even if the red light on your Roomba is flashing, it does not always indicate that you have an issue. Check the different indicator lights on your specific model to be sure they all signify the same thing before moving on. Hopefully, this short instruction will be of use in getting your Roomba back up and running again.