Technological innovations for lifestyle have been driven largely by connectivity. The need to organize the human day-to-day activities to achieve some sort of synergy is strong and it is playing out in the design of the personal designs in use today. Smartwatches exploit this connectivity to make themselves more valuable and highly desirable among upwardly mobile young people and professionals.  The innovation with smartwatches is really great because the original idea of a watch is that of a fashion item that helps to tell the time. Since the advent of mobile phones that eliminated the need for the original idea, smartwatches have evolved and continues to find ways to remain indispensable and desirable. 

Can You Answer A Call On A Smartwatch?

The consciousness of the number of hours spent staring into a laptop or a smartphone screen is growing rapidly. A lot of people are looking for ways to cut back on screentime as soon as possible and one of the ways is to find ways of having no reason to interact with the phone. Smartphones are great, they make our lives easy and we can’t live without them but they are also very addictive. Smartphones and everything that is available through a simple swipe or tap on their screen are the foundations of all distractions today. 

Most people don’t intentionally seek out their phones to get distracted, it starts with notifications like a phone call notification. You pick up your phone to answer a call and before you know it, thirty minutes have passed and you’ve been on Twitter or YouTube the entire time. It then became necessary to find ways to avoid unnecessary interaction with the smartphone to prevent unwanted interactions. 

Smartwatches provide one of such avenues to prevent prolonged unwanted interactions with the smartphone. With your smartwatch, you can get phone call notifications from your phone and you can answer them without recourse to the smartphone itself. You can turn your smartwatch into an extension of your phone such that you can receive phone calls on it, make phone calls and even reply to text messages. 

To have all these functionalities, however, you need to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone. This connection can be via a Bluetooth connection or a sim card if there is a sim card slot on your smartwatch.  

Connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth 

This is probably the most common way of answering calls from your phone. For this to work, your smartphone and smartwatch need to be in sync and connected with Bluetooth. The syncing is done through an app that must be installed on the smartphone. It is through this app that the smartphone will be granted access to the phone’s contact details. It is also important that the setup is correctly done and the Bluetooth connection allows audio and calls. 

Perhaps a downside to this kind of approach is that you cannot leave the phone behind because both devices have to be in close proximity to each other to maintain the connection established via Bluetooth. In fact, the smartwatch should be within 10meters of the phone otherwise the connectivity will be lost and you cannot make calls on the watch anymore.

Standalone Watches 

Some smartwatches do not need a phone to answer or make calls because they have sim card slots, so the watch makes and answers calls directly. With this type of watch, you eliminate the risk of distractions due to smartphone usage completely since you don’t need the phone. So, now you can have a session of complete focus and immersion in the tasks of the day. Leave your phone behind and insert the sim card directly into the sim card slot on the smartwatch and you are good to go. 

It is important to note that the sim card slots on the smartwatches are suitable only for nano-SIM cards and or micro-SIM cards in some cases. This should not be a problem because most smartphones have exactly the same SIM card compatibility. These smartwatches that can make and receive calls as well as receive and send text messages on their own without connection to a mobile phone are called standalone smartwatches.


Some standalone smartwatches do not have sim slots but rather function alone based on what is called the eSIM. This is a type of inbuilt SIM card that comes with the smartwatch. With this feature, you do not need to worry whether your fingernails are long enough to pry open the tight SIM slots and force your SIM card in. you also do not have to keep transferring SIM cards from your phone to the smartwatch. An eSIM with the same phone number as the physical SIM card on your phone can be created and used on your smartwatch. 


It is super convenient. This is practically wearing your phone on your wrist. Although smartphones are getting increasingly stylish and sleek, they still need to be carried or held. They can sometimes feel like an extra load especially when you are making a quick errand around the office or neighborhood. Having a smartwatch that can take over some of the functions of the phone is super convenient.  

Not having to deal with your phone all the time is definitely going to improve your focus and prevent distractions. You can conclude tasks on time and this will improve your productivity. 

It is easily accessible. One of the most annoying things can be hearing your phone notification and then going out of your comfort zone to check the phone only to find out that it is an unwanted disturbance. With the smartwatch, you can easily filter calls without expending the energy that is usually required to locate your phone.

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If you live in a fast-paced world, the smartwatch is the best companion you can have. With the device at your wrist, the possibility to further automate and organize your daily actions are greatly improved. It will also improve your productivity as you have fewer devices to deal with. In fact, you will be dealing mostly with the device offering the most minimal opportunities for distraction.