The Google Chromecast is a great way to use your TV screens to view media content from your phone, tablets or computer. It is an instrumental tool used to mirror content from the smaller screen to the bigger TV screen of older versions that do not have the WIFI enabling system. The fact that it does not require a lot of pre-requisites for setup and it generally compatible with multiple systems make it a very attractive purchase. On top of that the easy installation method and quick response time are added perks adding to its appeal even more. 

Why Does Chromecast Take So Long To Connect?

All you need to do is plug it in the power source through the Micro USB power adapter; either to the TV or an external power source. Now through an app on your phone or tablet, you are ready to stream media on your TV. It needs no extra control or remotes and none of the other hassles; saves you time and saves you money too since its very economically priced.

It is the convenience factor that has made Chromecast very widely popular among masses. However like any other technology it too can develop issues, most of them can be resolved with a few quick simple measures. If the Chromecast is taking too long to connect, it has a negative impact on the user experience. In any case, how much of a nuisance it is when any device that you are using takes too long to load, open applications and generally be very slow in connecting. It is frustrating at times to a point where you would rather not use it.

Chromecast and slow connectivity issues

Over the years developers have tweaked on various aspects of the Chromecast including hardware and design and modified a few bits to improve its functionality and multi-tasking which has been met with great response. It is a technology however and like any other device, it too can malfunction and develop issues that may hinder its performance. Imagine having your friends over for a movie night, all gathered in the lounge, huddled up in blankets with popcorns and coffee waiting for the Chromecast to connect but it is just not happening. It would be disappointing and frustrating, all in all a big letdown. 

Now there may be several reasons because of which the Chromecast is not connecting. In the following section we have highlighted a few points that may be causing the slow connectivity issue of the Chromecast and how we can go about resolving them.

WIFI connectivity issues

Check your WIFI connection to make sure that the signal strength is good and the Chromecast is getting good reception and also that you have connected the Chromecast to same WIFI as the device to which you are trying to connect. Often the connectivity may be hindered by the fact that the device is placed behind the TV or far from the router. These problems can easily be resolved by bringing the router closer or moving the device near the router through the HDMI extender cable. 

Sometimes the signal strength may be hampered by the fact that too many devices are logged on to the WIFI. You could dislodge a few devices and see if the connection speed improves. On the other hand the WIFI router itself may be the issue and a simple reboot may help resolve the connectivity problem. 

If the Chromecast was connected previously but has stopped connecting recently, you can check to see if your internet service provider has made any update variations to your WIFI router. You can reset your WIFI router and then try connecting again. In addition, you need to look at the bandwidth of the device as well. Except for the first generation Chromecast, all the later versions support 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. In any instance the 2.4GHz is more suitable since it supports connectivity over a long range. However if the router and device are in a close enough range and you want a stronger connection, you could try 5GHz bandwidth as well.

Issues with the device or the app

The device whether it is your phone, tablet or your computer, needs to be in close range of the Chromecast so that connection can be made. Your device should be in a range of fifteen to twenty feet; any more than that and the connection will be slow or won’t happen at all. Moreover the Google app on your android or iOS device is updated to the recent version so as to ensure compatibility. Sometimes, your phone or tablet may be the one causing the slow connectivity issue. In this case you can try restarting your phone to see if the connection has somewhat improved. 

Your Chromecast power source

The Chromecast device can be powered through micro USB input adapter by either plugging it in an external power source or connecting it to the TV for the supply. While both the options work, for efficient transmission of power, where possible do try to plug it in to an external power source so as to ensure constant connection.

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Slow connectivity after an update

If the connectivity issue has arisen after an update to the device, you may need to check your app settings to ensure everything is in working order. Check your WIFI settings as well so that you can make sure bandwidth is not an issue. Next, you can turn off your WIFI router and your device as well. Keep them switched off for two minutes or so and then see if the issue is resolved.

Apply a factory reset

If all else fails, your Chromecast is still taking too long to connect and even if it does, switching from one platform to another is simply taking too much time, you can apply a factory reset to your Chromecast device. Just press down the power button and keep it pressed for 25 seconds. Now turn it back on. Applying factory settings keeps the data intact but you will have to do the settings from scratch.