Well, We can do it using smart plugs. Those are really helpful when it comes to connecting to phone. So let us get into details. Smart plugs are Wi-Fi-enabled sockets. You can operate the Smart plug remotely with your phone. You don't have to run to it and turn it off. You can control its working, schedule, and power on and off with just a one-tap through your phone. 

Give voice commands through Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Smart plugs work great with other smart devices. And other devices work smartly with a smart plug. They are reliable and save energy as well. Which reduced the electricity bill. There are plenty of smart plugs available in the market. 

How Do I Connect My Smart Bulb To My iPhone?

They come in different sizes, shapes, and price ranges. They connect and work differently. Some connect through Bluetooth, while some are Wi-Fi-enabled. Usually, these plugs have no troubles and work fine. Sometimes users may face difficulty in using like: 

  • The Smart plug is disconnected and is not getting connect again.
  • The Smart plug isn't responding through mobile.
  • It is Plugged in the socket but not showing in the app.
  • The Smart home plug isn't connecting with the network.
  • It isn't turning on.
  • The app isn't responding or isn't able to find the plug.

People usually ask questions that their device was working well in the morning, and now its stops suddenly. Or it was connected to the network a while ago, and now it is disconnected. If you're using smart home plugs, then you have to resolve the problems smartly. Check the following suggestions to diagnose and troubleshoot to reconnect:

Check the power supply: Low voltage and weak power supply also affect the working of the plug. Sometimes sudden breakdown of electricity caused damage to the plug or the socket. If your smart plug has stopped working suddenly. It is not turning on. Check the socket in which it has been plugged in. Try it in another socket. If the problem still occurs, reset and plugin again.

Check the network: Smart plugs work fine win 2.4 GHz frequency networks. But, they aren't compatible with 5G networks. If your plug isn't connecting with the network, you should check network frequency and device compatibility. Weak signals and interference also cause hindrance in connectivity. Keep the network device and smart device in range to work well. If it keeps disconnecting, try to connect it with your phone's hotspot network.

App compatibility: Sometimes the app which you are using to connect with the plug isn't compatible. If your device is not working through the mobile app, check for pending updates. Try using other apps. Sometimes the plug starts blinking red light, which means it has an issue while connecting to an app like Alexa. Then you need to remove the device from the app and register again. When you're are using various smart devices, you should group them. It also causes a problem in connectivity.

Power saving mode of the phone: If your phone is on power-saving mode or in low power mode, it caused the plug's disconnectivity. The power-saving mode restricts the use of the network in many apps. Always keep your phone's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location ON. If you have any VPN, turn it off.

Check the Router: It is not something that usually happens. But, chances are still there. If you are using various connections, you should check the SSID and password. They must be different from each other. Turn off the other routers and try connecting to the desired one. If the problem persists, then the device needs to be reset and reconnected again.

How to reset the plug?

When the smart plug resets, it goes back to the factory settings, and all the previous instructions and passwords delete permanently. Different devices get different times to reset, but the process is almost the same for all devices. To reset your smart plug follow these instructions:

  • Unplug and wait for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Press the center button of the plug and hold for some time.
  • Replug while holding the button.
  • After some seconds, the LED light will start to blink. The plug is in the reset mode now.
  • When Light changes its color, the reset is complete.

After the reset, the plug is ready to reconnect in the app. 

If you have changed your router or location and you want to reconnect. You can do the following steps instead of resetting it manually.

  • If you have changed the router or location, set the network, credentials, SSID, and password the same as the previous network. Your plug will be connected automatically. 
  • If you want to change the credentials, Open the app.
  • Tap on the device.
  • Tap on the pencil icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap on the remove device at the bottom.
  • The LED light will start blinking.
  • The device will reset.
  • While it is blinking, tap on the add device and select the device to connect it again. 

While reset completes, do the following to reconnect the plug,

Reconnect Wi-Fi Plug: Plug and hold the button for some seconds. When it starts to blink, open the app. Tap on the "Find device" and click on the plug. Enter credentials. The device will re-register.

Reconnect Bluetooth plug: Plugin and hold the button for some seconds. While the LED light starts to blink. Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and search for the device. If it is unable to find do try these steps:

  • If your phone is connected to any other Bluetooth device, disconnect it.
  • Turn off Bluetooth for some seconds and Try Again.
  • Keep your device and plug close.
  • If the problem persists, restart the plug.

Follow safety precautions for the long life of the device. There are some tips to follow to prevent the damage. 

  • They are made to use indoors so, don't use them outdoor.
  • Don't clean with a wet cloth.
  • Keep away from heat and fire. 
  • Use in the direct outlet and don't use in the extensions.
  • Keep the switch on to operate from apps. 
  • Don't remove the Earth pin.
  • If the plug got damaged, get it repaired from the authorized service center.