The modern day appliances are designed and built keeping the idea of efficiency and convenience at the forefront. The smart light bulb is a wonderful example of addressing the consumer desire to have an automated home or office space that can be managed through smart systems or applications installed on your mobile devices. You can connect the bulbs to a wireless device and manage your lights from whatever device you are using. 

How Do I Connect My Smart Light Bulb To WiFi

Smart light bulbs- A smart purchase decision

As consumers we may be attracted to the variety of features that a smart light bulb offers. Imagine controlling the light installations in your accommodations so that they dim, change color temperatures, or turn off and on through the control features on your phone apps or smart systems. 

This not only allows for a high degree of convenience, but also allows the consumers to enjoy energy efficiency. Imagine leaving your home in a hurry only to recall later that you forgot to turn off the extra lights, or to get in bed to snooze off and then realizing you may not have turned off those porch or lobby lights. 

You are not able to go back to turn off the light or you are feeling too lazy to get out of bed and switch them off but you are still worried for the extra electricity charges? No worries; a smart light bulb is the solution to your dilemma. The cost effective aspect of the smart light bulbs is further validated by their durability factor, meaning you don’t have to replace your bulbs every few months or so.

Installation and connection of the smart light bulb

All these features are very nice, and may compel you to go right ahead and invest in installing smart light fixtures. However, the idea of installing and connecting the smart light bulb may seem like a daunting task. Be assured that this is certainly not the case. You are just a few simple steps away from having a smart, efficient and convenient energy system.

Most smart light bulbs can be connected through WIFI or Bluetooth. Irrespective of the different methods of connection, there is absolutely no need to feel overwhelmed. In this article we will walk you through the step by step process of installing smart lights in your home or office and connecting them to the WIFI.

Setting and connecting the smart light through phone app

If the smart light bulb comes with an app, all you need to do is install the app in your device. You may have to make an account in the app if required. You then need to add and then sync the light bulb you have bought, to the app. Now fix the light bulb in to the socket and turn on the switch. The bulb will blink three times. Now follow the instructions on your app to connect it to the WIFI network already installed in your place. 

Let’s consider the example of Wyze smart light bulbs. They are an efficient range of bulbs that are dimmable and color changing and connect to the WIFI through the Wyze app. They can be linked to Google assistant and Alexa. All you need to do is download the Wyze app in your mobile phone. Go to the add device feature and select the smart bulb you have in your home. Make sure that your phone is connected to a 2.4 Ghz WIFI network

Place your bulb in the socket and turn it on and off three times. The bulb will flash which means that now you are in pairing mode. Enter your WIFI information and password. Connect to the Wyze WIFI network in the settings. Open the Wyze app (Android/iOS) and the bulb will connect automatically. You can add unique names for the light bulbs you add and through custom settings you can control the features of the light bulb. 

Adding the smart light to your home smart system

If you want to control or manage your lights through Alexa, then firstly you need to send a command Alexa to find the light you want to connect. Now open the Alexa app installed in your mobile device. Go to menu and select skills and games feature. Once you have selected the skills and game feature, go to the search bar and type the name of the smart device. This will help you locate the skill you want to add to Alexa. Now select the enable to use feature. Ask Alexa to discover the device by sending the voice command again. 

You can also add the light bulb manually by simply opening up the Alexa app, go to devices and use the plus icon. Go to the light option and select which brand of smart light you are using. Now follow the instructions so as to discover and sync your light bulb with Alexa. Once the process is done, your smart light control will be available in the smart home section of the app.

If you are using Google home assistant, you will most likely have the Google assistant app installed in your phone. Firstly turn on your light bulb in the socket. When you open the Google home assistant app, you will find the profile feature in the top right corner. Select the device option from the profile feature and then choose add. You will be directed to selecting the option of linking smart device to the app. Search for the smart light bulb you have installed and follow instructions to connect it. Now, the smart bulb should ideally start to blink, which is an indication that it has been connected to the app. If not then you can turn the bulb off and on three times; that should ideally enable connection. 

Most companies retailing the smart light bulbs have very user- friendly apps that provide customers with a step by step guide to help them connect their bulbs to the WIFI. We hope this article was useful in guiding you how to install and connect your smart light bulbs to the WIFI network.