Technology has great advantages in common man life. Robotics is trying to replace humans. Humans also have a great advantage and humans can help other humans and so on. However, human working capability decreases or they stop working while sick. Similarly, robots may not catch flu, they do not get sick. It can stop working. As human needs a doctor. The robot needs a mechanic. Mechanic or engineers can better solve a problem that a robot is facing. 

Similarly, it is true for Roomba. Roomba can stop work or giving wrong indicators while working, o there might be partially working. Few functions working well and few do not. This “ out of order” state is expected with any type of technology. You need to throw it or buy new or you can fix it by bringing it to the mechanic. The first one is an expensive and sustainable solution and the second one is more feasible if you want to save money.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Roomba?

Bringing something to its specialist will cost you money. It is true for Roomba as well if it is not working accordingly you can bring it to a mechanic and fix it may be three or four times cheaper than the new one. 

Repairing is a facility to reuse a device or other item by just fixing the issue instead of buying a whole new device. The repair always cost less than the new one. Even many companies provide the facility of repairing devices at their place. Repair from a company can be expensive but it will guarantee a high-quality reinstallation of new components. In this article, we will try to figure out how much does it cost to fix a Roomba.

The Cost Need to Repair a Roomba

Roomba as mentioned earlier is slowly becoming the necessity of every home. Its sale is increasing and with the time it will be in every house. What are the options in terms of money to repair a Roomba?

Try it yourself

Roomba comes up with a complete manual of what to do on any indication. If your Roomba is not working properly and showing any indicator. Follow the instruction in the manual to overcome the problems. The most important are different blue light indicators. They allow you to try different options to overcome the misbehave of the Roomba. 

One of the key tools is to clean the right brush as well as make it upside down and clean the other brushes as well. The most important is to clean the dirt sensor. If you will not clean it, it can send false signals. It means that the Roomba indicators will show a problem that did not exist. 

In this way, you can fix the cleaner yourself at zero cost. But it is not always the problem. Sometimes it is the problem in the circuitry or electronic component or programable unit. In this case, it is difficult for you to solve the issue you need to bring it to some specialist or mechanic of the Roomba. As well as you can bring it to the company if any guarantee is left you could do it for free or you can pay to repair.

The expected cost of Roomba Repair

The cost normally includes the price of the component and the skill of the mechanic. It includes a battery that would die someday. Its cleaning process. The recommendation by the company is that after and a year or 30 cleanings one should make it clean and bring it to a mechanic for testing. 

Roomba cost about $200 to more than $1000. It is somehow expensive. The repair normally ranges from $60 - $100. If it stops working the most probably, the repair will cost a max of $100. However, some issues can cost more than $100.  That is true, the issue along with the battery will not be cost-effective. 

Mostly the programing devices or microcontrollers that are part of the Roomba is expensive to repair as well. The reason is the code are the copyrights of the company and everyone cannot use them without permission. So the company keeps its rate high. That is the reason that sometimes Repairing a Roomba can cost up to $200 as well. But the chances are limited. 

These average prices don’t look very expensive as this device has a lot of work to do in the house. As well as with up-gradation of technology the newer versions of the Roomba will provide more comforts and it will be expensive as well. 

Which is Better to Buy a New One or Repair a Roomba if it Stops Working? 

The cost of Roomba is generally 6 to 10 times more than the new Roomba. After repair, the mechanic will try his best to give it a new look. It will be done by more professional cleaning than the normal cleaning at home. Overall, it looks like a wiser decision to go repair and enjoy the device. 

However, they can be few alternative cases. For example, if you bought a cheaper Roomba for $200 and its repair is costing you about $150. Then it is time to change it. It is well said that “ the cheaper is expensive”.  The reason is you may have bought a cheaper device but being unsustainable most probably it will need more mechanic visits than a little expensive quality product. 

Overall, the more sensible way is if you have Roomba and you can repair it in 10 to 20 or even 50% of its price, the repair is a better option. It is not sensible to throw away the old one and buy a new one without checking the repair price. 


The Roomba are without a doubt are very good cleaners. However, if they stop working or become out of order, it needs repair. Before repair makes sure to clean the Roomba so that if it is due to the dust it may start working again. Otherwise, bring it to the mechanic where an estimated cost will lie between $60 to $ 100. It is a sensible approach to repair your Roomba rather than purchasing a new one.