Improvement in technology is another factor while using the technology is another. Electronic devices of course help a lot but understanding them and their different indications and symbols is something very important. The best thing about the machines is that they are helping out in many ways and making life convenient. 

Roomba is an autonomous machine that acts like a robot to clean the dirt in the house especially rooms. Roomba has many features and it is improving from time to time. Many people think it is like a person in the house responsible for cleaning. However, Roomba has many functions and one need to understand them to use it in a better and convenient way. 

Does Roomba Light Stays On While Charging

One of the very important functions nowadays featuring across most electronic devices is a rechargeable battery. Roomba would be unable to clean the full room if the battery is not working properly. It is very important to keep the check on the battery not only while working also while charging. In this article, we will try to figure out the fact that does Roomba light stays on while charging.

Roomba Light While Charging

The connection of the Roomba with the light is completely dependent on the model of the Roomba, many models have different ways to show the charging. Let’s see a few of them step by step. 

The Latest Model

The latest Roomba models do not show any signal while charging. It looks like just a Roomba plugged in but you are not getting any indicator about if it is charging, or how much it has already been charged. How much more time do you need to connect it. 

To get you out of the curiosity about the Roomba charging you need to do some effort. You have to press a clean button to know the current situation of the battery. As soon as you press the button you will see a light around the clean button. 

This light can have any of the colours among green, amber, pulsing amber, red and flashing red. These are colours indicate different levels of charge green, amber, pulsing amber, red and flashing red show fully charged, partially charged, charging, nearly discharge and discharged.

These colour indicators have been listed in the manual book of the machine. You can also find the different levels using the APP of Roomba. So, to overall answer, the question does the Roomba light stays on while charging the latest Roomba model. The answer is “no” you have to press the Clean button to know about the status of charging.

900, 800 and 700 series of Roomba

The 900, 800 and 700 series of the Roomba have an indicator. It is a light indicator but you cannot see them all the time. In the three mentioned series of the Roomba, the light flashes for the first 60 seconds. That is once you connect the Roomba the indictor light will confirm that the charger has been connected and the charging has been started. 

That may not satisfy you during the charging process because as you want to know the level of charging. However, there is another option to know the level of the battery. If you press the Clean button you can get the indicators in the form of colours. These colours include red, amber pulse, green, on for 60 seconds and quick amber pulse these indicate very low battery, charging, fully charged, light during charging and 16 hours refresh charge. 

So, the charging has an indicator for the first 60 seconds and different levels of charging can be seen by pressing the Clean button. To answer the typical question that Roomba light stays on while charging the answer is “ Just for the first 60 seconds” the exact answer is no. 

i7 and i3 models

Both the models have many things in common. However one difference as well. The difference is more related to the indicator of charging. The i7 models have an indicator to show the charging, but the i3 models do not have this facility. So, while using i7 models you can easily know if the Roomba is charging or not. 

However, to know the status of the charging you have to press the Clean button for both the i7 and i3. The indicators to tell the different levels of charging are all same for both models. There are five light indicators red, amber pulse, blinking white, white and white swirl these indicate discharged, low battery, battery charging, fully charged and software updated. However, as mentioned earlier that the i7 has an extra indicator to show that the Roomba is charging without pressing the clear button. 

That’s all for the i7 and i3 for the battery indications. However, the answer to a basic question, “ Does the Roomba light stays on while charging?” the answers are different for both the models. For i7 the answer is yes and for i3 the answer is no.

Why is it important to know about a Charging Light?

After reading the details under points 1,2 and 3. It is important to know why we need this information. Many people don’t like to read the manual or understand the Roomba. Few of them upgrade from a previous to a newer model. They may feel that Roomba might not be working as their previous model was showing an indicator of charging and the new model maybe not. 

To avoid this type of confusion it is important to understand the changes in newer models. As well as if you have purchased for the first time you may think there is some fault in the machine. The simplest answer to why we need to know about every model indicator while charging is “ to avoid any confusion”.


In the conclusion, the battery charging indication varies for different models of Roomba. Some models have no indicator, some have for the first 60 seconds of charging and some keep indicating if the battery is charging. However, to know the status or levels of charging you must press the Clean button.