If you are a gadget lover and like to explore new inventions from time to time, you may have probably come across the smartwatch and explored its multifunctional aspects. Most people, who have used a smartwatch, end up falling in love with this digital work of genius. 

Who would have thought a few years ago that the humble watch we wear on our wrists to see time, could someday be transformed in to a device that may very well end up taking up most parts of our lives? People who use the smartwatch will swear by it and the convenience it provides. Once you have gotten used to something, it is hard to get by without it. 

Is It Bad To Sleep With Smartwatch On?

Just like in the case of smartphones, people used to exist and were surviving in a world where the smartphone had not been invented. However today for most of us it is the holy grail of technology without which the concept of life is unknown to us. You may literally see someone going in a state of panic having misplaced their phone or if they are in certain situation or a place without their phone, they may feel literally handicapped. Today we have become so dependent on these devices that we just cannot comprehend surviving without them. 

Similarly for individuals who have gotten accustomed to using a smartwatch may find it difficult to function without it, having grown heavily dependent on the convenience it provides. So much so, that the avid smartwatch user may find it difficult to take it off. While you wear the watch during the day as you go about your daily routine, it may help you carry out various tasks through its multiple features, for example making and receiving calls, checking and sending messages, emails and notifications, playing audios and checking your fitness milestones etc. However is it safe to wear a smartwatch at night while sleeping? The answer to this question must be made with many factors taken in to consideration. 

In this article we will look at a few aspects of the smartwatch that you must consider before deciding to sleep with your smartwatch on your wrist.

The comfort factor:

Over time the smartwatch technology has evolved and improved with introduction of many variations. Initially the smart watches made were heavy in size and it probably would not feel comfortable to wear it all the time particularly when you are sleeping. However with the passage of time the smartwatch has become lighter and smaller and does not put any strain on your wrist and you may feel comfortable wearing it to bed. For someone who is not comfortable having anything on their wrist may choose to take it off and put it aside for the night. This may also prevent your watch from any wear or tear during the night while you toss or turn in your bed. 

Tracking your sleep pattern

Many smart watches like the Fit bit sleep tracker help in monitoring your sleep pattern. This can help you assess your sleep cycle and evaluate whether you are getting quality sleep at night. You may take measures to improve the quality of your sleep at night based on the outcome of the data provided by your smartwatch. Therefore under circumstances where you need to track your sleeping pattern, it would be feasible to wear a smartwatch to bed.

Quality of sleep

It is generally not recommended to use any electronic device before you sleep. Experts advise that you should put away your smart devices two to three hours before you sleep and try doing some quiet and calming activity like a book to read. 

However if you sleep with your smartwatch to bed, there are high chances you will be glued to it right before you actually fall asleep. You may be checking your emails or messages or sending responses. Not only does this delay your sleeping time, but may also keep your brain in an active state. Moreover you may continue to wake up every now and then during the night to check your phone. 

The vibration or the notification bells from your watch may continue to stir you out of your sleep. This may affect your overall quality of sleep. Therefore if you feel like you are not getting a good night sleep, your smartwatch may be the reason and perhaps it is now better to take it off and put it on your night stand before you turn in for the day.

Radiations from your smartwatch

Compared to your average smartphone, smartwatch emit less EMF radiations. However, since we are wearing them on our wrists, the radiations emitted are being more absorbed in the body. Although it has been established that the radiations emitted through the smart watch are not very high so they may not really be harmful to the human health. However the fact that they do emit radiations cannot be ignored. 

As avid smart devices users we absorb quite a lot of radiations during the day. It is therefore only fair that we put our watches away during the night and give ourselves a break. It is always better to be on the safe side in such cases. People who use too much of a smartwatch have sometimes been found complaining of headaches or nausea. Therefore in order to limit the amount of time you use a smartwatch, it would perhaps be wiser to not wear it at night.

During the day time we are usually using the smartwatch for one reason or the other and may find it difficult to take it off as many of the things we do may revolve around using the smartwatch. Like we said earlier, excess of anything may not be good. Therefore, except for situations where it is absolutely necessary to wear your smartwatch to bed such as monitoring your sleep pattern or when you absolutely have to wake up at a certain time in the morning and your watch is the only choice you have; it would perhaps be a logical choice to sleep without the smartwatch.