Among the most brilliant products being introduced under the category of home automation, a smart light bulb may very well be on the top of the list. Simply put, it allows you to remotely control or customize your lighting feature with the help of internet; through a control app on your mobile device or a home or office automation system. Investing in a smart light bulb around your house may prove to be an excellent investment in the long run since it allows, for flexibility, convenience and cost savings.  

How Do You Reset A Smart Light Bulb?

Simple reasons why your smart light bulb may not be working 

Installing and operating a smart light bulb is a fairly easy process that you can manage without any assistance. However, sometimes like any other technology, a smart light bulb may also encounter certain faults or glitches. While there may be a few issues that would require you to reset your smart light bulb, there are a few issues that can be resolved with a few simple steps:

  • If you are controlling your smart light through an app on your mobile device, at times it may be the very app that is simply acting up. It may not have updated properly and by simply resetting the app you may be able to solve the matter.
  • Sometimes there may be a connectivity issue between the light bulb and the controlling app or device. In order to make sure that it is not an instance that may require resetting the light bulb, just turn your bulb off and unplug it from the power source. Wait for at least ten seconds before turning it back on and wait for some more time to allow it to connect back to the network. 
  • Often you may also come across a smart light bulb flickering away. While this certainly is a nuisance, it may very well be the result of a faulty or loose wiring connection or the bulb may not have been fixed properly. This is also one issue that you can easily fix by fixing the connecting wire or tightening the light bulb. 
  • Also ensure your lightening fixtures have a steady supply of electricity so as to avoid dimming or flickering.

When and how to reset a smart light bulb 

If troubleshooting your app still does not resolve the problem in your smart light fixture, then resetting your light bulb and starting all over may seem like a tedious job, but it may be the only way to resolve the issue. Most often than not, manually resetting the light bulb does the job. A manual reset merely requires a repeated sequence of turning the smart light bulb on and then off for a few seconds, with different variations of time interval in between.

Let’s look at a few situations that may require you to reset the bulb and here’s how you can go about resetting the different kinds of smart light bulbs that are available in the market. 

Smart home systems

If your home or office’s smart lighting fixtures are being managed through a smart home system like Alexa, and are not connecting to the device, the process of resetting your bulb is quick and simple. Turn on your bulb for duration of three to five seconds; now turn it off for the same amount of time i.e. three to five seconds. Repeat this process a few times and finally turn it on again. If the bulb blinks, this means that the reset has successfully been done. Now turn off your bulb, restart the system and turn the bulb back on again. You have now successfully reset your smart light bulb.

The GE smart bulb reset

If you have a GE link LED installed at your place, you need to turn your bulb on and off for a total of at least five times. Keep the bulb turned on for eight seconds and take a pause of two seconds in between every time. The bulb will start to flash and will do so three times if it has been reset successfully.

The Philip Hue reset

If you want to reset a single Philips smart bulb, you can do it through the Philip Hue App, which enabled you to set the bulb initially. Philip Hue smart light bulb may be an exception to manual resetting of the light bulb. This is simply because the app does not allow for a manual resetting and it also does not let the light bulb be deleted from the app memory. In an instance where your light bulb isn’t functioning properly, best option would be to apply a factory reset on the Hue Bridge. This will delete all the listed smart light bulbs. Now restore your factory settings and get your setup in place from the scratch. 

A Philip Hue dimmer switch can also help with the reset. Turn the light on and bring the dimmer switch close to it. Then hold down the on and off button and keep it this way for ten seconds. The light will blink. When it stops blinking, it is an indication that your bulb is reset.

The Belkin Wemo LED reset

The Belkin Wemo lighting set comes in the form of a bundle of two Wemo Smart LED bulbs and a Wemo link plug in that can be used to control the lighting schedule, dimming of the light and remote controlling of the bulbs. Here is how you can manually reset the light bulb. First of all, ungroup all the Wemo bulbs before resetting. Make sure that the bulb is on, and then turn it off for only one second. Turn it on and let it stay on for three to four seconds. Repeat this pattern three times and then leave it on. If the reset is successful, the bulb will flash after approximately five seconds.

The Cree smart light bulb reset

In order to reset a Cree smart light bulb, you can turn on the bulb for one second and then turn it off for a two second interval. The process needs to be repeated at least four times before it is reset. The light should blink indicating that the reset was effective. Now turn your light bulb back off and pair it with the control hub through the mobile application.

With the help of these simple steps, you can easily reset your smart light bulb.