We have seen rapid growth in the use of smart home devices like ACs, TVs, Bulbs, Fans, etc. In the last decade. By 2020, the use of smart devices at home increased by 10%. There are hundreds of brands selling smart bulbs in market. Some of the best are Philips, Sengled, Wyze, Yeeling, TP-Link etc. Smart bulbs can be controlled by phones, voice and motion sensor. They are less power consuming. Their life span is long. It is usually because these devices have cost less, are convenient, and are multi-functional. 

How Do You Reset Your Smart Light Bulb?

So as Smart Light bulb. Smart bulb operates by a smartphone, laptop, or tablet through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or different apps. Some also include voice control, a built-in speaker, and a camera. There is a hub or hue connected to the router and bulb. It is the bridge between the smart device and the bulb. These bulbs are more reliable. You can control their brightness and color as well. They can change color. 

What are the reasons to reset device?

These bulbs works fine and don’t trouble usually. Sometimes we have to face difficulty in connecting the smart devices with bulbs. Or, they are not working with the connected app. The fault can be in the bulb, connector, or in the app. There can be various reasons like:

1> Changing of the internet adapter, router’s setting like password.

2> Changing the location, or router which causes change in IPS address.

3> Sudden power breakdown caused settings to go back to default. It causes disconnection with apps.

4> Too many Wi-Fi connections in a small place. Which causes disconnection or interference. 

5> Many smart devices connections to one smart device causes interference.

6> Switching the app or using several apps on one device to function.

7> If Smart bulb isn’t synchronized.

8> Bulb is accidently deleted from the app and not getting discovered again.

9> Bulb facing color issues.

If you face trouble in connectivity due to any of the above-mentioned reasons you must reset the device. After resetting the device will be factory reset. There are many developers in the market, and each one of them comes with different functions. Every Smart bulb can be manually reset. Here are several ways to reset the smart bulb. These are some common tips and tricks, which apply on all present Smart light bulbs.

Manual reset

If you have changed the router or internet setting or your bulb isn't connecting with a smartphone. It needs to be reset manually. To reset, do the following:

  1. Turn off the switch for two seconds.
  2. Turn on for eight seconds 
  3. Repeat the following until it starts blinking.
  4. Once it started to blink, it resets to the factory.

The Smart bulbs with firmware 2.8 or earlier take less on/off intervals than 2.7 or earlier. If the problem still exists, then it has nothing to do with the bulb. Resetting a bulb won’t affect other bulbs it will only reset the particular bulb. This will only resolve problem if it is present in the connectivity of bulb.  

Reset the Hub

A hub is a connector between smart devices and a smart bulb. It is a small switch that came with three light indicators if all three are bright so, the hub is working fine. It is important to connect the hub with the same Wi-Fi as a smart device for proper use. If it is not connecting with the internet, we need to reset it by following these steps:

1. Press the middle button for some seconds until it started blinking. once it started blinking, it reset to the factory.

2. If step 1 does not work, take a look at the back of the hue button. you will see a little slot.

3. Take a screwdriver and open the lid.

4. You will see a battery and a small slot.

5. Take something pointed and press in that slot. 

6. Turn the hue button and press it for some second it will start to blink.

7. Once it starts to blink, it is factory-reset.

After factory resetting, internet settings and all connected devices will be disconnected. You have to reconnect it with the internet to control bulbs with mobile apps.

Reset by Alexa

If your device is connected to the internet or Alexa but not working and you want to reset it, do as follows:

1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.

2. Tap on Devices.

3. Tap on Add Device.

4. Tap on the "?" on the top right corner.

5. Scroll down to "How do I put my Zigbee devices into pairing mode?" press "here" below it.

6. Scroll down to "Reset PHILIP Hue lights" Tap on this.

7. Enter the serial number written on the device and tap Continue.

It will reset the device to factory settings.

Reset Feit Smart Bulb

Feit smart bulb costs less, and they don't have any hub or connector. But they don't operate with Alexa or google assistant. To reset Feit, you have to reset the bulb by following steps.

1> Switch it off.

2> Turn on immediately.

3> Repeat two to three times consecutive.

4> When it starts blinking, it has been factory reset.

If you’re resetting your smart bulb or connector, it will delete all the previous updates, connections and settings. If you have to change the place of the bulb or remove one specific light, you don’t need to factory reset you  can remove it through app. If the problem still exists, then there will be other reasons to be checked like:

1> Wi-Fi signals aren’t strong enough.

2> Low power supply.

3> Hub isn’t connecting with internet.

4> There is interference between devices.

5> App isn’t supported with device.

6> You can try connecting it with Bluetooth.

We hope you will get solution to your problems by above mentioned suggestions. If  your problem isn’t going seek help from customer service provider of manufacturer. Check the box for more suggestions or read the manual which come along with the device.