Roomba is a part of a very important technology with a very basic function of cleaning the surface. It has made life easier in the house. You do not need to clean it yourself you just turn on the robot autonomous cleaner and start cleaning. To use any device like a pro it is very important to understand the different functions and the symbols on the Roomba. 

The symbols indicate the present state of the machine. That is the mode of cleaning, battery level etc. Why it is important to recognise them? The reason is simple because you need to know that if the machine is working properly for you or not. You start a machine and you want it to work in your condition. It is only possible If you know that what should I press to do so. 

Like many other devices, Roomba also comes with a manual. It has a few buttons and the LCD both having some signals. It is good to know about the meaning of the symbols to better understand the working process of the Roomba. These are symbols and in this article, we will learn about the different symbols on the Roomba. 

What Do The Symbols On My Roomba Mean?

Different Symbols on Roomba

There are different types of symbols on the Roomba we can see. At the top of the Roomba, there are few symbols. The following figure shows the different symbols at the top of the Roomba.

⦁Symbol of battery (1)

The first symbol showed as the number one in the figure is the indicator of the battery. It shows you the level of the battery. It is easy and convenient to see. However, while charging the symbol will turn off after one hour. If you want to see the level you need to press the Clean button. Hence it will become more obvious and you can know the level of the battery in the Roomba.

Another important factor about the battery is when you purchase a Roomba and want to start it for the first time. The company sends you a half-charged battery. You need to charge it again to use it in a better way. Therefore, it is important to see the battery indicator.

⦁Dirt Detect Indicator (2)

The second symbol is for the dirt detect indicator. While working the Roomba may not find dirt everywhere due to clean surface. However, whenever it will find dirt it will flash this indicator. This means that there is dirt at its present location and now it is cleaning it. So you don’t need to worry if your Roomba trying hard or slow down its pace. It is because of the cleaning process. 

⦁Clean Power Button (3)

The third symbol is a clean or power button. It is the most important symbol of the Roomba. Almost everything is done by that button. Let’s start from the beginning, if your Roomba is off, you press this button to wake up the Roomba. Once it wakes up check the battery level and press the clean button again. The Roomba will start cleaning according to its programming. Now, if you want to pause it. Press the clean button again and it will pause. If you want to start it again press the same button. What if you want to turn it off? Press the clean button and hold it until the Roomba turns off.

⦁Dock Button (4)

The dock button is clear from it brings the Roomba to the home screen. In actual if the dock button light flashes it means that your Romba is at low power and it needs a recharge. Turn it off and plug in the charger to recharge it.  Therefore it is very important to keep an eye on the dock button.

⦁Hour Button (5)

It is a timer for the Roomba. One of the purposes of the Roomba is that you keep doing your work while Roomba is doing the cleaning. You cannot sit over one place to watch the Roomba working. For this purpose, you can adjust the number of hours for the cleaning. It Is highly suggested to make sure to look at a battery. If it is capable of cleaning up to your requirements. Otherwise, you can charge it first, to set a lower number of hours. 

⦁Full Bin Indicator (6)

This button needs your attention. The full bin indicator means although everything is fine. Roomba cannot keep working as its storage is full. You have to help it out, take out the bin and clean it then place it back. Your Roomba will start working again. It can happen may be away and Roomba may be waiting for you to clean the bin. So, make it a habit to clean the bin each time before you start the cleaning. It could help you for hours.

⦁Minutes Schedule (7)

The 5th symbol was for scheduling the working of the Roomba for hours. This 7th will add minutes to it. For example 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will set the hours indicator from the 5th button and the minute schedule from the 7th. That will make a complete schedule for Roomba to work.

⦁SPOT button (8)

The SPOT button is for spot cleaning. By pressing this button the Roomba will start an intensive cleaning at a particular area. This button is used over excessive dirt. It will keep cleaning the place until you indicate it to stop doing. Some Roomba has automatic functions for all this processing as well. 

⦁Troubleshoot Indicator (9)

Sometimes the name of the button is enough to recognize it. It is a similar case. The troubleshoot indicator indicates a different types of problems. For example, if the troubleshoot light is flashing while the Roomba is charging. It means that there is quite a big probability that your battery is not charging or the connector is not connected properly or the battery is overheated etc. You need to completely follow the manual to figure out what is exactly wrong. 

⦁Anti Tangle Indicator (10)

The anti-tangle indicator means that Roomba is trying to get it out from a tangle. Many times it succeeds. However, in this situation, you can help to free it from the tangle.


Roomba has many indicators and it is sensible to learn about them. It is because these indicators are the language of the robots. You need to understand it to figure out the problems.