The ever evolving developments in the world of technology never cease to amaze us. Most often than not, we come across a product, the idea of which would have seemed like a dream only some years ago. Among the many products we have come across, a smartwatch is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the modern day. The advent of the digital watches was another kind of revolution that happened many years ago. The few features of a calculator and unit conversion made them quite popular. 

What Does A Smartwatch Actually Do?

While the digital watches have been around for quite a few years, it was not until 2010 when the smartwatch was introduced by companies as a watch with smartphone like abilities. We did see a glimpse of the smartwatch technology in the early 1980’s when Microsoft introduced the programming of a digital wrist watch in BASIC through its keypad. Similarly the introduction of SPOT (Smart personal object technology) in 2002 by Microsoft was intended to assimilate technology in everyday objects through smart software; which lead to development of smartwatch made with SPOT. Although the idea was discontinued and was not pursued further but the seed had been planted and the idea lingered on, leading to the many kinds of smartwatch we see today.

Smartphones mostly took over everything else when they came around. For instance, if you asked someone the time, they would hardly use their wrist watches to tell you. A smartphone could do the same thing by a simple tap on the screen. It wasn’t so far off that smartphones literally took over every aspect of our lives with their multi-faceted aspects. It was the desire to pack smartphone similar functionalities in a smaller package that led to the development of the smartwatch. 

How does it work?

Today the smartwatch is considered as a device that provides users with varied benefits over and above a standard watch. It is like a small computer device that users can wear on their wrists. They offer varied features that offer extra functionality, connectivity being one of the main beneficial features. For the watch enthusiasts, the smartwatch offers the flexibility of the smartphone and that too by a watch on their wrists.

The smartwatch is basically a broad term for a wide variety of devices that vary in terms of design and functions. There are some common features like setting up time, displaying time and keep a track, setting alarms and GPS tracking etc. There are many variations in terms of features in the various varieties available in the market. 

Let’s look at a few functions that make the smartwatch an attractive commodity and a worthy investment. We will also discuss the variations in the smartwatch that allows users to benefit from various functions as per their needs.

Organization and practicality features

Like a smartphone, smartwatch uses the touch screen technology that makes it user friendly. When connected with the internet, it offers a whole lot of functions including GPS navigation, message notifications and managing your calendar etc. if using GPS on the smartwatch you can get alerts specific to the location you are in. You can also use other practical functions like compass, digital calculators, thermometer etc. Smartwatch can alert you of various upcoming activities and events. While some notifications are solely directed by the watch, some are mirrored from the notifications on the mobile phone.

Connecting to the phone

Connection to the internet allows the smartwatch to connect to other smart devices namely your smartphones. When connected through the Bluetooth, you can place calls or receive calls through your smartwatch on your phone. Moreover details of upcoming events stored in the phone can also be communicated to you via your smartwatch.

Using apps as per your lifestyle

Your smartwatch can play various applications as per the users’ choice. The variety of the application is wide and usually associated with the type of smartwatch you are wearing, i.e. an apple smartwatch would generally enable applications suitable for use on the Apple interface. The applications also vary according to the kind of smartwatch you are wearing or your lifestyle preferences. For instance if you are a dedicated swimmer or a hiker, you would want to install apps that facilitate your hobby and increase effectiveness.

Using media

You can play digital media like radio or audio files through headphones connected via Bluetooth to the smartwatch. A specific example would be if you are an apple enthusiast and using your IPhone to play music on your headphones, you can control your volume or change tracks through your smartwatch. 

Tracking your fitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you may be inclined towards investing in an out-and-out fitness band like fitbit etc. However did you know that your smartwatch could also provide you more or less similar features like that of a fitness band, at the same time providing you other features associated with a regular smartwatch. With the help of a smartwatch, you can keep track of your heart rate, the distance you cover, the number of steps you have taken in a day, the amount of time you have been sedentary and other features that may aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also aiding you in monitoring your workouts. You can also keep a count of your daily calories intake and may also help you sleep better if you want to keep a track of your sleeping pattern.

Final word

Today the smartwatch market is steadily introducing niches and varieties intended to appeal to the masses and enhance their market standing. The Apple store produced the Apple Watch that is solely designed for the I Store Interface. There are other general watches that are designed and sold by multiple brands. The Google Wear is one such example. 

Regardless of the type of smartwatch you own, for most of the types, although the features of your smartwatch are more or less associated with your smartwatch, it provides you with an undeniable ease and flexibility whilst providing you a definitive support system. The fact that many specialized versions of the smartwatch have been introduced, there is certainly more room for more variations that may cater to specific sectors of the society.