It is an exciting time always when we buy a new gadget. You do your research, consider the options available, draw comparisons and then reach a decision about what to buy. The anticipation to unbox the item and set it up and see how it works is always there. There is always a certain set of expectations associated with a new purchase. 

When it comes to technology related devices, since we have done our research well, we are aware of the features and therefore know what to expect. However if the performance is not up to the standards or there are some problems with it, this leads to frustration even disappointment. 

Why Does The Chromecast Keep Crashing?

The Google Chromecast is a great innovation intended to create a channel between your TV and your devices like the phone, tablet or computer to display their media content. The old TV in your house that seemed redundant earlier has regained its value now that it can stream your favorite shows or movies from Netflix, Amazon or YouTube etc. 

Just like your other devices the Chromecast may too fall victim to technical glitches or other issues affecting its performance. We have already discussed various issues that may occur with the Chromecast and also presented solutions to resolve them. In this article let’s discuss the issue of the Chromecast crashing.

Reasons why the Chromecast may keep crashing

Occasionally the Chromecast may falter because of connectivity, buffering or other issues causing it to freeze, hang or crash. However there may be simple reasons behind these issues and you can resolve them in no time. Mostly these issues arise from the various aspects we have more or less gone through already. Let’s look at a few factors:

Check the power supply of your Chromecast

Make sure that your Chromecast device has a steady uninterrupted power supply source. Generally the options of charging the Chromecast through connecting it to TV or to an external power source are there. For better power supply it is feasible to connect it to a wall socket so that the device does not crash from flickering in the power stream. When you connect the USB to the TV, the Chromecast device may not get continuous power supply due to insufficient amperes and it may reboot or restart on its own due to the power interruptions. 

The USB ports in our TVs at homes are usually mostly intended for USB storage devices and may not be capable to handle power sourcing a cast device like the Chromecast. Once you ensure that the power supply is fine, the Chromecast may discontinue faltering.

Reboot your Chromecast device

Sometimes a simple restart is all it takes to fix the problem. If the power supply is not the problem, then try rebooting your device. There are two ways you can reboot your Chromecast device. One method is to simply turn it off from the power source and then switch it back on after some time. 

Another method is to try and reboot it from the app source. For this firstly you need to make sure that your device which has the Google Home app and the Chromecast are on the same WIFI network. Open your Google app; you will see three dots on the menu screen in the top right corner. Now click on the dots and it will reveal a drop down menu from which you can tap on the reboot option.

Check your WIFI

This trouble shooting tip basically refers to ensuring that your device and Chromecast devices are connected to the same WIFI network, the signal strength of which is good enough. If you have more than one WIFI router in your home, there is a chance your device and Chromecast may not be on the same network. 

You also need to ensure that WIFI router and the Chromecast are in proximity of no more than fifteen to twenty feet. Otherwise the signal strength may be weakened, causing it to drop leading to freezing. If the router is acting up, you can restart it; just turn it off, give it a minute or two and then turn it back again. 

If the Chromecast had previously been working fine with the router and only recently did it start having problems, there may be a problem at the back end. Your internet service provider may have updated the router settings. You would have to check it out and modify the settings to enable connectivity with the Chromecast. Another WIFI related issue that could cause the Chromecast to crash would be network congestion. If there is too much traffic, the signal strength could be weak.

Check your device and the interface involved

If you are connecting to the Chromecast via your computer, check to see if the chrome browser you are using is updated or not. To check whether you need an updated version of the browser, open the Chrome browser and go to settings, if the update browser option appears, you can tap it to install the update. If the option does not appear, than your browser is already updated to the latest version. 

Similarly, if you are using connecting through your phone android or iOS, make sure that the Google Home app through which you control the Chromecast is updated to the latest version as well. Also, sometimes there may be an issue with your device itself. Try restarting your phone, computer or whatever you are using to see if the crashing curtails. 

Another thing you need to check is whether there is interference in the connection between your device and the Chromecast. The electromagnetic devices in your home like the refrigerator, a baby monitor or cordless phone may be causing an interference causing the connection to falter, consequently leading to Chromecast crashing.

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Restore Chromecast to factory settings

Nothing is working? As a final resort, you can restore your Chromecast to factory settings. Your app data will not go anywhere but you will need to set up the cast again. It may however solve your problem. You can restore factory settings through your app or the through power supply. Open the Google Home app settings on your phone or tablet. Tap on the three dots and then subsequently tap on restore factory option. 

Alternatively you can press the power button on your Chromecast and keep it down for at least 25 seconds until the light becomes white which indicates that the reset has been done. For the second or third generation Chromecast the power button is on the side of the dongle and you have to keep it pressed down till the light stops flashing. Hopefully at the end of this step you will have a smooth functioning Chromecast that you can now enjoy, in case the other above mentioned tips did not work.