An Active Noise Canceling Headphone is what you need if you want to focus on work or enjoy music. This is also the trend of young people today. However, most products with this feature are quite expensive because of their advanced technology. Don't worry too much if your pocket is not big. In this article, we will introduce you to an effective and affordable noise-cancelling headphone solution. That is the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones. Below are detailed reviews of this product.

Anker SoundCore Life Q20

About the product

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is one of the best-selling products on the shelves of the Anker brand - a brand founded by former Google employees specializing in providing simple and authentic sound solutions.

For only about 60 USD, you can own this headset. This is an extremely cheap price compared to similar quality headphones. The output sound of Anker Soundcore Life Q20, especially the bass, is neutral and uniform. The noise resistance is also nothing to criticize. You might think you shouldn't expect much from a $60 pair of Bluetooth headphones, especially given the claim to have active noise cancellation. But the Anker SoundCore Life Q20 will surprise you as it delivers rich, authentic and truly noise-canceling sound to you.

Meanwhile, the product's active noise cancellation feature is well done. It cancels out engine noise and reduces background noise, and we were also impressed with the headphones' battery life. This means, you can enjoy true-to-life sound, without distractions, without exaggerating the Bass Up feature.

The product's power button is located on the left earlobe and acts as a Bluetooth pairing button when you press and hold the button. Pressing a second button on the ear cups activates the headphones' noise-cancelling mode, which (according to Anker) is designed to block 90 percent of mid- and low-end noise with the help of a quartet of internal microphones.

The volume control on the right earbud has a built-in play button that lets you play and pause music and answer calls. You can also use the Headphone Bass Boost function by pressing the play button twice, or you can press to call up Siri or Google Assistant. Besides the volume rocker there is also a micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack for cable listening using the included 3.5-th3.5mm cable.

Evaluation of sound quality

For a headset, sound quality is the most important thing, the Anker SoundCore Life Q20 delivers stronger bass thanks to BassUp technology, which is a plus for modern users because modern music uses a lot of Bass in the mix. In addition, thanks to Hi Res technology, new sounds will also be clearly reproduced through this headset. The only minus point of the audio part probably comes from the inability to customize the EQ to make the headset more suitable for special user control.

Product benefits

Anker SoundCore Life Q20 is the most economical private audio experience solution for you. It has excellent noise cancellation so you can focus on the emotions of your experience. When using this headset, you will not hear the sound of aircraft engines, large trucks even if you are very close. You can also easily listen to calls with SoundCore Life Q20 because the Life Q20's microphone enhances the ability to pick up voice speaking to make sure your sound is clear to the recipient. This is not only a headphone, but also a technology accessory to help you elevate your life.


Charging current: 5V ~ 0.65A

Charging time: ~3 hours

Playtime (with ANC mode)*: 40 hours

Playtime (without ANC mode)*: 60 hours

Playtime (Using 3.5mm AUX Cable and Using ANC)*: 35 hours

Impedance: 16Ω

Driver (Full Range): 2 × 40 mm

Frequency response: 16 Hz - 40 kHz

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Connection distance: 15m

Weight: 268g

*As a result of Anker lab evaluation with volume about 40% and listening to mixed music.

Package includes

In the box you'll find a travel bag to easily carry the Life Q20 Bluetooth headset, a 3.5mm AUX cable that connects to mobile devices when the battery is low, and a Micro USB cable for charging.

Customer feedback about the product

Here is a customer review when using Anker SoundCore Life Q20:

"The Anker SoundCore Life Q20 has a soft hood that can be folded up to 90 degrees. It's handy for me to slip into a backpack or bag. The soft foam earphones fit snugly around my large ears, and the hood fits snugly around my large ears, never letting my ears hurt. In fact, I wore the Anker SoundCore Life Q20 Headphones for hours on end during the coast-to-coast flight with no pain or discomfort."

In general, all users are extremely fond of Headphone Anker SoundCore Life Q20. They think it is too cheap compared to the utility it brings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

Anker SoundCore Life Q20 Headphones have a fairly cheap price, very suitable for students, or people with limited financial resources. The product has a folding design to help avoid the risk of putting it in a backpack or bag. The Anker SoundCore Life Q20 also has very good noise cancellation for a smoother audio experience. However, the output sound quality of this product cannot be said to be perfect - compared to other headphones. But for its price, everything is still called great.

Anker SoundCore Life Q20

Some questions from customers

Is Anker SoundCore Life Q20 water resistant?

This product is not waterproof. However, the manufacturer offers a protective bag included for you to preserve it.

What is the battery life of Anker SoundCore Life Q20?

If you use medium volume, you can listen to music with Anker SoundCore Life Q20 for 60 hours continuously. You only need to charge it for 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

How many colors does this set of headphones have?

Anker SoundCore Life Q20 has only one black version.

How long does it take to charge Soundcore life Q20 headphones?

It takes up to three hours to fully charge the battery in the headphones, and you can't use them while the battery is being charged.

How do I charge my SoundCore life Q20?

Accessories. In the box you'll find a travel pouch to conveniently store Life Q20 Bluetooth headphones in, a 3.5 mm AUX cable to keep the music playing when you're low on battery, and a Micro USB cable to charge them with.

Does Anker Soundcore life Q20 have microphone?

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 have an integrated microphone. The recording quality of the microphone is decent, and a fair improvement over the previous version. Like most Bluetooth headphones, your voice will sound quite thin, but overall your voice should be fairly clear and easy to understand.

Should you buy this headphone?

Overall Anker SoundCore Life Q20 will suit you if you are looking for a headset with basic needs that are not too demanding. You will get a headset with active noise cancellation technology along with decent sound, the battery life and connectivity of this headset will also make you satisfied. However, if you are a strict person in the audio experience, think about headphones with higher prices.