From headphones to electrophones to portable cassette players to wired earphones to wireless pairs – the evolution of headphones came a long way before they became the familiar wireless earbuds that we know now. As different options for wireless earbuds brand themselves as the best in the market, it is difficult to get your pick without reviewing all features first. So, how do we figure out the best wireless earbuds to purchase among the many options? Here are two features you can consider if you would like to pick the best wireless earbuds that will work for you.

Beben IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Sound Quality

This is probably the biggest thing you must consider when buying earbuds. The perfect sound quality of wireless earbuds relies on balance. Good bass response is a good start for sound quality however, it is important to check for noise cancellation features. A lot of wireless earbuds offer a decent level of noise cancellation, but the balance still plays a big role in this feature. It is also better to check if you can still hear your surroundings while using them, as this is important to maintain your safety. Only with balance can wireless earbuds have good sound quality.


Not all earbuds are created equal. Some earbud brands will pride themselves on quality sound but mostly fail with comfort and fit to its users. Comfort should be considered part of the top features to check before purchasing. As much as how sound quality matters to its users, comfort will be a key player in how often you will use your new pair. Now that you know the two main things to consider when purchasing earbuds, we give you the details of Beben IPX7 earbuds plus the good and the bad things that come out of the box too. 


One of the benefits of Beben IPX7 is this pair of earbuds comes with a charging case, a USB charging cable that is about 50CM, and a 1x user manual in a box. The earbuds themselves look solid in white and the sleek design complements this.

Placing sound quality in focus, Beben IPX7 boasts its 13mm dynamic drivers that supports AAC audio coding. AAC means advanced audio coding or an audio coding standard for digital audio compression. It can also deliver pumped-up bass that is important to enjoy music. It also gives clear voice sounds and crisp high tones.

With its feature as a Bluetooth device, Beben IPX7 can also pride itself in terms of connectivity. A more established and stable connection as well as faster connections can be expected as this pair of wireless earbuds adopt the most advanced Bluetooth technology available.

In terms of comfort and fit, this pair of wireless earbuds are ergonomically designed. The best part of it is you can wear it perfectly and seamlessly without worrying that it will hurt the inside of your ears after some time. Some even describe Beben IPX7 as invisible earbuds due to a great deal of comfort and fit in the ears.

These wireless earbuds also come with a lightning cable – a fast charging USB-type. Once fully charged, you can enjoy the fun with up to 35 hours of continuous playtime.

Another benefit of Beben IPX7 is that it comes with a 12-month after-sales service. In case your item will have problems and other concerns, the service center will be glad to lend some help.

Lastly, Beben IPX7 is waterproof. Waterproof means the object can be safely and fully submerged in water without damaging the components inside. If you are fond of pumping up your water activities with some good music, this product will be the best for you.


1> Among the features of Beben IPX7, Waterproof Bluetooth earbuds include:

2> The sleek design of the shell of Beben IPX7

3> A lightning charging cable that is 50CM in length

4> A good sound quality because Beben IPX7 perfectly finds the balance between noise cancellation while still hearing your surroundings

5> Advanced options in Bluetooth technology

6> One-stop connectivity to your devices

I've got some mixed reviews from customers. Let's check it out.

1> I primarily use earbuds to listen to audio books, so some days I won't use them at all and other days I'll use them for hours on end. I was happy with the set I had that hooked over my ears until it occurred to me that they were causing my headaches. Who knew? So on Prime Day I went shopping for new wireless Bluetooth ear buds. I settled on these because of the great ratings and low price. I've only been using them a few days, but I am really impressed with pretty much everything about them. They are very comfortable and stay put, the sound is clear, and although the battery life is less than my old ones, charging is quick. If I take a break to do something that requires turning off what I'm listening to I just pop the buds into the charging case and they're good to go.

2> This is my third pair I believe of these headphones, I have one hooked up to my tablet to watch Netflix, and another for jogging on my phone and another on a second tablet. No complaints, amazing value, good sound, good range. I use one earbud frequently and like to do FaceTime calls using them as well. I like that it has the ability to use just one earbud for safety when jogging. Can also give one earbud to my wife to use and can both hear music. If you split them between two people when talking on the on one do note that the mic only works on one but can be on either earbud, I believe that is to reduce feedback so makes sense. I have AirPods as well, which yes, there is a difference in sound and build quality… but is it a 10x the cost difference? LoL if ur on a budget, definitely Not. None of my cheaper earbuds have malfunctioned in the over year of use on the oldest one. They are a durable, solid, cost effective option for the value minded customers.

3> Sadly most earbuds cause me immense pain. Either they go inside my ears but hurt my ear canal or they cover my ears and cause pressure from my glasses stems leading to headaches. But this style fits me wonderfully. I am also happy with the sound. Granted I'm no audiophile, but for my purposes, these work fine. I hear voices and music loud and clear. Regarding the battery life, they seem to run forever for me. I'm very happy with my purchase.

4> Hands down the best headphones. I had air pods before these and ended up giving them to my husband - he used them more than I did. I wanted some though for when I do like to use them for studying so I decided to give these a try. Bought a pair for my friend too!!! Great quality and great sound!

5> This is my second wireless set and it seems like its so much better than the one I got with my phone. I will say that they do tend to fall out of my ears fairly easily, but nothing some earbuddyz can't fix. Thus far I really like them! We shall see what happens in the future!!

Beben IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds
Customer Satisfaction

Since customers are looking for the best deal, Beben IPX7 is one of the favorite options for wireless earbuds according to buyers’ feedbacks. Not just water-resistant, this pair is also waterproof which is important if you are fond of doing water or outdoor activities. Buyers also noticed the faster connection in car stereos which only proves the stability this product has in terms of connectivity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Beben IPX7 benefits the people in terms of its balanced quality of sounds. Low noise-collection is an edge by Beben since usually, people only opt for earbuds that are only good with pumping sounds and bass that responses well. Additionally, there are also very simple interfaces which will help you have a great and easy experience. The controls of these wireless position are, for me, may take some time to get familiarized with. As for an additional advantage, you can choose from a great variety of colors, and express yourself more through your wireless earbuds.

Common Questions Asked

What is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof earbuds?

A water-resistant object may be submerged to water only on a certain level. On the other hand, waterproof objects can be submerged into water but even with greater pressure, and risks to be damaged are a lot lower.

Are there other colors available for Beben IPX7?

Yes. The earbuds come in 5 colors – white, black, green, navy blue, and mint.

Beben IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds


If you are looking for wireless earbuds, Beben IPX7 should be the first brand to consider. With its best features from balanced sound quality to the faster and more stable connectivity, Beben IPX7 only proves that any person can enjoy music whatever activity they are doing.

The headphones have come a really long way from the day it was created up until now when we already call them wireless earbuds. With the many options available in the market, it is difficult to find the best deals for your needs. From different brands to different colors to different designs, it can be concluded that Beben IPX7 earbuds are from the top-tier and the opportunity to get the experience should not be missed.