One may now experience perfectly clear songs with outstanding audio quality thanks to the iLuv TB100 earphones. These iLuv TB100 Bluetooth TWS earphones are well-balanced in terms of bassline and brightness, resulting in a really excellent sound system.

These iluv TB-100 earphones are an excellent choice for anybody wanting to replace their worn-out earbuds. Also, this iluv tb100 has an earphone featuring a strong bassline as well as excellent audio quality. These are available in a variety of hues, including blues, greenish, golden, ocean blue, dark, and scarlet.

Such earbuds additionally comprise two various sizes for earpieces to guarantee these fit properly in the user’s ears. Continue reading to discover so much regarding iLuv earphones and determine unless they're a good match for oneself!

In-Depth Review Of iLuv TB-100 earbuds

Its iLuv TB100 is entirely Bluetooth and super-duper, allowing for just a suitable match with really no cables or complications. Its overall design fits comfortably in both ears and it does not feel thick or cumbersome, allowing you to enjoy these the whole day. Its constructed microphone allows users can accept conversations hands-free, & noise-canceling tech blocks out background music to provide a sharp, clear soundtrack.


The iLuv TB100 Bluetooth Earbuds offer ideal sound for productive lifestyles wherein cords can easily wrap want to get in the line. Its construction can easily handle water being resistant to it, so perspiration, rainfall, or spills just one move will not harm them. Its constructed battery pack provides 6 to 8 hours ad even more continuous playing including all enjoyment without any need for recharging. The supplied USB cord makes refueling quick and simple, ensuring that the earphones have always been available whenever you want to use this. 

Talking about iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds these provide sharp, clear music together in a pleasant style which probably wouldn't feel heavy or uncomfortable also after extended usage. These include interesting benefits like hands-free communication, sound-absorbing software, resistance to water with productive lifestyles, as well as a 6 h of payback period just after a single charge. One may also freely enjoy listening to music from every Bluetooth-enabled gadget with minimum delay among sound transmission lines.

Customer Satisfaction

These iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds are among the first completely wireless earphones, combining superb audio, ultralight convenience, as well as are a snug fit without the need for cables or problems. The iLuv TB100 Bluetooth Earbuds have a constructed microphone within, allowing one to answer or receive calls even when you don't require to go to your mobile. These also include a simple yet another connection procedure, connect these to almost every device with ease. You'll maybe be free to hear music tunes the whole day using these Bluetooth headphones.

iLuv TB-100 earbuds

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable to wear, these are easy to function and clean. Providing you with great noise cancellation benefits you get to work easily anywhere. Also, are lightweight, and have a great bassline. A single disadvantage is that it is a little heavy.

I've got some mixed reviews from customers on web. Let's check it out.

1> I am writing this review after using these earbuds for about 2 weeks. The price were unbelievably good. So far they've exceeded my expectations! They are very easy to use - you take them out of the case and put them into your ears, immediately they will show up on your nearby phone or computer's Bluetooth device list. One touch (click) to connect - never fails. And they will automatically reconnect to the same phone/computer the next time you use them, unless you manually disconnect and reconnect to a different device. This connection process is almost as easy as using the Apple Airpod - "almost" because if you use the Airpod with an iPhone the first time, you don't need to open the bluetooth device menu. This is a tiny tradeoff for not paying Apple's brand premium. The sound quality is comparable to Apple Airpod Gen-1, definitely adequate for everyday listening. Note that there is also hands free microphones in the earbuds, although I initially wasn’t aware of it.

2> I was thoroughly impressed of its quality at this price point. It’s better than my old one which I paid $49.99 from Tozo last year. Light weight earbuds with comfort fit, crystal sound, easy control by just tapping the earbud like pick up call, play/pause music...etc. Once charged, it could play more than 6 hours during my last flight from Las Vegas to NY. Highly recommended !

3> These iLuv TB100 True Wireless Cordless In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds are the! Why pay $200 for ear buds when you can get the same quality ear buds for so much less? These are perfect! They were easy to pair with my phone - simply turn on the ear buds and as soon as you take them out of the storing case, the device is identified. I love the rose gold color and these fit great inside my ear (you also get 3 extra tips of varying sizes). The sound quality is excellent. These are great for running/walking, working out, listening to music at your desk at work, at the beach, gym - really anywhere! These have waterproof protection too, but you shouldn’t intentionally submerge in water. The earbuds come with a charging cord that can be plugged in to any USB (such as an iPhone cube) and a small charging/storage case. Can’t say enough good things about these earbuds - no hesitation - get these! See my pictures for more details. I highly recommend these!


1> Its audio is clean and sharp.

2> Noise-cancelling technology eliminates all further sound, concentrating on the sound essential for you

3> They are simple to be using since the cables are knots.

4> The earphones are thin and comfy, otherwise, you may easily use these for extended periods and will not be tired of them.

5> Extended battery lifespan translates to greater power whenever you are in need.

6> Boasting their shiny black style and red highlights, these iLuv TB-100 earbuds offer an appealing appearance.

7> Whether you want a different color than black, these are also available in whites and pinkish appearance.

8> Whether you care about appearing fashionable, these earphones will surely give off yet another trendy feel!

9> Using these earphones, you'll don't get to even miss a single beat.

10> You'll get to listen to some of your favorite songs without interruptions of other sounds.

11> The earphones are ideal for use when traveling and vacationing.

12> One may even use these when exercising or running within the playground.

13> The soft ear pads guarantee a secure fit, therefore customers won't be worried over your earphones sliding off because you're using these.

14> They're extremely light, thus these do not even add additional burden to other things you have to take about nowadays.

15> The iLuv TB100 Bluetooth earbuds are reasonably priced, so anybody can experience their strong sound without spending a fortune.

16> These are not only interoperable with just about any common electronic codec, including such desktops and cellphones, but with PCs.

17> The earphones are simple to use because you now can start using them as soon as they arrive.

Main features

Performance score

These iLuv TB100 earbuds create high audio with strong bass. These can offer customers with finest in the songs, regardless of style. Either you want customers can tune to rock music or rap music, these earphones can handle it!

Offers amazing quality

This item is covered by 1-year insurance. This enhances the effectiveness as well as longevity of this item. These are constructed of elevated material and may be worn with almost any outfit! One would be ready to use these earphones for business, leisure, or partying purposes for something like a long time once you purchase them.

Easy to use

This iLuv TB100 is ideal for all users! These have an installed mic, which means you can attend phone calls without removing your earphones. Users will indeed be likely to access clear calls even while listening to songs they want. 

Have long battery life

You can listen to our favorite music for continuous 6 hours.

Foremost structure

Such earphones were designed with confidence and ease. These arrive with something like a T-style connector which is compatible with all devices. These will function flawlessly on any Apple, Android, and perhaps other devices! Because of the constructed mic, users can effortlessly manage the audio and sometimes even accept conversations without missing a sound.

iLuv TB-100 earbuds


If you're seeking earphones with strong sound and longevity, selecting these iLuv earphones could be just what you're searching for. The earphones give all required at such a reasonable price, thanks to their strong sound and beautiful design. If you're searching for just a nice set of earphones, this iLuv TB100 is an excellent option.