Having earphones or headphones with wire and not Bluetooth and that too with a horrible baseline? Searching for a Bluetooth earphone and that too at an affordable price can be difficult but we make the selection easier for you. Sony WI-XB400 is the one for you. Here is a complete review of this product.  By the end of this article, you can make a wise choice for sure.

Sony WI-XB400 headphones


  • Hence, is there something about such earphones which makes them unique? Below is a short rundown of the specs:
  • The wired Bt style is simple to use yet difficult to misplace.
  • For further security, speech and palms functionality are available.
  • Retractable heads assist in keeping your cables from being tangled.
  • Battery capacity of 15 hours allows for whole day use.
  • Inside a crisis, a ten-minute fast charge provides 1 hour of usage.
  • Big 12micrometres drive modules provide clear sound.

As you'll see, such earphones have a lot going for them on appearance. But then this is the most high-level summary. It is indeed imperative to evaluate what these earphones have had to deliver.


The overall structure matters

The Bluetooth earphones feature a tethered style. This implies there really is no cable linking the earphones with the smartphone or iPhone, rather a small chord connects the earphones with one another. The connection consists of two components. Firstly, this maintains the rechargeable batteries, providing for just an improved lifespan than true Bluetooth headphones. 

Furthermore, this allows users to quickly remove either or even both earphones as well as store them. This is indeed a helpful function once you are at the purchase counter and need to remove one earpiece to complete the purchase.

The earphones themselves are rather big. The latter allows for hefty 12micrometres drive components, something you will know soon.  It does, nevertheless, render them overly big for those with narrower ear holes. Utilizing smaller hearing tips may assist, however at the final moment of each day, you will deal with an abnormally broad pair of earphones.

These sticky heads are a wonderful element of Sony's WI-XB400. Whenever these pieces are in the container or stuffed in one's bag, it gets stick collectively, resulting in little entanglement. But, what matters at last is, whatever twisting people suffer will not need users to disentangle the tops from one another. These earphones come in 2 colors including dark as well as bright blue.

The charging portal

The above Bluetooth earphones are wired. This implies there really can be no cable linking the earphones with the smartphone or iPhone, however, you can find a little chord linking the earphones to one another. 

The connection has two functions: firstly, this maintains the rechargeable batteries, providing a longer lifespan than completely wireless earphones. Furthermore, it makes it simple to remove either or even both earphones as well as hanging them. It is indeed a helpful function because you are moving in a supermarket checkout and therefore need to remove an earpiece to complete a purchase.

This WI-XB400 is indeed a good mix with if seen with parameters such as mobility. Also, it has a long-lasting battery compared to the usual pair of Bluetooth headphones or earplugs, which makes it a great option for day excursions. Many wireless earphones, on either hand, come along with a tethered rechargeable battery while recharging, making it simpler for traveling. Based on individual requirements, this could render the Sony WI-XB400 somewhat appealing.

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Here includes some extra features too

Every electronic gadget is full unless it is accompanied by certain peripherals. We've previously mentioned a couple of such functions, and let's glance just at elements of both the package which aren't really connected towards the earphones.

In the beginning, your USB-C cord works, this is the main thing about it. It is indeed three feet in length, seems plenty to connect together into a Computer or even a tabletop wall outlet but not long enough just to reach throughout the floor. The additional earbuds serve the same purpose. They're made of soft, sensitive silicon, so no worries there! However, they are eventually constrained by the immense size of something like the earphones themselves. Although having tiny points, you're working with such a large set of components.

Customer satisfaction

Having said that, designers would not want to promote these earphones as being uncomfortable. Whether people have moderate to big ears, these drivers will be fine, as well as the earphones are versatile and comfy enough yet to accommodate most individuals.

This XB400's capacity to manage conversations was indeed one of the strongest points. It’s no handset mode slider is simple when used with touch using the finger and therefore is compatible for most iPhone and even other Android smartphones. Its mic additionally works well with Siri as well as Alexa and other voice assistants. Sync through Bluetooth then you're all set.

Superb audio quality

The true point in buying these earphones should be for the audio quality. Much better bass sound, in particular. Another issue concerning bass sound is that this is naturally constrained either by the diameter of its loudspeaker driver. Much less bassline a speaker can generate, the shorter it is. Whenever it concerns bassline clarity, even now the greatest tiny earbuds may seem to be like a counterfeit set of China's earbuds.

As a consequence, you were ecstatic to get a set of 12micrometres speaker earphones. The volume is excellent, far superior to other small earphones. Obviously, you'll have to keep your feelings in check. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sony Wi-XB400 have AptX?
As for Audio Codec support, Sony XB400 only support SBC and AAC but are missing AptX or AptX HD support.
Is Sony WI-XB400 worth it?
The WI-XB400 is an excellent buy if you are on the lookout for a wireless earbuds on a budget.
Is Sony WI-XB400 water resistant?
The WI-XB400 is not water-resistant.
How do I charge my Sony Wi XB400?
1> Open the USB Type-C port cover. 
2> Connect the headset to an AC outlet. Use the supplied USB Type-C cable and a commercially available USB AC adaptor. The indicator (red) of the headset lights up. Charging is completed in about 3 hours (*) and the indicator (red) turns off automatically.
How do I turn off WI-XB400?
1> Disconnect the Bluetooth device by operating the device. When disconnected, you will hear the voice guidance say, “Bluetooth disconnected”. 
2> Turn off the headset. You will hear the voice guidance say, “Power off”.
How do I use Google assistant on Sony WI-XB400?
Connect the headset to the Android smartphone via Bluetooth connection. When the Android smartphone is on standby or playing music, press the (play/call) button on the headset twice in 0.5 seconds. The Google app is activated. Make a request to the Google app through the headset's microphone.
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So here was a complete review of these Sony WI-XB400 earbuds. With a perfect sound quality as well as fast charging and longer battery life, you can easily get to know about the benefits and disadvantages. Moreover, it is also well-known for its excellent design and optimum quality. The buttons it has make the work easier for you. People search for many good reasons but it’s a single reason to reject. This doesn’t have one. The renowned brand Sony never disappoints us.