When the pandemic suddenly stopped the world from its usual activities, people found ways to do everything inside their homes. From going to the gym and getting fit, to home-cooked gourmet meals, and to bringing work and the office inside the four corners of our homes. With the acceptance that the world we have now is the new normal, companies and employees invested in making their space feel like their new office. From new desks to ergonomic chairs to high-powered laptops and other sophisticated accessories, working from home became the new normal.

Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510

To help you build your workspace with the right accessories, here are some details for Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510. Allow yourself to participate better during online meetings and stand out with aesthetics with these wireless headphones. But this product is not only good for meetings, but it can also be used for gaming and of course, listening to your favorite music. Read below to know why.


The design of the Sony WH-CH510 is as simple as you can get, but it is also what makes the aesthetic more sophisticated. There are no unnecessary designs, making this wireless headphone more lightweight compared to other products. It being lightweight is a big factor considering the period you would have to wear these on your ears.

Aside from it being lightweight, it is praise-worthy that this wireless headphone is portable. Most headphones are small and can fit in bigger bags. But Sony WH-CH510 has a swivel mechanism, allowing you to keep the headphone as compact as possible. Thus, making it easiest to fit them even in bags and luggage with small space. Lightweight and ultra-portable? This may be the best combination for a wireless product.

In terms of its sound, the balance of noise cancellation and quality bass, clear voice, and present highs are definitely some of its best benefits. Whether you are going to listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, attend an online meeting, this will be your go-to wireless headphone.

With connectivity, the Sony WH-CH510 did not disappoint. No interference or any dropping of signals were noted when using its Bluetooth 5.0. This is an essential factor to consider especially that this product relies on its capacity to provide music and sounds the wireless way.

Sony WH-CH510 uses cable Type-C for charging. It will take approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge the headphone. On the brighter side, it will give you 35 hours of non-stop listening since its battery life is also exceptional. Even during long trips, you can rely on this amazing feature.

Lastly, this wireless headphone will give you three colors to choose from. You can purchase a black, blue, or white version of it. It does not really matter as all the colors are great in their own way.


To control Sony WH-CH510, an easy-to-use interface with three large buttons will make it more convenient for you. The buttons can easily be differentiated and interacted with. Aside from the three usual functions of play-pause, volume up-down, and skip, this wireless headphone from Sony also offers you to activate the device’s voice assistant, and of course hands-free calling.

With its long battery life, its lack of a 3.5mm headphone port and USB charging can be compensated. And if you are on the go, a quick 10-minute charge can already give you 90 minutes of playtime. This is a good deal as far as the battery is concerned.

Sony WH-CH510, even in features, can be considered as simple as possible. But this does not make the product any less than the other of the same price range. Sony focused on the most important features of a wireless headphones, and it succeeded.

Customer Satisfaction

Feedbacks show that most people who purchased Sony WH-CH510 benefited most from its long battery life, not to mention that it also charges quickly. The lightweight feature was also commended as it is very comfortable to use and portable to carry around. Additionally, the sound was normal but clear and loud enough. Noise-cancellation also works as listening is highly more enjoyable.

Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510

Advantages and Disadvantages

Compared to other wireless headphones, Sony WH-CH510 soars in terms of its simplicity. Since the features are mainly the important ones, this wireless headphone is a good deal for its price. Its interface can easily be interacted with and makes it easier for the user to enjoy it hands-free. Basically, the advantage of this wireless headphone relies upon its simplicity.

When it comes to design, a headphone may be created in on-ear or over-ear format. Sony WH-CH510 is an on-ear headphone, meaning it only rests on the ear and does not cup them. This factor is a disadvantage considering the little discomfort it may cause your ears after some time. Also, it affects the sound quality since the headphone does not cover your entire ears for better listening. However, since Sony is a quality provider of these products, the sound quality that users hear with Sony WH-CH510 is still superb.

Common Questions Asked

How portable is Sony WH-CH510?

This wireless headphone is not your ordinary portable headphone. An extra mechanism of swivel was used to make sure that it can be more compact if needed to be placed in a smaller space for storage.

Is Sony WH-CH510 worth it?

The Sony WH-CH510 is a great buy for people on the lookout for a versatile wireless headphone with excellent battery life. There are no issues on the performance front, and it actually sounds quite good for something that is priced under Rs 5,000 and has excellent wireless capabilities.

How long do Sony WH-CH510 last?

The WH-CH510 will go for an impressive 35 hours from a single charge, as long as you're listening at realistic volume levels, anyhow. You can expect 30 hours 'communication' time

How do I use Google assistant on Sony headphones WH-CH510?

Connect the headset to the Android smartphone via Bluetooth connection. When the Android smartphone is on standby or playing music, press the (play/call) button on the headset twice in 0.5 seconds. The Google app is activated. Make a request to the Google app through the headset's microphone.

How do you turn on WH-CH510?

Press and hold the (power) button for about 2 seconds until the indicator (blue) flashes.

Does Sony WH-CH510 have 3.5 mm jack?

Thankfully, most of the compromises Sony has made with the WH-CH510 haven't been too crucial – the lack of analog input mirrors the loss of the 3.5mm port on most modern smartphones while the lightweight, plastic construction improves their portability and comfort.

Is Sony WH-CH510 waterproof?

The unit is not waterproof. If water or foreign objects enter the unit, it may result in fire or electric shock. If water or a foreign object enters the unit, stop use immediately and consult your nearest Sony dealer.

How do you answer a call on Sony WH-CH510?

Connect the headset to a smartphone or mobile phone via Bluetooth connection beforehand. When you hear the ring tone, press the (call) button on the headset and receive the call. When an incoming call arrives while you are listening to music, playback pauses and a ring tone will be heard from the headset.

Is Sony WH-CH510 good for music?

The Sony WH-CH510 are decent headphones for neutral sound listening. While their bass and mid ranges are very well-balanced, unfortunately, their treble range's accuracy is only mediocre, and some vocals and instruments may sound thin and dull.

How do I put my Sony WH-CH510 in pairing mode?

The headset automatically enters pairing mode when pairing for the first time after purchasing, initializing, or repairing the headset. To pair a second or subsequent device, press and hold the (power) button of the headset for 7 seconds or more to enter pairing mode.

How do I connect my Sony WH-CH510 to my PS4?

Select “headset” as the device type and search for WH-CH510 (0000 is the default passkey). On PS4 just go to settings, devices, Bluetooth devices and add WH-CH510. Once paired, there is a Voice Guidance confirmation that says “Bluetooth Connected”.

How long does it take to charge Sony WH-CH510?

Use the supplied USB Type-C cable and a commercially available USB AC adaptor. The indicator (red) of the headset lights up. Charging is completed in about 4.5 hours (*) and the indicator (red) turns off automatically.

Does Sony WH CH510 have noise Cancelling?

It does miss out on features like noise cancellation, and water resistance, which I don't really think are cons considering its price. The only issue that some people could face with it is of comfort.

Is it a good option for those who wear caps or hats, or for people with larger heads?

The answer to this is a big yes. This wireless headphone has a flex capacity that is decent enough to let you use your cap or hat while listening to your favorite music.

Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510


Simplicity goes a long way for Sony WH-CH510. Its simplicity makes it a sophisticated choice for those who would want to purchase wireless headphones for work and for listening to music. The design is uncomplicated, making it a great choice for those who are looking for simplicity that stands out. The connectivity, considering it is a wireless product, has a good performance with its latest Bluetooth technology. If you are looking for an amazing wireless headphone at a very decent price, then Sony WH-CH510 may be the best option among the rest.