The wired earphones seem to be no more in trend. Wireless ones have taken over the place now. Most of us visit stores, just to buy the best wireless earphones or headphones. Most of the manufacturers don’t just wait and order the trending Bluetooth earbuds, or headphones to their list to achieve maximum productivity. 

You will get some best earbuds in the market at the best price and worst products at cheap and sometimes even high prices. We have to be careful while buying such things. Do proper research on the model you are planning to buy. This will make your work easier and save your time in-store. You will find the one matching your requirements. Choose the earbuds according to the comfort because they are in use for the whole day, while exercising, listening to music, and many more. 

TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

The very first point to remember is that "Bluetooth" and "completely wireless" earphones are not the same thing. Another critical difference is also that "truly wireless" earbuds do not have any sort of connection or link here between headsets. "Portable" earphones are indeed linked in a certain manner, but they do not require extra accessibility to either a wireless link.

The TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds, which are just like some of the other Bluetooth headsets, have 2 different construction. They include a pair of earphones as well as a charging case. Both are made of glossy black material. Upon first look, the plain surface appears to be less appealing than just the glossy texture. However, a matte surface hides fingerprints better than a shiny surface. As a consequence, the earbuds and cover and you clean it easily, even though you're sweating when using these.

These earbuds have a great factor to consider for buying but they aren’t that big for ears to provide comfort. Ear fins have provided some support to the outer ear. You can easily insert them in your ears. It is inserted in a way that it doesn’t come out of the ear. The noise-canceling feature is one of the most desired features every earbud should have. This feature isn’t available in most earbuds but this product has this special feature. 

Noise-canceling features make the experience best for you by preventing noise from surroundings. Along with these TOZO earbuds, you also get 3 extra pairs of seals, so that you get the comfort you desire. The ear fins cannot be replaced. They are fixed and therefore some people are fine with this but some are not.

Customer satisfaction

It has the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology these T12 earbuds easily get connected to your smartphone or MP player. This latest technology is a better feature than your previous one. You get automatic pairing with these earbuds. You just need to pair them with your device for the very first time, and further, it will itself get connected to the device. 

You get a high-quality audio experience. You can select 256k sound quality over 128k. You get a stable connection. The earbuds have a high range and won’t disconnect if you go far. Watching movies with T12 earbuds provides you with a theatre experience. The range of the signal is up to 33 feet, which won’t cause any issue. 

TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones


Furthermore, the T12 earphones may be connected one by one. It's not the best setting for playing music. This does, nevertheless, have a few advantages. First of all and foremost, it essentially increases the life of the battery. Secondly, it should not detract from spatial awareness. It indeed comprises a wide range when you use your earbuds during hands-free talking. A three-finger touch from either earpiece activates the device's smart speaker. Which makes it straightforward to use the smartphone even while traveling.

Sound Quality

These TOZO T12 Bluetooth Headphones have exceptional audio quality at their price point. It's mostly owing to its 10micrometres broad speakers. Such speakers are far bigger beyond your typical 6micrometres or 7micrometres earbuds counterparts. Because of their enormous size, they provide a wide range of responsiveness throughout the full frequency range. 

Its bassline is really good, with much power, but it has little effect on some other tones. Because the midfielders are detailed, voices sound fantastic. These high temperatures are prominent and sparkly, or they might appear a little underpowered at points. Having just said, the audio field is excellent and broad, allowing you to differentiate between parts without interruption.

These T12 earphones work admirably whenever it concerns hands-free talking. These have never had any type of noise cancellation just on microphones, thus strong background sounds might be an issue. Having just said, these do have twin microphones. Therefore, if users use all earbuds, you'll receive superior efficiency compared to when you only wear one. Since it is customary, how one understands another individual will be determined by their earbuds or headsets.

Advantages and disadvantages

The T12 earbuds feel comfortable when used. Also, these fit perfectly to your ears. With a strong baseline and having a strong sound range. It is water-resistant which makes it the best feature. Its wireless charging system provides you relief from those charging cables. Talking about disadvantages, it has shorter battery life compared to others, and also frequency may appear less. 

Questions to ask before buying

What is its battery life?

It can be used up to 5 times after charging. If in regular use works for about 15-18 hours.

Does it have the latest technology?

Yes, 5.0 Bluetooth technology. 

Is it waterproof?


TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones


TOZO T12 Wireless earbuds provide loads of features. Providing excellent sound quality as well as ideal for talking in hands-free mode. You just need to pair them for the first time as it has an automatic pairing feature. 

These earbuds' rechargeable battery seems to be outstanding, offering four to five hours of continuous gameplay. However, with just 18 hours of total charging, its case falls short. Having just said, the efficient design looks quite well. First and foremost, the fitting is pleasant, safe, and practical. Even after strenuous exercise, customers won't be worried regarding their coming out.