Budget battery brands are something I've always avoided in the past since, in my experience, they always result in low-quality batteries that don't last long. The Amazon Basics Alkaline AA aren't like other alkaline AA. Yes, they're inexpensive, but they're also quite good. They're available in a wide range of sizes, and they work excellently.

The batteries, according to Amazon, have a 10-year shelf life, an air- and liquid-tight seal, and are designed to handle a broad range of applications, from low-drain (remotes and the like) to high-drain (lights and so on).

AmazonBasics Battery
Amazon does not provide battery life estimates for its batteries, instead noting that they provide "the amount of power required for a given device; great for gaming controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, and more." That's exactly what every battery does. So, let's get to the exams.

I use an Ansmann Energy XC3000 to test batteries, which contains a drain test that operates at 600mA (+/- 20%). I purchased a package of Amazon Basics Alkaline AA batteries and selected four random cells to test.

The Amazon Basics Alkaline AA batteries averaged 1376mAh after being tested until they recorded 0.94V, which is the second-highest figure I've observed. Surprisingly, all four batteries produced identical results, with minimal variation.

Before re-testing to determine whether there's any leftover capacity, I let alkaline batteries rest for a few hours to enable them to cool down. I received an extra 219mAh on a second drain, for a total tested capacity of 1595mAh in my test - putting these batteries in second place overall.

It's worth noting that total capacity varies depending on load, therefore these batteries would probably have more capacity if tested at a reduced load. The total load seen here should indicate that these batteries will survive a long time in lower-drain products like remote controls.

Is AmazonBasics a Chinese company?

Three former Amazon employees told CNN that a vast majority of electronics products under the AmazonBasics brand are made in China. Most of them are also available for purchase in India. Amazon itself publicly recalled as many as 2,60,000 AmazonBasics power banks in the US on reports of fires and burns in March 2018.

What is AmazonBasics brand?

AmazonBasics is a private-label that offers home goods, office supplies, and tech accessories. The line was launched in 2009. As of December 2017, AmazonBasics is the best-selling private label brand on Amazon.com.

How long do AmazonBasics rechargeable batteries last?

Providing extremely gradual self-discharge, the long-lasting 2000 mAh AA batteries retain 80% capacity for 24 months and recharge up to 1000 times.

How does AmazonBasics battery charger work?

The battery charger recharges in pairs, accommodating two or four AA or AAA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries at a time. Once properly inserted, the unit begins to recharge automatically, and its full-charge, cut-off function protects batteries from being overcharged.

Do Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries come charged?

The rechargeable batteries come pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box. They can be recharged hundreds of times with minimal power loss.

How many times can you recharge Amazon batteries?

Providing extremely gradual self-discharge, the long-lasting 2000 mAh AA batteries retain 80% capacity for 24 months and recharge up to 1000 times.

Can you recharge Amazon batteries?

AmazonBasics Pre-Charged batteries can be recharged using any good-quality Smart charger designed for NiMH cells. But for longer battery lifespan, avoid ultra-fast (15- or 30-minute) chargers and Dumb (overnight) slow chargers.

Can you use Amazon batteries with Energizer charger?

Absolutely. The AmazonBasic (white) pre-charged NiMH cells are identical to the Sanyo eneloop cells electrically, so the charger won't know the difference. In fact, you can use any good-quality 'smart' charger designed for NiMH cells to recharge any brands of NiMH cells.

How long do Amazon AA batteries take to charge?

To recharge a set of 2000mAh AA cells such as the AmazonBasics AA Pre-Charged Batteries takes just around 3.5 hours, less if the batteries were not completely exhausted.

Can you charge Amazon batteries in Duracell charger?

Yes, I believe You can use your Duracell Charger to charge your Amazon Basic batteries.

Are AmazonBasics batteries safe?

Some AmazonBasics items are being reviewed by federal safety regulators, CNN reported Monday. The products include a battery charger, surge protectors, and a microwave. Customers have reported that some AmazonBasics items are prone to catching fire, exploding, or melting.

Do Amazon Basics batteries leak?

Have been using Amazon batteries for years now and they last longer than Duracell and they don't leak like Duracell.

How do I contact AmazonBasics?

How to obtain Service: To obtain instructions on how to obtain service under this limited warranty, contact customer service at 1800-419-0416| cloudtail@blubirch.com.

Is AmazonBasics good brand?

Judging by the number of positive reviews AmazonBasics items have gotten—a large number have several thousand user reviews, each with four-plus star averages—AmazonBasics is doing quite well. Only a very small handful have fewer than four-star averages, and none have fewer than 3.5 stars. This is not an accident.