Natural Vision Evolved is a work in progress that focuses on the aesthetics and development of the game's (Grand Theft Auto) effects and visuals. As a result, GTA V is now appears as a next generation game. It is considered as one of the best graphics mod of GTA V. It is now in the early stage. You can experience this breath taking mod by subscribing Patreon. Once the work has been done, it will be free to download. 

Natural Vision Evolved (NVE) is a graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto V that aims to improve the game's visuals in a comprehensive and realistic way. NVE was created by Razed, a well-known modder in the GTA community, and it has been praised by many players for its stunning visuals.

NVE makes a number of changes to the game's graphics, including:

  • Improved textures and shaders
  • Enhanced lighting and shadows
  • Increased draw distance
  • New weather effects
  • And more

The result is a game that looks significantly better than the original, with a more realistic and immersive atmosphere. NVE is a must-have mod for anyone who wants to improve the visuals of Grand Theft Auto V.

Here are some of the features of Natural Vision Evolved:

  • Improved textures: NVE uses high-quality textures for all of the game's assets, including buildings, vehicles, and vegetation. This makes the game world look more realistic and detailed.
  • Enhanced lighting and shadows: NVE uses a more realistic lighting system that casts more natural shadows. This makes the game world look more immersive and believable.
  • Increased draw distance: NVE increases the draw distance, which means that you can see more objects in the distance. This makes the game world feel more open and expansive.
  • New weather effects: NVE adds new weather effects, such as rain, snow, and fog. This makes the game world look more varied and realistic.
  • And more: NVE also includes a number of other features, such as improved water physics, more realistic explosions, and enhanced sound effects.

Overall, Natural Vision Evolved is a comprehensive graphics mod that makes Grand Theft Auto V look significantly better. If you are looking for a way to improve the visuals of the game, then NVE is a great option.

GTA V- Natural Vision Evolved
Jamal Rashid is the man behind this masterpiece. In his patreon, he describes it as- "I've been modding graphics in video games for the past 5 years as a hobby. I initially started off as an ENB / ReShade preset author and then began experimenting with more complex mods that involve tweaking game files directly.

I've spent multiple years crafting the latest version of one of my mods. It required me to modify hundreds of files / variables, several 3D models and numerous textures to achieve a result that would bring the game to the next-generation of graphics.

While talking in an interview about GTA V modding, Jamal said- "My first encounter with the world of modding was around 2002, and told Jamal, “when GTA: Vice City debuted on the PC. I remember that I downloaded the texture mod to change the clothing of Tommy when you see. In 2011, I found out the iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV, which left me open-mouth after a couple of videos. Then I realized how the mod could improve many aspects of the titles that are overlooked by the developers due to timing of development and other reasons".

He also said to nerd4life about his experiencing while working with files which are by far the most complex, because you must proceed in the reverse-engineering in order to touch a number of variables and then record the changes, and it is a very long and complicated when you do not have access to the tools of development.

Warning! this graphics mod can completely change your gta v experience!

Here is the trailer of Natural Vision Evolved- best GTA V mod ever!

Natural Vision Evolved has been started from July, 2021. But if you want to experience, you don't need to access the old files. Just subscribe Jamal's patreon and get the access of latest NVE file(s). I'm here to arrange the files in consistently by months.

Natural Vision: Evolved - GTA 5 | Update January 2022 (NVE New GTA V Update)

Changelog of January 2022 update
1> Added animated televisions playing a variety of tv shows.
2> Added a variety of new bushes around the map. 
3> Added high quality real tire tread patterns.
4> Aded new neon lights, emissive signs and volumetric lighting effects to the LTD Gas station.
5> Added new scrolling bus stop ads to certain bus stops.
6> Retextured various street poles with a scratched/galvanized metal appearence. 
7> Added new high quality props.
8> Pedestrians will now browse bleeter on their iFruit phones.
9> Reworked all police lights in a way where the dashboard does not become overly bright.
10> Updated The vehicle volumetrics script for single player to allow customization of light volumetrics for any vehicle in real-time.  
11> Made various updates and improvements to fog, lightingand colors in clear weather.
12> Made various updates and improvements to fog, lightingand colors in extra sunny weather.
13> Improved the way lightning strikes and lightning flashes work during thunder weather.
14> Rework rain drops for both rain and thunder weather to appear more smooth and natural.

Natural Vision: Evolved - GTA 5 | Update February 2022 (NVE New GTA V Update)

Changelog of January 2022 update
1> Added high quality ground textures.
2> Added high quality rock textures.
3> Added high quality cliff textures.
4> Added high quality mud textures.
5> Added high quality flora textures.
6> Added parallax textures for wooden boards.
7> Fixed rotation (pier planks)
8> Added high quality guardrail barriers around Paleto Bay.
9> Added PBR metalness workflow to sculpture in vaspucci beach.
10> Added new high qualitt textures for traffic signals.
11> Added animated effects at Ron gas station in Rort Zancudo.
12> Added animated effects to Trivoli cinema.
13> Added animated effects to jewellery.
14> Added high quality parallax rods to Paleto Bay.
15> Added crack details to Paleto Bay roads.

Buy Natural Vision Evolved early access from Razed's Patreon.

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Sample video of GTA V gameplay with NVE mod

Top youtubers who upload GTA V gameplay with Natural Vision Evolved mod:

You need high configaration PC/laptop to play this modded version of GTA V. For example:

Gam3 4 Lif3 uses this configuration

▬▬▬PC specs▬▬▬ 
Case: NZXT h710i 
Motherboard: ASROCK B460 Steel Legend 
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-10700 16M Cache, up to 5.10 GHz 8Core 16threads 
CPU Cooler: DeepCool Castle 360EX RGB 
GPU: Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Advanced OC 10G-V 
RAM: Zadak Spark RGB DDR4 3600MHz 8GB x 2 
Power Supply: XPG CORE REACTOR 850W

INTER uses this configuration

▬▬▬PC specs▬▬▬ 
🟥 Intel® Core™ i9-10900K 
🟧 GeForce RTX™ 3090 
🟨 64GB RAM

GameSource uses this configuration

▬▬▬PC specs▬▬▬ 
🟢GeForce RTX™ 3090 OC 
🔴Ryzen™ 7 5800X 

The GTA V graphics mods used by progamers

▬▬▬Graphic Mod▬▬▬
⭐️QuantV 3.0.0
⭐️NaturalVision Evolved

Last but not the least (probably mostly awaited), Rockstar Games tweeted about the next title of Grand Theft Auto- GTA 6. It is under development stage. As per experts, this masterpiece will release within the end of 2024. I will inform you more once their spokesperson will tweeted next time. Here is my YouTube channel where I upload GTA V gameplay videos regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to pay for natural vision evolved?
You'll need to select the $10 tier for access today. A free, public release is in the works, so no worries. But hey, modders gotta eat too.

What is NVE GTA 5?
The Natural Vision Evolved mod brings changes to the lighting system, weather, building models, tone mapping and world textures. This really makes the game more realistic and amazing. The Natural Vision Evolved mod also adds rain reflections and sky lighting in the game.

What is FiveM GTA?
FiveM is, by design, a modification for Grand Theft Auto 5 that allows you to play multiplayer on customised, dedicated servers. GTA RP is one of them, but we also have one for Red Dead Online. You've also got heaps of servers dedicated to GTA Online racing and minigames.

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