With the aid of my grandma, I recently began working on my family genealogical tree, which entails a lot of phone calls and note-taking. Thanks to a comfy ear hook and flexible sound settings, I've been able to get through hours-long chats using the Jabra Talk 45 Bluetooth headset. During my testing, I also looked at the battery life and overall performance of the device. Continue reading to find out what I thought.

Jabra Talk 45 Bluetooth Headset

Design: It's easy to notice

One of my main issues with Bluetooth headsets is that the majority of them have a sleek black appearance that makes them difficult to see. That implies that if I forget where I put it, it will most likely be found three days later. The Jabra Talk 45, on the other hand, was plainly made for forgetful people like myself.

The headset's frame is black with silver stripes, but the ear tip is bright orange, making it easy to detect on a desk or table. The ear tip disappears when the headset is placed on your ear, leaving only the sleek black headset visible. An ergonomic shape and fit are ensured with a transparent plastic ear hook (more on that below).

The Jabra Talk 45 has the added benefit of being able to switch which ear it is placed in. It's already put together to sit on the right ear. If you prefer to hear and speak through your left ear, you can easily remove the plastic ear hook, flip it over, and reattach it. Durability and comfort are two words that come to mind when describing this product.

When I initially started using the Jabra Talk 45, I realised that after a few hours of use, my ear would hurt. The ergonomic design of the ear hook, on the other hand, provided utmost comfort over time. I've wanted to switch to headphones and entirely forgotten it was in my ear since it's so comfy. It also helps that, unlike previous Jabra Talk 25 models, the Jabra Talk 45 is incredibly secure on the ear. There's no need to be concerned about it falling out.

Charge it first before using it

The Jabra Talk 45 arrives half-charged, but it's in your best interest to fully charge it before putting it to hard usage. The Jabra comes with a charging wire, and you'll have to pry open the flap to access the micro USB charging connector. Return for it when it has finished charging; it takes approximately an hour to fully charge. The headset itself is preassembled in the box, with additional bright orange eartips for different sizes and plastic ear hooks in case one is lost or broken.

Performance: Small bonuses that go a long way

The silver strip on the headset is really a button, which is one of its best features. When you press down on it, it will tell you not only how much battery life is left, but also how much conversation time is left. This was a game-changer for those like me who forget to charge their Bluetooth devices. I didn't have to worry about my battery dying during a long phone call anymore.

The Siri/Google button is another amazing feature. The button is located on the bottom of the headset—or on the top if you switch to the left ear—and provides quick access to a variety of choices. Voice commands may be used to open applications and programmes such as the Crime Junkies podcast or the latest Kendrick Lamar album. It's as simple as hitting a button and instructing Google to play the music.

However, as much as I wanted to like this button and its characteristics, I found myself in a love/hate relationship with it. I really wanted it to work, however Jabra Talk 45 took many tries to register my vocal instructions. To get my podcasts and GPS instructions, I mostly had to log into Spotify and Google Maps manually.

When utilised for both phone conversations and Zoom meetings, the Bluetooth earpiece shines. The Jabra Talk 45's dual microphone technology means that not only will your speech be crisp and clear, but that undesired surrounding noises will be tuned out as well. The audio on the receiving end is likewise very clear. You don't even have to touch your phone to control the volume since the Jabra Talk 45 handles it all for you. Jabra Talk 45 has been my go-to for all meetings since the sound comes through so clearly.

With a range of up to 98 feet, you'll be able to keep your call without being interrupted if you need to leave your Android or iPhone on the desk to get that second cup of coffee. I double-checked this with my three-story Midwestern house. I only lost service when I went to get a short lunch on the first floor after leaving my phone on the third floor. While it falls short of the 98-foot mark, it still gets the job done if you need to take a break from your phone.

Battery life varies depending on your activities

The Jabra Conversation 45 is touted to provide 6 hours of talk time after an hour of charging. During my 40+ hours of using this gadget, I discovered that this is very dependent on usage. For example, when I needed to converse on the phone, the battery life stayed quite steady. However, switching to Spotify and Google Music depleted the battery.

Despite having 2.5 hours of charge left, the Jabra Talk 45 didn't last 40 minutes of a podcast. Look elsewhere if you want to utilise this to create podcasts on the fly. It wasn't made to handle such a high volume of playing (plus the audio is mono). Also, after the first one-hour charge is complete, expect the Jabra Talk 45 to take up to two hours to charge.

For the most part, the battery life is enough for talking. The charge time was correct when using it for Zoom and ordinary phone talks. Because of the Jabra Talk 45's eight-day automatic standby mode, I was still able to talk with coworkers days later with plenty of battery life left.

It's more expensive than the others

The Jabra Talk 45 is available for approximately $80 (and occasionally less on Amazon). This is, admittedly, more than I would have paid for a Bluetooth earpiece. Especially when the device isn't as hands-free as competing versions. The Jabra Talk 45's comfort, on the other hand, is unrivalled, and that alone makes it well worth the money. Jabra Talk 45 vs. Jabra Talk 25 is a matchup between two Jabra Talk headsets.

To compare devices, it's a good idea to compare the Jabra Talk 45's capabilities to those of a totally hands-free device like the Jabra Talk 25. (see on Amazon). With a price tag of under $40 and hands-free technology, the 25 is a far more affordable option.

However, less expensive does not always imply superior quality. The Talk 45 features that delicious dual-microphone technology that provides a clean speech every time, as well as automated volume changes based on background noise intensity. Don't worry if Talk 45 isn't loud enough for you; you can adjust it manually on your phone.

Jabra Talk 25, on the other hand, just features a single microphone. On the top of the device, there are additional manual volume adjustment controls. This not only goes against the gadget's entirely hands-free characteristics, but it also implies that if you want greater control over your smartphone, the Talk 25 is the better option.

While both may stream at a high expense to battery life, it's worth noting that the Talk 45 offers the Google/Siri option for hands-free use. Talk 25 can surely play music—I'm currently listening to Panic! at the Disco. As I type this, I'm at the Disco—but you'll have to manually pull it up on your phone. The Jabra Talk 45 is a better choice if you want to use your phone hands-free.

The Final Word

A wonderful Bluetooth headset with a lot of features at a reasonable price. While the price gives me pause, the features of the Jabra Talk 45 are too compelling to dismiss it in favour of a more cost-effective alternative. It's pleasant to wear owing to an ergonomic ear band, and its voice command functions make it adaptable. While the battery could be more powerful, the rest of the features make this a Bluetooth headset I'll use for a long time.