When evaluating the Logitech G Pro X, which retails for $129.99, it appears like the firm has thought of everything. Comfort? Yes, it is relaxing. Would you like velour or leatherette earpads? It possesses both. What's the sound like? With 50mm drivers, it's fantastic. There's also software to improve the clarity of your voice on broadcasts or in voice chat, as well as accessories like cords and a carrying case.

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset
Furthermore, this is a sophisticated-looking attempt at the finest gaming headset. However, newbies may find the programme confusing, and some of the software filters are peculiar. For many, that price tag will be too pricey (particularly for a wired headset), but the Logitech G Pro X is worth considering for professionals seeking for outstanding sound and a lot of functionality.

Design and Convenience

These aren't your average gaming earbuds. The Logitech G Pro X's design is both luxurious and elegant, unlike many rival headsets that have aggressive designs or RGB. The cups are held in place by aluminium forks on a steel headband wrapped in leatherette. All of them are black, with a silver circle in the centre with the Logitech G logo. It reflects light in a radial pattern that truly captures the eye. You're clearly paying a premium for these materials.

In the package, you'll get two sets of earpads. Logitech provides breathable velour pads in addition to the leatherette ones that come preinstalled. I spent the majority of my time trying the leatherette pads. Although the leatherette provides a better seal, I prefer the velour for longer sessions since it is lighter and more breathable.

Even on my head, which some have said is slightly larger than typical, the G Pro Xs are snug but not too tight, and there's enough of room in the cups for even the largest of ears. The Pro X aren't very hefty, weighing in around 11.3 ounces (338 grammes).

It's possible to remove the condenser microphone. It attaches to the left cup if you're multiplayer gaming, streaming, or in a meeting, but you can remove it if you're just listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a single-player game without speaking.

Performance Audio

In gaming, music, and conversation, the Pro X proved to be an excellent pair of headphones. I found that using the USB adapter rather than the supplied y-splitter to connect the headset to the microphone and headset ports on a gaming laptop or gaming PC provided superior sound.

I put the Pro X to the test with Hitman 2, and it worked admirably. I could hear guards on the prowl, and the surround sound was excellent for that as well as evocative noises like the wind whipping over a beach home. It also has a powerful low-end, which makes bullets explode.

I also tested it while listening to music, and Linkin Park's "What I've Done" was well-balanced, with loud vocals, guitars, and percussion, as well as a pounding bass. Even without the Blue Voice capabilities (see Features and Software, below), the boom mic was clear in calls, albeit it may occasionally pick up hissing noises.

The sound quality of the leatherette ear cups is somewhat better than that of the velour cushions. The former merely create a tighter barrier around the ear, which prevents sound from escaping out. The velour ear cups, on the other hand, were more pleasant for lengthy gaming or listening periods.

Software and Features

Logitech's G Hub software powers the bulk of the Logitech G Pro X's most fascinating features. Blue Voice (stylized as Blue VO!CE) is the most noteworthy, since it employs software presets and configurable parameters to make your voice as clear and sharp as you want it to be whether broadcasting or simply playing games online.

Newbie streamers may find the setup overwhelming, but those who are familiar with audio software for streaming will feel right at home. The section on the left is the easiest to get to. It displays your mic levels as well as a series of presets if Blue Voice is enabled. You may record your voice and have it play over and again while you experiment with different presets. More sophisticated features include an adjustable EQ, a high-pass filter to eliminate low-frequency noises, a de-esser to eliminate hissing and other high-frequency annoyances, and more.

The two broadcaster settings, as well as the "Low voice - loud" preset, both made my speech even and clear, while also removing some background hissing and some office background noise behind me. Is it up to the task of replacing a dedicated microphone? No, but given the circumstances, it's rather nice. They noticed the difference in conversations with coworkers, however certain filters, such as one for an AM radio-style sound, irritated them.

You may store and publish your profiles, either publicly or to other PCs that have access to your account. There's also an equalisation for in-game sound, with settings for FPS and MOBAs, as well as a couple from professional esports players. The acoustics tab in G Hub has the final large set of capabilities, including volume and microphone sliders. But, more crucially, DTS Headphone:X 2.0 spatial surround sound may be turned on (or off).

Configurations and accessories

The Logitech G Pro X is $129.99 and comes with a carrying bag, leather and velour earpads, PC and phone cables, a PC Y splitter, and Blue Voice technology. The Logitech G Pro is similar in style but without velour earpads, Blue Voice, a phone cable, and 3D audio for $99.99.


The Logitech G Pro X is adaptable, comfy, and even luxurious. It doesn't just feel like a luxury device, but a premium bundle, with great sound and every accessory and cable you might need. However, while the software required to get the core functions up and running is remarkable, it will undoubtedly deter some newbies. There's some experimentation to be done if you don't already know about microphones and audio. Furthermore, for others, $129.99 is an exorbitant price for a headset. Those who give it a try, on the other hand, will notice a high-end, professional product, especially if they already know how to use a microphone.