Do you enjoy listening to music? When you hear a tune or a song, how often do you wonder what the words are? A song title might become stuck in your brain and refuse to leave. As a result, you'll need to look up the lyrics on the internet to figure out what the music is about and where it came from. 

There are dedicated websites and search engine sites that can assist you find the lyrics of the music you desire in real time. Then you put them on in one of the top Android music player applications and dance to their beat! Simply type in the lyric fragments or phrase you recall, and the real-time lyrics of the identical song, together with the song title, genre, and major performer, will show in front of you. Isn't that wonderful?

Top 10 Websites To Find Song Lyrics
Where can I look for music lyrics?

We've compiled a list of the finest websites for finding music lyrics. So the next time you hear a great cover on the radio, you'll be ready to go, even if you just remember a portion of the music lyrics. Put the phrase in the search field of any of these lyrics sites, and you'll get the results. When the Google app and YouTube can't help you find the unknown music and matching lyrics you're looking for, the lyrics site comes in handy! So, let's get to know these helpful tools:

LyricsWorld is a search engine for music lyrics. You can look for music by entering in unknown song lyrics, an artist's name, or the title of a song. It is a group of sites with a real-time lyric database, rather than a specialised lyric search engine. As a result, it will send you to the appropriate music lyric websites for lyrics and song searches. Lyrics World can assist you if you operate a lyrics website and want your music app to appear first in search results.

Find Music by Lyrics

Even if you merely write a sentence or phrase from an unknown music, the FindMusicByLyrics website will find matching lyrics. You may also look for a certain artist's song or a specific lyric phrase. There is no need to register, and the site's layout is simple to navigate. This is comparable to LyricsWorld and is one of the greatest websites for finding music lyrics. This link will take you to a database that contains all of the pertinent lyrics sites.

Lyric Finder

Lyric Finder allows you to search for a song based on partial lyrics or the artist's name. It also includes a list of the top 25 song playlists. This song lyric search website is a great location to obtain frequent updates on new music artists, new music releases, and popular song trivia if you're into new music. You don't have to use the search option all of the time because you can just scroll through the alphabetically sorted list.


If you want to learn how to locate music lyrics, AZLyrics is a wonderful place to start. It is the most popular song lyrics search engine, with a large selection of popular songs to assist you in finding the lyrics to any song and melody. You will never be disappointed with AZlyrics because it also helps you locate songs with incomplete lyrics. This site has a large, legal, and up-to-date collection of playlist databases. Have you have a favourite musician? Find out what new music he/she has released.

You may search alphabetically by artist name, song name, and even browse through the videos. Also, if you know the song's precise words and wish to offer a lyric phrase or relevant detail, you may help this lyric site grow. It's as simple as filling out a form and submitting your lyrics. Before going public, the crew will review and approve your form.


The Shazam app deserves to be at the top of the list of the finest music identification applications available today. As a song search engine, it is well-known and widely utilised by millions of people all over the world. You may write in the lyrics you recall, and the Shazam app will show you all of the music options that match the word you typed. Most of the time, you'll find the precise music you're looking for.

Fans of music may search for songs by lyrics, lyrics by keywords, and lyrics to locate free songs. The Shazam app, built by Apple and including Siri integration, is one of the finest websites for finding songs by lyrics. Even in the free edition, you get real-time lyrics and aren't bombarded with advertisements. The website has a 'charts area,' which contains all of the currently hot new music playlists as well as charts of popular songs from other genres.


This song lyrics search website's name gives you a clear idea of what it accomplishes. It is unlike any of the other mobile phone applications or websites we've covered, and it tries its hardest to assist you in finding your music.

You must provide a sample of the song you're looking for in your message. Music enthusiasts in the WatZatSong community will try to predict the song when it has been uploaded. If you've tried writing lyrics, humming and singing the melody but can't seem to discover the tune, this website is a fantastic place to start.

The music recognition tool is simple to use and effective. WatZatSong allows users to publish song requests straight to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. The community is quite active, and you may obtain replies in a matter of minutes. You may also become a website visitor and listen to the music snippets provided by others before submitting your guesses.


You may use LyricsMode to look for music lyrics. The site now gives information in real time, thanks to a new set of functions and an innovative interface. It keeps you informed about all the latest and most interesting news in the music business. You may rely on LyricsMode if you want to listen to new music artists, new music videos, want to locate new music, or want to follow the Kpop genre. The library is extensive, and you may use your Flash widget to upload lyrics to your blog or website. This fantastic music lyrics site also includes lyrics from some of the most well-known music videos.


SoundHound is a popular music identification programme that can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices. SoundHound's 'playlists' component was very appealing to us. This area contains new songs that have been identified by other music enthusiasts, making it a great place to find music you've never heard before. Users may listen to, interact with, and sing along with the lyrics shown in real time in the 'live lyrics' area. The music app is ideal for discovering your favourite song or artist because it provides all services for free.

By inputting words or just expressing them, you may find the music by letter. If you're driving and a song comes on the radio, open the smartphone app, click the small orange button, and SoundHound will reveal all of the song's data, including name, artist, and year of release.


MetroLyrics is a renowned website for music fans. It features millions of songs, and the music library includes everything from old to new, rock to pop, and is always up to date. This well-known song lyrics search engine is well-known all over the world. It will provide you the results you want, whether you're looking for artists or songs. Do you prefer to listen to Beatles or Eminem albums? Go ahead and try it. Are you seeking for songs from the top 100 rock music playlist? You can get it right here. The website provides the results based on matched lyrics, pop genre, and artist names. The user interface is simple to navigate, utilise, and interact with.


As the name implies, Lyrics is the best site to look for music lyrics. The left bar on the main page is really nice and up to date. All notable artist names, as well as a trending list of popular songs and lyrics, may be found here. Right at the top of the screen is a useful search bar. It allows you to search for music by entering the title of the song, a phrase from the lyrics, or the artist's name. Results for relevant terms show as you put your words into the search field.

You'll very certainly wind up discovering your favourite music even if you don't compose the exact matching words. You may either go straight to the music or browse the artist page. The website will present you with the music video, lyrics, and a few details once you've discovered your song.

Final thoughts

In recent years, a slew of music streaming services have popped up. They display the song title and album information while playing a song. However, what about those who still enjoy listening to music on the radio? What happens if you just recall a few lyrics of a song you heard at a concert? Do you ever find yourself wondering, "What song is this?" when you're following celebs on social media? Check out the websites listed above for assistance in finding music by lyrics.