Uphold your expertise in enterprise networking solutions by earning the eminent Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. This Cisco gives you the upper hand when vying for your dream job or a promotion. Because of its prominence and credibility among tech professionals, earning this accreditation is definitely a feat for your professional career. To help you out, below are the key steps you can follow for a successful certification pursuit. 

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification

Prepare your finances in advance

In general, certifications are costly investments. Henceforth, you need to prepare financially so you won’t mess up your budget. For this particular credential, you should know that there are two levels before you earn the CCNP Certification ― the core exam ($400) and the concentration exam ($300). Therefore, you have ready yourself with the exam fees for both tests.  

Make use of various training resources

To help you succeed on both exams, it’s crucial to maximize different prep materials. Begin by reviewing the exam topics, which can be found on the website. Training courses are also available to make your learning experience much more efficient and effective. If you want to expand your grasp of the topics, don’t limit yourself to the official references. Expound your knowledge through books, videos, and practice tests from third-party platforms like YouTube, Amazon, CCIE Certification , PrepAway.

Accomplish the core exam

As a compelling validation of your knowledge in enterprise networking, it’s important that you master the basics. Hence, this certification kicks off with the core exam or the CCNP 350-401 ENCOR. This exam gives you a profound understanding of the entire enterprise infrastructure, from dual-stack architecture to network assurance and automation. Other major topics include design principles, virtualization, wireless configuration, and security, among others. Passing the core exam also permits you to the other Devnet Associate Certification , particularly CCIE Enterprise Wireless and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and earns you the Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core designation at once.

Complete one of the concentration exams

After accomplishing the core evaluation, it’s time to choose from one of CCNP’s concentration exams. There are six options at hand that highlight an industry-specific subject, and these are 300-410 ENARSI, 300-415 ENSDWI, 300-420 ENSLD, 300-425 ENWLSD, 300-430 ENWLSI, and 300-435 ENAUTO. The major areas include working with Cisco advanced routing, services, and networks in an enterprise setup, along with Devnet Professional Certification solutions and automation for Cisco Enterprise solutions. Designing enterprise networks and wireless networks is also part of the choices. 

Vamp up your work experience

Earning the CCNP Enterprise certification is not the end game. It’s important that you level up your experience to widen your comprehension of the Cisco enterprise network and solutions. With the aid of your technical accreditation, it’s much easier to move to the next tier of your career. To give you an overview, this credential supports various networking roles, including network engineers, computer network architects, and network administrators.


Arming your professional career with the Cisco CCNA Practice Test opens up a lot of remarkable opportunities, from company recognition to salary increase. So, if you’re eyeing a thriving networking profession, get support from Cisco extensive training and certification program. Wish you success!