Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm that can help you keep a check on your home and family. But is it worth it? This Nest Protect review will help you understand if the Nest device is worth your money.

Depending on the type of home, you may or may not need a smart smoke alarm. This is because not all homes have the same risk of fire. If you have a home with an older structure or if you live in a dry climate or if you have pets, the chances of your home catching fire are higher than other homes. Hence, you need a smart smoke alarm to monitor these risks. If you want to know more about the Nest Protect, keep reading.

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm


The Nest Protect has a sleek and stylish design that doesn’t look like a typical smoke alarm. It comes in three colors- white, grey and black. The Nest Protect also has a sleek ring on the top part of the device where it lights up when there is an alarm. You can choose any of the three colors that suit your home’s décor.

However, if you are looking for a smoke alarm that you can place anywhere in your home, the Nest Protect is not suitable because it comes with a wired base station. The base station has to be connected to your WiFi network so that the device can work. The Nest Protect also comes with a limited range of motion which means it cannot be placed on a ceiling or in certain areas of your home.

Facial Recognition and Voice Alert

The Nest Protect has an advanced algorithm that makes it one of the most intelligent smoke alarms available in the market today. It uses facial recognition technology to determine whether there is an actual fire or just steam from cooking or humidity from showering.

The smart smoke alarm also sends alerts to your phone if there is any problem with the device like if its battery is low or when there is no activity for more than 30 minutes after you have left home. This feature ensures that you always know what’s going on at home even when you are not there and helps keep everyone safe.

Installation and Setup

One of the best parts about the Nest Protect is that it can be easily installed. The installation process is relatively simple and quick. You would only need to connect the Nest Protect to your wifi, download an app, and follow the instructions given in the app. It will take less than 10 minutes before you're ready to monitor your home from a distance. The Nest Protect also comes with a tamper-resistant mount that helps prevent any children or intruders from removing the device.

App and Performance

One of the best features of this Nest Protect is its app. The app allows you to monitor the air quality, whether your smoke alarm is on, and how much time it has been off. It also lets you set fire detection and sound sensitivity levels. But these are not the only features. The app also provides information about your home’s temperature and humidity levels, which can help you know what changes you need to make for a healthy home environment.

The Nest Protect also does a good job at delivering high-quality performance. It can detect when there is smoke or carbon monoxide in your home within seconds, giving you plenty of time to get out in case of a fire. This helps to ensure that your family stays safe from possible fires.

Nest Protect is an effective way to keep track of your home and family while making sure they stay safe from any threats that may arise in the process. It is worth every penny as it helps families stay safe without compromising on performance or features.


There are many features that make this product stand out. Here are:

  • It can help you keep a check on your home and family in case of an emergency.
  • It doesn't require any batteries or wires to work.
  • It's easy to install, but it takes time to learn how to use it.
  • You can control the Nest Protect with your voice or the touch of a button on its body.


  • The Nest Protect doesn't have a battery backup.
  • If the power goes out, you will not be able to hear the alarm.
  • The Nest Protect is more expensive than other traditional smoke alarms.

Bottom Line

The Nest Protect is a great device that can help you protect your home and family while keeping an eye on them. It is worth every penny as it helps families stay safe without compromising on performance or features. It is good for those who are looking for a smoke alarm that doesn't require batteries or wires. The Nest Protect is also easy to install. Overall, it's a great product that will keep you and your family safe.