In the modern day, it seems that every household product is connected to the internet, from fridges to coffee machines to speakers – and there is no exception when it comes to doorbells. The use and popularity of interactive doorbells has skyrocketed in recent years, having emerged on to the market and broken through the mainstream due to their wide range of useful functionality.

Benefits of an Interactive Doorbell

It’s part of a general trend towards a widespread Internet of Things, which is a hosting network for all of a household’s connected items, allowing for remote control scheduling, monitoring, and other advanced capabilities from a central control point such as a smartphone or tablet. 

If you’re thinking about installing an interactive doorbell, you may have a few reservations – after all, it will be installing a camera on the front of your home, and it’s important to feel like your privacy is being enhanced rather than compromised.

Read on here to find out more about the benefits of interactive doorbells, and why they may benefit your household. 

Never miss a delivery again

Whether you’re waiting for your new graphics card from, or it’s simply a neighbor popping round to deliver some milk and eggs, it’s always incredibly frustrating to miss a delivery, especially if you are in the house and they haven’t knocked properly, or you were just around the corner and can’t make it in time to stop them.

With the camera and microphone functionality in an interactive doorbell, you can receive deliveries even if you are not home, as you will receive a notification whenever there is movement outside your front door, or of course, when someone rings the doorbell. 

With microphone functionality, you are then able to speak to the delivery driver as if you were at the door and instruct them to leave it in your safe space. 

Deter nefarious activities

Another benefit of having an interactive doorbell is that it helps to defer nefarious activities, such as trespass and burglary. If any would-be criminals are informed about interactive doorbells, they will know that the feed is live at any given time, as well as being connected to the owner’s phone via notifications that will alert them to a presence outside their door. 

The camera feed from an interactive doorbell can be retrieved at any time, meaning if a potential criminal does show their face, it will be straightforward to export this footage and use it during a prosecution. 

Stay connected and updated

As alluded to previously, an interactive doorbell helps you to stay connected and updated with regards to your home, giving you peace of mind in a myriad of different ways due to the ability to stay informed when you are not on the premises. 

With the continued emerging importance of the internet of things, the interactive doorbell will soon be part of a connected network of domestic devices, allowing you to link it to other devices in your home for increased efficiency and functionality.