It's been more than five years since I wrote this blog.I started this blog on March 21, 2017. That is exactly four days after my birthday. I still sometimes regret why I didn't register my blog four days ago. I had created several blogs before this blog. And I earned quite a lot of money from those blogs. Honestly most of my blogs failed to make money. But because of the two or three blogs that were successful,I got some success and I made an acquaintance. I've written before about how I created my first blog and it failed to make any money. However in 2017 this blog started its journey.However, in the beginning of this blog, I thought that I would not give any advertisement on this blog. Even I knew that this blog would not be read by many people. I used to look at this blog as my diary and I used to write all my experiences about blogging and other things in this blog.
Sourajit Saha: Shifting From Blog To YouTube!
I have also written on this blog how to create a successful blog and earn money from it.How I Failed at Creating Blogs I wrote them. Besides, I have written on this blog about many other topics, such as about my idols. I wrote about how I got inspiration from my role models. I have tried to describe myself in as much detail as possible on my "About Me" page. Once upon a time I saw several people coming to this blog and reading the blog posts. Then I thought that I might as well give advertisement on this blog as I can earn quite a bit of money from that too. Then I applied to Google Adsense and quite a lot of money started coming from Adsense. In the beginning, I made almost all personal posts. The block was called Sourajit Saha: Story of My Life. Later it changed to Sourajit Saha: Tech Freak.

I wrote the technology related articles first. Then I felt that all the articles are not possible to be written by me. Then I hired an article writer from Fiverr and she wrote several articles for my blog. I have written articles myself and co-authored articles on many technical topics. Now in these five years I have almost a thousand articles on my blog. After writing so many articles on technology for so long now I can't find much on a very unique topic.

So now I don't write articles much.But now I am very busy with my hobbies. When I say hobby, the first thing that comes to my mind is photography.Photography is like an addiction for me. I have more than 15 thousand selected images in Google Photos. I love taking photos myself and I love and enjoy when others take photos of me.I have used many different cameras since 2008 till date and I have written about them in one article. Currently I use a Nikon full frame mirrorless camera. I took quite a few school reunion photos with my old fullframe mirrorless camera. Here I have given some links to those photos.

Currently, monochrome photography is my favorite.I once posted some of my selected monochrome photos on this blog. Currently I have a Facebook page called "Young Shahrukh" and an Instagram account where I post monochrome photos. I will start posting my photos on this blog again from now. I mean I'm living my retirement now.Only retired people read about their hobbies. Busy people spend time with work. I've been experimenting a lot with Facebook advertisement recently. Some of those experiments have been successful and some have failed. But ultimately I learned about it.

Currently I spend my days with YouTube. I upload 4 to 6 videos on YouTube every day and some people watch those videos. Hopefully YouTube will become a source of income for me in the future. Here are the topics for posting my videos on YouTube- gameplay, pets, travel, concerts. Most of my videos are gameplay videos.I have a gaming PC, so this task is very easy for me. I have a rabbit as a pet and I take and post videos of him occasionally. I don't travel much, recently I went to Mandarmani and did not take a video there.I actually love photography. I never had much interest in videography. God knows how suddenly there was so much interest in videography and the thought of opening a YouTube channel.

Anyway, it seems to be for good. I had a great desire to open a YouTube channel and become a YouTuber, so far it has been fulfilled. I hope many people will watch my videos, like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel in the future. Stay tuned for now I will only post about my photography and videography. There will definitely be technology posts but photography and videography will get main priority from now. Have a nice day.