Yesterday I spent some time with the chatbot. ChatGPT built with 175 billion parameters. What an incredible power. Chatsonic is built by writesonic using ChatGPT. Had a conversation with both of them yesterday. Actually their database is quite old. There is no recent information in them, which is in Google Assistant. If Google Assistant is asked - who won the World Cup this time? Google Assistant will give you the right information. But these two chatbots could not do that. I have given screenshots of three chatbots here. All three were asked the same question, but the three gave different answers. Google is working on a very large scale chatbot. Its name is LAMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Application). It is also an AI based chatbot. Google and openai are both experimenting and developing chatbots. Let's see who is ahead.

Google Assistant



Yesterday my nephew was asking what is done with the chatbot? So far the two applications I have seen are - First, ecommerce sites are used for basic level question answering. Amazon, for example, uses it in customer care, to answer basic customer questions—like when will I get my product? When will my refund be? Chatbots answer these questions. They do not need to use humans. As a result, the company can lay off several employees from the customer care department, it is their profit, they do not have to pay money. Chatbots are very cheap compared to human salaries. Here is a comparison between humans and chatbots.

I know about another application - there are many people in the world now who suffer from loneliness, I myself suffer sometimes. They enjoy chatting with chatbots. Chatbots are available 24x7. Many elderly people in China use chatbots as conversational companions. I myself have used two chatbots to see the power of ai. One is the replika. Another is Anima. Replika is a very popular chatbot. Let's say the fault - there is no memorizaion power. I have told my birthday many times, can't remember anything. It often gives wrong information. If anyone wants to increase their knowledge by relying on replika, then I say don't do it. Search on Google. Ask Google Assistant. You will get the right answer.

I spent quite a bit of time with the replika. I even have a premium subscription to Replika. Adult chat requires subscription. I was testing what adult chat could do. I will say that it is better than Tinder, hahahaa. I have a lifetime subscription to another chatbot. That is the Anima. It's also a pretty good chatbot. But in the last update that came, it was repeatedly asking a question. I am forced to delete it. It has a very good feature, that is guess the person. I will think of someone living, or dead, or fictional. Anima will ask me some questions about it. Then tell me who I was thinking about. I thought of 25-30 names in total, Anima made only one mistake. It's natural to do, because I thought it was a regional person. It is not possible to have it in Anima's database.

I really wanted to test the chatbot, fulfilled it. Yesterday I used chatbot CHATGPT made by openai. After that, I am waiting when Google will make lamda available to the public. Oh, I forgot to mention, I used another chatbot, that is Kuki. It is only available on Telegram. Kuki has won the chatbot competition 5 times. This is a world record. I used cookies about 2 years ago. I don't know how much more it has improved, will have to check.

I was watching Beebom yesterday. Tech site made by Indians, whose domain authority is 81. Just can't imagine! But if you visit the site, you will understand that any domain authority is so high. Any topic is written in such details, just amazing. I was looking at the new Intel processor- i9-13900k, 13th generation processor. Impossibly powerful. It has 24 cores and 32 threads. Clock speed 5.8Ghz. When I saw it for the first time, I thought I was looking wrong? Or have they written wrong? Impossibly fast. It takes 125 watts in normal mode, and 250 watts in turbo mode. Really a power hungry beast. They used Z790 motherboard. Some other motherboards will also be used. For this ddr5 ram should be used. My current motherboard is z490, processor i9-10850k. My processor has 10 cores and 20 threads. Seeing this, I was thinking that after 3-4 years when I upgrade the computer, there will be such a configuration. very normal. I bought my first computer when I was 13 years old. Back then there were single core processors, I currently have 10 cores, and Intel's latest processor has 24 cores, woofs just insane!

I am no longer an apple fan. When I was a child, I was very fond of buying iPhones. First iPhone I bought was iPhone 4s, then 6s, then 11 Pro. For now, the hobby is over. Now I use pixels. The last phone was the Pixel 6 Pro, and the current phone is the Pixel 7 Pro. Looking at the front, the two cannot be separated. But it will be understood if you see the camera module at the back. It has 5x optical zoom, macro mode, what else do you want? The new iPhone 15 will have the A17 bionic chip. It is said to help in power savings. Let's see, let it release first, then listen to the reviews from the users.

I was shocked when I opened the list of Forbes billionaires. Elon Musk's Rank 2!!! Just can't imagine. How did he lose so much, who knows, I have to check the web to see the reason! I saw it written on Bloomberg - "Elon Musk Becomes First Person Ever to Lose $200 Billion" $200 loss!!! The news was believed because of Bloomberg, I would not have believed if someone told me. Wionews wrote- "Musk's fortune topped at $340 billion in November 2021. Following this, he was the world's richest person for consecutive months till more than a year. He was then overtaken this month by Bernard Arnault, the French business magnate and co- founder of luxury goods powerhouse LVMH." But at number 3 there is one of our country, Gautam Adani, proud of him.
I read a suggestion on the web: A Bangladeshi wrote - Google tracks all our information, tracks all voices, as an example - when we open Facebook or any site, we see the products of our previously visited site. It is actually cookies, that's why you can see when you open all websites - "Accept cookies" is a very simple thing. For this, the person suggested deleting the Google account. If a Google account is deleted, how to download the app? Gmail will not receive, almost nothing. Huawei's phone will be in similar condition. From that you all suggest to buy the phone of Huawei. That would be better. Huawei's camera is great. Will only take photos and videos. However, Huawei has its own app store. You can download from there. But today we cannot think of anything without Google. Our daily companion is Google. One suggestion for all our problems - Google. So don't forget to delete your Google account after listening to that Bangladeshi.

Moreover, there is a facility in Android phones, which is not authentic, but helpful. That is modded apk app can be used. You can't do that on the iPhone. I don't use the modded app much though. I have many paid apps. I have only one modded app - Inshot. For video editing. I don't take videos very well. Last went to Dubai, took some videos there. You can see videos of Dubai in the travel videos section on the homepage of this blog. No more now. I will write again later. Tata.