iPage Web Hosting Review 2021

iPage was established in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts, and has overgrown into one of the most successful economical (yes, it is) web hosting companies. iPage Offers domain registrations, single shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated hosting. iPage's platform is powering over one million websites across two data centers in the United States. Just like HostGator and Bluehost, iPage is the part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) – one of the biggest internet service providers. Though EIG products aren't at my priority list when I suggest someone about web hosting providers as their performance is not always the best, and they tend to miss some essential features.
iPage Web Hosting Review
Their server response time has been above average at 99.96% (which is really great) over the past few years, while they take time to load a page an average of 746 milliseconds (which is also great). iPage's single shared hosting plan is the cheapest among the reputed web hosting plans. They offer single shared hosting at $1.99 per month. They also has two WordPress-based plans with a few extra features like automatic malware removal and SiteLock. Basic plans come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free domain name for the first year with a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. However, iPage's affordable prices drawn my attention, so I decided to test them and write this iPage review. Let's check out what iPage offers to its valuable customers. But if you read the entire iPage web hosting review to understand what iPage has to offer, go ahead:
Best Features Of iPage Web Hosting
I am currently managing a lot of client websites as a webmaster, and that gives me a decent idea and overview of the current hosting market. Over the years, I have worked with a lot of companies and clients. With huge discounts like thisI've seen that iPage consistently attracting new customers! Currently, it is $1.99 per month to have a fully-fledged web hosting account at iPage, which can beat many major competitors on the web. I have a lot of my websites running as well on iPage. Although with all the unlimited hosting offers, I don't need any new web hosting. iPage is one of the top web hosts I personally hold an account with.

I have personally launched a couple of websites/blogs using iPage and found it to be responsive and lightweight and a powerhouse that allows for unbelievable amounts of traffic and more advanced applications. I am a long time user of iPage web hosting, and I have summarized my findings, pros, and cons in this iPage web hosting review. With more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing field, they have outstanding fast servers, a good continuous record of innovation, and great customer care service. It is effortless to see why iPage web hosting has quickly become a top 5 level player in the web hosting world.
Pros of iPage web hosting

Pros of iPage web hosting:

iPage is very cheap when you sign up for the first three years. Their uptime is above average (99.96%), and customer care support is very friendly. Moreover, they have access to just about every tool or open source app that you could want. Here's a complete list about all of the positive things I like about them:

Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting

iPage is popular for serving one of the cheapest web hosts we've ever reviewed over the past few years. It seems like they find a way to discount the starting price even further. Currently, the iPage starts at $1.99 per month. The price, as you will find in a minute or two, is nice too. They only have one shared hosting plan, only one option, so there is no other way to try another and let you force to upgrade your plan.
Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting

iPage Web Hosting Plans & Price
The only bad about is that you will have to pay for three full years upfront to get that $1.99 per month price point. Otherwise, the renewal rate is $7.99 per month. If you are only paying for a single year, their basic pricing is $2.99 per month (with the renewal at $9.99 per month). And if you are willing to pay for two years, instead of three years, it is $2.49 per month (or $9.99 renewal). Whatever registration length you choose, the price is good enough to put all of their basic plans among the best web hosting we have ever seen.
Domain Price Of iPage
When I checked recently to purchase another domain named "sourajit.net" [As I've already hold the dot com version] it shows almost $24. Domain privacy for three years cost almost 30 dollars. Though SSL certificate is free. Yeah, web hosting is cheap, that's true, but domain registration and renewal price is a little bit expensive. 
Domain Purchase From iPage

Various Third-Party Applications

As mentioned, iPage's basic plan offering is solid. Here's a primary example of everything you get for that $1.99 per month (for three years). All web hosting plans come with a free domain registration for the first year (that is great). This saves you approximately $15 for the very first year.

You will also get a free email address and SSL certificate, too, with web hosting. Each email account provided by iPage is branded for your domain, includes email forwarding, auto-responders, spam filters, virus checking, and even POP3/IMAP accounts so you can set everything up with Outlook. This plan comes with unlimited disk space, 'scalable' bandwidth (meaning mostly un-metered), and unlimited MySQL databases, which I considered as not too neglected.

If you're looking for an easy to use, drag and drop website/blog builder, iPage has the one that comes with six pages and a lot of templates. iPage has a lot of famous open-source applications ready to install as well. That includes content management systems (CMS) and blogging software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PixelPost, and B2evolution, Gallery2, ZenPhoto photo galleries, Gbook, phpBB, and SMF and a lot more.

If you're looking for full-fledged e-commerce stores (like Shopify), iPage also has this option. AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, and TomatoCart are all included. iPage can even help you with PayPal integration to accept cash online if you're a first-time webmaster (website owner).

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

iPage has a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply you have to let them know within the first month that you're not satisfied, and they'll gladly give your hosting money back. Remember that like other hosts, however, domain names and additional services are usually not refundable in iPage web hosting.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
iPage will provide you a free domain name for the first year. So if you ask within 30 days for a refund, a $15 fee will be deducted from your balance to cover the cost of the domain name. The good news is that you can still own the domain name and move it or 'point' the domain to another hosting company like HostGator, Bluehost, NameCheap (Recommended), or somewhere else.

Excellent Server Response Time (746ms)

Before considering any web hosting service, there are always a few important factors that you should consider. Perhaps the most important one is the page loading speed of the web hosting service. Over the last three years, iPage's server response times have been an average of 746ms. That means they take even less than a second to load a page, which is definitely a great sign in the web hosting world. Though, according to Pingdom, a reputed website that uses iPage named wpbeginner.com, takes time to load in less than three seconds and was faster than 60% of the websites/blogs tested. 

According to research, there is a strong relationship between the fast loading page and higher conversion rates. The opposite effect can happen with those sites that take longer than usual- lower conversion rates and less revenue. As iPage has varying web page loading speeds, it is ultimately recommended for websites and blogs that don't receive huge traffic. For example, iPage is perfect for blogs, portfolios, resumes, small e-commerce sites (Like Spotify sites), and local businesses.

As you know, page loading speed is crucial for any web hosting service, and the most important fact that appears first is the server location. Whether you are on the east coast of the United States or the west coast of the United States or even out of the country, for those based on the USA's west coast, iPage's response time is near 73ms. On the other hand, those that are based on the east coast of the USA experience a response time of near around 12ms. The main reason behind the difference between speed is the server location. iPage has two data centers that are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Awesome Server Uptime of 99.96%

There are multiple features to like iPage. However, if your site has a low percentage of uptime, then all features could be worthless because no visitor likes downtime of a server. That's why one of my favorite performance tests is to track uptime performance. I use the entire period of three years, so I can find out any one-time problem. Appreciatively, iPage has a 99.96% uptime (which is awesome, I say again) average over time. 

It's good above other web host service's average uptime, and good enough to place it in the top bracket of web hosts I've reviewed. There were some months during the three-year tracking period where iPage struggled with uptime, which brought down the average a bit. Otherwise, that average could have been even better. According to a webmaster Long Dang- their company has been using iPage for about five consecutive years, and everything he wants to say about iPage is just "awesome." 

During the five years, their uptime is like 100%. There is no downtime, no lag, no DDoS. Everything is just going so smoothly. Since iPage servers are using SSD, no iPage web hosting user no need to worry about the loadtime at all. Strongly recommend. According to wpbeginner, their test site responded in less than a second for all locations (United States East Coast, United States West Coast, London, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Pune, Sydney) except Japan. If you target the audience is located mainly in Japan, then iPage is probablty is not a good fit for you. You may have to look for a server closer to that region.

Last 12-month average uptime:
Last 12 month average uptime of iPage

Great Customer Care Support

iPage is reputed for their customer support. This can be happen through an online help desk and ticket system. They offer tutorials also so that you can try and fix the problem quickly by yourself. Otherwise, they also offer support via phone call and chat. I have tested their chat support, logging on in the late afternoon, and their representative joined instantly.

He was amiable, but a little bit slow. It seemed like he needed to search answers to some of the rapid-fire like questions we asked over chat. But that is even better than giving an incomplete or wrong answer (which I've also experienced at Namecheap). So all I can say that, I still had a positive experience with iPage customer service.

Cons of iPage Web Hosting

Though iPage's plans and pricing are among the cheapest, they have great server response time, good speed, and pretty well customer care support. Unfortunately, not all of their other features are up to level as well. Yes, like any other web host, iPage also has some disadvantages. Let's take a look:

Lots of Extra Fees for Additional Services

IPage's basic offering is indeed awesome. You basically get unlimited storage (yesss!!!) and bandwidth, plus access to multiple popular applications. A free domain will also be provided by iPage web hosting for the first year and an SSL certificate, and personal email address.

The first extra fee that comes into my sight is the renewal rate. A renewal rate of $7.99 per month isn't too bad – we've seen others well over $10 per month. However, when you combine this web hosting fee with a few other additional fees like domain privacy that your pricing starts to increase.

Some of the top web hosts I've ever reviewed have included extra security or backups in their basic plans. iPage remains their basic plan cheap by not including these features, and if you want them, you have to pay more for those additional features. This plan and pricing is a perfect fit for those people who don't want all those extra stuff. So here is the list of the different add-on fees provided by iPage web hosting.

iPage offers SiteLock support (security for online business) on their plans to help scan for malware and prevent your site from being hacked. Pricing starts at an additional $3.99 per month for 36 months for the basic plan offer. They also have more comprehensive plans (Prevent and Prevent Plus) that increase in price up to $24.99 per month (billed at $359.76 for the two years and $539.64 for the three years) and $24.99 per month (billed at $599.76 for the two years and $899.64 for the three years). The "Prevent Plus" plan has been newly featured.
iPage Web Hosting Plans
Backups by iPage can be either daily or several times a day. It is useful to simply keep a record/backup of past versions of your website when you make some changes. Or, if your site has been ever hacked, you can roll back to the previous 'clean' versions.
iPage Website Backup & Restore
The basic backup service is $1.14 per month for three years ($40.78 for three years) for one website, database, and daily backups. Another plan is $1.42 per month for three years ($16.99 for one year) and $1.27 per month for three years ($30.58 for two years). The pro plan, for unlimited protected websites, unlimited protected databases, and up to 5 backups per day, is priced at $2.09 per month ($75.35 for 36 months) or $2.24 per month ($53.82 for 24 months) or $2.49 per month ($29.99 for 12 months) or $2.09 per month for one month.

No Free Site Migration

Most of the 30 web hosts I've ever reviewed will move an existing site to their servers for free. This is especially great if you're a non-techie people and don't want to waste time or taking risks by trying to figure out how to move site files, re-point your domain, and many more.

Anyway, iPage does not offer any free website migration. Instead, they will only move a website for a $150 one time fee. That's the downside comparing to the other web hosts. For example, Bluehost will charge you $150 for site migration, but they'll move up to five sites for that same price, and it's also a one-time fee.

No cPanel

Most web hosts use cPanel as their dashboard consists of different tools. iPage is a standard web hosting company, and if you use it in one place, you'll know exactly where everything is when you log into it in another place. iPage doesn't have any cPanel; instead of that, they have an alternative dashboard called vDeck, which is not quite as useful and user friendly as cPanel.
vDeck Control Panel Of iPage
For new webmasters, this is not always kind of a big deal. It's usually more of an issue for those webmasters who are used to working on the same uniform platform. It seems like a time-consuming thing to learn a new platform and how to use it when you have already habituated with another platform efficiently. So this is obviously not a serious problem if you are not user either vDeck or cPanel before. However, it may be an issue if you are already a cPanel user.

It's Not Completely "Unlimited"

Most of iPage's shared web hosting plans are "unlimited." Obviously, nothing is truly "unlimited" in this world or web whatever. The same thing happens for iPage too. But first of all, there is some good news: There are no 'overage' fees for using a lot of resources like unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases when you are using it correctly within iPage's terms and conditions.

However, there are few resource limits to stay in mind. Accounts with a lot of files or large databases aren't a great deal because they will start to affect other users on the same server. This suggests that iPage reserves the right to shut your account down anytime. Now, we're assuming they would give you some kind of heads up before just shutting your site down. But according to their terms and conditions, that they can do so "without any notice." So remember it always while using iPage. Most webmasters with smaller blogs have nothing to worry about. If your website or blog starts to get a lot of files, a large database with a ton of visitors, you might need to start looking for other web hosting alternatives.

No Longer Eco-friendly

This last disadvantage of iPage is pretty minor, but it still needs to mention, especially if you care about the environment as iPage ran fully on wind power and even they had a relation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green program. Some web hosts aren't running completely on renewable energy, but choose to help offset their servers' carbon footprint. So we went back to confirm again this by visiting their Green Certificated page and guess what? It is no longer exists. According to Wikipedia, "As of December 2018, the page has been removed and does not exist anymore, and iPage does not appear in the EPA list of green power partners." Though it is true, still we're expecting that they could be switched back to reduce their costs.

Take a quick overview of iPage web hosting plans:

Shared Hosting: iPage just has a single shared hosting plan that starts from $1.99 per month for three years. It comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL databases. Moreover, You will also get a domain name free for the first year, plus an SSL certificate and custom email address.

WordPress Hosting: iPage has two main WordPress web hosting plans. Wordpress Starter and WordPress Essential. Let's take a look:
WordPress Hosting By iPage
WP Starter: Wordpress starter plan costs $3.75 per month. It provides a free domain name for a year, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, customized control panel (vDeck), and pre-installed themes and plugins.

WP Essential: This is the pro webpress plan provided by iPage. The pro webpress plan costs $6.95 per month. The essential plan includes everything in the Starter option, plus WordPress expert support, automatic malware removal, and SiteLock professional security.

Do I Recommend iPage?

Yes, I recommend iPage. But there can be better options available. There's a lot of features to like iPage. You can get good uptime and server response speed (read: solid reliability) at a very cheap cost. It's great for students or people who have a limited budget. It's better for smaller e-commerce sites like Shopify, portfolios, blogs, and local businesses that don't generate tons of traffic daily.

However, there are a few disadvantages too. Customer support is helpful; however, also a little bit slow. The basic plans have good features but don't come with the most 'extra' options. So, even though we'd recommend iPage overall, there are some other web hosting companies that are not as budget-friendly but stable and fast as other options like Namecheap, Bluehost or HostGator. So , why are you waiting for? Get started now-

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