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Sunday, 11 February 2018

4 Effective Methods To Earn Money With Bitcoin

The first day I met the Bitcoin I had a revelation. I felt it would be something big. But I had no idea that 8 years after its creation, Bitcoin would revalue itself so much and reformulate the rules of the financial game around the world. I never imagined the opportunities that we had, this small group of entrepreneurs who trusted in this new technologyLife changed us completely. Today there is no day that passes without seeing the price of Bitcoin, or stop reading the news about cryptocurrencies. I am in a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts, and when the revolution arrived we were in the right place, with the right people and at the ideal time. Some say we were lucky, because making money with bitcoins is for many an unattainable dream.
But today I come to tell you that if you want to earn money with bitcoin, you are not late to assimilate to this movement. Despite the fact that every day the market is filled with more people, new opportunities are emerging to earn good money investing in Bitcoins.
How does bitcoin work?
The first step to earn money with bitcoin is to know its functionality well . Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with impressive qualities and benefits: It is secure, encrypted, and decentralized.
To learn more about Bitcoin and its functionality visit this guide that we did in Gananci: What is Bitcoin and what are they for?
Bitcoin is an encrypted currency that works on 3 fundamental technologies:  the blockchain, or chain of blocks (which in simple Spanish is a distributed database); P2P or peer-to-peer networks (a decentralized data network); and cryptography.
Bitcoin was created as a decentralized and anonymous payment network, with open source and irreversible payments. To not complicate technical things, Bitcoin works in the same way as conventional money, but with many more benefits .
It is a system that serves to tranza payments by products or services, in an anonymous way, without intermediaries and direct. Without further ado, it is the currency of the future.
How to obtain bitcoins?
There are many ways to earn money with Bitcoins. Logically, the most popular methods imply that you acquire bitcoins , and then you can sell them to earn money in your preferred currency.
Keep in mind, that the first step to earn money with bitcoins, is to obtain your first currency. For this, below, you will discover the 4 most popular methods to obtain and earn money with bitcoins . 

Method 1: Mining and selling your coins
It is perhaps the most inaccessible method to earn money with bitcoins , given the complexity of blockchain mining. In addition, the high costs of computers dedicated to these tasks make bitcoin mining a discipline unattainable for many.
Even so, the rewards for mining bitcoins can be very juicy.
The cryptocurrency mining works in the following way: A program on your computer uses your graphic processor to solve very complex problems that the Bitcoin network provides .
If your computer solves this problem, and gives a working test, the bitcoin network rewards you with a fraction of its cryptocurrency.
By repeating this process successively, you will be able to obtain bitcoins. But there is something negative in this method: more and more people are undermining, and the more people mine, the more difficult it will be to solve these problems and get bitcoins.
For this reason, mining can be very difficult. But once you have bitcoins, the next step is to sell your coins to someone you trust, or exchange them in a reliable exchange house.

Method 2: Charging in bitcoins and reselling your coins
Another very interesting option to earn money with bitcoins, is receiving payments in Bitcoins for your products or services.
The network and the bitcoin protocol allow you to receive anonymous and encrypted payments . A great advantage for your business.
To collect your services or products in bitcoin you will need to have a payment platform supported by bitcoin technology .
Some of the services you can use to receive bitcoin payments on your website:
  • Bitpagos
  • Bitpay
  • Coinyfy
  • Coinpayments
All these services will help you collect bitcoins on your blog or website , and also allow you to convert your currencies at a real market rate.
Also, you can have a Bitcoin address, which consists of a 16-digit code with which you can receive payments being anywhere.
If you dedicate yourself to activities such as plumbing, or have an independent business, the best way to charge in bitcoin is to have a bitcoin portfolio.
The most popular portfolios are:
  • Coinbase
  • Mycellium
  • Uphold
Your next step will be to change your bitcoins to the currency of your preference , with a reliable exchange service. 

Method 3: Buying bitcoins and retaining them
This is one of my favorite methods. In the bitcoin community they call it HODL, which is an alteration of the word HOLD, which means to retain.
Hundreds of people who have relied on bitcoin as an alternative have managed to retain their bitcoins for several years. This has allowed them to see how their investment in cryptocurrencies is revalued and multiplied.
This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with bitcoin. All you need is your bitcoin wallet (physical or virtual) and a reliable bitcoin provider, or a currency exchange.
The most reliable virtual wallets in the market, where you can receive your bitcoins, are:
  • Mycellium
  • Coinbase
  • Bitpay
  • Uphold
  • XAPO
Once you have your wallet, you can proceed to buy your bitcoins to keep them , in the following services (do not forget to withdraw them to your bitcoin wallet):
  • Coinbase
  • Coinmama
  • Poloniex
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Kraken
  • Cryptobuyer
This strategy of buying bitcoins and keeping them has been very useful for the last 3 years . I went from buying a bitcoin in 2014 for 350 dollars, to selling it a week ago at 4500 dollars.
A giant return on investment: I won 12 times more than what I invested in 2014.
Even so, in my opinion, the best way to take advantage of the volatility of the bitcoin price is with the following method.

Method 4: Trading bitcoins
If you have reached this point it is because you are looking for the best way to earn money with bitcoins without much effort.
There are many other ways to earn money with bitcoins; like using faucets (which are pages that make you follow a series of steps to then reward them with a small fraction of bitcoin-FREE), lending your bitcoins and charging interest, or receiving tips .
But the simplest way to earn money with bitcoin is with social trading . Click on this link to find out what this new way of trading is about. The leading platform in social trading (which is buying and selling goods or financial instruments to make a profit ) is called Etoro .
I will be very honest with you: Etoro has captivated me with its offer and system. For this I would recommend them to you with closed eyes. In the network have called Etoro the Facebook of investments . And it's because of how easy it is to use that you've earned this label.
In addition, this investment platform that will allow you to earn money with bitcoin , has a very committed community; full of very experienced investors who can help you with free investment advice, and you can copy their strategies to achieve maximum return. But remember; This is not a scheme to make you rich overnight. To earn a lot of money, you will need to invest a respectable amount.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Price Prediction By 2018, 2019, 2020

Crypto News: A lot of us might have heard about Bitcoin, what it stands for, and how important it is to our future. But not so many of us know what Bitcoin Gold is. Created from the Bitcoin fork (a spinoff from Bitcoin), Bitcoin Gold is a lot different from the original BTC. Since it was derived from the source code of Bitcoin, those who had BTC in their wallets as at the time of the fork were also able to get the same amount of BTG as the amount of Bitcoin in their wallets.

In order to understand the Bitcoin Gold prediction, we first need to understand the major difference between BTG and BTC. Bitcoin Gold was created for just one reason; to stop the centralization of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin was initially designed as a cryptocurrency that could be mined with a PC, but as time went on and people saw how valuable the coin was, they created powerful hardware known as ASIC machines and started mining the currency at a much faster rate, which eventually made it impossible to mine with your laptop or PC.
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Price Prediction By 2018, 2019, 2020

Friday, 5 January 2018

Factors To Consider Before Investing In ICO

Crypto News: The internet has been crawling with ICOs for a while now and a lot of people are looking to make investments that will yield substantial returns in the future. While this is a good thing to do, there are some things you need to put into consideration before investing in an initial coin offering. The ICO trend has gotten bigger, and as more people are getting to know what the cryptocurrency world is about, the more ICOs will be established.

Most people are looking to take advantage of ICOs in order to make quick and easy cash. That is why a lot of companies are coming out with different ICOs on industries and programs, feeding on the eagerness and enthusiasm of people to make quick money. While there have been really successful ICOs, like Ethereum, there are also cases where something happened along the line and the whole project collapsed. Take DAO for instance; after raising about a hundred million dollars during their ICO campaign, it was reported that a hacker got into the system and carted away millions of dollars, which made DAO bankrupt, unable to repay their supporters, and unable to complete the project. There have also been cases where ICOs were launched only for the campaign to end and people realized they had been defrauded. And since there's no particular body regulating the crowdsales, investors are usually left at a loss.
Factors To Consider Before Investing In ICO

What Is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Crypto News: As the cryptocurrency world is becoming more popular, you'll need to become conversant with the words and terms that are related to the industry. One of the most important ones is initial coin offering, popularly known as ICO. So, what is an ICO?

An initial coin offering is an unregulated means used by a new cryptocurrency venture to raise funds. With an ICO, startups can by-pass the regulated and rigorous process of raising capital, which is often required by banks or venture capitalists. In most initial coin offering campaigns, a percentage of the cryptocurrency that's being invested in will be sold to the early supporters of the project in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (mostly Bitcoin) or legal tender. An ICO can also be referred to as an IPCO, Initial Public Coin Offering.
What Is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
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