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Saturday, 15 December 2018

It's Family Time

I have played more than 25 times- that song "Tareefan" from "Veere Di Wedding". with that dance cover and obviously that Badshah's rap part. Here are the lyrics, which I have found very interesting and sounds so good. Badshah nailed it once again.

Baby mera mind tu kare blow
Baaki kare shine, tu kare glow
Jeans ae daali
Daali to one jo woh Teri booty pe tight
Baby Jaise mera flow

Baby gotdamn tu hai 100
Baaki hain average
Tu hai savage, baby tu hai raw
Mujhe teri body ki har woh cheez lage sexy
Jo baakiyon ko lagti hai flop

Baby lets go right now
Dekho mujhe wait na itni karao
Lakk tera lean, baatein teri mean
Dieting pe hai to kyon khaati baav

Anyway, I have already mentioned about my sister, brother and sister-in-law, who all are sleeping now, while I'm writing this post. It was fun in the entire evening and early night. Actually, I had planned to shoot a rehearsal of a local band. But somehow it has been postponed. I didn't get enough chance to capture google looking people's picture. Still, I must say my brother, sister, nephew, and sister-in-law all are beautiful. And those pictures have been captured by Sony mirrorless A7iii
Sourajit Saha- Nephew, Sister & Sister-In-Law 1

A Day With Sourav Biswas

I was looking for a model male or female whatever ever, and ended with an over-sized friend, Sourav Biswas. I went to his house today; we spent plenty of time together. We went to fast food stall near Kalyani Mahavidyalaya. while returning home, we did a lot of prank to local people and here is a sample video (embedded). I did a lot of pranks before, since my childhood from my uncle's land phone! Anyway, I'm not in a mood of writing a lot. So here are a few pics of my over-sized model. I hope you will find those soon in the google search. As I have found a lot of pics of my nephew there, and I have found my bestie's pictures there also. I mean on the google search. So it's a kinda achievement. My brother, sister and sister-in-law are in my house now. We are spending a good time chatting with each other, and obviously, I have taken some photos too of m beautiful sister and sister-in-law and will post them shortly. So now Sourav Biswas is the one for you. And pictures have been captured by Sony mirrorless A7iii

I have just found a dance video named "Tareefan" from the movie "Veere Di Wedding" and the dancer cover is far better than the original one. The middle girl is beyond awesome. I know know her name as it was not mention anywhere in the video or description probably. I'm just bold out by watching her moves. It's dope! Here is the video, check it- 
Sourajit Saha & Sourav Biswas 14

Friday, 14 December 2018

Hangout With Sudip After A Long Time

After a long time, I went for photoshoot/video shoot with Sudip. I called him probably in the noon- are you free now? And he replied, yes. So we went to Kalyani stadium at around 4 pm. and I don't have that much interested to get clicked by others as the camera can click itself. So rather than getting clicked by Sudip, I wanted to get captured in some video footage, but he is so &#@$ that he did not do that for the whole time. Probably took only footage after saying several times while I took a lot of video footage of him and made a short video with Nucleya song in the background and it looks so funny that while watching it we laughed out loud in a restaurant. We got an opportunity to enter the Kalyani stadium, as the maintenance work is going on there. Four flood light will set up there in four corners, and definitely, it will give a new dimension to our stadium in terms of beauty. we also got an opportunity to enter a restricted lake area, which was open to all before but not for common people anymore. We went there with permission and took some photos too. The place is very beautiful, but it was evening, so we can't feel properly the beauty of it. We should go there again at 4 pm or before that. 
Sourajit Saha 1

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Rick, I And Cricket

And every time, if I write heading as- we went for free-kick, went for playing cricket and all, it'll be kinda boring. But what should I write instead of that? We are from a very middle-class family, and we are not fortunate enough to roaming in different places everyday. Rather than to stay at Muskaan, watching the cartoon or Cristiano Ronaldo's skills, video, playing football or cricket with him. Thank god that I have someone to play with me, to spend time (though it's not enough, still) with him. And his face is so photogenic, whenever I check his latest captured photos from my camera, I get so surprised by that, he looks so so sweet in almost every photo. I thought if I saw him his picture on google search, he might be happy. But it failed, my idea failed, rather than he loves to watch Tom and Jerry. I guess once he will grow up more and more, he will understand what his uncle did for his, it will be a gift for him, and only his uncle can give him this kind of gift and nobody else. Here are a few pictures of today. I hope you will like this and we set up the camera as semi-automatic so that we have to put less effort into it. I already had a good camera before. That was Sony mirrorless also, A6000. But this one made my work so easy especially for its buffering speed and picture clarity.
Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 1

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 1

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 2

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 3

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 2

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 4

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 5

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 6

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 3

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 7

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 8

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 9

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 4

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 5

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 6

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 10

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 11

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 7

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 8

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 9

Sourajit Saha & His Nephew Rick 12

Nephew Of Sourajit Saha- Rick 10
As you know that I am a huge fan of SRK, I was watching a particular scene from "My Name Is Khan" movie on YouTube. It's hardly a 2 mins clipping. As you know that this kind of video always violates the copyright, so if I embed this and then YouTube authority delete the video later, it will look like a blank space (not by Taylor Swift). Anyway, I was crying. I was literally crying silently. And SRK said something about this particular scene. He told- it was never so easy when you will laugh in a scene, and the audience will cry by watching it. Yeah, I agree that sometimes he does overreact. But if people say that he can't act, I will suggest them to watch the scene. Okay, let me embed that scene. As I'm very very emotional and sentimental, it makes me more emotional. I just love the way he acted here, and he described is the clippings.
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