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How To Set Up A Zoom Meeting For Someone Else

Zoom’ was amongst the few terms that got popularized when a new pandemic hit the world forcing people with all kinds of backgrounds, businesses to lock themselves up into their houses along with ‘quarantine', ‘social distancing' and others. In spite of several questionsraised on the security concerns and the privacy of the users and their data, the app continued to grow drastically and is now periodically updating its features to become more and more useful for the new normal work and communication culture.

Zoom is a video conferencing app where a host can call for a meeting with several participants depending upon the type of user the host is. It also allows any user to share their screen with participants to share files live in the meeting. Audio and video both with the permission and settings in the app makeit more usable and popular.
Setting Up A Zoom Meeting For Someone Else
We will discuss here a very important and advanced feature of the app which allows a licensed user to schedule a meeting for someone else who allows them t do so or allow someone to schedule meetings for them in their absence. The feature is called Scheduling privilege. Before getting the details, let’s get a quick introduction to some facts and features about the app to have a better understanding of how it works.

There are three types of accounts in the zoom app.
  • Basic- A basic user is basically a user who uses the free version of the app. He/she can not be termed as a licensed user. Several features get restricted for a basic user which includes the timing out of the meeting with more than 3 participants after 40 minutes. Also, he can only host meetings with up to 100 participants. The feature we are going to have a discussion is not available for a basic user which is scheduling privilege.
  • Licensed-  This type of user can make use of the advanced settings in the scheduling a meeting option of the app which allows them to have the privilege to schedule meetings for someone else or make them schedule on the behalf of yours. There will be no restriction on the amount of time for a meeting even when more than 3 participants participate.
  • On-Prem–They are the most premium type of customers who have more extra added features than a licensed user. They can host audio conferences, webinars and such large meetings along with any number of video conferences they want to host.
Now, we will discuss step by step process of using the scheduling privilege features to schedule for someone else or assign someone to schedule on behalf of yourself. Zoom is available on its web portal, as a Mobile Application, and also in the form of plugins, add-ins and add-ons.

The prerequisite of using this feature is that both the users should not be a basic user. Either licensed or On-prem users can take advantage of this feature.

Assigning another user scheduling privilege on the web portal:

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • After signing in, you have to open settings.
  • Here, under the 'other' option, you get to enter as many email addresses of the user you want to be assigned for the privilege to schedule the meetings when you are absent.
Using the above steps, when a user assigns your email address and you both are on the same type of account which is licensed, you can schedule that person's zoom meeting.

Scheduling for someone else:

Until now, it has been clear how someone else will assign you to schedule meetings on their behalf. The process is simple and the prerequisites are mentioned already.

To schedule meetings for some other user, you need to again sign in to your account on the app, or desktop client or the plugins or add-ons which further requires up to date installation of zoom plugins.

After signing in, you have to click on ‘schedule’ or ‘meetings’ option if available and then as setting a meeting for yourself fill in the required details like the date, or duration of the meeting or some other features to then them on or off. 

Then, in advanced settings,you have to click on the ‘schedule for' option. You can choose among the users who have assigned you the privilege, choosing for whom you want to schedule a meeting. And after selecting the user’s name, click ‘Save’ to finish.

Now, you are all prepped for scheduling meetings for someone else and take the advantages of a group discussion and meeting for your personal or professional deals.

Tricks To Get Verified On Twitter Without Being Famous

Getting that verified shining blue tick badge beside your profile name on twitter does not necessarily need you to be a global personality with a cult following or something. Although the micro-blogging platform does have a few guidelines to fulfill before applying to get a verified status on Twitter, just some tips, and carefulness can make you succeed in getting the blue tick verification on your first request.

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform where users interact with each other in a 280 character text message. It has gotten popular with time where the President of the United States of America and an anonymous troll can interact with each other and be heard. Some users use it just for fun, some use it to say things that matter to them, while some use it to promote their business.
Tricks To Get Verified On Twitter Without Being So Famous
While Twitter clarifies that the blue tick badge along with the profile name of the handle, be it a person or an organization, is not an endorsement by the company, the verified status does bring a lot of benefits on the social media platform which includes lots and lots of attention, originality, and authenticity to your brand identity, and your chance to create more and more new customers. Many users think that it needs a lot of popularity or at least a few million followers on the platform to get verified on Twitter but the fact is that even with a thousand or two thousand followers profiles with their unique identity get the verification blue tick badge on the platform. So what does it takes to get verified even when you are not that much famous? Let’s get into it. Some things that must be kept in mind if one aspires to have a shining blue tick badge ahead of his profile name on Twitter are listed below:

  • No anonymity: The whole purpose of verifying twitter handles of public importance was that no one else could impersonate or imposter someone else and create a confusing, or embarrassing, or harassing situation for the person being impersonated. Also, Twitter has strict rules for parody accounts of celebrities of people on their platform and are often on the radar of their community guidelines. Anyway! If you are applying and you think you deserve a verification badge with your profile name, there should be rigorously no anonymity remaining in your profile. You can go to the 'Edit Profile' section of your profile to edit, change, or add your proper every detail an individual is identified within a society. A proper username, as well as a display picture, clearly showing how you in-person look like is a thoughtful tip for getting verified. Not only this, but your bio should also mention your biggest achievements till date and describe you as a person. We will get to this in detail in the next point. No anonymity means that the individual or organization is completely known to the micro-blogging platform and can reach out to you. So verifying your phone number, email address and precise location are the best things to come out clean as an individual or organization doing just fine in their respective field.You should add as many links to your works, your websites, your business etc. to show proofs of your identity and profession. Also, getting a verified Twitter handle is a subjective decision so turning your account public is a good move.

  • Public interest account: Twitter says specifically a very few things about how to get verified on Twitter. The perks of getting a blue tick are significant. Twitter says if your account is in any way in the interest of public with you being a person doing something important in your field (Music, film, TV, journalism, business, art, sports, others) you are a deserving profile to get a verified twitter handle. The “others” mentioned in the specifications open the door to not so famous people. All you have to do is sell yourself by stating your worth.

  • App usage: If you are asking a platform to recognize you as the original you care very little about the platform itself with least recognition, least interaction, and activities on the platform, it is most probable that you would not be able to get verified. Hence, before trying to get a verified account, you may want to interact, tweet, retweet more, and more with your handle with all your personalization without any anonymity. Also, no need to mention all your activities on the platform should be responsible and not violating any of the Twitter guidelines and policies. Taking a glance at those guidelines is not a time waste but worth it if you want to get a verified twitter handle.

  • Connections: You should use as many connections as you want to be associated with,on the platform. From each byline you got in a publication or every speech you gave, or is working for any organization that has already been verified is always a plus point in your or inability to get a verified blue tick badge ahead of your name.

With so many perceptions about the blue tick badge around, Twitter recently clarified that in no way it intended to assert the verified handle's authority over the other or any endorsement by the platform. Apart from all this, a blue tick does provide you or your business with a lot of perks that could be used to propagate your ideas or expand your business more and more.

How To Upload Full Video On Instagram Story

Videos are amazing and most people love to watch them. Sometimes, we get caught in the moments shown in the videos; that's to show how fascinating they are. Have you ever come across a video excerpt that left you in suspense; you loved it so much but you could not get the complete video? How did you feel? I’m sure you tried all you could to get details about that video so you could look for the video yourself and watch the whole thing. Worse still, you didn’t get any detail on the video? 
How To Upload Full Video On Instagram Story
You must have felt so terrible. That feeling is understandable and often mutual. Instagram story could leave its users with that kind of feeling. Instagram story or Insta story is an Instagram feature that allows its users to upload pictures or videos. These Pictures and videos disappear 24 hours after they have been posted. Several people have had the opportunity to post pictures and videos for their followers to see, but the story only looks perfect for pictures and not videos. Why? It doesn’t take long to finish inspecting a picture, but it is not the same for a video.

Many a times, many people get the opportunity to upload video excerpts for their followers to see, they only leave their followers wanting more. If you are very familiar with Instagram story, you would know that the Insta story does not accommodate long videos. The maximum video you can upload on an Instagram story is 15 seconds. Not enough, right? If you want to enjoy a video excerpt, at least one minute of the whole video would be fine not 15 seconds.

There are so many times you have amazing video clips you want to show to your followers too, but these clips are more than 15 seconds, and you’re worried about how to get this video clip on, especially without using the IGTV. You have been hit with the bad news that you can’t upload more than a 15 seconds video on your Insta story; there might be a good news for you, but don’t be too excited.

There are several applications that work for Instagram stories, these applications do not upload your full videos as you might have imagined, they only help clipping and uploading process easier. Some of these applications include, long story and Cutstory for Instagram. If you have a video clip that is more than 15 seconds and you are trying to post it, you can get these applications to make your upload easier. Here are ways to upload a full video on Instagram story using the Long Story app.
  • Get the ‘Long Story’ app on your mobile device: As the name implies, ‘Long story’, it helps you deal with your long stories and makes uploading easier. As stated earlier, apps like these do not help you upload the full video; they only help with the clipping:
  • Open the Long Story app and click on ‘select video’: Clicking on this would take you to your library where you can select the video you want to clip. This process is to import the video from your library to the app where it can be clipped.
  • Go through your library to choose video: At this point, you’re expected to choose your desired video for clipping by clicking on it. Before you get to this stage, you must have known and recognized the video you want to clip; so you don’t mix up videos and start the process all over again. That could be frustrating.
  • Video imported: After choosing the desired video to be clicked, the video will be imported from your library to the application.
  • Split and save clips: This process will split up your videos into 15 second clips. For instance, if you have a 2 minutes video, once you click on the split and save clips, your 2 minutes video will be split into 8 to become 8 different clips of the same video.
  • Saved: These clips would be saved to your library, and you will get the confirmation that they have been saved.
  • Upload your clips: You can now upload a 2 minutes video clip on your Insta story, only that you’ll upload them in clips. These clips have been made ready, you just keep clicking on them until you are done uploading.
No matter how long your video is, you can always use the splitting apps to make the upload easy. If you then feel you don’t need any splitting apps, you just want to get your full video uploaded, Instagram has your back…

Follow these simple steps.
  • Go to your Instagram story on the Instagram app, and click on it then swipe up. It takes you directly to your library or gallery.
  • Click on your desired video to be shared, and it will select the video and appear on your Insta story.
  • Your video will automatically be split into 15 seconds clip. So if you still want to upload a video of two minutes, you will have 8 clips. You select the first one and upload, you repeat the process again, and again till you are done uploading your video.
  • Which ever way you use, your video would be shared on your Insta story and be seen by your followers.

You are not limited to the 15 seconds on Instagram story. You can always save your followers from suspense by splitting up your video and uploading the clips for them to see.Any of the splitting apps works just fine for your videos. They help you achieve the same purpose. If you don’t want to use the splitting apps, you can do the splitting yourself by uploading your videos in bits.

How Long Do IGTV Videos Take To Upload?

The IGTV has been serving us with beautiful and great videos from different people, and we have been enjoying them. Some people do not have the IGTV app, but IG users have been privileged to watch IGTV videos, whether short or long videos from their Instagram app and they can undoubtedly say they have been enjoying them. In case you never knew, the IGTV app is a free download, Instagram's new app for uploading and watching videos. Uploading IGTV videos could be so hard. Even though it has served us with beautiful videos, it has generated several questions like how long does IGTV video take to upload? Why is IGTV video not uploading? And many others. These are not new as they are specific problems faced by many IGTV users.  
How Long Do IGTV Videos Take To Upload?
The minimum video length for IGTV video is 15 seconds, and a maximum of 10 minutes for regular Instagram users, and a minimum of 15 seconds and 60 minutes for users with larger accounts and verified accounts. The video size could be as much as 5.4GB for a 60 minutes video, so that should give you an idea that IGTV is not here to play. If the size of a 60-minute video is that long, you should know that it is most likely not going to be smooth uploading it. There is no specific amount of time for an IGTV video to finish uploading. It depends on so many things; these are why it could take a shorter period or longer.

How long or how short?

  • The period it could take would depend on the size of the video: The size of the video would largely contribute to how long it would take to finish uploading. You would not expect that a video of size 650MB and that of 5.4GB would finish uploading at the same time. If nothing is wrong with the mobile devices and the networks are not bad, those videos would not take the same time to upload. So one of the reasons an IGTV video could take a long period may be due to the size of the video. Larger video sizes tend to take an extremely long period. If you are uploading a short video, it should upload quickly, if there are no other problems. If you are uploading a longer video, it will take some time to finish uploading; so take your time and be patient. If there are no other problems, your video will get uploaded with ease.
  • If you are using the wrong device: Your uploading will be extremely slow or would not upload at all. Are you trying to use your mobile phone to upload a 60 minutes video; you should know that you are in for delay and impossibilities. If you have to upload an IGTV video of that kind of length, the requirement is that you use the desktop; if you are then trying to go against the urge, then it will take forever. Also, the IGTV app does not effectively work on all mobile devices, as several people complained that the app keeps crashing on their phones. The app size and contents might be too burdensome for those kinds of mobile devices. When uploading an IGTV video, use the right mobile device. If your mobile device capacity is small for the IGTV app, you might have to get a better mobile device that can accommodate the app. If you are uploading a large size video, use a desktop to make it easier.
  • If you have a poor connection: This is usually the cause of delay. Your kind of network could determine how fast or how slow your IGTV video would get uploaded. You should not have a fluctuating connection or a bad one and still expect that your video gets uploaded immediately. It would not even matter if you have a short video clip, or the small size of the video, if your connection is terrible, then it will take a long period to upload, or it should never upload. Make sure you have a good network. Also, try to dis-enable and enable your connection if your upload gets stuck. If you are using WiFi, move closer to the source to get a good network.
  • If you are not getting it right: Now it would not matter if you have the correct size of the video, the right mobile device, and a good connection. If you are not doing it right, then it will also take forever to upload your IGTV videos. There used to be the IGTV icon on the Instagram app, until very recently that it got removed. To upload an IGTV video, you can no longer use the IGTV icon on the Instagram app any longer because it is not available. You have to get the IGTV app and use it to upload your IGTV videos. Trying so hard to get your IGTV videos from the Instagram app would be useless and would take forever to figure that out. If your uploading should not take too much time, you have to get it right. Get the IGTV app on your mobile devices or desktop, and follow all instructions promptly.
Like it has been stated, there is never a specific time for an IGTV video to get uploaded. It could be short or long. You should not be discouraged with the app because many people have complained that the app is not working well. It could appear so, especially if you have tried a few times without it yielding any positive results. Follow every IGTV upload instructions promptly and make sure you do them right. You will keep enjoying IGTV videos as you upload them and watch others do so too.

How Long Can IGTV Videos Be?

We could argue long before now that the only place we could watch videos was on our televisions. How amazing that, centuries ago, videos were not even in existence. Those blank moments of no videos evolved to the moments when most people could only watch videos at the cinemas. Things changed from those ‘Cinema moments’ to when a few people could afford a colourless television. Many more could afford the colourless, then the coloured TV came, and the sights on those televisions became more beautiful. Cell phones came, we got the opportunity to watch videos from those small phones; I guess they looked so good until we started making use of android phones, computers, tablets, and other amazing devices.
How Long Can IGTV Videos Be?
Social media is something we’ll ever be thankful for’ even though some people have argued that it has done more harm than good, we can’t deny that those goods have been super awesome. Communication between colleagues and friends has been made easier through these; you don’t have to be away from each other and one another before you communicate easily. In another way, it has helped a lot of people deal with boredom. There are times you think you’ve done everything you should, but you are still bored, social media comes to the rescue. There are a number of these social media, and Instagram is an amazing one. If you’ve been privileged to use Instagram, I’m sure you can testify to how amazing it is, and how great it works.

Instagram started as a picture sharing platform, where a user is allowed to follow as many people as he wants to, and whoever desires, can also follow him in return. An Instagram user can share pictures with all of his followers; they will get to see those pictures, as long as they get logged into the platform. It evolved from sharing only photographs to also sharing videos. So Instagram users didn’t only see some pictures; they got to start watching short clip videos. Although it didn’t stop at the short video clips, this was the most common until people got the opportunity of posting on their Instagram stories. It allows pictures and videos to be uploaded. The videos can be uploaded in bits until the user has finished uploading. It didn’t end there, the IGTV came! Does that sound familiar? Instagram Television: This means a mini television appeared on Instagram.

How long?

Very recently, the IGTV popped up, and many people wondered what it was and how it looked like and its functions. Although it’s called a television, there are limits to it. Unlike the usual TV that works by having some discs played for hours or something, this is a bit different. The IGTV is an app on its own, even though it works with Instagram. It allows its users to download the app, connect it to their Instagram accounts, and start uploading videos for their followers to see. If it’s a TV, then it means people should get to watch several videos, and long enough to be enjoyed. But how long can these videos be?

IGTV has a minimum length video that can be uploaded, so also does it have the maximum. There would be some explanations of how long the IGTV should be. The IGTV has its minimum and maximum video length; a user can upload a video for as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum video length. At this point, we should remember that there are different IG users. There are some with verified accounts, people with several followers, and who have gotten the blue tick on their pages - mostly celebrities and famous business owners, public figures, etc. The other ones are the ones with the unverified accounts; people who are yet to get the blue tick. The minimum and maximum video length largely depend on these; that is users, with several followers, are more likely to get the opportunity to upload lengthy videos more than the others.

As a regular user, you can upload a video up to 650MB in size; that’s usually between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. The users with larger accounts and the ones with the verified accounts can upload videos up to 5.4GB in size, from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Maybe you’re wondering why some people have the opportunity to upload more than some others. The IGTV, built for content creators, and this way, they can fully utilize the IGTV functionalities for filming and broadcasting from their mobile devices. There is no way these people are going to do anything with 10 minutes this way, which is why they have been opportune to get longer minutes.

As it is, the video length for regular users, 15 seconds to 10 minutes, while the verified accounts, and people with larger accounts, 15 seconds to 60 minutes. However, the people who have been opportune to have 60 minutes of a video posted on their IGTVs can do so using the desktop. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a verified account or not; if you must upload more than a 10 minutes video on your IGTV, you should do it using a desktop.


Several people have found the use of Instagram and its IGTV app interesting; they have more opportunities to watch videos, as it serves just like YouTube; the only difference is that YouTube accommodates longer videos than the IGTV. However, if you still feel the need to upload more than a 10 minutes video as a regular Instagram user, you’re not restricted. You can take the pain of uploading your videos in bits just like you upload them in your Instagram story. This time, you can upload a video of 50 minutes 5 times, splitting it into 10 minutes each.

Tricks To Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

Some months ago, TikTok was just like any other app that people could use if they wanted. Some people never even knew anything about it because there was nothing they wanted to do with. Just very recently, TikTok videos were all over Instagram; that was the new thing everyone was doing. It became so fascinating that everyone who saw the videos by TikTok users wanted to download those videos and try something out themselves with the app. 
Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark
You would believe that TikTok became a popular video sharing app during the Corona virus pandemic lockdown. The lockdown became so unbearable for most people because they were never used to it. Most people just ate, slept, woke up and interacted with people online. Even people who were usually busy became so idle. The TikTok app got so used and was like a way out of boredom for many people. They did a lot of TikTok videos, usually lip syncing and imitating some characters as a means of having fun. It might have been in existence before now, definitely it has, but it became widely used during this period.

TikTok is a video sharing app that allows its users to create and upload their videos. The platform is majorly used for creating lip-syncing and comedy videos. The platform also allows it’s users to interact with other users' tiktok videos; it appeared to be more fun. During the lock down, a lot of people made use of this video sharing app. There are some people who have downloaded the TikTok videos so as to watch later. These videos always come with watermark. The TikTok watermark in the earlier days proved a lot difficult to remove because it permanently came with the video.To some people, the watermark appears to be to be so annoying and irritating; and a lot of people had tried their best to get rid of the watermarks. To no avail.

If the TikTok user allows their TikTok videos to be downloaded, that means they made the account public and their videos can be downloaded. There are a number of ways to remove the watermark from the TikTok videos. Here are some steps, but before then, to generally download a Tiktok video, follow these simple steps. Firstly, open the TikTok video sharing app, then locate the video you desire to download. Open the video and click on the ‘share' button and a number of other options will show. Afterwards,click on the ‘save video' button and this would save the video to your mobile device. That’s how simple it is to save a TikTok video. Now to download Tiktok videos without those watermarks, follow the steps below.
  • Open the TikTok video sharing app and locate the video you desire to remove its watermark;  copy the video link.
  • Leave the app and go to; paste the video link you copied from the app in the search box and it will show you the video.
  • Then switch off the ‘enable watermark' button and click on the download button. It will automatically take you to the next phase.
  • Click on ‘download mp4 now' button and after that, click on the 'download' video button to save video. Your video then will be downloaded without the TikTok watermark.
Another similar way to download TikTok videos without the TikTok watermark is to follow these other steps.
  • After opening the TikTok video sharing app and after you might have copied the link.
  • Visit Paste the video link in the search box and click on the download button.
  • Download mp4. Give it a little time before clicking on the 'download file' button to download and save the video.
  • Copy the video link from the TikTok video sharing app.
  • Visit Paste the video link in the search box.
  • Click on the 'get video' button. Some options will be shown.
  • From the options, choose ‘nowatermark1’, click the 'download' button and your video will be downloaded without the TikTok watermark.
It’s that easy. Some people earlier argued that the watermark can never be removed as it has been placed permanently on those videos. They concluded on that because it appeared really difficult to remove the watermarks. They even insisted that no application can successfully download the TikTok videos without the watermark, nor can anyone successfully remove them.They came up with the cropping and blurring suggestions. They explained that the only way to have the TikTok watermark removed was to crop the videos. 

By cropping, they mean cropping the watermark part out of the TikTok video. This way, the part of the watermark on the video would successfully be cropped out. Another way they suggested was to blur the watermark off the TikTok video. This way, the watermark would not appear on the videos as it would have been faded out. Those are outdated suggestions because the aforementioned steps are real ways of getting the watermarks of the Tiktok videos.


Not everyone is satisfied with watermarks on videos. Some people are never bothered with them, while so people cared so much about them.They just want to download videos without any ‘label’ attached to it. Since TikTok is an amazing video sharing platform, a lot of videos have been uploaded and people are daily enjoying them. People will keep downloading those TikTok videos, mostly for offline purposes. 

If you are one of those who detests seeing watermarks on those TikTok video, you surely have a way out now. Just follow those steps and you will achieve your aim. You don’t always have to carry watermarks on your Tiktok videos if you don’t want them. You’ve been provided with options to be without them, so you can always choose that option.

How To View Saved IGTV Videos?

Instagram TV was first released I’m 2018 and speculators have predicted that it would be YouTube's biggest competitor one day. And true to their predictions, Instagram TV has features that make uploading a video less stressful and cheaper. Over 1/3 of all contents posted online are videos and IGTV has created a platform for Instagram users to upload their videos, this is one of the major reasons IGTV has come to stay. Furthermore, its most predominant feature of vertical video format is an attribute that has given it an edge over its competitors. Not only does it give Instagram users a video sharing avenue, with its up-to-date features and easy to understand interface, it has lessened the cost and worry associated with creating an official video. 
How To View Saved IGTV Videos?
This may involve filming, editing, lightning, sound and other technical jobs. Videos that are longer than 60 seconds and meet all IGTV's video specifications can be uploaded on IGTV. Furthermore, IGTV has given its users an opportunity to post live videos on their IGTV channel. Initially, these live videos were ephemeral, this means that they last for a short while before disappearing, usually just for 24 hours. 

However, in February 2020, Instagram integrated a “Share to IG” column to allow IGTV users to upload and save live videos that they can watch later. Now, viewing your IGTV largely depends on your account's privacy setting. If your account's private is set to “Private” then only the followers you approve will see your IGTV. However, if your account is set as “Public” anyone can see it. 

Therefore, before you start posting videos on your IGTV channel, set your account's privacy to your preferred choice. Asidefrom these two very important points, there are other means through which you can access an IGTV video. Remember that IGTV videos can either be accessed from the stand-alone IGTV app, through the main Instagram app or through their website at

How to view someone’s saved Instagram video

Before I start, I would like to inform you that you will not be able to see the IGTV logo on the profile of an Instagram user who has an IGTV channel if you haven’t posted any video on IGTV. Secondly, if you follow a user’s Instagram channel, then you will automatically follow his or her account. Finally, when an Instagram IGTV user posts a live video, their profile will appear at the top of your feed with the word “Live” beside it. This serves as an indication that he or she is sharing a live video. To watch it, tap or click his or her profile picture.

From Instagram TV

  • Open the standalone Instagram TV app
  • Tap the button that is shaped like an arrow-mouth that is situated at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on the search key
  • Type the name of the Instagram user’s IGTV channel or type the name of that particular IGTV video.

From the main Instagram app

  • Download, install and open the main Instagram app on your phone.
  • Tap the search button at the bottom of your feed.
  • Tap the IGTV logo and scroll down the video label and select any video that you would want to watch.
  • If the video you want to watch is not displayed, tap the search IGTV bottom on your screen and type out the name of that particular video. Click on enter after typing the name.


  • Open your web browser and type
  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Search for the profile of the user whose video you want to watch.
  • When it appears, click on the IGTV logo that will appear on their profile.
  • Go through the user’s videos and choose the one you would love to watch.

How to view your live video on Instagram

Like I previously said, Instagram live videos were initially ephemeral and could not be viewed once it disappeared. However, in a bid to make their users as comfortable as they can be while using the app, Instagram hasprovided a column for “Share to IGTV”. This will ensure that Instagram TV users that make love videos can save those live videos to their Instagram channels and watch them later. Note, all the likes that your video got when it was live will be deleted when the video is saved to your Instagram TV channel. This is to say that the likes, views and comments for that comment will start counting from when you shared it to your IGTV channel. Another downside of “Share to IGTV” is that live videos cannot be edited or trimmed on IGTV.

How to view or replay your saved live video on Instagram TV

  • Firstly, you have to share your live video. This can be done by tapping the “Share to IGTV” after shooting your live video and follow the instructions that will be displayed. Don’t, they are easy to understand.
  • Go back to your Instagram profile by clicking the profile button.
  • And view the live video in your profile. Remember, you are likely to see 0 views immediately after you carry out these instructions, in contrast to the multitude of views you saw during the live shooting. Scroll up a bit to “how to view your life video on Instagram” and understand why this happened.
Finally, the introduction of Instagram TV in 2018 increased the viability of the already popular social media platform. Although business accounts have been hesitant about using this stand-alone app, majorly because of the time and cost to create a long length video or a live video. User’s of personal accounts have given great reviews on how beneficial this app has been. You haven’t tried it out yet, then what are you waiting for?

Why Is My Instagram Video Stuck On Preparing?

Instagram is the most popular and actively used social media in recent times. Its vast popularity and number of daily users have attracted people and even businesses to grow a presence in its platform. However, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, Instagram majorly accommodates photo and video sharing. Amongst the two, video is the most captivating and most engaging content format. Now, imagine how frustrating it would be when you want to captivate your followers and audience with a very entertaining video and it just doesn’t upload. 
Instead an irritating “There was an issue importing your video. Please try again later” pops up. And because this video should be uploaded at that particular time that would ensure maximum engagement from your audience, you try again, and again, yet there’s no positive reply. Truth is, a lot of people have tried to come up with a specific reason for this incidence, but they all end up giving a list of different possibilities. Although this article won’t be any different, we will give a more expounded list and maybe, throw in some solutions. So relax and read-on.

Reasons why a video can be stuck on uploading

The video is not supported: like all public enterprises, every social media platform has its own terms and conditions which every user must agree to follow. Instagram is not different. However, because of how cumbersome and not really interesting-to-read these terms and conditions are, most users don’t go through them before agreeing to adhere to them. Unfortunately for those set of people, they would try to do things they agreed not to do which may lead to problems while using Instagram. In Instagram’s terms and conditions, specifications on the technically supported video format that is allowed to be on Instagram is stated clearly. Here are the video specifications.
  • Video length must only be 3 – 60 seconds.
  • Video must be 30 frames per second.
  • Video should be .MP4s using H.264 video encoder
  • Video must be 3,500 kbps bitrate
  • Video size must be below 50MB
  • Video size 1080 pixels with 4:5. resolution.
Your account has issues: this usually means that your Instagram account is disabled or blocked. The major reason why this could happen is because the user in question violated their rule of: not using bots or automatic software on Instagram. Let me guess, you didn’t know this because you didn’t read their terms and conditions. Well, now you know. Normally, this situation of using bots and other automatic software arises when an Instagram user grows his or her account “inorganically”.

Poor internet connection: this is the most common reason why a video won’t upload on Instagram. You might be so engrossed in what you are doing with your phone, with steady internet connection of course, then, when you want to upload a video, it just vanishes. It’s not a problem at all. Simply check your phone Wi-Fi or your data connection. You might also want to check if your data subscription has expired. Another reason that can be written under this point is: barred Instagram in specific places. Some places like a university, a second school or even your workplaces can be barred from connecting to Instagram. This is usually done to keep students or employees focused.

Uploading illegal contents: this usually consists of X-rated movies and violent videos. If perchance, this kind of video is uploaded, Instagram will detect and delete it immediately. Let me guess, you didn’t know this point too, they all still go back to Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Things to do to upload a stuck Instagram video

Restart your phone: it is widely known that any technical phone problem can be resolved by restarting your phone. Note, restarting doesn’t mean shutting down your phone and turning it on manually. It involves clicking the restart button and allowing the phone to do its job. Apps like Microsoft Word, app freeze, Xender and many others could develop problems that can be rectified by restarting one’s phone. Instagram is not different.

Update your Instagram app: if you fall under the category of people that always hit the “remind me later” button whenever it’s time to update their Instagram, then it’s time for a change of heart. Many have testified that updating their Instagram app have successfully caused their stuck Instagram videos to download.

Clear your phone and app cache: cache is simply a temporary memory in electronic devices which stores the most frequent actions carried out in the device. It helps increase speed and saves the device processor's time. Although this particular memory is advantageous, it is also expendable. This is to say that if you delete the data in your phone or Instagram cache, nothing will go wrong. It can also help in rectifying a stuck Instagram video issue.

Have patience: sometimes, patience is indeed the only solution to a stuck Instagram video. Moreover, Instagram servers might be busy at the moment you want to upload a video. Maybe you should try being patient.

Re-download and re-install Instagram app: this solution is usually kept as a last resort. If you have tried all the above mentioned solutions, yet there’s no positive change. You are advised to uninstall your Instagram app. Re-download it from your phone app store, enable and re-install it. Surely, there would be an improvement.

In conclusion,if your Instagram video is stuck on preparing, do not panic. Although this incident is not common, yet it isn’t unheard of. I have written down a list of possible causes of this incident and likely solutions. Carry them out and send out that entertaining video to your audience!

How Long Do IGTV Videos Stay Online?

Since its first launching in 2010, Instagram has made tremendous efforts in becoming one of the top most patronized social media platforms. Furthermore, this photo and video sharing app has attracted both personal users and business owners to establish a presence in its platform. Instagram is arguably the social media platform with the highest number of digital networking, digital marketing and online advertisement. Although it is not suitable for industries that don’t need photos and videos for marketing, such as the book industry and B2B. It however, offers a large audience with emphasis on users within 20–35 years old. Years ago, the most disturbing feature in Instagram is their rule of uploading videos with a total length of 3–60 seconds. 
How Long Do IGTV Videos Stay Online?
Frankly speaking, it is very difficult to make a one minute video that would be very captivating for your audience. Most of the time, an Instagram creator would be forced to trim his/her more than one minute video. And in doing so, might trim off the interesting part. Although people’s attention span is getting shorter as the years go by and long videos are said to be a bore, too short videos are usually uninformative. The introduction of the Instagram TV in 2018 came as a saving grace. Instagram TV was created by Instagram’s former CEO, Kevin Systrom, as a feature to extend the length of videos uploaded on Instagram and also increase its quality. 

This independent app allows videos that are more than a minute in length to be uploaded. In fact, videos that have a total length of 10 minutes to 30 minutes can be uploaded on Instagram TV. Furthermore, like YouTube, for you to upload on Instagram TV, you must create an IGTV channel. In addition to this, your Instagram account will be automatically connected with your IGTV channel.

How long will my IGTV video stay online before it disappears?

One of the many advantages of the Instagram TV is the length of time videos posted in it will last before it disappears. Although still under speculation, IGTV users have confirmed that the movies they post online haven’t disappeared. This has made people to conclude that like YouTube, Instagram videos will not disappear until whomever posted it deletes it through his or her account. Now, I will explain in detailthe many benefits of Instagram TV. Note, however, that Instagram TV is very different from Instagram live videos which disappear within 24 hours. However, Instagram has added another feature that will enable its users to share their live videos to their IGTV channel. This in turn will not disappear until the owner of the Instagram TV deletes it.

Benefits of IGTV

  • Vertical format videos: Instagram TV videos are displayed in vertical formats. Unlike Its competitors, Instagram TV does not accept any videos that aren’t made in vertical format. Also, it does not have a feature that allows a video to be played in the horizontal format.
  • Long length videos: like I mentioned earlier, Instagram gives its users a chance to upload more than oneminute video through IGTV. The total length of these videos must be between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. However, some accounts, like Instagram verified accounts are allowed to upload up to 60 minutesworth of video length.
  • IGTV videos last for a long time:this is to say that any video posted on IGTV will last for a long time before it disappears. In fact, since nobody has complained that his/her Instagram videos have gone missing since Instagram TV came into existence about 2 years ago. It is safe to assume that your IGTV videos will not disappear until you delete it. This is exactly what YouTube does.
  • Can be assessed through 3 different means: although Instagram TV is an independent app, it can be assessed through the internet by visiting Instagram’s main website ( or through Instagram app or finally, through Instagram TV app.

How to create a channel and use Instagram TV through Instagram app and IGTV app

  • Download the Instagram app through your phone’s app store. After that, enable and install in your phone
  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Go to Instagram TV and open the app. You do not have to sign in or login into this app if you followed step 1 and 2 judiciously. This is because your Instagram account will automatically open in the Instagram TV app.
  • When this happens, click the gear button on the top right of the screen.
  • Next, click on create channel and start posting interesting videos.

How to create a channel and use Instagram TV by using only the Instagram app.

  • Download and install Instagram app on your phone.
  • Type in your username and password to log into your account.
  • When you are logged in, click on the search button at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the Instagram TV icon that will appear.
  • Follow the easy steps that will appear to guide you in creating and using IGTV.

How to post videos on Instagram TV

  • Record your video vertically: remember that Instagram TV does not accept horizontal format videos. Although horizontal videos can be uploaded in Instagram feed, with a very narrow or small viewing. However, it will be in your best interest if you upload videos in vertical format.
  • Export video to your camera roll: this is because Instagram TV only sees videos that are located in the camera roll. If your video is in WhatsApp videos or downloads, please export to camera roll before going to IGTV app.
  • Create an image cover from the video: this can be done using photo editing apps or by using a still image from then video.
  • Add video title and description: the video title space contains up to 75 characters while the description box can contain as much as 2,200 characters.
  • Upload your video: remember to check for the cover image, video title and video description before uploading.

Why Are My IGTV Videos Blocked?

Instagram TV, commonly known as IGTV, is an independent video app for iPhones and Android users. It is majorly used in hosting and streaming videos on Instagram. This stand-alone app was first released on June 20 by Instagram’s former CEO, Kevin Systrom. Why was Instagram TV initiated when videos could be hosted and streamed in the feed of the main Instagram app? The reason Instagram TV came to be is because the main Instagram app allows videos that last for just 3 – 60 seconds to be uploaded. Although this policy would not bother Instagram users that prefer photos to videos but it will also not benefit users who love uploading video contents. 
Why Are My IGTV Videos Blocked
Not to mention businesses that offer video services, whose contents are full of videos because that is the only way they can convince their customers that they are pros at what they do. This is where Instagram TV comes in. Moreover, a single and major difference between uploading videos on Instagram TV versus uploading videos through Instagram’s main app is that IGTV allows videos with a length from 15 seconds to 30 minutes to be uploaded. An Instagram user couldconnect to IGTV through a feature in the main Instagram app, but this feature was removed earlier for reasons best known to Instagram. Now, to access IGTV you would have to search for it on the main Instagram app or go through the IGTV app.

Why your Instagram videos could be blocked

It is more common to encounter a “preparing error” while uploading videos to your Instagram feed than to find such an error while using Instagram TV. However, having problems uploading a video on Instagram TV is not unheard of. The different reasons why such problems can arise will be treated in this article, and some strategies to follow to remedy or avoid such problems will be discussed. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you want to upload a video, and after it reaches 100% uploaded a message that reads “error try again later” appears. This error message is usually experienced by people who try to upload to Instagram TV through their desktops. If you didn’t use your desktop, yet you are facing this problem then this article is for you.

Reasons why Instagram TV can block your videos.

  • If the video is from YT audio library: YouTube audio library, commonly called YT audio library, is an official YouTube channel where video content creators get free and new music for their contents. This channel was created in an attempt to give low profile creators a chance to use new, authentic and interesting music for their video uploads. Unfortunately, this audio library was created specifically for YouTube. Although some other social media platforms and apps allow videos from it to be posted in their platform, Instagram is not one of them.
  • If the video is from most Instagram users whose videos have been blocked by IGTV have hinted that their videos are from artlist. Artlist is one of the best online platforms where artists and content creators can get licensed music at an affordable rate. Its music and videos have been checked and approved by a lot of video streaming apps including YouTube. However, Instagram seems to always reject videos and music that comes from them. Don’t ask me why.
  • If the video matches a video uploaded by another Instagram user: an Instagramuser once complained on Reddit that when his videowas blocked on Instagram TV, he appealed to IGTV and they replied by telling him that 31 seconds of his video has already been used by another Instagram user. And to make matters worse, the user in question did not know which part of the video contained the pirated copy. This is to say that every part of a video you want to upload on Instagram TV must be new and authentic, to avoid a repeat of that user’s situation.
  • If you re-posted a video without the consent of the owner or without giving full credits to the owner: before Instagram passed a strict rule on using someone else’s content without his or her permission in 2017, users post and repost contents without even giving credit to the original owner. This has not only breached the copyrightrules of Instagram but has also made quality and original content producers skeptical about uploading contents on Instagram. Therefore, if your Instagram video was blocked by IGTV, you are advised to ask the original owner of the content for permission and give full credits to him/her while posting.
  • If the music is not original: it might interest you to know that sometimes, it’s not the blocked video that has problems but the music of the video. Yes, Instagram added a music copyright rule in 2017 to prevent re-posters from posting another user’s music. Therefore, if your video is purely yours, but the music isn’t, ask the original owner for permission and give full credits while posting.

Solutions to blocked IGTV videos

  • Use less hashtags: although hashtags are the best tool to reach a wide range of Instagram users, using a lot of them could make your Instagram video to be blocked. It is recommended that an Instagram user should use at least 8 unique hashtags while uploading on IGTV.
  • Ask for permission and give full credits to original content owners: nobody likes learning that his content was used without his/her express permission and without credits. Therefore, ask for permission from the content's original owner, only then should you post their video. Meanwhile, don’t forget to give full credits to them.

Finally, Instagram has always been the best and most entertaining video and photo sharing social media platform. But every business has its problems, and blocked IGTV is one of Instagram’s. However, any user that understands the above-mentioned reasons for such trouble and avoids them, will have absolutely no problems related to IGTV blocked videos.