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Here Is All About Country Cablevision Internet Speed

Surfing Country Cablevision internet speed services lets you benefit from an always-on internet connection that is always ready to link you to the rest of the world. Feel free to download files and surf at super-fast speeds with a lot of ease. Most importantly, you do not need a phone line to get connected to Country Cablevision's internet. This means that you can stay online and interact with your phone's other non- data features. The speeds that this large cable internet service provider in the USA gives you are of unmatched quality that you can't compare with other dial-up, DSL, or wireless connections. This cable internet provider has a selection of internet speeds that you can choose from based on your needs.

With Country Cablevision, you can request to acquire 10 MB of web space on their servers and use this data to make your homepage for all your friends and partners to see. Also, you can access up to five email accounts so that you keep in touch with your workmates and family members.
Country Cablevision Internet Speed

What is the availability of Country Cablevision internet speed?

The internet speed of Country Cablevision is available to all customers in regions that we serve. This internet provider offers internet speeds to the people residing in the state of North Carolina. Cable internet provided by Country Cablevision is surfed by nearly 37000 people making it stand in the 91st position as the largest cable internet provider in the USA basing on coverage area. Apart from cable broadband internet, Country Cablevision provides the fiber internet service that is available for about 4000 people.

Services offered by Country Cablevision

·       Cable TV services.
·       Internet services.
·       Phone services.

Requirements for accessing Country Cablevision internet speeds

All Docsis 3.0 compatible cable modems should work on the system of Country Cablevision network. The minimum technical specifications for your computer to connect on Country Cablevision internet speed should be the following;

·       A Pentium Class Machine of a minimum of 800MHz.
·       Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
·       A Power Mac, OS 7.5.3 or above.
·       One Gigabyte of RAM.

Country Cablevision does not give its customers computer or router technical at all as they only vend high-speed internet connections. All gadgets must possess an Ethernet card of at least 100-T and above.

What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is referred to as a small box that connects your computer to the World Wide Web through your local cable television service provider. A cable modem comprises of two connections. One connection leads to the cable lines outdoors and the other connection is an Ethernet one that connects to your computer or router.

How does a cable modem function?

A Cable modem functions as a digital translator that receives data signals from your internet service provider and then immediately translates them into a digital language that your routers can distribute across your local network through wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

Cable modems function in a way that all essential alteration in to and out of coaxial cables alongside an Ethernet string that joins directly into your computers or network router. Separate modern cable modems come having an amalgamated router, so you don’t require two distinctive devices coupled via Ethernet cords alongside ports to enable internet access.

Because a cable modem performs many functions simultaneously, cable providers like Country Cablevision need to set up regional and nearby hubs to convey cable line centered data. In such hubs, users can uniformly chop bandwidth, with those cable companies inflicting data limits so that no user siphons a big bandwidth.

What is a cable modem used for?

Cable modems for businesses are an important form of hardware for operating the internet as well as data communication systems. The following are the points showing what a cable modem is used for;
  • They are used for accessing your internet service provider: The common function of a cable modem is to send and receive messages with your internet service supplier’s network. A quality cable modem is among the common and dependable means of ISP correspondence as it operates on an already well-established eco-system of physical cables hang across the country.
  • Good for utilizing and bundling services: Voice services, the internet as well as television can all get bundled under one contract utilizing cable modem-based delivery networks. In most cases, bundling services from one provider reduce your provider bills letting you save more money for business. If bundled, every service is delivered through separate physical cable lines, reducing service disruptions and lag periods.
  • For upgrading internet speeds: Internet service providers as well as cable companies offer an extensive range of internet download servicing speeds starting from 100 Mbps to one gigabyte. Your cable modem greatly impacts the internet speeds that you access.

How to choose the appropriate cable modem for business

Always remember these points when upgrading or choosing your preferred internet service provider or communication hardware;

· Internet service provider compatibility: Modems have to be compatible with your ISP. Carriers usually provide you with a complementary unit when you sign up to rent modems and routers straight from them. But, when buying your modems, ensure that they are compatible with your service carrier and your internet bandwidth tier. Both can be accomplished by checking the standard DOCSIS release number in addition to calling your ISP to know their exact modem list.

·  Access to high-speed internet: Enhanced internet ranks as well as packages offering a bandwidth above 100Mbps need contemporary generations of DOCSIS modems, majorly a DOCSIS 3 or 3.1. Older units cannot support these service speeds. This means that once you upgrade your entire internet package, you will most likely require to buy a new cable modem as well to use the connection you are paying for.


Always look for an internet service provider in your area that will offer you quality and affordable internet services.

Optimum Router Lights Meaning

It can be quite confusing and frustrating when you've followed every recommended step for a smooth internet connection on Optimum but you keep getting error messages. You bought the recommended modem and the router came from Optimum. Yet, something seems to be wrong with the network. Your router is displaying indicator lights for different functions of the router. Annoyingly, you don't know what those lights are trying to tell you. Needless to say, since you do not know what they mean, you may have a torrid time figuring how to fix it. This is why it's important to know the meaning of the displayed lights on your Optimum router. This blog post will help you know what the router is trying to tell you and how to fix it.

Just like other internet services, your Optimum internet connection requires a modem. This modem is responsible for connecting your devices to the internet. Without the modem, you cannot send or receive data across the internet. It is the link between your computer and the telecom company.
Optimum Router Lights Meaning
You could want to connect several devices to the internet through the same modem. In this case, you will require a router. The router comes in handy in the office where you want several computers to be connected to the same network. At home, a router allows you to enjoy internet services on your smartphone in the sitting room and your laptop in the study. At the same time, the kids can post pictures on social media from their bedrooms upstairs. All from the same modem.

Depending on your subscription package, the Optimum subscription usually comes with a router. It helps to maintain the speed of your internet service across several devices.  It's important to know the function status of your router. One of the easiest ways to do this is by watching the built-in indicator lights. These lights could be off, blinking or have a steady glow. Depending on the light display, you can troubleshoot your router if you experience any problems.

Starting from your right-hand side, the Optimum router has the following indicator lights: power, HomePNA, Wide Area Network (WAN), internet connection, TV service, wireless network and the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Generally, when there's no light displayed on any of these indicators, it means the corresponding property is off, not connected or not configured.

Power: Your router comes with a power cable which you connect to the wall outlet. Behind the router is a switch for turning it off and on. The first indicator light from your right-hand side tells you the power status of the router. When you turn on your router, this light starts blinking green. When it is completely powered up and ready for use, the light turns a steady green.

HomePNA: The Home Phoneline Network Alliance (HomePNA) is a standard for using telephone lines to interconnect your computers. This connection allows you to use the same network for your LAN and high quality internet connection. This means that with this network you can share files across connected devices such as computers, scanners, printers, and still enjoy high quality telecom services. The second light from your right is the HomePNA indicator. This indicator light tells you if the coaxial cables between your router and other devices (such as computers) are properly connected.  If you connected it properly it blinks blue and then turns a steady blue when in use.

Ethernet Connection: In this case, the ethernet connection is the connection you make between your router and the modem using a coaxial cable. It is through this connection that data is exchanged between the modem  and the router. The third indicator light tells you the status of your ethernet connection. After you've turned on the system, the router starts flashing a blue light. It means it's trying to establish a connection. When the connection is established the lights turn a steady blue. If you don't see the steady blue light, ensure that the cables are properly connected or that the cables are in good condition.

Internet Service: When you successfully establish an internet connection between the router and the modem, the internet indicator turns a steady blue. It starts blinking when there is data flow through the router. If the internet connection is poor or bad, it turns red. This could be from your service provider or your network.

TV service: This indicator light tells you if you have a TV service connection with your router. It stays off when there's no TV service connection and turns steady blue when the connection is established. If it's in use, it starts blinking blue. If the connection is faulty, it turns steady red.

Wireless Network: Your wireless network allows you to enjoy your internet connection with more freedom. This means that you are not restricted to your work desk while using your router. You simply turn on the Wi-Fi of your device and enjoy internet connection from any part of your building. The wireless indicator light tells you the status of your wireless network connection.  If you turn off your wireless network from your modem, this light will remain off. It turns steady blue when you turn it on and starts flashing a blue colour when the wireless network is in use.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS): This stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It makes it easier for you to connect your router to clients by automatically authenticating them individually. With this set up, you can search for available devices and add them to the network without entering the network password. Its indicator light stays off when you've not enabled it. It turns steady green when enabled and begins to flash green when you're establishing a connection with a client.

These indicator lights will help you know if your network is working properly. If you're having problems, they will point you in the right direction and give you a clue as to how to fix it. If the lights continue flashing or refuse to come on after you've followed the recommended steps, contact your service provider or maintenance technician.

Optimum WI-FI Not Working [Solved]

Wi-Fi is the use of radio waves to provide fast internet and network connections via wireless technology. It is preferred by most people because of its ability to provide service from a wide range of positions. In order to have access to a Wi-Fi internet service, your device must have a Wi-Fi compatible device, have an active subscription for the service provider (if it's not free), SSID and password, and you must be located at the hotspot of the service. The hotspot is the area within which you can access the Wi-Fi connection.

Optimum Wi-Fi is one of the most popular Wi-Fi service in some parts of the US. It has more than 2 million public hotspots spread across the country.
Optimum WI-FI Not Working
Optimum Wi-Fi is also available for your personal or organizational use. Most Optimum subscriptions come with a router provided by the company. This is used for connecting your devices to a wireless network. You can use this in your office or at home.

You are probably reading this because you're having issues connecting to your Optimum Wi-Fi. Let's see some problems you could be having, what caused them and how you can solve them. We are going to assume you're using a private Wi-Fi.

Device Not Detecting The Wi-Fi: This means that you have an enabled Wi-Fi compatible device but your device is not detecting the Wi-Fi signal. This could be because of poor signal or you're not located in the hotspot of the signal.  If these are not the case, try turning off your router. You can also turn off your Wi-Fi and try again. If these steps do not work, check if your device is properly configured to receive Wi-Fi signals. This will usually be found in the network settings.

The Wi-Fi signal could also be blocked by interference from other networks. Moving your router to another location may help resolve this problem. You could also change the router channel to a less crowded one.

Another reason why your device may not see the Wi-Fi signal is because it's hidden. Hidden Wi-Fi helps to keep the network safe from hackers and other malicious activities. You can find out if this is the case with your Optimum Wi-Fi and fix it.

Go to the network setting of your device and create a new network through the Wi-Fi settings. Enter the SSID and password of the network. Save the network connection. This will allow your device to exclusively detect the Wi-Fi next time you want to connect.

If these steps do not work, contact your service provider or your installation technician.

Wi-Fi Detected But Can't Connect: You could see the network name on your device but still have difficulty connecting. Again, we assume the basic requirements have been met. You have the SSID and password, and have an active subscription. You have logged in but the pages are not opening. Once again, this could be as a result of poor network.

Try moving your device or the position of your router. It's not rare to have poorer Wi-Fi signals in some parts of the room than others. Searching for the signal from different positions in the room may produce a desirable result. The position of the router can affect the Wi-Fi signal. The router is best placed as high as possible. Your router should not be placed near electronic appliances which emit electromagnetic waves (such as TV, radio devices, microwave oven, telephone lines and even the infrared from a hot iron). They can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. This could weaken the strength of the signal. Obviously, the router should be placed in open places where their signals will not be blocked by obstacles. Try moving your device closer to the router and see if there are changes. If the router has an extensible antenna, try extending it as much as possible.

Find out if another device is able to log in with the network. If it connects, check your device's Wi-Fi settings. If it's enabled, try instructing your device to 'forget' the Optimum Wi-Fi signal. You can also try turning off the Wi-Fi of your device and turning it back on after a few moments. You can also change the settings from the 5GHz channel to the 2.4 GHz channel through the Optimum website.

If the other device does not connect, ensure that the wireless network of your router is enabled. The blue light indicator for the wireless network will be glowing a steady blue if it's enabled. If it's already enabled and it still doesn't connect, turn off your router and modem and reboot the system. You can also reboot your phone or PC.

Try connecting to the network name again. If it still fails and you're having an ethernet connected computer, use it to attempt connecting to the signal. If it connects, check the connections between the modem and router. An indicator light on the router tells you if the connection is good.

At this point, it could be that the wireless broadcasting setting of your router is turned off. Log in on the Optimum website, click on the 'Advanced Settings' and activate the wireless broadcasting setting. After doing this, you may have to reboot the router for the new setting to take effect.

If connecting directly through the ethernet connection fails, the problem could be the modem itself. Ensure it's turned on and properly configured by visiting the Optimum website to find the configuration settings for the modem. Unplugging the modem for a few moments and rebooting it may help. You can also contact Optimum on website for more information.

Country Cablevision Outage Report

Country Cablevision Outage Report.
Title: May 11th Wake County Outage Report
May 16, 2020
By Cablevision Team.

During the week, to be precise, Monday 11th of May, 2020, we experienced failure in one of our cable lines supplying wake county failed. As a result, from 10:30 - 12:45, internet service wasn't provided to the wake county. Today, we present an incident report that details the happenings and the reason for the outage, with our detailed response to it.
Country Cablevision Outage Report
The staff was notified around 10:35, and our response team immediately went to wake county to deal with the situation. The RCA was done on the causes of the outage. According to it, it was shown that a certain network connectivity hardware model failed, and had not been changed like the others used within other counties. This hardware had been known to fail, and therefore, the outage could have been prevented


10: 30: Occurrence of outage
10: 35: Staff was alerted
10: 56: Team got to the network provision site area
11: 24: Identification of Issue
11: 37: Successful fixing of the new hardware
12: 10: Servers are full back online (for Wake County)
12: 45: 100% of users have access to internet

Root Cause Analysis

A particular networking hardware – dense wavelength division multiplexers (DWBM) which had been changed at different site was unfortunately not changed at the wake county during the usual scheduled maintenance. This exposed the network setup to lower connectivity, network congestion and also, what occurred, system failure. This failure caused our entire Wake county to be blocked from the servers and inherently from the internet. The cause of the failure of theDWBM, however, is a semiconductor within the old networking model, and due to this service outage occurred.

Resolving and Recovering

Certain users notified our team via the customer care over lack of internet connectivity. As the team was working on another county area because of the recently scheduled maintenance and testing that was going on at the time, we didn't notice the issue on time, and for that we are very sorry. On being escalated by the customer care, the teams’ engineers noticed and did a quick assessment of the situation leading them to identify where the problem could be at. On getting to the site, troubleshooting started and several forced connections was made to the main server which failed even though our test showed everything seemed fine. However, on a quick inspection of the all hardware, it was noticed that the proxy server still in use was the old ones. It was immediately replaced and the connections was forced to the main, and the time around it was successful. The sub servers at Wake were restarted gradually in order to avoid another shutdown. By 12: 45 PM, the issue was resolved and all of wake county were back online


Over the last few days, we've conducted an analysis and measure taking review of the outage, and certain actions were identified to be taken to address the inherent cause and probable causes of this issue and other related issues. Also, it was noticed that it took a lot of time to come back online which definitely don't want happening again. First, we don't even want an outage, but in the case where an outage is inevitable, our comeback time should be short. The actions below where agreed upon;

1. All shifts are required to do continuous hardware check on all the systems instead of the daily check-ups which were in place.

2. After every scheduled maintenance, a thorough cross-check of hardware must be done via a checklist - containing the information of the hardware that are due to have been changed.

3. Improve our comeback time by involve a less number of people on certain shutdown as too many engineers slow down the process.

At Cablevision, we are committed to giving the great people of North Carolina, stable and continuous internet land internet supply for their use at home and at the workplace. We are absolutely sorry for the inconveniences caused. We know that no amount of apology can erase the impact the shutdown had on you and your businesses. However, we are very sorry and do promise to give you the best service. Thanks for your patience and continued support. We are only here but you want us to be here. Thanks once again.

Our warmest regard,
Head of Networking,
Country Cablevision.

Where Does Vudu Store Downloaded Movies On PC

Vudu is a digital video service platform that sells and rents out movies. It has a very wide range of content and hence accommodates a wide range of preferences and tastes. The Vudu app allows its users to be the first to watch the latest movies and films. To afford entertainment to everyone, Vudu has a free section that provides various ad-supported movies and TV series to watch.
The app is available for download to both Android and iOS users on any modern device. While the app does not support Windows phones, Vudu does have an App limited to Windows 10 users only.
Where Does Vudu Store Downloaded Movies On PC

How to find Vudu movie and TV app using an Android device

Like most applications, the Vudu app can be found on Google Play Store.
Go to Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone or tablet. Once you have opened the application look for the app icon and click on it. Type "Vudu" on the search bar and then click on the magnifying glass. The application will run a search and will show the results. Select Vudu Movies and TV and then install and launch it on your device.
Alternatively, you can go to any internet browser of your choice, type Vudu app download on the search bar. The browser will then give you feeds that will either take you to Google Play Store or the Vudu Movies and TV website that will again direct you to the Google Play Store. When you finally get to Google Play Store you then follow the same standard procedure.

How to find the Vudu Movies and TV app on iOS device

The Vudu Movies and TV app is available to download on Apple store.
You go to the Apple Store on your iOS phone or tablet and search for Vudu Movies and TV app.
Alternatively, you can use any browser of your choice. Type "Vudu Movies and TV download" on the search bar. You will then receive feeds that will direct you to Apple Store where you can download the app. You can also visit the Vudu Movies and TV website which will direct you to the application on Apple Store.

How to find Vudu Movies and TV app on Windows device

The Vudu Movies and TV App can be found on Windows Store and is available to download for specifically Windows 10 users.
Go to Windows Store and type "Vudu Movies and TV" on the search bar. The application will run a search and show you the results. You then select "Vudu Movies and TV" and then click download.
Alternatively, you can visit the Vudu Movies and TV website where you can find information on where to download the app. You can also go to where you will find a link that allows you to download the application.
The internet covers quite a wide range of websites that allow you to download all your favorite applications. Although the three applications namely Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Store are the most convenient means of finding the Vudu Movies and TV app you can also use these other sites to do the same thing.

The alternative websites

This site gives the latest versions of the Vudu app for all three types of devices, Android, iOS, and Windows 10.
Go to and search for "Vudu Movies and TV". You will find the application available to download for free. Upon finding the app you need to read carefully to make sure you download the one most suitable for your device.
Softpedia is a site that allows you to download various applications including the Vudu Movies and TV app. Visit and search for the application on this site. The versions found on this site are mostly for Android devices and they are available to download for free.
On this site, you can also find the application available to download for free. The versions available on this site are mostly for Android users. Visit to find and download the Vudu Movies and TV app.
SensorTower does have the Vudu app available for download and the versions offered are mainly for iOS users. The site allows downloads for free.
Visit to find and download the app.
GetJar also has the Vudu Movie and TV app available to download for free. Versions available on this is are for Android users.
Visit to find and download the app.

The Vudu app is available to download for free on MoboMrket. The versions available on this site are for Android users.
Visit to find and download the site.
Malavida has the Vudu Movies and TV app available to download for free. It offers the latest versions for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.
Visit to find and download the application.


It is important to be wary of the sites you use to try and download the Vudu to avoid things such as viruses that might lead to a compromise to the system of your device.
In searching for the app, it is also very important to note the type of device you are using. This is so that you visit the correct site and download the appropriate version for the type of device you are using. The most convenient way of finding the device is through the application stores built specifically for each type of device.

How To Download Vudu Movies On iPad

While an iPad may be a generally complex device, there are simple ways to download movies using the Vudu Movies and TV app. The app had been optimized for your iPad so this feature will not expose your device to any risk. There are two ways in which you can access the download option on the Vudu app on your iPad. It can either be by downloading and installing the app on your device or by simply using a link to the App without necessarily installing it.
How To Download Vudu Movies On iPad
Using a link to access the App
Open the Safari browser on your iPad and navigate to The process is not at all complex, you simply navigate as you normally would on any other website.
To ease the process of going in and out of the site, you may add the link to your home screen. After this you can then set up your account to enjoy the full benefits of the app.
Things to note before downloading
1. Check your storage
You should check the available storage before attempting to download. Insufficient storage will result in a downloading error. If the storage is low it would be wise to create space before attempting to download.
2.Adjust your account settings
It is important to adjust the settings to set limits on bandwidth per hour over cellular.
Downloading movies on the Vudu Movies and TV app
In order to use this feature, you must be connected to the internet. The app allows you to download movies to the hard disk drive built-in the Vudu device. This allows you to watch the movies while offline or without an internet connection.
The Vudu app will only allow for download upon purchase of the movie. You can only then download a movie you own on the app.
How to purchase a movie
After having searched Vudu and found the movie you would like to purchase and download:
  • Go to the movie details page and select "Buy movies"
  • Select the video quality you would like to own (HDX, HD, DS), HDX is the most suitable for a device a large as an iPad.
  • Once the purchase of the movie is complete, you will be given various options. You will then select the "download and watch later" option. The movie will then start downloading. If you select the "watch now" option and begin to watch the movie immediately, downloading of movies will be suspended for the duration of the movie.
How to download a movie you already own
  • Go to the movie details page and select "manage download"
  • Select "Add ABC for Download" where ABC represents the movie video quality ( HDX, HD, SD) that you wish to download.
  • The selected movie will then be added to your movie download queue. It will start downloading soon after all the other movies previously added to the download queue finish downloading.
How to check if the movie has downloaded
Go to the movie details page. At the bottom of the page you will see the download status of the movie. It will show if the download is complete, or if the download of the movie is still pending and if the movie download has failed. Any text in red indicates an error in the download.
Managing your download queue
If you add more than one movie to the download queue, they will download in the order they were added. However, if you wish to move a movie to the top of the queue you can easily do so by following the steps below:
  • Go to the movie details page on the movie you wish to move to the top and select "Manage Download"
  • Select the movie video quality (HDX, HD, SD) of the movie you wish to move. If you own more than one movie under the same movie video quality type, there may be a preceding number which you will then select.
  • The selected movie video quality and subsequent be number will then be moved to the top of the downloading queue.
Important Things To Note
If you wish to download and save the movie on an external device, you will have to re-install the Vudu Movies and TV app on the external device. If the movie is saved to the iPad you can only access it on a different device if the device is linked to the iPad.
It is important to ensure that your connection is secure before you attempt to download a movie. This is so that you avoid encountering errors that hinder the downloading process. In some instances, connection may be as a result of a fault in the Vudu app and not necessarily your network. To solve this problem, you will have to contact the Vudu Customer Service.
Also, insufficient disk space may pose a threat to the downloading process. This is why it is important to ensure that your device has sufficient disk space before attempting to download. If there is not enough space the download is most likely to stall or fail to complete.
It helps to check the download status bar to monitor the progress of the download. To do this you go to the details page and click on manage download.
It is important to check for anything that may hinder the download process. Look out for things such as network problems or insufficient disk space before you attempt the download. Make sure that you own the movie you want to download.

How To Fix Netflix 0013 Error [SOLVED]

Netflix has revolutionized how we watch TV shows, movies and documentaries. Unlike Cable TV, Netflix gives you lot more choice on what you watch. You can stream your movies anywhere on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as long as there's available internet network available.

Netflix has so many amazing features that makes it dear to movie lovers. Unlike in cable TV where you have to buy expensive hardware to have access, you only need your smartphone and the Netflix app for access. Of course, you'll need a subscription and a network connection (which you also need for your cable TV).
How To Fix Netflix 0013 Error
The shows are available to you within a wide range of time. You don't have to leave everything and rush home in order to meet up with your favorite shows. With a good headphone and smartphone, you can stream your movies in the bus, train or in the public park.

You can also save your favorite shows on the app if you're not ready to watch them yet or if you enjoyed them so much you want to watch them again and again. You do not need to waste decoder memory space saving useless programs all-day especially when you're at work or too busy for a sit-in.

Also, you're spared the cost and inconveniences involved in the installation and maintenance of cable TV. The upsides of this streaming service are so endless it has attracted millions of subscribers within the last few years.

This doesn't mean it's a perfect service made in heaven. You can sometimes have some issues with streaming your favorite shows on the app. If this happens, you will usually get an error message that tells you that something is wrong with the connection. One of this error message is the 0013 error message. If you get this message, don't panic. It's probably something that can be resolved in a minute. What this error message is trying to tell you is that something needs to be refreshed in your device for better compatibility.

We are going to assume you've tried playing the movie or TV show a few times and got the same error message. There are a few simple steps you can take to fix this problem. Let's examine them below:

Restart Something: This is an age-old method of trying to fix problems with our capricious friend — technology. The first thing to do when your technological device is misbehaving is to restart it. You can turn off the data connection on your device, wait a few moments and turn it on again. Try streaming the show again. If it still displays the same error message, reboot your device and try again. You can also close the Netflix app, wait a moment and execute it again. Hopefully this time, the video will stream seamlessly.

Try Playing Another Video: This is the next action you should take. There could be something wrong with the link of the video. It could need an update to make it compatible with the app. Try playing another video. If it plays seamlessly, go back and try playing the previous one again. If the error message is still displayed, go to the 'Viewing Activity' tab and report it as being faulty. The absence of 'Report A Problem' link means that it has already been reported and will be resolved soon. Wait for a few hours and try it again.

Connect To Another Network: Your network configurations can be responsible for this error. If it's not properly configured, it can result in the 0013 error. To find out if this is the case, try using a different network. If you were using a Wi-Fi connection, you can try using another Wi-Fi connection, perhaps from your neighbor. You can briefly try using an ethernet connection or the data connection in your smartphone. If the ethernet or data connection works just fine, you'll need to contact your installation technician to reconfigure your network. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider for support.

Clearing The Netflix App Saved Data: This removes the data saved on the app. You should be aware that doing this will delete the titles you've saved on the app.

To clear the saved data on your Netflix app,

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Go to 'settings' and click 'General'.
  • Click on 'Applications' and then 'Applications Manager'.
  • Click on 'Netflix' and then click on 'downloaded'.
  • Click on 'storage' and then 'Clear Data'.
  • Click 'Ok'.
This will more or less refresh the app. Try playing the video again.

Download Another Netflix App: If clearing the data in the app doesn't help, you may need to download another Netflix App. You can uninstall the app and download another one from Google Play Store. Make sure you're downloading a version compatible with your phone. You can also simply update your Netflix app. You should note that uninstalling your Netflix app also deletes your saved titles.

Ironically, an update on the App can also cause the 0013 error message. This could be because the new version is incompatible with your device's firmware.

Since the older version will no longer be available on Play Store, you will have to download an APK of the older version from the Netflix website. To install it you will have to enable 'Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources' in your device's security settings.

Disable Automatic Update: Your network settings may allow Google to automatically update your apps on Play Store once an update is available and you have a data connection. If updating the Netflix app makes it incompatible with your device, it will be useful to stop the automatic updates.

To do this, open the Play Store app and then the Netflix page. Uncheck the 'Automatic Update' box. Your Netflix app will no longer be updated unless you want to.

Contact Your Device Manufacturer: If you've tried everything above. Your device is probably not compatible with streaming videos on Netflix. You may need to contact them for advice. It could involve software updates or network settings. You can also contact the Netflix support on their website. Or just buy another smartphone.

How To Play Vudu Movies On Firestick

A fire stick is a small device that looks like a USB but is relatively larger in terms of the physical size and also the capacity it has in terms of storage. It is usually used on modern TV sets that have an HDCP-compatible HDMI port. The fire stick requires an internet connection to function. It provides a wide range of apps to download and allows for the streaming of content in all kinds of formats. The firestick can run Android so it is possible to sideload Android apps. This device also contains features that allow access to the Vudu Movies and TV app.
How To Play Vudu Movies On Firestick

How to access Vudu app using firestick

Firstly, you will need to have the Vudu app on the firestick. You can download and install it through the Downloader app. Alternatively, since Amazon store does not have the Vudu Movies and TV app you can download it separately and then install it on the firestick. After installing it you launch the app. After it is up and running you can then open it and set up your Vudu account. Upon completion of setting up the account, you can then fully access all the services offered by the Vudu Movies and TV app.

Features of the Vudu app for firestick

The features found here are the basic features found on the Vudu app on any other device. These include:
1. Navigation is made simple and easy. You simply type in the name of the movie you are looking for on the search bar
2. The payment policy is still the same. You only pay for what you watch, there are no extra charges or subscriptions.
3. User can still access all the amazing content the Vuzu app has to offer.
4. It also has the ad-supported movies and TV series available to watch for free with unlimited adverts.
5. The user still has access to all the new weekly releases on the app.
6. The firestick also has an offline viewing feature. This means like, on any other device, you will be able to purchase and download movies of your choice for offline viewing.

Challenges you may face while using Vudu Movies on firestick

Connection Errors
Like on other devices, you may face network problems that may interfere with your viewing. This is not something you can avoid completely but if you do experience it you can try and reboot your Wi-Fi or unplug the firestick for a few minutes and then plug it back.
Amazon is constantly advertising its products and this may be a turn off for a lot of users. This is something they do not have control over and hence can not cut it down or shut it down completely.
Physical limitation
The fire stick has some physical limitations. It is not high power enough and hence can not play 4K movie streams.
The firestick heats up
If you play Vudu on firestick for several hours, it heats up. You can cool it down by unplugging it for a while or by using a fan.

The advantages of using the Vudu app on a firestick

The firestick is very portable, you can access all your favorite Vudu app movies from a tiny stick. It is very convenient and quite simple. Its portability allows you to carry your Vudu Movies and TV app anywhere and everywhere with ease.
The firestick is quite powerful for its small size.
You can play 720P and 1080P movies from your Vudu movies and TV app.
It is also quite affordable. This allows you to access the Vudu app and watch movies using a very cost-efficient device.
Easy access to information
When watching Vudu movies on firestick you easily get information about the movie you might otherwise google. You find out information about the cast and the music playing in the movie. All this can be done whilst watching the movie.

How to get the most from this device

1. Voice Search
This feature allows you to have fun while searching for the movies you wish to watch on the Vudu app. It makes browsing a lot easier and very much convenient. You just say the name of the movie, TV show, actor, director, documentary etc. and results will show any and every relevant content.
2. Set up parental control
You can choose what your children watch on your Vudu app and what they cannot watch. It allows you to enforce rules without having to constantly monitor if they are being observed. You can simply do this by changing the settings and switching on the parental control.
3.Data clearing
The firestick allows Vudu users to have privacy. They have the option of clearing data on the application using the device every once in a while
4.Disable auto-playing Videos
Instead of constantly having to deal with the frustration of videos auto-playing while you are searching for your favorite shows on the Vudu Movies and TV app, you can simply disable auto play. This allows you to browse with ease.


Firestick gives Vudu app users access to all benefits with ease and more convenience. It is a very sophisticated device that helps Vudu app users avoid the trouble they would otherwise go through when using other devices. It is cost-effective and allows Vudu app users to move up and about with their favorite movies in a pocket-sized device.

How To Play Vudu Movies Offline

Vudu Movies and TV app wants to give all its users the best and most convenient viewing experience. To make this possible, the app introduced a way of watching movies without having to connect to the internet. The Vudu Movies and TV app is primarily accessible only when you have an internet connection. As a result, movies can be viewed offline only if they have been downloaded to the hard disk built-in the Vudu device. Without an internet connection, you would not be able to use the application to watch anything that was not previously downloaded even if it is an ad-supported movie. You also can not download anything to watch offline if you do not have an internet connection.
How To Play Vudu Movies Offline
How does this work?
After successfully downloading the movie, it is automatically saved to an alternative storage space, the hard disk. This makes it possible to watch the movie without any internet connection. This then means that after downloading the movie you can disconnect your device from whatever form of internet you are using. The feature allows you to go back to the Vudu app and watch the downloaded video. You get full access to all the downloaded material offline. Moreover, this feature is not available to ad-supported movies as they are for free and cannot be purchased.
How is this practical?
The download feature is accessible specifically to users who buy the movies. Upon purchase of the movies, the user relatively gains ownership of that particular movie for as long as it remains in the downloads. This means that for the movies owned, the user has the option to watch later and as many times as they may want without having to bear the double cost of data consumption. These are some of the merits of purchasing movies instead of renting or streaming them.
How good is the experience?
Most users would assume that downloading the movie for offline viewing would compromise the video quality or resolution. That is not at all the case, users still have the option to choose the movie video quality they download based on their storage level, preference, and type of device they are using. This means they have control over the outcome and are still in a position to determine the quality of the movie. The experience is still just as great!
It is possibly even better considering the user can watch the movie without any interruptions from notifications or consistent network problems.
Things to take note of
Although the movie is available to view offline if you did not save it on an external drive or device, it is still on the Vudu Movies and TV site or app. This means that if you delete the movie from your downloads you lose offline viewing or watch later privileges as you would have given up ownership of the movie. The movie is not saved to your device, so you would not be able to access the downloaded material without using the Vudu Movies and TV app. Therefore do not make the mistake of deleting the movie from your downloads in the belief that the movie is saved to your device outside the app.
Am I charged extra?
According to the Terms of use of the Vudu Movies and TV app, users will be charged any applicable rental, subscription, or purchase fees and any other charges you incur in connection with your use of the Vudu Service, plus any applicable tax fees. This means upon purchasing the movie, viewing the movie offline does not and will not result in any extra charges as the purchase fee is settlement. Furthermore, the user does not incur any connection costs from viewing movies offline.
Problems I may encounter while watching offline
Most Android users may receive the error message "Encountered Network Error During Playback" while trying to play downloaded material. A possible solution to this problem would be to restart the Vudu app. However, this does not always work because, In a lot of instances, this problem arises when ten or more movies have been downloaded. It may indicate that disk space is running low and hence, will require the user to delete some of the material for optimum function. If the problem persists after clearing disk space the user may have to contact Vudu Customer Service.
5 Tips to get the best offline viewing experience.
  1. Make sure the movie you wish to watch offline has been fully purchased.
  2. Make sure the download of the movie you wish to watch offline was secure and complete
  3. Make sure that your device has sufficient disk space to avoid errors when playing the movie.
  4. It is always best to switch off all internet connections before playing the movie
  5. Do not delete the movie if you wish to watch it again.
Most people do not have the time to keep up with the activity that goes on the Vudu Movie and TV app. The offline viewing option gives users a chance to catch up on their favorite movies and with the latest trends. It allows its users to keep entertained even when they do not have access to the internet or when they just want to watch and enjoy their movie peacefully. This feature can work even when the device is on flight mode. In conclusion, users can make use of the Vudu app offline as conveniently as they can use it offline.

Country Cablevision TV Guide

Country Cablevision is a top-class cable company based in North Carolina which provides reliable fibre optic internet and entertainment for your home and business. Cablevision boasts of delivering one of the cheapest and reliable cable TV subscription plans in North Carolina, and with every passing day, we strive towards bringing to reality better packages and more specific entertainment for you and your family. With our legends, be rest assured to get the best of entertainment and news from all over the world right at the comfort of your home without disruption.

Cablevision is all about better and better entertainment. Due to this reason, we have curated this TV guide to help you navigate through our wide variety of channels. Because we have a large customer base, we have different genres ranging from audio, children, documentary, general entertainment, lifestyle and culture, music, news and commerce, religion and sport.
Country Cablevision TV Guide
Getting our product

To get more information on how to get Cablevision to serve you, do contact our customer care, and we will get back to you with our best service options and payment options. 

Country Cablevision Channels

Home to some of the most-watched and desired channels in the US, you get the best selection of channels from Cablevision. Watch exciting channels all from the comfort of your home. You get a whole range of channels. Some of the popular channels include;
  • POP
  • CNN
  • E! Entertainment
  • TBN
  • ESPN
  • Comedy Central
  • TLC
  • MTV
  • FOX
  • National Geographic
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney
  • Stingray Channels
  • Starz Channels
  • HBO channels
  • Playboy
All the listed channels are not available in all the legends we offer. Do check our catalogue for more information.

Cablevision Legends

We offer seven legends ranging from LifeLine (Bronze Level), Basic (Silver Level), Digital Plus (Gold Level), HBO, Cinemax, Starz/Encore Pack and MoviePlex.


This package is just a starter package. You have access to 80 + channels ranging from entertainment to news and commerce. CNN, C-SPAN, ESPN, CN, Comedy Central, CW, NBC Sports Net, FOX Sport are just the highlights of this package. World-class entertainment for just a token. Lifeline is the smallest cable package from Cablevision, yet its variety is second to none. Other additional channels include Discovery Channel, Spike, A & E, USA Network, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, Great American Country, VH1, MTV, Weather Channel. If you're a sports lover, you would love this legend.

Digital/HD Set-Up

This package is all about movies and entertainment in the highest quality. Within this package, you get the best of Hollywood’s finest and greatest hit movies. Also, you get to catch up on some old classics, and love up to some rom-com, and laugh to comedy all day. The channels such as Turner Classic Movies within this legend deliver to you, movies from all genres -  action, thriller, comedy, romance, horror, adventure, western, drama, etc. You also get adult content from Playboy, Brazzers, Reality Kings and COEDS. For your viewing pleasure, Digital Package is there for you.

Digital Plus (Gold Level)

Get the best of entertainment that you yearn for with some extra digital spice. You get High Definition digital content from over 118 cable channels. Want some top-level entertainment for the whole family? Digital Plus is the package for you. It is the home of Stingray, the crowd-pleasing specialty music video channels, National Geographic, ESPN News, Fuse, and gripping documentaries. You also get some top-class kids entertainment from channels like Nick Jr, Disney XD, Nick Toons, etc. Catch up on all the movies and sport right here on Cablevision Digital Plus Package.

Now let’s go into our more specific legends. HBO, Cinemax, Starz/Encore. These legends provide the best direct and specific entertainment in the whole of North Carolina.


From this legend, we deliver top-notch HBO contents from WarnerMedia Entertainment. You get eleven premium entertainments. HBO Family, Signature, Comedy, Zone amongst others provide you with good television programming, movies, shows and documentaries, and blockbuster movies from off the American shores - European and Asian content.


This legend contains two channels - Cinemax W and Cinemax E, whose focus is on giving theatre feature films, original movies, series and documentaries. Want some behind-the-scenes? get them here.

Starz/Encore Pack

With 20+ Starz focused content and entertainment from one of the biggest production company, Lionsgate, you have everything at the click of a button. Whether its action, family, comedy, documentary, suspense or classic, you have it all in one place. Starz Encore and MoviePlex which is a sister network to Starz is also provided by us. Get all the entertainment you deserve.

It is important to note that HD Unit is required for some cable channels.  You can experience the power of high definition entertainment with a little upgrade from us. If you would love to experience entertainment at its best and more range, do contact us. About 90 of our channels require an HD unit, so do make sure to contact our customer care for more information on that, and how to about it.