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How to Backup and Restore Data on Your Android Device

The eventualities of losing data are inevitable. You never know when you will need to lose your critical data so taking precautions is important. You do not have to wait until you are in trouble and at the risk of losing all your critical personal information or business content to panic. Instead, you can keep up with your backup sessions until you are sure you got everything sorted. Fortunately, there are many options available. You may back up your content, data, as well as settings from your device. Keeping them safe to your Google account means you can find them later when you need them.
Android restore from backup
Restoring the backed-up content to the original device or another Android gadget is easy and direct. Restoring the data varies sharply depending on the version. For example, you cannot restore the backup from a higher version on a gadget with a lower version of Android. Since not all devices come with settings in the same place or with similar titles, you need to find your specific details. You may have to check out the manufacturer’s support site.

Backing up Content
Photos and Video: the Google Photos Library can help you back up your photos and videos if you learn how to use it.
Files and Folders: Google Drive allows you to manually upload files and folders.

Back up data and Settings
You will need a PIN, pattern, or a password for the screen lock. This will help protect your back-up data from unauthorized users. A swipe or smart lock is not as secure as the former three options. To achieve this:

1. Launch the settings application on your phone
2. Tap on system> Advanced> backup; to arrive at the designated feature
The steps may differ in names on different versions of Android.
3. Switch on the Backup service

Only the authorized owner of a tablet can see the backup and reset options:

 Wi-Fi networks and passwords
 When you upload to Google
 What to Backup
 Settings and data for apps not made by Google, which varies by application
 Language and input settings
 Google Contacts data
 Google Calendar events and settings
 Gmail settings
 Display settings (brightness and sleep)
 Date and time

Restoring apps and settings on Android devices
Whether you are planning to upgrade your Android device or rest the old phone, you can always restore the apps and settings easily. Google will back up the contacts, call logs, texts, and settings to the Cloud. This means you can pick up from where you left off even after a long time transitioning. Restoring apps can be easy and direct if you do it during configuration. For example, if you are using Google Now, or other related features, you can restore the settings and still maintain the home screen layout. You do not have to interfere with the background after the process. Here is how to restore your content before you move to your new device:

1. Select the language and tap on the ‘let’s go’ button
2. Tap on ‘copy data’ to begin the restore process
3. Ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network
4. The options will be available on the next pop-up screen prompting you to select a backup from the device. This is for those with the old phone.
5. Go to A backup from the cloud option and tap ok
6. You will be prompted to sign in to your existing Google account. This is a simple two-step authentication process
7. Choose I agree to Google’s terms before you proceed
8. The list of backup options provide you with the choice for a relevant one to restore your preferred content
9. Tap on ‘restore’ to confirm that you want all the content and settings brought back
10. Select the desired apps you need installed in the new Android gadget. The data will continue to be restored in a background process as you proceed with other preferences.
11. Set up a screen lock and biometric authentication for maximum security
12. Tap on set up a screen lock to begin, and select the desired mode of screen unlock method from the list available. You may add your fingerprint to make it impregnable.
13. You may proceed to set up Google Assistant as well
14. Choose the Get started button for voice match initiation. You will have to train Assistant to identify your unique voice before completing by tapping on ‘done’

This is all you need for the initial setup. All your settings, apps, and desired content will be restored just like you wanted it. Google Drive is responsible for saving all your app data with an average allocation of 25mb for each app. The data used by the backup system may not be part of storage quota anymore. The developers are free to choose the app data they need to be stored in the cloud. Most importantly, you can opt out whenever you feel the need to do it.

The Bottom Line
You have noticed that Android restore from backup does not have to be difficult. You can do it without any professional or technical help whatsoever. You can trust Google Drive to keep your data safe. All you need to do is remember to gather the data and sending it to the remote server for safety and privacy. Be careful because Android restore from backup may differ from the device and make it difficult for you to recover all you need.

How to Change Keyboard In Android

One of the best things about the Android software is the fact that there are so many customizable features and themes available. Some of them may be available on certain phones and some may be available through the Google Play Store embedded into different apps.

You may sometimes want to change up the look of your phone if you are feeling bored, now if you have an iOS or any other software phone, you will see that you cannot change the basic layout until another, updated and latest version of the iOS software is introduced. However, with Android, this will not be a problem! If you ask me, this is one of the benefits of using an Android phone. 
How to Change Keyboard Android
Why You Should Change Your Android Keyboard

You may have never thought that you should feel the need to change the keyboard on your Android mobile or tablet. To be honest, when you think about it, there is not probably any need to change it. The keyboard that was built-in your phone when you bought it is probably perfectly fine and usable. But then again, maybe it is not that useful and maybe it just is not the right keyboard for you.

Of course, a keyboard may not be the most important thing that many people consider when they use their mobile phones, however, it actually is the most essential when considering the overall look and style of a phone. An ugly keyboard and even a keyboard that has only a few functions can really ruin the whole outlook of your mobile phone.

Moreover, there is a whole world of keyboards available and the default keyboard that came on your mobile phone device when you first purchased it is probably not the most productive or even the prettiest keyboard out there. Plus, there are many, many options to choose from when searching for a keyboard.

So, to help you get started on changing that old keyboard of yours, keep on reading to find out how to change your keyboard android. 

How to Change Your Keyboard Android

The first thing you should know before you begin to change your keyboard is that in order to do so you must first set up your phones input methods.

Set up Language and Input

There are some chances that your Android device already has a few pre-installed keyboard options available. If this is the case, then you probably do not have to install any new keyboard apps from the Google Play Store.

Instead, what you must do to enable the additional keyboards is the following;

● Go to Settings
● Then click on the Personal option
● And, finally, you must select the Language and Input file.

After clicking on Language and Input, you will find the various  keyboards that are already installed in your Android device. An  important point to note is that the number of keyboards may vary  according to the device that you have as well as according to the  company that your device is made of. To begin the keyboard, all   you must do is check the box connected to it and you are done!

You can now use that keyboard whenever you use the typing feature. Similarly, if you ever wish to change back to your previous, default keyboard then you must follow the above steps and choose the Default button and then choose the input method that you wish. 

Switch While Typing

Another way you can change your Android phone’s keyboard is by switching it up while you type and are using the keyboard. This can be used even if you have changed up your keyboard before and now wish to re-change it to a new style or even change it back to the default keyboard.

In order to do so, you must follow these steps;

 When you begin to type in the text box, you will notice a tiny icon of a keyboard in the upper corner of your notification bar. This keyboard icon indicates that you will now be able to change your input methods directly from the notification screen.
 Next, you must swipe down on the notification menu on your phone and then, click on Choose input method. By doing so, a menu will open up and show you all of the keyboards that you have enabled.
 Simply all you must do is click on the keyboard that you wish to use.

Download New Keyboards

The last thing you can try to get a new and improved keyboard for your android phone is to simply download a new one from the Google Play Store. By going on the Play Store, you will find many options both old and new that you can choose from. The benefit of completely downloading a new keyboard application is that you can choose from a very large variety of keyboards with various colors and designs. A lot of new keyboards also include extra features and tools that are very useful.

In Conclusion, these are the various ways you will be able to change your keyboard in an Android device. It is always a good thing to change up the look of your phone, especially if you want to get a new phone and are currently unable to afford it, the best way to make it seem like you have a new phone is to change the keyboard and theme! By doing so, you will feel like you have gotten a new phone instantly and without any costs!

Best Photo Editing App For Android

Nowadays, many people focus on pictures, whether these pictures are selfies, nature photos, or generally anything. Photos have become a part of our lifestyle. The thing is, however, plain and simple photos just do not work anymore. You may click a perfect picture, but, without it being edited, the picture will not look professional or even nice in some cases. 

Although editing pictures is essential, whether you are editing them for a work project or just to post on a social media platform, finding the right software for editing can be difficult. The main reason behind this is the fact that so many different software has been introduced and with each software comes specific requirements as well as limitations.
Best Photo Editing App For Android
What kind of limitations, you may ask? Well, not all photo editing apps can be used on an iOS device just as not all photo editing apps can be used on an Android device. No matter if your device is a mobile phone, a tablet or even a laptop. Because of this reason, it can become extremely difficult to find a good photo editing app on your android device that has all sorts of features and aspects. To get some instant information and an emphasized idea on the best photo editing app for Android, keep on reading!

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express
The Adobe Photoshop Express is the best photo editing app for many reasons. First of all, this popular application can be used on all software alongside Android. So, even if you ever need to switch up your device to an IOS or Windows, then you will not have to worry about going through the hectic process of finding another good photo editing app.

Moreover, the Adobe Photoshop Express is extremely easy to use with one-click features that give your photos all the editing they need in just a number of minutes. Another reason why the Adobe Photoshop Express is great for photo editing is that it offers a variety of different tools for you to edit your photos that make them look professionally done. For instance, it has the tool of Image Rendering Engine which helps users handle and edit larger files such as a panoramic photo.  Furthermore, it has a Noise Reduction feature that has the ability to reduce any unwanted grain or flecks in a day and night photos.

Some more special features of the adobe photoshop express include more than 80 filters to choose from, you can share your photos instantly to all social media platforms and your photos can be imported and edited in a RAW format.

Google Photos

Another great photo editing app that can be used on both Android and IOS is Google Photos. One of the best things about this app is the fact that it does not reduce the quality of your photos when you upload it. If you choose the “High-Quality” option after installing the app, your photos will exactly the same and even better after they have been edited with Google Photos.

Some special features of this app include the fact that after you have edited your photos, they will automatically be available on all of your devices. This is because when you use the same Gmail account to sign in to Google photos that you have signed in on your computer, tablet and, phone, you have the ability to access them from anywhere.

Moreover, if your device is low on space, you can transfer all the photos in your gallery to Google Photos and delete them from your phone, laptop or, tablet. With a large variety of filters and effects to choose from, Google Photos is definitely one of the top photo editors on our list!

PicsArt Photo Studio

This particular photo editing app has over 100 million downloads from all over the world. PicsArt is most definitely one of the most favorited photo editing apps out there. This ad-free photo editor lets the user edit their photos using a variety of tools and effects.

Some special features of this app include a brush mode that allows the user to apply effects to an only certain part of their picture, a built-in camera feature with live effects, and, AI effects. Moreover, it also gives you the ability to share your edited photos instantly to many social media platforms.


This photo editing app, although not completely free like the ones above, is very popular amongst youth who prefer a more aesthetic style of editing photos. This amazing app offers a lot of nice pre-set filters and effects with many other tools that allow you to make your photos look professional. VSCO also has a built-in social network that is perfect for aspiring photographers and editors who wish to get noticed and gain popularity.


This photo editing app is developed by Google and offers a very wide range of different effects and tool including the options of tuning, contrast, glow and many more. Snapseed is also free and it has a user-friendly interface which allows the user to edit their photos in a single touch.

A special feature in this app includes a dark theme that enhances the overall look of the application, filter brush modes for when you wish to only edit certain parts of your photos and, users get the option of saving customized filters for later use. 

These are some of the best photo editing apps for Android and other software that are free and provide many different features to users to edit their pictures and feel like amazing and professional photographers!

Cortana App For Android Phone Free

Cortana is a virtual assistant designed and created by the Microsoft Corporation with the ability to work on Android as well as iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One, Amazon Alexa, Windows 10 Mobile and many more devices. It is currently available in seven languages including, English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and, Japanese. Moreover, it has been voiced by the American voice actor Jen Taylor.

Cortana is basically Microsoft’s answer to the Google assistant and Apple’s Siri. Although intended for use on the Windows 10 operating system, a portable version of the Cortana app for android phone free has also been developed.
Cortana App For Android Phone Free
Why Use Cortana For Android?

Cortana is a highly intelligent virtual assistant that has the ability to help you with several daily tasks. She can set reminders for you, keep track of your notes and lists, help manage your calendar and, make calls as well as texts on your behalf.

Like any smart voice assistant, Cortana will give you any and all kinds of information that you ask her. Moreover, she also gives you everyday traffic and weather updates based on various locations and keeps a tab on any reminders you forget about.

Cortana is adaptable with many third-party applications such as Uber and Eventbrite, which, not many other voice assistants have the ability to do. Also, most of the search results that Cortana gives are taken directly from the Bing search engine, which is a very accurate platform for searches of all kinds.

Basically, Cortana is the perfect assistant that you are missing in your life. Assisting you with several tasks in your daily life, she is guaranteed to make your life much easier.

How To Install and Use Cortana For Android Phone Free

In order to find and install the Cortana app, you must go to the Google Play Store and search for “Cortana” and then, click on the install button. When you first launch Cortana, you will be asked to allow the app to access your phone’s location and it will request access to your phone’s files. You should agree to those requests and allow the app to access them as they are necessary for Cortana to work.

You will also be asked to allow access to other parts of your phone including the calendar, search history, notes, voice interface, gallery and many more things. The reason Cortana asks permission for a long list of things is that a voice assistant app can only be useful when it can access all parts of your phone at once instead of asking permission each time it opens. 

Once you click on the agree button you will be redirected to your Microsoft account, which if you do not have one will then be created. You can do this by tapping the “Create One!” option.

Now, once Cortana has been installed, it will begin a setup process that asks you to enter your name or any name that you wish to be called by Cortana and you can choose the background color of the app. Once these plus a few extra things are decided, you will be able to go through a quick and short tutorial that shows the various things you can do with the app.

If you are unable to work with the commands or cannot understand them correctly, you can tap on the little microphone on the bottom of the screen and ask Cortana, ‘What can I do?’. Cortana will then inform you about the various commands you can give to it.  

Tips for Using Cortana on Android?

There are some hidden tricks you can try when using Cortana for Android that many users are not aware of. Some of these may include the following.

Change the Theme Color

The default color of Cortana is blue and black. Many users stick with this color and never change it, however, you have the option to change to various other colors such as pink, purple, green, teal, black, orange, and, yellow. All you have to do is swipe right on the app to see the amazing color panel and change colors!

Notifications on Various Devices

Cortana allows the user to transfer notifications from every app on your laptop or PC without the need to install any other third-party software. You will be able to get missed call notifications, text message alerts, reminders and many other notifications. You even have the ability to reply to your messages and DMs through your laptop.

All you must do is open settings in the Cortana app and click on ‘Cross-Device’ and ensure that all your devices have a stable internet connection.

Other Fun Commands

You have the ability to dictate emoji commands to Cortana and she will type the emoji for you! All you have to say is “smiley” or “winkie”. Moreover, Cortana can also translate basic words. For example, you can ask her for a word in Spanish and she will tell you.

Cortana also has the ability to search for documents and images on your phone. All you must do is ask her for the pictures or documents that you need from a specific date and she will pull them up for you!

In Conclusion, the Cortana app for Android Mobile is an extremely great app that can be helpful for tasks in our daily lives and best of all, it is free! So, no one has to stress about getting this app and paying for any expensive features.
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