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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Play GTA V Free Roam In Most Interesting Way

​I am not a typical gamer. I bought my PC when I was in class 8. I got that big machine after a long waiting. I told my parents that I want to learn computer, that is true. I also added, it's important for my class. It was a big lie. I am from West Bengal board which was lagged behind in terms of computer syllabus. We had not such important things that you needed to buy a personal computer that time. As far as I can remember, only ms paint, ms excel and ms word were in our syllabus. and someone asks me now, why I bought my PC? The answer is- To play game that time. I saw project IGI, Max Payne in my friend's PC. I was amazed how can be it possible. I can control a man who looks almost real. I can jump, I can fire, I can bend my head down, I can crawl and almost everything. I decided that time, when I will buy PC, I will definitely install those games. At the very first after buying computer, I played almost 3-4 hours continuously at a time. Project IGI, project IGI 2, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, FIFA 05, GTA Vice City. I had a craze on vice city in different level. 
Grand Theft Auto V

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Top 13 Monochrome Pictures Of Me

As I said in my about me, that I am a very lucky person and I think so. I love photography as well as I love to get clicked, my someone. 3-4 years ago, I wished if someone clicked my picture in DSLR camera, it would be great. Clear, sharp image with the blurred background, which we see in photography pages. But it is damn easy when your best friend is a good photographer. You can see my picture on my Facebook profile. The cover photo, the DP, the feature photo, all has been clicked by him. He is such a good photographer. I have almost 700-800 high-quality images of mine which all are captured by Uttiyo
Potrait Photography
I want to share them here. Those have been edited by a popular photo editing app called "Prisma". A new filter has been released- Daryl Feril. It makes the picture like a high quality sketch or something like that. The main thing is I like this mode. Anyway, here are 12 pictures of mine. As I mentioned above that, all pictures have been captured by Uttiyo, so I don't add the watermark in photos. Let's check these-

Friday, 21 April 2017

Pichai Effect On Silicon Valley

Who is the CEO of Google? Answer- Sundar Pichai. Now even every child, especially Indian child knows that as Pichai is an Indian. Being an Indian, he went there and rule the silicon valley at present, the journey of Pichai is a phenomenon. He is arguably most famous person in silicon valley just after Larry page and Sergey Brin and Tim Cook (Apple CEO). Page now left from CEO post of Google and now they have been founded a mother company of Google called alphabet.  Google is a part of Alphabet
Pichai Effect On Silicon Valley
If you notice the journey of Google, you can see how rapidly they have been improved themselves. They are always working on search engine algorithm and change it when it is needed. Recently they have been launched an algorithmic update named Fred, which literally shakes the SEO world. It filters all the low-quality sites with bad backlinks. Bad means that are not natural, paid links, PBN links or others. Anyway, there was a time when iOS rules alone in the smartphone industry. Then android appears. 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Develop Book Reading Habit

​Reading habit is a really good habit, and I'm happy that I have it. A few days ago I worried when I thought that my reading habit is no more like my younger age. Yes, that's right. I read a lot of books in my childhood. Whenever I went, wherever I went, I took a story book with me. Even when I went by train, I read books all throughout the journey. My grandmother and grandfather also gave me books in my childhood. In my every birthday, my sister gave me books. That help me to increase my reading habit as well as imagination power. Now in the era of computer and smartphone, children lose their imagination power cause they can see everything in television or computer or smartphone. But we have to imagine those things, which we read about in books. Everyone praised me for the habit. Even I had a desire to build a library in my house when I can earn. But nowadays I can't read a book more than 20 minutes. Simply I can't. Is there any particular reason? But one good thing, I've built up a good reading habit in computer or smartphone. I read a lot of articles every day from those.
How To Develop Book Reading Habit

Best Ways To Decorate A Blog Post

Once I spent only 5 minutes to decorate blog post and then posted it to the web. Honestly speaking it was nothing decorative. Just write on a new page, add an image or two then post it. I worked with a senior named Amit Bhattacharya, and he taught me how to decorate a blog post, that will be easily readable to readers. The decoration is a very important thing. If you went to any big hotel, the one thing that draws your eyes is their food decoration, the way they serve the food, Salad, Biriyani, Hakka Chowmin or whatever the food is. This is the first impression of that food to us. Same for blog post decoration, which is important to readers. If would definitely need good decoration. So, let me describe one by one.
how to decorate a blog post

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why You Should Update Content Regularly?

The website is a living entity, where people search for latest information daily. A static website without update seems dead website to search engine like google. It seems like there is nothing new to provide visitors. Google loves a fresh website that updates frequently. If you update your blog/ website regularly with high-quality content, the search engine will love your blog definitely. The more you will put fresh and quality content in it, the more frequently crawler bot will crawl and index your site to their search result. It will increase the chance of higher ranking of your site, and therefore you will get more visitors.
content is the king
Every time you update your blog/website, search engines notice this and they re-arrange our site's ranking. So if you update your old content that already ranked, you can make sure your site's position on page one. As you know, Google is called the search engine giant, and it loves fresh content. In order to get massive traffic from it, you must update your blog/website frequently. Besides, when you update your site with more and more contents, actually you have added more keywords to it. It will increase the opportunity to rank your blog for few more keywords.

I wrote an article on Google's latest algorithmic update Fred, which literally shakes the SEO world. Google love keywords contained an article, but... google hate keyword stuffed content. If you unnecessarily stuff keywords just for getting ranked better in the search engine. You have to face something bad in return of it. Many people asked, "What's the best ratio of keyword and text"? Basically, there is no exact ratio o them. If you write a natural article, the text and keywords will come automatically. Do not write keyword stuffed content, white content that can help your readers. 

Nowadays all bloggers and webmaster are striven to become a niche authority in Google's eyes. But the important thing is to deliver quality content as you know there is a popular sentence among webmasters that, "Content is the king". The more informative, more valuable content you deliver, the more authority your site will gain. So if you want to own an authority site, forget about on-page optimization, off-page optimization, SEO tricks and all. Just concentrate on quality content. The large your site will get the chance of getting authority will be higher for your site. If you check all the authority sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, IGN, WebMD all they have tens of thousands of pages indexed by Google. When your site will become a big site with a large number of pages? Simple, when you will regularly update your site. The more you will write on a particular topic with quality content; you will become a stronger authority and both people and search engine begin to trust you. The more they will trust you, the more they will purchase the products suggested by you which are basically affiliate marketing. 

Stop Wasting Time On Facebook... Be Creative

After announcing that HTTPS is a ranking signal by Google [in 2016], the bloggers have a high tendency to shift their blog from HTTP to HTTPS. I have mostly seen the tech blogs to here. This an example of the query and see the search result. Comparatively, you will find less SSL certificate in health blog, food blog and fashion blog. This is normal. tech bloggers are much aware of Google ranking signal, so they want to take advantage of it. But at the end of the day content says all, cause I've seen some thin contented HTTPS event blog, which is basically worthless. Suppose the upcoming event- Happy Friendship Day 2017. 
https secured protocol

tech blog with https

health blog without https

food blogs without https

event blog with https
When I search for the images, here is the result. This site with HTTPS rules the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) literally. Still, I will say, if you focus on the content, you don't need SSL certificate. You still can get better ranking.

Justin Bieber's purpose world tour of India's ticket has been available now again for other phases. The ticket price starts from 5000 and ends at 76000 rupees. So if you are a true Belieber and you can afford the cost, here are the biggest opportunity for you. As I am quite busy on blogging and the making of the outdoor gate, garage and all, so I think it's not a good time to leave my house even for few days. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Snapchat CEO Said, "India Is Poor" : Really?

Google brings another snippet option in their search result. Here they categorized all blogs and here are the results if you write tech blog in the search box and search it. Same for a food blog, beauty blog, health blog, and much more. It seems like, when you need just one liner answer from the internet, there will be no need to visit any website near future cause you will get the answer from the google search page snippet.
tech blogs

fashion blogs

food blogs
Snapchat CEO mentioned India as a developing country and everybody losses their mind. Their only and only slogan is to go PlayStore, download Snapchat, rate it as one star and then uninstall it. I don't know why we can't accept the truth. Yes, our country is a poor country. Though we have billionaires in our country like Mukesh Ambani and all, still its a developing country if you consider the overall economic condition. If you ask me about this situation, I will say he is nothing wrong. As an online marketer, I know the marketing opportunity in India. Whenever I work as a media buyer, I hardly target Indian traffic. My main target is always tier 1 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, etc. Why because tier one country has a great tendency to convert well. They purchase things most from online. If you check the Adsense CPC, you can feel the same situation there. For the same niche, we get 2-3 rupees per click from Indian traffic, whereas US traffic gives 20-30 rupees per click. Ten times higher than Indian CPC. So whenever we start working on any niche, we confirm first that the traffic will come from tier one countries. The Snapchat CEO thinks like that, and he doesn't give any priority to Indian market. So what? And moreover, he didn't announce this publicly. He told that during their official meeting in 2015. 
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