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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription and Get Money Back

Netflix has become a standard when it comes to consuming entertainment. This was not the case just a few years ago, they have become a giant in the business. It used to be the case that streaming services were just not available. You had to either download your chosen content or try your luck with services that were not all that good. Because of the advances that technology has gone through we can now depend on services like Netflix.

Our bandwidth today is many times higher than what we had just a couple of years ago. The Internet is now everywhere and on virtually every device.

It used to be the case that you had to have a tv to watch movies or any kind of video content. That is not the case anymore. Where you had to choose from a few channels now you can select from an endless selection available online, much of it free. Since you now have many options and Netflix is not the only one anymore, let’s talk about canceling their subscription.
How to Cancel Netflix Subscription and Get Money Back

A bit about Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service, this means that they provide video content for you on demand. Whenever you request a movie or series from them they send the data directly to you. This means that you do not have to wait for a download to finish to begin enjoying what you want to watch. Their service is so good that if you have a decent internet connection you will never see a loading screen. It works very well and fast. They have become an industry giant because of the quality of their service, but there is another reason: their business model.

They used to limit themselves to distributing other people’s content. You were able to find a great selection of content on their platform, and this gave them an edge. People were eager for a service that worked well and had a good selection of titles. At times it can be hard to find something good amongst the ocean of free content that is available. Netflix removed this complication by selecting between what they considered would be the best. It worked very well for them.

This came behind a pay-wall. Netflix has always been a subscription-based service. There is no free Netflix alternative. You have a 30-day trial available, and after that, you have to pay. This comes with some advantages and disadvantages. We will cover a few here.

Advantages of a paid subscription model


Like we touched on before using a paid model gives you a great advantage. You will not have to select between endless options of various levels of quality. Netflix will do that for you. They make sure that you get something that is of high quality. Don’t worry about quantity, there is so much great content on Netflix that you will never have enough time to cover it all, and it constantly changes too.


Being a paid service gives you access to technical support. Any concern you may have about your experience with Netflix will be address by them promptly. Their tech support is great. They are fast and efficient, also very polite. You have many ways to engage with them too, so that is very convenient.

3. Guaranteed quality of service: 

Since they are providing a service to you, they have to commit to provide a high level of service. This means that Netflix is always up and that it works. It works on nearly every screen nowadays, including TVs and smartphones. You can even get Netflix today from your cable TV provider, it comes ready out of the box in the device that they provide. Using Netflix has never been easier, and it is a great experience. Their level of service is excellent indeed.

4. No ads: 

This is a big one. Having access to free content often means having to sit through ads. The amount and length of ads today are getting higher and higher. This can be a problem. There are situations in which you simply cannot have an ad popping up every few minutes, this is the case with screens that are left playing on the background, for instance. Knowing that you will never see ads while using Netflix is a great thing that most of us appreciate a lot. This is only possible thanks to the subscription model. Free content depends on ads to make money.


1. Access to a payment method is required: 

This is a very common problem. Not everyone has access to a credit card. Without a credit card, it is not possible to access the subscription service. Although other payment methods are starting to become available, this is not widely spread yet. If you do not have a credit card you will not have access to what you are trying to consume.

2. You do not control the content: 

You will only be able to freely choose between what Netflix has decided to make available to you. This is not a big deal with Netflix because we have already seen that there is a huge selection of excellent content. But you may find that the thing you are looking for is not there, or was removed.

3. Fees may change: 

Netflix reserves the right to change the price of their subscription at any time. No negotiation.

4. It can be too expensive: 

Of course, this is the main concern for many. In many places of the world, the price of Netflix is simply too high. Your own financial situation may change, too. This could make Netflix too expensive to keep.

Can you get a refund?

You can, of course, cancel at any time. The month you paid for will be available to you, but you will not be able to get a refund under any circumstances. This is stated very clearly in their terms of service and they have a very strict No-refund policy. Be mindful of this when subscribing.

How to Get Netflix for Free Without Credit Card

We have become used to having access to Netflix. It used to be the case that Netflix was not a common thing, it is everywhere now. We now take for granted the ability to simply start Netflix on any of our devices. This is because it truly is very easy to get it to work anywhere, and the price is still accessible to many. There are still a few obstacles to getting access to it, even if you can afford it. We are going to cover a few options here today. We are sure that you will be able to benefit from at least one of them. That should help you in getting access to Netflix for free without a credit card. Let’s go over them one by one and see.
How to Get Netflix for Free Without Credit Card

Free options

You can get Netflix from your cable provider

This still amazes me. Netflix used to be a bitter enemy of cable providers. It has been one of the main reasons why traditional television is in such a decline. After all, they cannot compete with a service that gives you the freedom to select what you want at any time. It really is so powerful that they have grown in an incredible way. This has given Netflix a huge power of negotiation and cable companies have had to fold. You can find many cable providers around the world offering Netflix with their bundle. With this option, you get a Netflix account to access all of their content. Since cable providers have other payment methods you can dispense with the credit card, and it often comes free when you get the rest of the package. This is an excellent choice in many countries around the world.

Borrowed account

This may not be strictly what Netflix has in mind when they provide their service, but they have complete control over who gets their content. They know very well which account you are using, and from which location. Since this is a very common practice everywhere we can probably assume that they do not mind. Especially because it would be very easy for them to force you to stop. If you can get a friend or family member willing and able to use their card you can offer them to split the bill. You could also not make such an offer and get Netflix for free from them. Just be careful not to take advantage of your loved ones.

From a Netflix prepaid card

This is not widely available yet. There are countries where you will not find this option. If you are lucky to live somewhere where this is available you will be able to avoid using a credit card. You may get a Netflix Prepaid Card as a gift in this context, which would give you access to their streaming services for free. Now you just need to find someone willing to gift that to you.

Not so free options

All of the options that we will cover below aren’t truly free. You will be able to activate an account and get access to a free trial. The trial lasts for 30 days though. After that, you will have to put money into your preferred payment option to continue to use Netflix’s services. There are ways to extend the free trial, but we will not cover them here. Check these out if that is what you are looking to do. A quick online search will provide you with the results you are looking for.

With a virtual credit card

This option is not exactly free. Actually, it is not free at all. We cover it here because it is a good alternative to a credit card. You may find that you can get access to a virtual credit card. This could be the case even if you have no access to a traditional one. This is becoming more and more common, there are websites and apps that provide this service. You usually have to add a balance of money to that virtual credit card, and then you get to use it online just as you would with any other card. In this digital age, this is going to become the future. It won’t be too long before we have a lot more options than just credit cards for our payment needs.


Although you can add a credit card to your PayPal account, it is no longer required. If you have a source of income that gives you money in the form of a Paypal deposit this is a good option. There are also other ways in which you can make a deposit into your PayPal account without having to use a credit card. These options can change locally, but there are a few available. This is another option that requires money from you, it is not a way to get the service for free after the free trial is up.

Like we said before, there is a way to extend your free trial. Look into it if that is what you aim at doing. We seriously recommend paying for Netflix if you can afford it. It really is worth having such a great quality service at your fingertips. Prices can be a bit high in some parts of the world, but it is quite affordable in many others, and still a much cheaper alternative to regular television.


We have covered quite a few options to avoid having to use a credit card. In some cases, you can avoid paying altogether. Having these options available is a great thing. You never know when you are going to need one of them. Keep them in mind for yourself, or as an alternative for someone that might be asking you for your account! Thanks for reading.

How to Install Apk on Android TV from USB

Smart appliances are the norm and not the exception today. It was not very long ago that this was not even a possibility, and now they are everywhere. From computers, phones, tablets, TVs, printers you can find smart devices on any piece of hardware. Even the ones that you might not think about, such as fridges, air conditioning, even your toaster. This does come at a price though. That price is that we have become very much dependent on our technology. Not just the tech itself, but also the fact that most of this stuff needs to connect to the Internet to function properly. Having smart devices is very convenient, but it can also run you the risk of depending on something that is more fragile than its regular counterpart.
How to Install Apk on Android TV from USB
TVs have evolved a lot since they first came into the scene. We now have enormous screens, with outrageous resolutions. Response times and contrast ratios will make your jaw drop. These are just a few of the great technological advances that you will find in any regular TV. Gone are the days when your TV was a huge monster that weighted more than you. Our thin and light screens are much better than their older counterparts. This much is obvious.

TVs themselves are now smart, and many of them come ready to provide digital content. That is not the case with all models though, and this is where Android TV comes into play. Let’s take a look at what it is, what it does, and how you can customize it to fit your needs.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a small box that plugs into any TV with a compatible input port. It will plug into the internet and display your selected content on the screen you plugged it into. It is that simple. You can make any screen smart with this device, and it comes equipped with a few features that are very interesting.

1. Google Assistant: 

The Google Assistant comes pre-installed on every version of Android TV available. It provides a way to get suggestions and link your Android TV to the rest of your Google Ecosystem. You can also do searches and control your TV through voice commands. This technology has been evolving fast. It is now very usable and you should try it if you haven’t done so yet.

2. Chromecast: 

Chromecast is a very useful thing to have. It enables you to cast from any other device connected to your home network, such as your phone, tablet or PC. You can simply send the content and control its playback options from your device of choice. Right into your Android TV. Having this is very convenient because it works very well. It is fast and responsive and keeps you from having to use your remote control. That alone is a great plus for Chromecast.

3. Google’s PlayStore: 

With Android TV you get access to Google’s own app store. This means that you have at your fingertips thousands of apps. Many of them designed specifically to work with Android TV. You can find streaming services, all sorts of utilities and even games. This is a great feature that gives Android TV an advantage over most of its competitors in the market. The power of the PlayStore makes a difference in many different instances.

Two ways to get Android TV

If you do not own one already you might be wondering how you would go about getting one. There are two options available to you at the moment:

1. Get it pre-installed with certain brands of TVs: 

Some well-established brands have adopted Android TV as their Operating System for their smart TVs. You should look in the product description to find out which ones come with it installed. Chances are that if you own one of these you are already aware of this detail. You can see the Android TV logo on several places when using the TV.

2. Buy a dedicated box: 

This is a very common choice. It is getting more and more popular. You can get several different brands of boxes. They interface with the TV through an HDMIport. They are an excellent choice to turn an older screen into a smart TV. They are usually not very expensive and very compatible. Make sure that you have a reliable internet connection before getting one, though. All of Android TV’s magic will be lost if you cannot stream well. This should not be a concern for most of us. The quality of Internet service around the world is of a very high standard today. It is more than capable of handling the needs of your Android TV.

An APK. Sorry, what?!

We are getting closer to the topic at hand. Let’s define an APK. An APK is basically the format in which Android PlayStore apps are stored and installed. Think of them as an installer for your Android device. You can use them to install anything on a device that is powered by the Android Operating System. Now on to the guide itself, check it out.

Step by step guide

1. Allow Unknown Sources on your TV. 

You can do this from the settings menu, in the security option.

2. Get your APK installer on a USB stick: 

Pretty straightforward. We assume that if you are looking to install a specific APK it means that you already know how to get it.

3. Connect your USB stick to the TV and click it: 

This step should be easy. You just need to click on your file once the USB stick is recognized by the TV. Navigate to the file and open it.

4. Wait until it is done: 

Not much to do here. Make sure you do not turn off the TV, though.

5. Enjoy your app!


How to Install APK on Android Without File Manager

Chances are that if you are looking for a way to install an APK on your Android-powered device, such as a phone or tablet, you are not a novice. We are going to cover all the details here as if you were though. It is always useful to be thorough with this kind of thing. You may find that you learn something new along the way. Let’s go ahead and start from the beginning defining a few terms that we will need later on.

What is an APK

APK stands for Android Application Package. Its name is clear. This is a way to compress applications to use with the Android Operating System. Think of it as an installer. It contains all the files needed to get the desired application installed and ready to run on your device.

In case you were wondering, this is the kind of application that Google’s PlayStore handles when you search and install an app. This is just a way to dispense with the need of using the PlayStore. You can simply get the specific APK you are looking for and install it directly.
How to Install APK on Android Without File Manager

Why use APKs?

You may find yourself needing a specific version of an app that is not available any more on the PlayStore. In such a case, you can just install it directly with its APK.

Another reason to use an APK might be that you already have the APK and currently no access to the internet. Google’s PlayStore relies on the Internet and it is useless without it. In that case, an APK will be your only way to install an application. This requires that you already have it though.

There are a few ways to get APKs. Today it is very common to find sites that hold all sorts of them. They are very convenient and work quite well.

Your options

There are three methods that we know of that we have been able to test for ourselves. We will share them with you here, with a detailed guide. You can choose whichever seems easiest to you, they should all produce the same result.

All commands are in quotes (‘’) in this article. You should not type them when issuing the commands, just what is inside of them.

Method 1: Using ADB

ADB is short for Android Debug Bridge. It is a very powerful tool to control a lot of things related to your android device from the command line of a pc. To use it you will need:

1. ADB installed on your PC or Mac: 

This shouldn’t be much of a problem, you can install it on Linux right from the command line. If you use Windows or Mac you can download it and install it easily too.

Linux or Mac would be our first choices here. We have not had great great experiences trying to do this in Windows.

2. Drivers: 

You will need to ensure that you have all the proper drivers installed on the machine that you plan to use.

3. A good cable: 

A usb cable to connect the Android device to that machine is required. Not just any cable will do. It is very common to get unexpected errors due to a cable that is not suited for data transfering. Just make sure you use a thick cable, if it is the original one that came with your device that would be best.

Once you have everything installed and configured you just need one last step. In ADB type the following command: adb install [path:app.apk]. Do not use the brackets, path is the location of your file, and app.apk is the name of your package.

Method 2: The terminal Emulator

We have touched a bit on the command line above. There is no command line readily available out-of-the-box in Android. But it is a system based on Linux, so there is a way to use a terminal. That way is known as a Terminal Emulator.

This option will only be available to you if you already have it installed of course.

It will also require root permissions. Keep that in mind if you run into strange errors during this process.

If you meet all of the above requirements the steps you need to follow are:

1. Open your Terminal Emulator App: You should be able to find it somewhere on your launcher.

2. Get superuser permissions for the session: You do this by typing: ‘su’

3. Navigate to the folder that contains your APK: Two commands will help you with this. The first one is ‘cd’. It allows you to change directory to the one you specify right after. The second one is ‘ls’. This second command lists all the available directories (folders) and files inside your current directory. Once you are positioned insde the folder that contains your APK you can move to the final step.

4. Install the APK: To do this just type ‘pm install name.apk’, where ‘name’ is the name of your app.

You are done. Depending on the Terminal Emulator you are using you may or may not see a confirmation message. If you don’t see a confirmation message you can tell that it went well because you will get a prompt.

Make sure that you take note of any error messages if they pop up, they will help you to troubleshoot.

Method 3: The browser

This is probably the most simple of the three methods. It is not always as reliable as the other two. It also requires you to have a browser installed. That should be the case in most situations, so you can just try this and see if it works.

To launch the APK installer inside a browser just follow these steps:

1. Open your browser.

2. Type: ‘file:///sdcard/name.apk’. Name is the name of your app here.

Night Vision Camera For Android Phone


There is just no way to keep up and know all the things that you could do with a cellphone nowadays. There is simply too much. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves. They are a tool that is so powerful that we depend on it for every-day activities. In this landscape, it can be easy to get lost in the thousands of apps that are available. A quick search in the app store will show you results for any query, this is great to find what you are looking for with ease.

We will discuss today a few details about Night Vision Cameras. We will define them and see if they are available for our Android phones. Let’s see what we can learn about this.
Night Vision Camera For Android Phone


We are focusing on Android today, we will not cover other Operating Systems in our search for the perfect night vision camera. Most of the information should still be relevant to any iPhone user, but we will focus on Android for today’s discussion. In case you are clueless about this let us clarify:

Android is the operating system developed by Google to power millions of phones all over the world. It is the main alternative to Apple’s iOS. Android is based on Linux architecture and provides the foundation for all the apps you install on your phone.

If you are an Android user you will have to use Google’s PlayStore to search for and install applications. You will find there paid and free apps, as well as reviews for all of them. This is usually helpful when deciding on whether or not to install an app.

Night Vision

What exactly is night-vision? Let’s find out to see if it is something that we can actually achieve on our phones.

Night-vision is a low-light mode on a given camera. It takes images under very poor lighting conditions such as a dark room or at night. Usually whenever there is very little light your camera will not work. This happens because any camera depends on ambient light to understand the world that it sees. Without enough light, the camera just won’t work. This is the same thing that happens with our eyes, except our eyes have a much better range.

Our eyes can see much better in the dark than most cameras. That is why a night-vision camera is something that many people are looking for.


Night-vision was first developed and used by the army. There used to be a time when fighting in the dark was simply not an option. This was the case throughout history. Of course, you can imagine that no army will go into the battlefield without being able to see what is going on. Too much potential for friendly fire and unwanted results on either side. This changed completely. Nowadays night-vision is part of every well-equipped army. It makes such a big difference that armies that have it will prefer to operate during the night. It gives an enormous advantage over the enemy if they do not have it themselves.

The colors

The current night vision is unable to show colors in a proper way. This is just too much to ask from any camera. The result of this is images that are mostly black and green or in some cases black and a blueish white. This is a very characteristic effect and most people recognize it when they see it. It is the best way that our technology can handle the lack of ambient light and still show images that can be understood.

Is it possible on a phone’s camera?

This is a very good question to ask. Night vision equipment is very expensive, big and hard to adapt to other hardware. Night vision goggles, for example, are quite big still to this day. So a good question to ask is: Is night vision possible with the hardware inside an Android phone?

Even though technology improves really fast and hardware keeps getting cheaper and smaller the answer is no. You still have a few options to get what you need out of your Android phone, though. Let’s see.


If you need real night vision, to be able to capture images at night or very low light conditions, you will need to add a piece of hardware to your phone.

These attachments can be bought online. There is a good range of prices and you should be careful when buying. Perhaps read a lot of reviews. Also, the cheaper your product, the worst results you will get. This is a delicate piece of hardware that is not cheap to manufacture.

If you make up your mind what you get is the following: An attachment that fits right over your phone’s lens. It is used on the camera that is facing away from you. These attachments are usually somewhat effective in capturing images and video in low light conditions. Just don’t expect miracles.


If you do a quick search on Google’s PlayStore you will find a lot of apps that claim to give you night vision. As we discussed, this is not possible through software alone. You can get a marginal improvement, but not much at all. What you usually get when installing one of these is a filter. This filter alters the images that you take. It makes them look green and black or white and black. It is just a cosmetic effect, though.

This could be all you need, perhaps that is what you are looking for. If that is the case you will get images that seem like they were taken in the dark.


Night vision is real, but not on our Android phones without outside attachments. You can get the effect through filters. If you need actual night vision you will need outside hardware to help you.

Logitech Unifying Receiver Pairing Without Software

Hello, are you looking for more information about Logitech Unifying Receiver Pairing Without Software? Then you are at right place. Here I will help you to solve all your queries related this issue. Logitech unifying receivers allow up to a maximum of six devices to be connected/linked to the same computer. However it works with compatible devices such as mouse and keyboard. Other devices that can be paired with Logitech unifying receiver include, Couch Mouse M515, Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830, Logitech Cube, Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550, Marathon Mouse M705, Mouse M525-C, Notebook Kit MK605, Performance Mouse MX, Touch Mouse M600, Touch Mouse T620, Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820, Wireless Combo MK270, Wireless Combo MK320, Wireless Combo MK360 and so many others as listed on the Logitech website. A Logitech unifying receiver is easily identifiable from other receivers because it has an orange logo. It is important to know that software is very important to any electronic device that has it. It is therefore not possible to pair a unifying receiver without a software, it is like trying to make a phone call without connection. Is that really possible? These are the steps to pair your Logitech unifying receiver:
Logitech Unifying Receiver Pairing Without Software

Launch the Logitech Unifying Multi-Connect Utility

This is available once you have downloaded the Logitech unifying utility. The app does not install anything or make changes to your computer. On the welcome page, click the <next > button and you will receive a directive to plug in your receiver.

Plug in unifying receiver

At this point, it is advisable to unplug any other receiver that you might have plugged in. this will ensure that connectivity is not interrupted.


It is all yours you can add as many devices you would like to connect but not more than six. After adding the devices you want to pair, you will be given some instructions on your screen. Follow them in order to finish the pairing processes.


That’s it, you are done. After the pairing process is over, just click the exit button and be set to do whatever it is that you wanted. So easy.

Advantages of using unifying receiver

It saves on money

Imagine you were running a business and you had to buy receivers for all the computers used by your employees. Quite expensive, uh? Logitech has made it more affordable by making sure that six devices can be connected all at once to one computer, by so doing, you save money to buy one for the other six devices and so on.

Saves on space

It has a slim body that comfortably rests on one port, allowing other ports to be easily accessible. The ugly look of cables lying on your desk is eliminated and now you can maximize the space of your desk.

Reliable software updates

You are required to download a Logitech unifying software when you buy a receiver. The importance of this is to keep on updating your software for convenience and efficiency. Towards the end of this article, you will find tips on how to update your unifying receiver without having to call the Logitech customer care.

Allows connectivity of multiple devices

With a unifying receiver, you do not need to use up your computer’s ports by adapting many USB receivers, use your keyboard, your mouse or any other device altogether. However, it does not allow connectivity of headphones. You can connect a maximum of six devices. Good question, what six devices can you use all at once? Unless you are at work. In the office there is a lot of connectivity but at home, I don’t think you can exhaust all the six chances.

How to update Logitech unifying receiver

Download windows update package from the Logitech's update download page. Once it is downloaded, click on it in order to launch, and then click on continue option in order to start the update process. Note that during this updating process, the devices you have connected to the computer will not be functional. The app will then scan your computer and in case there is any threat detected, you will be redirected to update them. On clicking the update option, the Logitech products will be updated, and then you can close.


You may have a couple of unifying receivers, but each device will pair to one receiver at a time. For instance, one mouse cannot be paired to two receivers at the same time. And even if it were possible, which is not, why not save some space for another device? 

In some devices, there is a maximum number of pairing changes which is 45. A device that has been connected for 45 times pairing with different receivers will not be able to pair after the 45th time. This is a disadvantage to people who use the same devices at work and home, yet using different receivers. There is nothing you can do because if you are an employee, you will not take the unifying receiver with you since it doesn’t belong to you. This is a disadvantage to those who have the old version devices. However, the newer devices do not have a limit to pairing changes.


The technology is really doing a lot to make our lives more comfortable and convenient and with time, we will have no use for cables. Keeping up with what’s new in the world of technology is important for you general knowledge and business. Logitech has taken that step to make it easy for you to run your business effectively and efficiently by creating this unifying receiver that is multi-compatible. However, for you to pair these devices with your receiver you will need to download their software because it is the key.

How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail

Are you looking for more information about How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail? Then you are at right place. In this article, I will sort out all your queries and questions related this article. Archiving emails means keeping them in a safe box without deleting them. Archiving is removing emails that are not important at the moment form your inbox to the all mail label. In case there is a response to an archived mail, the conversation pops back on the inbox mail showing the new response and the old archived message. An archived email stays in Gmail for as long as you have not deleted it. 

It is important to know that Gmail automatically organizes your emails for convenience. There are three categories namely primary, social and promotions. In the primary segment, you receive all the important emails from individuals and any other that does not fall on the other two categories. Social emails are all emails from any social platform like Facebook, twitter, name them while promotions keep messages that are promotional, just as the world suggests. If you have an account with a certain online shop and they have this offer coming up, an email sent to you concerning the offer will be categorized under promotions.

Regardless of the category under which an email is kept, archiving it is not limited, it is similar to archiving those stored in the primary category.
How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail

How to archive an email

On your computer or laptop, click on the inbox and move the cursor to the mail you would like to archive. Without clicking on the email, options will appear at the right side of that mail. The four options appear as icons but when you move the cursor on top of them, you will see what they mean. For instance, the four icons stand for archive, delete, mark as read and snooze simultaneously. The moment you click the archive option, the mail will immediately disappear from the inbox.

From an android phone, it is super easy to archive an email. All you need to do is go to inbox and swipe to the right or left the email you would like to archive. The good thing about this is Gmail team, if I can say so, figured it is easy for someone to unintentionally archive an email due to the scrolling and all the movements on the screen, so, when you swipe to the right or left, a pop up notification immediately appears with an option to undo. If you tap the undo option, the mail is restored back to the inbox.

Difference between archive and delete

When you delete an email, it means that you will not need it or you don’t want it in your Gmail account, however, archiving is not deleting. I can say it is keeping your mailbox organized. This is because, an archived message can be retrieved even after a year or so.

Let me ask you something, after how long do you empty your dustbin in your house? And after throwing something in the bin, do you go to pick it back? The same criterion is used by Gmail. When you delete an email, it is moved to trash but archived messages are moved to all mail.

Archived and deleted mails can be retrieved back, but there is a limitation for the deleted mails. You will not find a mail in trash that has stayed for 30 days. After the 30 days it is permanently deleted from your account. This applies to messages in spam folder as well. If a mail stays for 30 days in the spam folder it is automatically deleted.

Advantages of using Gmail


Gmail can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is internet connection. If you have travelled to some place and your phone goes off, you can go into a cyber and use their computers to log in to your account. A security tip: if you use a public computer to log in to your account, make sure you log out and you do not click on remember me option. Clicking on that will leave your account to be accessed by any other person that uses that computer. You cannot blame Gmail, it was your fault.


Do you know that unless you are careless with your password, it is not easy for a hacker to break into your Gmail account? I think this is the best communication platform I can see has the best security measures ever. If someone tried to access your account from another device, you always receive a notification about it.

Spacious storage

You will never receive a message from Gmail asking you to delete some mails, or your mailbox is full. The storage capacity of Gmail is very reliable even for storing big files.


How much do you pay for maintenance? How much do you pay to set up a personal account? How often do you download a new version of Gmail? If you have an account you must be having answers to these questions. How Gmail makes profit is none of your business, you never know it could be a charitable organization. But the services you receive are definitely part of your business, because you are exchanging a lot of information, personal or business information, and you are trusting them to keep it safe. If you do not have an account, having one is free, and there is no maintenance fee whatsoever.


Archiving emails is very important than deleting simply because you want to maintain a neat inbox. The major and perhaps the only importance of archiving an email is because you can be able to refer to it anytime you want regardless it will be after how long.