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Things To Know Before Partnering With A Staffing Agency

Partnering with staffing agencies has been a very good option to choose when you look for the excellent new employees. This type of agency will definitely offer you so various remarkable services to help you to handle your staff recruitment as well as possible. So then, you will get the excellent staffs that not only fit the available positions at your company but also meet your requirements and expectations in the same best way. Well, you can actually get all of those great advantages when you choose the reliable staffing agency in your city. Yet, there are several things that you need to know before you use a staffing agency. What are they? Let’s find out the answers below.
Partnering With A Staffing Agency

How a Staffing Agency Works

One thing that you have to know about a staffing agency is the way how it works. There are actually some steps that they will do to help you find the right staffs to hire, which you can figure out as follows:

· A Contact to the Agency

The first thing is that you have to search for the reliable staffing agency in your city. In this case, you have to really make sure that you choose one of many staffing agencies, which are like healthcare staffing agencies, technician staffing agencies, administrative staffing agencies, and so on, that suit your business. It will be so much better for you to check the reputations of the agency that you are going to choose. By doing so, you can avoid any scams or unexpected things that might happen during the recruitment process. After finding the trustworthy staffing agency, you can reach out the staffing firm and specifically give it the relevant information about the recruitment that you are going to do, such as the job responsibilities, the number of staffs that you need, the rate of the salary, and so on.

· The Job Description

After the partnership deal, the agency will create a job description in order to advertise the job openings of your company mainly if it does have suitable candidates for your company. It can be a very good thing that will attract the attention of the potential candidates out there to follow the recruitment. So then, the staffing team and you (the employer) will have the more talented candidates to select and fit the available jobs as nicely as possible. Thus, do not be surprised that the recruitment process of your company can be quite interesting for sure. However, this kind of method will require the staffing team to do a background check if it is necessary while sorting the applicants.

· The Candidate Selection

The next step is the candidate selection where the staffing teal of the agency will be reviewing the qualifications and experiences of the candidates once they have applied for the vacant jobs. This particular phase will definitely save of your time because you do not have to sort through any numerous applicants yourself.  Afterwards, they commonly select the most qualified candidates so that they can introduce them to the hiring manager of your company. This kind of thing usually happens before the interview session by the staffing team, the hiring manager, and the owner of the business.

· The Final Decision

After the interview, it is the time for the hiring manager and the employer to make the final decision. They will discuss about the best candidates for the company while make the answers of the interview some important considerations. By doing so, they will be able to make a good final hiring decision that hopefully can never disappoint them in the future. Besides, by involving the staffing team from the agency, you can reduce the costs so significantly. So, you can keep financial problems away from your company. In addition to this, the final tasks for the agency is taking care all of the paperwork which is related to the new hires, such as contracts, payroll tasks, taxes, and etc.

What It Can Do for You

A staffing agency can definitely do some nice things for you once you have worked with it including the different service types. In the simple words, there is the Temporary Service which will be emphasized on helping a company to get workers to solve its short term issues (maternity leave, family situation, and so on). The employer will commonly set a start and the end date before the new staffs join the company. Furthermore, there is Temp to Hire Service that will help the temporary staffs get hired permanently as they can show the impressive performance that match the working environment of the company awesomely. The last but not least, it is the Direct Hire Service that will be focused on selecting some staffs to work on particular available positions permanently, so that the staffing agency will act as a staff recruiter.

The Benefits It Offers to You

You can get some remarkable benefits when you decide to work with a staffing agency. Well, in case you are so curious about them, you better check them out as follows:

· The Notable Broad Networks

A staffing agency will offer you the notable broad networks that can give you the more effortless access to potential job seekers in your city. So then, you will be able to get connected and make them apply for the job to your company especially if they can meet all your requirements and needs in a good way. These networks have been building by the agency in so many years as it started its business. So, that is why a staffing agency with good network is so recommended for you because it will never be a scam for you.

· The Amazing Market Intelligent Source

You have to know that a staffing agency can be an amazing source when you really want to know about the market intelligent in the industry in the recent time. In the other words, it can give you the essential information such as the rates of the wage, the skills and abilities of the candidates, the latest trends, and so many more. You can make all of them the main consideration to create the effective strategy to support the recruitment process of your company in the most optimal way.


Pair A Replacement Or Additional Remote To Fire TV?

Amazon fire tv is the new trend for consumers worldwide to watch live events, streaming, and tvshows. It is a very popular smart tv, but the tv won't be smart if you cannot connect it with a remote controller. It will hamper your tv watching experience too. If you learn how to pair or replace the remote, you will be able to enjoy your favorite tv shows without interruption again. Here we will discuss how you can pair a remote controller for your firestick tv and how you can replace the remote.

How to Pair Fire Tv Remote

For pairing your firestick remote device, you have to hold the remote's home button for at least five to ten seconds. The remote light, which is on the top, will start blinking. The screen will show a message, or the three blue lights will start flashing. This indicates the initial successful pairing attempt. But you don't need to connect it always because the connection is rarely needed.

How To Pair A Replacement Or Additional Remote To Fire TV?

If you start streaming, then your remote will automatically pair with your tv. But sometimes, the remote loses connection to your tv because of some issues. In that case, you might need to connect the remote controller with the tv. For your proper assistance, we are putting a step-by-step process of pairing the remote to the Firestick tv.
  • First, unplug the firestick from the power sources. Keep it outside for at least a minute.
  • During this time, you can remove your remote batteries and replace a new pair of batteries with them.
  • Now, plug in the fire stick into the power sources.
  • When the device starts, take your remote and press the home button. Hold it for initiating the pairing mode. In a few seconds, it will start pairing.
  • The pairing will be best if you stand around 10 feet from your fire stick device. If you stand in the distance, then the pairing will be tough.
  • Wait until the connection lights start blinking. Once the connection is established, the top light of the remote will start blinking faster. The updated remote controllers are blinked faster from the very first moment, but the older ones start slowly and then blink faster when they start searching.
  • The menu screen will appear when the pairing will complete. The updated second-generation remote controllers give a three blue light flash when the pairing is completed.
The fire stick remote controllers can be paired to any third-party remote controller. You can easily add seven remote controllers to your one firestick device. If the limits are met, then unpair any of them.

How to Pair a Replacement or Add an Extra Remote to Fire TV

You have to do some settings for pairing a replacement or additional remote to your fire stick TV. The process is quite similar to adding a new remote to your fire tv. We will provide you step by process to add or replace your fire tv remote. Make sure you follow the process:
  • Press the home button of your remote controller for at least five to ten seconds. When the remote controller name appears on the screen, select the new remote controller name that you want to connect.
  • When the menu list opens, select the setting menu. It will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Press the up directed button of your remote. Hold it until the home button is highlighted.
  • Now press the right directional button. Hold it until you see the settings button highlighted.
  • Now, click the central button of your remote that is the OK button, to confirm the settings menu.
  • After going into selection, select the controller and Bluetooth devices option.
  • Then select the fire tv select button.
  • Select add a new remote option on the screen.
  • Your fire tv will display the list of new remotes that are discoverable. 
  • Now, you have to press the home button again. Hold it for at least five to ten seconds. Then the new remote start is pairing with the fire tv. When your fire tv recognizes the remote, you are pairing, and it will appear the name of the new remote on the screen.
  • After that, press the selection button of the old remote that is the OK button.
  • Finally, you will see the new remote you paired on the tv screen. Thus, the pairing process completes.

Pair Your Phone As Fire TV Remote

You can use your phone as an additional remote for your firestick tv. You have to install remote tv apps to give the mobile control of your fire tv. It is quite simple to turn the mobile device into the additional paired remote controller of your fire tv. It is also a great substitute for a physical tv remote controller. You must make sure your mobile and the fire tv relate to the same Wi-Fi network. And it is also a wise choice because you can use an updated version without paying extra. We will give step-by-step advice on using an app to turn your mobile into a remote controller.

  • Download and install the free app from the google play store. It is available in Android, IOS version of mobile and tablets.
  • Open the app and manually select your fire tv device from the list that the app found.
  • Sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Put the four-digit PIN on the app.
  • After the pairing completion, you can control your device with the mobile app. The mobile will be a perfect additional choice for the physical remote.
The article has given the full guide on adding an extra remote controller option to your fire tv. It also depicts step by step how you will replace the remote option on fire tv. It will be very informative to those trying to alter or replace the remote option of their fire tv remote option.

Unregister Amazon Product To Give It To Someone Else

Amazon delivers the hardware that you purchase that is already linked to your Amazon account. It is done to avoid the friction of setup process. It is done to amazon hardware devices such as amazon echo or Alexa, firestick TV, or fire tablet. But what will happen when you give it to someone because you are not going to use that product. You are giving it away to someone else who will use the product. So, the complication begins because of the amazon account sync. That is why you need to know how to unregister your amazon account from the product.

How To Unregister An Amazon Product To Give It To Someone Else?

Normally when you buy an Amazon product from the Amazon website, you can check the box " This is a gift" before buying. Make sure you check the specified gift box when you are gifting it away and then add it to the cart.

It will be ensured by amazon that it will be ensured by amazon itself that they will not mix the product with your Amazon account number. That is attached to the order. They will leave the gift order to the given address without any account number. They will leave the product unregistered if the box is a gift box. Whoever the person will receive the order will set up the device with their own Amazon account.

The process is not certain that the purchasing will ensure proper distribution management. Sometimes it needs revision to send the proper shopper registration. Then you might have to think twice before hitting the by button. Many of the shoppers do not know the process of amazon devices are a pre-registered and linked. They don't have the idea of their amazon account. So, the gift recipient and the shopper are often surprised after buying an amazon device as a present. But if you forget to mark the device you are gifting as a gift device while ordering from Amazon, you have to take another step. It is never very late for the shopper to unregister the product ordered. You can unregister the amazon device from your amazon account. 

Here is the process of how to do this:

  • Go to the Amazon website from your desktop and find the option for your account. It will be at the upper right corner of your desktop screen. Don't forget to log in before trying the unregistering attempt.
  • You will see a pop-up menu that will appear as a list. From the list, carefully select the manage your content and devices menu option.
  • Now select your device tab.
  • In this tab, you will be shown the devices of all your amazon that you have associated with your current Amazon account.
  • Think before selecting the next menu and confirm which one you want to unregister. Please select from the tiled menu your targeted device name and select it.
  • Then, clicking on the device name, a device action drop down menu option will appear. Click on it. In the drop down menu, you will see the deregister menu option.
  • You will be warned by a pop-up box that notifies it, "This action will remove all content from your device, and several features may not work."
  • Confirm deregistration by clicking the deregister button from the pop-up box.

Finally, the Amazon device will be deregistered and will not be associated with your Amazon account. Now, you can gift this item to someone freely. And the recipient can log in with their own Amazon account and use it without any issues.

Deregister an amazon device

You can deregister an amazon device from your amazon account by the following steps:

  • Go to the Amazon website from your desktop.
  • Find the manage your content and devices menu option.
  • log in to your Amazon account credentials.
  • Click on the devices button.
  • Select the deregister option.

Your device will be deregistered from the device you are using. Now a new amazon account will be easily registered into that amazon device. f You can follow the simple steps to unregister your amazon product. Then you can give it to someone else. I hope the given process will help you unregister your amazon device and do whatever you want.


How To Stop Buffering On Your Firestick?

Does your firestick often buffer, and you don't know why it happens? It could be for the internet, the streaming, or the firestick TV itself. We will show you why the problems are occurring and how can you solve the issue.

Why Firestick Keep Buffering?

A slow internet connection is the main reason for the firestick TV buffering. A minimum of five Mbps bandwidth is needed for an SD video. And for HD videos, the minimum required bandwidth is 10 Mbps. And the trendiest nowadays is the 4K resolution video. The minimum required bandwidth is 25 Mbps.

Now you can test your speech using or via phone or PC. By doing this, you will be sure that your home Wi-Fi network connection can handle the video you want to watch. If the Wi-Fi connection is not the main problem, then take other actions.

How To Stop Buffering On Your Firestick?

Troubleshoot the Network Problem

  • Consider the other devices present in your home. If the other devices are eating much of your bandwidth, then a very small number of bandwidths remain for you. If the other devices are consuming more data by downloading, updating, app, and system updating, there is less bandwidth left for your firestick tv device.
  • Consider the obstacles between the Wi-Fi router and your firestick device. The obstacles like thick walls, other devices' network signal, or long distancing would be great in getting the required bandwidth for your firestick device.
  • Sometimes, networks are not a big issue, but the internal systems are. If your firestick is low on RAM management, then you might be irritated due to buffering because the firestick is not a kind of powerhouse type device. It stumbles if too many loads are on it running in the background. Release your firestick from using too many background apps.
  • Dishonest Internet service providers may reduce your bandwidth to lower your consumption. It is a heinous act, and no one should go for a provider who is engaging in doing such cheap things.
  • If you use third-party apk apps on your firestick device, then possibly your device can catch malware. Malware can harm firestick without your consent. And the possibility of slowing down your streaming is very high in this case.
  • An older version can slow down your overall user experience, not only the streaming. An updated version fixes all the problems you are having, so always try to keep using the latest version.
  • It is not always your device's fault; sometimes, the other end is responsible for the low streaming quality. This often happens because of the bandwidth problem from the other end. If the video you are watching is very popular, many users are trying to watch that, and there, the bandwidth issue took place. The video streamer end faces the bandwidth problem, and you are the sufferer without any of your faults.
  • If your device is getting overheated, then the whole device may suffer. Streaming and other lagging issues are often happening because of the heating problem.

How To Stop The Buffering?

Before solving any problem, everybody should have proper reasons and diagnosis. If you know why the problems are occurring, then you can initiate the problem-solving process. Above, we discussed the reasons for buffering, and now we will find the solutions for it. If you follow the following tips, then you may improve the streaming quality.

1. Increase Signal Quality

As we mentioned, you can check the internet speed quality through some of the online software. Besides that, you can check the signal strength manually from your firestick device. Go to the settings option of your firestick TV and follow the steps.

  • Go to the settings option from the homepage.
  • Select the network option.
  • Then select the current Wi-Fi network option that you are connected.
  • Now you can see the network strength displayed on the right side of your screen.

You can rearrange the position of your firestick or the router position to make better signaling. You might consider using a Wi-Fi extender instead. Remember to use a higher frequency Wi-Fi router that is usually 5 GHz because higher frequency means faster networks.

2. Restart Firestick Device

Restarting the firestick device may solve all kinds of primary problems, including the streaming problems. Usually, rebooting your firestick means to refresh the device. Rebooting gives you a clean slate that clears all the background apps running. Background apps often consume data and make your device laggy. For a quick reboot solving problem, apply the following steps.

  • Go to the settings from the home screen
  • Please scroll to the right and select my fire tv option
  • Now choose the restart option to reboot

3. Turn Off The Other Apps

Other apps that run in the background may consume your bandwidth beyond your knowledge. Because it runs background, you have no idea as you are not using the apps. So, turn them off manually and follow the following steps.

  • Go to settings from the home page
  • Go to the applications menu
  • Now select the 'manage installed application'
  • Manually select the apps you want to turn off
  • Finally, stop or force stop the apps or even uninstall them

4. Cool The Firestick

As we mentioned earlier, heating might cause a performance drop, and you must minimize the heating issue. It is suggested to use an HDMI extender or even change the HDMI ports sometimes.

5. Lower Video Quality

A lower video quality typically requires less bandwidth than the higher quality. Some of the players offer you an automatic resolution of video quality. But there are many offers you do it manually.

6. Clear The App Cache Memory

Every app has its own temporary app store that uses your firestick device. Sometimes it uses too much data, which pressurizes your device's RAM management. To wipe out the unnecessary data, you must follow the following.

  • Go to the settings from the home page
  • Go to the application menu
  • Now, select the manage installed application
  • Manually observe which apps stores too much data
  • Finally, clear the data and caches of the heavy apps
Use the technics for having a better streaming quality from your device. Better streaming helps to pass a smooth TV experience. Keep updated for further better results from your firestick TV.


How To Replace Amazon Firestick Remote?

If you need a firestick TV remote replacement, then we can provide you some helpful tips. This remote alternative may also be used as a firestick TV remote. In case you break or lose the firestick TV remote, then the cost of purchasing it could be frustrating. Replacing it will be a good option and luckily there some alternatives with your firestick TV box. Besides, it has quite a reputation among the users rather than the original remote. The alternative options allow some additional features too. If you face a problem syncing your remote with your device, you can follow these tips also.

How To Replace An Amazon Firestick Remote?

An amazon firestick remote can be fixed or replaced. It is the most used streaming TV device existing in the market now. The main reason for its popularity is for the option included purchasing the remote individually. As Amazon's latest update allows firestick TV remote control as an improved device, that is why it is beloved by all. However, Amazon has made up the past issues that users have experienced.

Firestick Remote TV App

The best option for searching your existing firestick remote TV app is to shift using an app. If you want to replace your firestick remote TV, consider using an app rather than buying a new one. Because the app is free, but you have to expense it when you try to repair or buy a new remote.

The app is fully free for the android and iPhone operating systems. Other smartphone users also will be able to use it free. The good news is that it is used as the same features that an original remote-control system offers.

The apple app store google play store is providing the app for free. As you download your phone application for free, it is also an application that you can download into your mobile device for free. You have to search on the play store or app store, writing Amazon Firestick TV remote in the search box. Then download it and use it after installation.

Using the Remote TV App

After downloading the free Amazon firestick TV, the remote app installation process will automatically start. After installation, the remote TV app will be available to use with your mobile device. It carries the same features as your original remote-control system. The app offers you extra features to boot rather than the remote.

Once the application gets installed, you will need to connect the TV to your mobile device via the same Wi-Fi connection. If your mobile device's network connection and amazon firestick TV are not the same, then it will not work. The phone and TV must be using the same network.


After the app opens, it will detect your device automatically. If you have many amazon firestick TV devices, then the app will show you many options on the list. Don't be confused; carefully search for your amazon firestick TV device and manually connect it with the mobile device application. To pair your firestick TV with your phone application, you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Select the amazon firestick TV device you are using. It would help if you were careful when selecting out of many.
  2. After choosing your device name, select it, and it will show a four-digit code on your TV screen.
  3. For verifying, type the code into your mobile device app. You will be shown a box to input the four-digit code on your mobile device screen.
  4. After successfully inputting the code, you will have access to the amazon firestick TV remote app.
  5. You will be shown a navigation button right at the center of your mobile device. Now, this is a button similar to your remote button. 


After you have installed it properly, you have to turn your mobile device into a firestick TV remote. Now, what you are seeing is your mobile device turned into a navigation touchpad to operate your amazon firestick TV, just like the remote.

Navigate the touchpad to swipe left, right, up, down. You can move and operate your TV screen by mobile touchpad. For selecting or clicking, tap into the center of your mobile device. The buttons situated on the bottom of your mobile screen is similar to the typical firestick TV remote you would have.

So, the typical remote movement and buttons are also present in the remote TV app. There is also a toolbar on the mobile device you will see. They are used for applying the various function. The most favorite activity you can do with the remote TV app is launching any app with just a click. A remote TV app allows any firestick device app to launch in just a click. Just click the button by the access button of your mobile device on the firestick TV remote app keyboard, and you will land in another app.

Firestick TV Remote Replacement Benefit

You may have noticed some benefits of using an app than using a physical remote for the firestick TV. Many agree that the app is better than the remote. The older version does not allow Alexa voice assist that is fixed in the newer version. Now the remotes are compatible with the voice assistant that is already a built-in option in an app. You can command over voice to operate your firestick TV. The apps and game options are easy to select in an application remote control system. You can also arrange them to anywhere on the screen that suits your preference.

The feature available is the keyboard option on a remote TV app system. Typing with a remote is a lot more difficult rather doing it with a mobile touchpad. And it is also handy for copying or entering URL's for downloading.


There is plenty of option to replace your firestick TV remote. The best among all is using a TV remote application. If you want to replace, select the actual app for your amazon firestick TV devices, minimize the cost, and enjoy efficiency.


Disable Stolen Or Lost Amazon Firestick?

If any Amazon device got lost or stolen, then certain things you have to do. Among them, you can contact amazon customer service to manage your firestick or the mobile device remotely. The feature will be very useful in case you lost, or your device is stolen. You can manage your device if it is supported on your mobile device running the fire OS.
How To Disable Stolen Or Lost Amazon Firestick?

Important to Do

If the device is stolen, the first attempt you must take is communicating with local law enforcement members. They will assist you. Never attempt to search for a stolen device by yourself. It may cause harm to you and can make things even more complicated.

If your stolen device was not compatible with the manage your device service, then immediately contact with amazon customer support section by phone or mail for necessary assistance. The amazon customer support team will assist you in giving the information required for retrieving your device.

In case your device remains turned off, then the situation will worsen. It will be even more complicated if it is not connected to any wireless network. In this situation, the manage your device function will not work. It is the technical support that the Amazon expert team will provide to you. But without the network, it will not be possible. It will be wiser to immediately turn on the manage your device service function after buying the product on your Amazon firestick TV device.

Turn On The Manage Your Device Function

If you lose or misplace your amazon firestick device, it is a precautionary act you have to take. You must enable the manage your device features on your mobile. It will help you get your device on location-based technology.

The location tracking base technology that manages your device services must be turned on for the feature to work. The feature will be appearing on your device settings also. Check your device's location services to know more about the location base service and set it properly. 

To enable the feature to manage your device on the firestick tablets, follow the steps:

1. Open the quick settings option by swiping down the top of your screen, select the setting option

2. Tap the device, select the device option.

3. Now, turn on the find your tablet option. If it is turned on, then make sure that you don't turn it on.

To enable the feature to manage your device on a mobile device.

1. Open the quick settings by swiping down the top of your screen and go to the settings option.

2. Select the location service from the settings menu and then tap the option. After that, tap the find your phone option to enable the manage your device service.

3. Turn on the find your phone if it is already on, then don't turn it off.


To disable the function of your firestick, you have to do the following:

  1. You have to go to the Amazon website and log in.
  2. Select the firestick device that you won.
  3. Select the Deregister option and confirm.
  4. Contact amazon customer service and tell them what happened to your device.


There will be a live chat session, or the amazon customer service team will mail you to contact you. You might have to wait for the calling system reply. So, it is better to go for a webchat. The system of chatting is as the following:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon website page.

2. Select the help or let us help you option.

3. Select the browse help topics and contact them.

4. Select your device and tell them about more of it.

5. Now select the chat option to access the webchat.

It will be a real disappointment if the option is not available because sometimes it is unavailable for the customers' irrelevant question. If you have to select the calling option, you have to wait for a long time to contact any customer care manager.

Reporting for de-registration of your lost firestick device is not a useless process. You are stopping your account to buy new movie apps or any other services under any other account. You are registered with an amazon account with your stolen device.

You are preventing the stolen device of yours to be used by any other person or account. It might be less of an issue to you, but you are saving your account from being misused. It is the main goal of disabling your misplaced Amazon firestick device.

Feature of Managing Your Device Service

If you have misplaced or lost your firestick device, you can locate the register and even remove all your content and other supported device from managing your device service. Here we are putting a list of what you can do the manage your device service.

Remote alarm: You can activate an alarm on the device. This alarm will play for two minutes or even until it is dismissed. The alarm will be dismissed when your device will be located.

Remote lock: You can set a screen lock to your device for extra protection. You can set additional features like a onetime challenge to input the right screen lock password. By doing this, your device will be locked after the first wrong try to the next time you are turning it on.

Factory reset: You can reset your device to the default factory reset settings. But it will remove all your data, including your personal information, downloaded contents, and your Amazon account information.


You can manage your stolen or misplaced device and content by following the provided guidelines above. You can use other compatible devices using your registered account to watch your downloaded contents, which you lost with the stolen or misplaced device.


Use Amazon Firestick Without Remote?

To use a firestick remote TV without a remote is confusing to many users. The Amazon firestick is an amazing technology that we used nowadays. But without a remote, it is beat confusing. There are many ways of setting your firestick without the remote. We will guide you on using the device when the controller device is not with you. Here are the most useful ways that you can try.

How Do I Use Amazon Firestick Without Remote?
Why Using Without the Remote?

There are different reasons that users all over the world have reasoned. Some of the most common reasons are as the following.

  • Settings are very limited in the firestick remote, which allows you to replace or not use it.
  • When you are not sitting in your home, but for others, then you might not have any remote. So, you have to work on your basics of using without the remote.
  • Privacy Reasons like hacking or security you might go without a remote.
  • When you lose your remote, you have no other option without knowing how to use it without the remote. You might lose it, or you can break it, whatever the unavailability is, you should have to know how to use the firestick without the remote.

Don't worry, and we will guide how to initialize the use of a firestick without using the remote. You will learn the setup without the remote process also here. Follow the steps one by one for making no errors. Here is the setup process.

Unbox the Firestick TV

The first step is to unbox the firestick TV. You will observe the settings that are given in the box. There will be a stick itself, a wall adapter, an HDMI extender battery, a power cord, and the controller. Now you have to set up all the things without the battery and the controller. After that, plug in your television. You have to do certain things to do this.

  • Insert the USB micro cable with the power adapter that is on the box.
  • Joint the other end of the micro cable with the stick.
  • Doing all this, plug the TV into the HDMI port of your TV stick.
  • Make sure your TV input will be the right HDMI port that you plug into. There are several HDMI ports, so the chance of a mistake.
  • If you plugin to HDMI port, then change the input button into the HDMI port too. Wherever you plug in the HDMI port, set the main port according to that HDMI port.

Now this will request you to do the settings where you will need the controller device. So, how will you do this?

Selecting the Language

You have to select the language of your device. You can choose a variation of the English language or go for other languages. Select the appropriate language for you to operate your device. For avoiding complications, use the language you are fluent in.

Saving Wi-Fi Password

Selecting the language, the system will ask for the confirmation of saving the Wi-Fi password. If you save the Wi-Fi password to your firestick TV device, it will save you every time you turn it on. If you don't save the password, you have to input the password every time after turning the firestick TV on. So, it is wise to set the password on your device.

Download Firestick TV Remote App

If you don't have the remote, the best solution is to download the firestick TV program. With this program's help, you don't have to worry about not having the remote because the mobile works like the remote for the hardware itself. For downloading the app, you need to follow the following steps-

  1. Go to the app store or the commonly known as Google play store.
  2. Search for your desired amazon firestick TV remote app. Always careful before downloading to make sure you are downloading from AMAZON mobile LLC.
  3. Click on the download button, and it will start downloading.
  4. Wait for the process of downloading it into your phone. After complete downloading it to your phone, it will be start installation automatically.
  5. After the installation, launch the application and select your firestick TV.
  6. The app might show multiple devices after installing into your mobile phone right at the bottom of it. Don't get confused; carefully select your firestick television, and there will be no problem.

The phone and the television you are connecting to, they must relate to the same Wi-Fi network available. Otherwise, the app will not work. So, if the firestick TV isn't programming, then check first whether they are connecting to the same network or not.

The App Features

The app offers voice search, a keyboard for text input, quick access to the app and games, and playback controls. You can play games casually as you can play with the firestick TV remote. But there are limited playable games that are supported while you are using the remote app. It is confirmed by Amazon. To play games, there is an official game controller by Amazon available.

This is how you can use amazon firestick TV by the app. It will save you additional 30 dollars buying a remote or in case you lost it. But the other features of the remote may not be available in the app, although the app offers you more additional functions that frequently firestick TV features.


The notion of a live TV streaming device without a remote controller is not true nowadays. We have shown you that without a remote controller, how can you operate your amazon firestick TV. Your mobile device with an application is enough for operating your wall TV. You can initially use your amazon firestick streaming TV even if you lost it or don't want to buy it.