Amazon is a trusted source for different services from shopping to online streaming all around the globe and they are so much careful at keeping their users account safe and secure with several firewalls to ensure the added protection from the cyber frauds which are pretty common these days. So, with the added protection of amazon cybersecurity, it’s impossible to hack a user’s account and use it for their sole purposes. 

Although the Amazon is good at protecting its customers from the cyber hackers, some well-trained hackers are destined to break the firewalls and the user also have to be very careful to avoid getting their account hacked and misused in the first place. Even after taking the preventive measures, if you still feel that your account has been hacked this is who you need to call first. 

Who Do I Call If My Amazon Account Has Been Hacked?

Your friends and family, yeah you’ve heard it right your friends and family, they may be using your account as an excuse to tease you and have some fun out of it. And you don’t need to worry about the account credentials if the hackers are your friends or family members, they might have peeked a view at your mobile screen while you are logging in to your account earlier. You can simply change the password later on from the privacy settings. 

But, this is who you need to call if you have found out that your amazon account has been hacked and hacked by a real hacker this time. Without any humorous intentions just go to your amazon account home page and select the customer care services, you can find a dial free contact number for contacting the Amazon customer care services. They will assist you in the further process of securing your account without falling into the wrong hands, it’s as simple as that and end of the conversation. 

But what if the Amazon customer care personal are not available at the moment and not responded to your calls right away, then you have to say the word “OH MY GOD” and carry on with the following immediate actions to secure your account from the hackers.

Change passcodes

The primary action needed to be done while in the case of getting your account hacked is changing your password using your mobile number and the one time password, by doing so the hacker will be disabled immediately to access your account and it’s benefits.

You also need to delete the device preferences except for the device you are using to change the password. This feature will enable every device you have ever used to log in to your Amazon account to forget the password for your amazon account. You can change your password by clicking on the account settings and choose change password section to access the page of changing passwords.

Take care of the Amazon pay balance

The new features of Amazon account use the customer's bank accounts to top up the Amazon pay balance or the Amazon wallet. This pay balance is used for mobile recharges or to pay for the ordered products directly from the Amazon wallet without withdrawing the money from the bank account at the respective time. Even though the Amazon wallet is protected by a passcode which is only known to you, the hacker won’t take long in finding out the passcode for your wallet too. You have to transfer whatever balance left in your amazon wallet into a secure bank account to avoid any possible usages by the hacker. 

Use the customer care chat service

The 24/7 chat service is maintained by hatboxes which will assist you with almost every kind of problem-related to your amazon account and will guide you in solving the respective problem, by reporting your problem in the chat section the customer care executives will respond immediately after the report. 

The customer care executives will forward the problem of your account being hacked to the respective department and they will immediately stop every kind of action performed using your account and eventually block it for some time to disable the hacker for continuing with any further actions on your account.

Do an overall check

Including the Amazon pay balance you also have to check the various sections like the active orders and activation of several prime services using your amazon account without your knowledge, the hacker may have placed an order for a valuable item or an illegal product to their address using your amazon account. You have to cancel every order that has been placed without your permission and delete the search history too. Even if the hacker used his own money to order a product, the account used in the action was yours and there will be some problems for you regarding that in the future. 


You can avoid your account being misused by a hacker by following the above precautionary measures right away after you have found out your account has been hacked, but as these are just some precautionary measures you still need some professional help to deal With such situations. 

You have to make every possible attempt to contact the customer care executives over at the amazon who are there to help you with situations like these if you are unaware of the level of damage the hacker might have caused using your account you can demand the customer care executive to freeze your account and stop every action regarding any transactions and placing orders. 

It is better if you use the same mobile number as your amazon account to dial the customer care executives at amazon, it makes it much easier for them to trace out your account and take any kind of immediate action needed to stop the hacker from misusing your account details. Always contact the customer care services to take their opinion in such type of situations, they will try to help their best to satisfy the customers at Amazon. 

Who Do I Call If My Amazon Account Has Been Hacked?


HDMI cables are a critical connection that’s carrying the high-quality video and audio signals.  You need them to work without issues if you want to make the whole setup work. So it's important to know if the length of HDMI cables is going to have an effect on the quality.

The extra length of an HDMI cable can have a degrading effect on signal quality, that's why manufacturers typically do not recommend cables with over 20 feet of length. Most people usually won’t need more than 6 feet of cable, but, in case you need to run HDMI further than that, there are several options for extending the length and preserving the signal quality at the same time.

What Length HDMI Cable Should I Buy?

What is the Maximum Optimal Length for an HDMI Cable?

There actually could be a lot of answers out there to this simple question, and all of them are somewhat vague. Without going into more details than would be useful, just know that the term HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), actually refers to a cable specification, and you can use a certain set of tests to see if a cable passes the certification for that cable spec. So, you could take a cable and run those tests in order to see if it meets it’s specification.

Usually what would make a cable fail it’s specification tests is the degradation of the signal while it travels down the cable. The longer a cable is, the more the signal is changing as it travels and the shorter a cable is, the less noticeable the degradation is. So, it's easy to guess that short cables are good, and an excessively long cable is bad. Now let's talk about the cables that are in between.

Most manufacturers sell HDMI cables with up to 50 feet in length. But that doesn't mean that 50 feet is the maximum possible length. The signal will degrade over the length of the cable, but the cable itself won't stop working, it’s just the signal on the other end will get worse and worse. Most manufacturers usually do not recommend going over 20 feet without the use of some powered solution (we’ll get to that later). So, while technically there is no maximum length, you still should think of 20 feet as the maximum optimal length.

What Are the Powered HDMI Cable Solutions

If you need a longer cable and you’re not trying to use it, for instance, to send 4k video to your TV,  then you can probably just use a longer cable without experiencing any ill effects. So a 50 ft HDMI cable can get the job done without any extra effort.

But if the quality of the signal is important, for example if you want to use 4k resolution or high refresh rate display, you can consider getting a powered HDMI kit that extends the signal significantly by boosting it or even converting it to another format entirely. The most popular methods are boosting the signal with a balun kit, or building a wireless system and cutting the cable out altogether.

Use an HDMI Balun Kits to Easily Extend the Length of your HDMI Cable

The HDMI Balun kit is the type of an HDMI cable extenders, which extends the signal distance by converting the HDMI signal to something that can move along a CAT 5 cable, which have less restricted length limitations. At the other end of that cable is another comforter which brings the signal back to HDMI.

CAT 5 cable has a theoretical length limit of a hundred meters or 328 feet. So using this type of HDMI extenders can exponentially increase the length of an HDMI connection and get it to any place you may need it.

However you should keep in mind that not all HDMI balun kits are delivering this promise. If you buy a really cheap balun kit, you might run into the same kind of issues as using an extremely long HDMI cable, specifically lower image quality and minor artifacts.

Wireless HDMI Kits are a Different Solution for Cable Length problems

You can also try using a completely wireless HDMI kit, which has benefits of not only extending the range but also removing some of the lengthy cabling entirely. This approach can be pretty expensive if you need to send a high quality 4k video, or instead very approachable if you’re only sending a 1080p video. There are also some complications with refresh rate and input lag, which makes it a really poor choice for gaming.

What Matters When You Buying a Cable

First of all you should watch out for sellers charging a premium for “gold plated connectors” or “braided cords”, as neither of those things really matter to the signal strength, and they’re only used to pump the price up. Sellers will often use such words as “advanced” in the title of their cables, or “high speed”, which are not technical details, but just some buzzwords to try and make their product sell for more.

The “HD” label that manufacturers often use is also completely redundant, as all HDMI cables are inherently HD as their name suggests. One important label to look for is “4k”, if that’s what you need, and also a reference to shielded cables. These cables will perform better than unshielded, in general, but technically all cables are shielded, it’s just that some manufacturers might add some extra shielding.

Does the HDMI cable quality even matter?

In the end it all comes down to video quality. Even if the signal is degraded, but you’re running a standard quality 720p or 1080p video like streaming from Netflix, it may just not matter at all. If you just want a long HDMI cable hookup for watching standard quality video there’s a chance that you don’t need to worry about any of this and a simple cable will be enough. But if you bought a top of the line 4k TV, you will have to make sure the video quality is going to actually be as good as possible.

What Length HDMI Cable Should I Buy?


The Amazon firestick is a USB device which is used to access the several TV serials and TV programs that are made available for the audience on the site of Amazon prime, the massive online site contains several TV serials from all around the world on a single platform and that content is all available with a Prime membership with an amazon account. Amazon has brought several gadgets like Alexa and kindle readers for an ultimate user experience by using the artificial intelligence implemented in the devices, all of the gadgets made by the Amazon can be connected on a single server using an amazon account to interconnect them over the internet.

What Happens If I Deregister My Amazon Firestick?

So, to know what happens after you deregister your Amazon firestick, you have to have an inseam clarity about the reason for registering the Amazon devices amazon account. The amazon prime is nothing complex, it is the internet use for telecasting on different platform of several TV programs and variety of many web series over the internet and the whole content can watched on the television by using an interface such as the Amazon firestick, the firestick uses the internet connectivity to access the whole programs avail be with the prime membership with Amazon. That’s why you need to register your firestick in the Amazon prime account yours on a pc or an android mobile app.

1> This is how you can register our amazon firestick device with your prime account. Irrespective of the mobile app or on an amazon website the same process applies to register an amazon electric device like Alexa, kindle or an amazon firestick.

2> Open your existing amazon prime account and go to the settings area over the menu tab.

3> Select the account settings and choose to register a product in the division.

Thereafter you can enter required credentials of the firestick device or any other amazon device to enable them for access to the prime content right away within seconds.

If you do not have an amazon account or a prime account membership you can create an amazon account and upgrade to the prime membership, however, the prime membership is only accessed by paid membership with a different range of memberships like premium, silver and gold. But, creation of an amazon account is completely free of charge at any time, the free account can only be used for buying and selling products on the Amazon site and not compatible to access the television content without a prime membership.

That’s how you can make use of the Amazon services differently and due to any certain reason, if you have deregistered your amazon firestick or any other amazon electric device from the prime account, this is what happens next.

Sorry for your disappointment no blast or explosion is going to happen if you deregister your firestick, it will just stop accessing the prime content and don’t show any mediate response between the prime account and the television. There are so many reasons to deregister an amazon firestick from a prime account and they include theft of the device, message by family members and when the device is lost.

Getting your amazon firestick stolen is an impossible scenario because no one steals a device that’s connected to a television intentionally unless they intend to steal the hole television set up from your house. The case of theft and getting the device lost will take place while you are changing places and missing the device in between the journey, but you don’t have to worry about any leakage of your account information that’s stored in the prime account. What’s even more disappointing news for the thief or the person who may have found the device is, the firestick asks for the Amazon prime account ID and password, to access the television content over the internet?

Even though they try to access the firestick by registering it with their prime account, you will be notified immediately as you have registered it previously with your account.

So, if you have deregistered your Amazon firestick from your prime account, it will be open to being registered with any other prime account and you may never able to find the device if stolen and you deregistered it right away. There is no need to deregister in your amazon firestick in the case of getting stolen or missing of the device as the USB interface do not hold any personal information provided in the prime account and is only used as an intermediate device between the television and prime account to access telegraphic content over the internet.

You can deregister your amazon firestick from your prime account if you like to register the same device with another account or to give it away to someone else unless you have to remove the device intentionally from your collection there is no need to deregister your amazon firestick from your account.


Even if the firestick is used to browse different categories of content on the television with children present in the house, you can switch on the parental guidance feature in your amazon account for using while around with presence of children or family members. The amazon prime account can be used to register 3 different devices to browse different contents at the same time, the amazon firestick is also counted as a device and you can connect mobile and a personal computer along with the firestick. If you find a need to Share the prime account with a family member or a friend, you can deregister your firestick to start the faculty of prime account to register another device.

The deregistering is a process which is simple and can be done using a computer or a mobile app, just select the registers devices and deactivate the selected device to stop the streaming services right away.

What Happens If I Deregister My Amazon Firestick?


Amazon Fire TV stick and the media player Kodi is very popular nowadays. It is well known to the viewers who love to watch content streaming. Users love the flexibility of these two streaming tools very much. Using this viewers can easily jump to the world of the legal streaming platform. Amazon Fire TV stick and the Kodi are now the most popular content consuming streaming platform from home. 

Amazon Fire TV stick is the most popular streaming device. It provides the Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu, etc. popular streaming app on the device at your home. Kodi is the home theater app that works as a management tool for all the media of your amazon account. Both are very popular as the number tells those forty million people to use Kodi while amazon sold over sixty-five million of the Fire TV stick till now.

Risks Of Streaming Illegal Content Through Amazon Firestick

The amazon fire TV stick and the Kodi is popular because of their flexibility which will take you to the streaming legally. But they can take you to trouble if don’t know which content is legal and which is illegal for you. In this article, we will provide the guide of which are legal content and which are illegal on amazon fire TV streaming. We will also explain the reason why the contents are illegal for you and what it will cost for you if you break the rules.

Piracy Problem

As human nature is wanting more from minimal effort, they often make troubles for themselves and others. For this universal human nature, they try to take the maximum advantage from the Kodi player and amazon fire TV stick. Gaining more from giving less mentality is encouraged by the free media player like Kodi service and hardware like amazon fire TV stick.

The service of the combination of Kodi and amazon fire TV stick has earned the reputation of being the safe house of piracy. And the worst part is that they have no control over taking any step for stopping it. In this case, the Fire TV stick has helped the growth of selling the units and the Kodi has helped the downloading at a high rate.

The vice president of the motion pictures association of America Neil fried claimed that about seventy percent of the users are using piracy add-ons regularly. In 2017, he tells on copyright alliance meeting that twenty-six million Kodi users using pirated addons. The amazon fire TV is the device that is used to do this illegal act. Amazon Fire TV has become the most popular device among the most users of the world.

Amazon Fire TV stick’s most popular flexibility has now become the piracy of any movie or show's content. Netflix is also known as the content copying component from the fire TV stick attached device. It is now we openly reaching to illegality while enjoying video content.

Trap for the User

It is now very easy from the perspective of a user to fall into a trap using the fire TV and Kodi. The illegal offers and streaming services are so available that if you want to stand on the right side then you have to know the legal points on your own. In the crowd of illegal acts, it is very hard to know the legal ways. If you start searching then the world of legal add-ons and legal apps is not very far from you. 

If you search on e-bay then many offers like the latest Hollywood movie and sporting events are at a very cheap price that might catch your eye. You might find the free content watching offer on your Kodi app and amazon fire TV stick also. Many IPTV related forums offer a thousand channels at a very low monthly rate. Kodi add-ons you might find which offers every type of content watching experience. 

This issue of piracy has become much normalized than the file-sharing app of the past decades. The authorities are not aware of stopping it. Among all the illegality, if you want to stay on right track then all you can do now is to know the legal and illegal acts by yourself. 


What Is Legal on Kodi and Amazon Fire TV?

Let’s have a look at the legal acts you can take on these two platforms. Firstly, you should know that Kodi is not inherently illegal as we have mentioned above. There is nothing illegal about using the Kodi app. This is also applicable to the amazon fire TV stick. There is no illegality about using these two platforms. Secondly, the add-on system on a Kodi is officially legal which includes PlayStation, ABC Family, Bravo, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Crunchyroll, and many others. 

Like the add-ons, apps are also legal to use which is available on the Amazon app store. An app in the Kodi player means that the add-on is not created by the content creator but is legal to watch. It is the right credentials to watch from an accurate geographic location. Finally, an app that you collected from outside of the amazon app store does not mean it is illegal. By the law it is safe. Third-party apps like YouTube and Twitch will do everything for streaming content.


What is Legal on Kodi and Amazon Fire TV Stick?

All the illegalities are generated from the third apps and add-ons on Kodi and amazon fire tv. As to speak clearly, that boxes of advertising contain a one-off few bucks could not be legal at all. Users should be aware of the dangerous IPTV providers. Many of the provider's issue their apps for the Kodi player and amazon fire TV as well. If the app you are using doesn’t have the proper permission of the content they offer then you are breaking the law.

Risks Of Streaming Illegal Content Through Amazon Firestick


Amazon is probably the most competitive and lucrative market now and many businesses will try anything to boost their sales there. Even though Amazon strictly forbids Sellers from creating multiple accounts as part of its terms and conditions, that hasn't stopped a lot of companies that are now producing step-by-step guides to getting around those rules. It is strongly recommended that Amazon Sellers do not proceed with those guides. The sheer level of detail in the ways to get around Amazon’s terms and conditions is becoming more and more advanced.

There could be up to 20 stages of creating different alias addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers and telephone numbers. They will guide you through how to change your IP address, run the cleaning software, and even set up new bank accounts.

How Does Amazon Know If You Have Multiple Seller Accounts?

But there are many good reasons for Amazon to try to prevent this practise, as it can ruin both Sellers and Customers’ experiences. Amazon accounts with artificially inflated ratings and sales are often providing experiences that fall well below of what their profiles suggest. The issue has reached such popularity that prompted some companies in China to offer training courses to master the art of managing multiple Amazon accounts.

It is a practise loaded with danger, as Amazon has a multitude of ways to trace the accounts, from tracking your IP address to browsers and browser plug-ins, through computer operating systems and cookies. They keep track of all sorts of things, like under names, email addresses and passwords, and any wrong step can trigger their complicated systems. And when that happens, all of your Amazon accounts suddenly are at risk of being suspended or even closed.

Amazon mainly tracks sellers using the following sources:

User's IP address

 Amazon user login name

Email address

Amazon login password

Browser and browser plugin

Computer operating system

Cookies that your computer stores, including text and Flash cookies

How prevent your second account from being detected by Amazon

In order to avoid your second account being associated with the previous one, the following issues should be taken care of when creating a new account:

Your new user and store names cannot be too similar to the previous account, because it may trigger the Amazon seller review process. There was an example of being immediately closed due to the same user name in the US.

You can actually use a fake registered address, because Amazon does not send anything to their seller's registered addresses. But if the address in the new account is too similar to the previous one, it may trigger the Amazon seller review process.

Register your accounts on different emails. Sellers generally use popular free email services like Gmail or Hotmail. Amazon uses a variety of ways to track your email messages, such as photo probes. When you open the image that includes the link to Amazon, the relevant information of your router will be visible.

The best way to not fall for this trap is to use a low-profile free email service provider. If it is not convenient for you, try using the email forwarding option. There are tons of them online, you will have thousands of choices after a simple search.

Create a registered mobile phone number. You can simply use your friend's or family member's phone when signing up for the second account. This is an acceptable way, because Amazon won't call their sellers. The important thing is to make sure your registered phone number has never been used before on Amazon, or it will close your account directly.

Creating an Alias Credit Card Information. It is one of the most important elements of your new account. After your credit card has been used by any Amazon account, it can't be used there again. It is very important to carefully choose your alias credit card because Amazon strictly observes the credit card's seller account.

Amazon Sellers Can Legitimately Apply for a Second Account

Amazon Sellers actually have an option to apply for a second account. They can do so if the site decides they have a “legitimate business need” for one. There are the “Contact Us” and “Selling on Amazon” sections of the website through which you can apply.


Amazon explains that you must have an individual bank account for each Seller Central account. So they are not going to  approve multiple Seller Central accounts if they use the same bank account within the same region. In the case you sell across regions, you can use the same bank account for both your Seller Central accounts. Your accounts should still be linked though Amazon Global Selling. Also each account must have a separate email address and the products or services sold in each account must be different. To be able to operate in such a way your Performance Metrics must be in good standing. Amazon usually responds to requests for a second account within three business days.

How Can You Open a Second Amazon Seller Account

If Amazon decides to give you permission for a second account they will require of you to have a separate bank account, separate email, and separate credit card. They will not require you to have a separate business or personal entity.

To Open a Second Amazon Seller Account open a case with Amazon, then click “Selling on Amazon”, then select “Your account”, and then click “Other account issues”.

It has been found that there is one keyword that Amazon is extra sensitive about. Having it in your letter will greatly increase your chances of getting approval for a second account. Sales Tax. 

Even if you never open up your second business, Amazon will not ask you to see permission for the second account.

In case you get rejected, it is recommended to try every month or so until you finally get permission, as granting you a permission seems to be a subjective decision made by that particular customer service staff member. You will likely get some questions from Amazon from time to time inquiring why you have several accounts, but you can simply point them to this case ID.

How Does Amazon Know If You Have Multiple Seller Accounts?


Online marketing or e-commerce has been expanded its horizon in the past few years. And for some obvious reasons, it has been beneficial to both buyers and sellers. And we if we are talking about e-commerce we all know who is the ace players in the field its Amazon. 

Amazon never fails to impress its users with variety and options in its product, this results in a huge buyer’s network of the company. Now a company with such a great user base surely would attract the attention of a lot of sellers, and we won’t be surprised if you are one of them as well. And Amazon understands this thing pretty well and that is why we came with their seller base. 

With Amazon seller account you can sell your products on the site. And it looks like a great idea as well as there is already a market base set up, so you do not have to create everything from scratch. But when it comes to competition and a loyal customer base, you have to fight your battle there. 

How To Keep Your Amazon Seller Account From Suspension?

But, you see after so much basic information regarding, we can conclude that Amazon is an e-commerce giant, and they have their reputation to hold. So they have their own set of rules for you as a seller and breaking them would eventually lead to your account suspension and in worst cases may be a ban as well. “But I am selling genuine products so there is way my account would get suspended”, if these are your thoughts then we have a piece of news for you.

Amazon has its guidelines and policies and you never know that knowingly or unknowingly you might even breach them. Sounds like something that cannot be controlled, well that is a half-truth, and yes it cannot be controlled but can be sure minimized. And how can we do it? We will help you with it. We are here with few things you must keep in mind while having a sellers account and to avoid it from suspension. 

Why will my account get suspension? 

If we go by past few years record then Amazon has only gone stricter with its policies, and this is the reason there has been a rise in a number of an account getting suspended. But this suspension does target any particular seller, it is even for all. That brings your account also on the radar. 

Usually, there are warnings before your account gets suspended, checking them does not help every time. Even after responding to them, your account may still have suspension. So there is no saying that there could not be an unnecessary suspension. 

In these situations, it is better to keep your guard up every time and avoid such cases at any cost. So here are few ways to can keep your sellers account away from suspension. 

How to keep your Amazon Seller’s Account away from suspension? 

Keep track of every guidelines and policy of Amazon

One great thing about this is you need to take out the rule book, again and again, every time the policy gets updated. The guidelines from Amazon is not stagnant and keep changing every time. And each time that happens you will be notified via registered mail. Keep track of those and read them carefully. Your product must abide by them else your account will probably get suspended. 

Monitor what you sell 

Now as you know what are the guidelines and policies, stick to them, and do not bring any product on the list that goes against them. Double-check everything before listing them on the seller's list. Beware of the product safety guidelines as well as that is the area where the team is very much conscious about. Although there are chances that you’re best selling product might also be on the list of risky items that might bring you to a dilemma, do not forget your motto of keeping your account safe, and always bear that in mind. 

Do not forget the paperwork

This process comes in early while you are in the process of making your account. Paperwork and registration work might seem a bit boring, which we won’t lie it is but is also very much crucial. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper documents. One error can ruin your entire effort and being a seller nothing can be more disappointing than losing your account over silly paperwork. So do not rush, keep calm and arrange every document properly and then attach them. 

Do not ignore the warnings 

Yes, we remember that even after considering warning your account still may get suspended, so does that mean you will ignore any product related warning what so ever? Well, we know you won’t because together we are here trying to save our account form suspension, so we need to track every action. Make sure which product is having a safety and quality issue, be prompt to react to such warnings. 


Online shopping is considered a great option even though you cannot touch the product, and this all because of product reviews. Reviews are public and are accessible to all, and sometimes few sellers try to manipulate that feature and their marketing plan. They create fake and paid reviews, don’t be that seller, and keep your morale high. Keeping honest reviews can build your trust in the company. And if they start seeing you can someone honest and genuine seller, chances if some mindless suspension would go down. 


So now we see selling is indeed a difficult task, even if you are selling at such a huge buying place. But if your account still gets suspended you can bring it back, there are a few steps to follow and they are simple as well, all it counts is your patience as a human and dedication as a seller.  

How To Keep Your Amazon Seller Account From Suspension?



Introduction- Hi, I'm Sourajit Saha, a tech freak guy. I use, read, sleep, eat, breathe technology. I'm a digital marketer from Kolkata, India. Apart from that, I'm a cryptocurrency trader/holder. I love coding; I love the computer. I've been learning to code since class V. Our board's computer syllables are far behind than other board's computer syllables. Programming is starting at our board from class VI. I learned coding from one of my friends who is from a different board. My first programming language was GW-BASIC. Later I learned HTML for the first time in class VIII, a fundamental idea of web development.... That's where my journey started. I was addicted to coding, trying to learn new codes and implemented those on different HTML pages. I made three offline micro-sites and used my computer as CMS (Content Management System). I came to know about Google Adsense first after my board exam (12th grade). At that time, I thought it could be a good source to make money. Then a lot of incidents happened to my life. I joined an engineering college. Then I left the college for some reasons (you will find the detailed story on my about page). It was the most challenging time in my life. I often cried, thinking about my future. But my family is very supportive. My parents never forced me to go to college. At a time, I felt that I have something to do. I knew HTML. So, I planned to create a website and make money from it. But my first website failed to generate any revenue. I was adamant. I had unlimited time. I did not need to create it within a fixed time. All of those combined to make my job easier. Blogging was my hobby at the very first. Next, it turned into my passion and later profession. I have created a lot of websites in my life. Most of them failed to generate revenue. But I learned the ones I did wrong from those mistakes. Now I'm running successfully. It is almost four years old. helps me to generate a good amount of money. It has a vast potential to generate money, which is enough for leading a normal life. Now I'm a full-time professional blogger. I'm grateful to my respected teacher Debasish Majumder, my friends Imran Uddin and Iftekhar Ahmed, my brother Anirban Roy and many more who helped make my journey more comfortable. I have worked with many ad networks like Ezoic, Google Adsense,, Adversal, Infolinks, Chitika, Propeller ads, etc. I got my first big payment from Adversal. I joined Google Adsense in 2014, though I started to make money from it in 2015. I'm grateful to Adsense for making me what I'm today. Apart from a professional blogger, I'm very friendly by nature. I'm a beloved son, brother, and uncle. If you want to contact me, check my contact me page. Still, if you want to know more about me, check my "About Me" page. Thank you.


My Blog- I have started blogging in 2011. My first blog was about some amazing facts. I was very excited about that project. I collected more than 6000 amazing facts from all over the web. I wanted to use a relevant image with every fact. It took a long time to complete the whole website. I applied to Google Adsense to monetize my blog. At that time, I had no idea about monetization, search engine optimization. That's where my journey started.... I was addicted to coding, trying to learn new codes and implemented those on different HTML pages. I made three offline micro-sites and used my computer as CMS (Content Management System). I came to know about Google Adsense first after my board exam (12th grade). At that time, I thought it could be a good source to make money. Then a lot of incidents happened to my life. I joined an engineering college. Then I left the college for some reasons (you will find the detailed story on my about page). It was the most challenging time in my life. I often cried, thinking about my future. But my family is very supportive. My parents never forced me to go to college. At a time, I felt that I have something to do. I knew HTML. So, I planned to create a website and make money from it. But my first website failed to generate any revenue. I was adamant. I had unlimited time. I did not need to create it within a fixed time. All of those combined to make my job easier. Blogging was my hobby at the very first. Next, it turned into my passion and later profession. I have created a lot of websites in my life. Most of them failed to generate revenue. But I learned the ones I did wrong from those mistakes. Now I'm running successfully. It is almost four years old. helps me to generate a good amount of money. It has a vast potential to generate money, which is enough for leading a normal life. Now I'm a full-time professional blogger. I'm grateful to my respected teacher Debasish Majumder, my friends Imran Uddin and Iftekhar Ahmed, my brother Anirban Roy and many more who helped make my journey more comfortable. I have worked with many ad networks like Ezoic, Google Adsense,, Adversal, Infolinks, Chitika, Propeller ads, etc. I got my first big payment from Adversal. I joined Google Adsense in 2014, though I started to make money from it in 2015. I'm grateful to Adsense for making me what I'm today. Apart from a professional blogger, I'm very friendly by nature. I'm a beloved son, brother, and uncle. If you want to contact me, check my contact me page. Still, if you want to know more about me, check my "About Me" page. Thank you.


Books I Love Most- Well, you can call me a book-worm. I read a lot of books/blogs everyday. I read a beautiful line written by my favorite author Humayun Ahmed- "If you want to write a single book, you have to read 100 books." I always appreciate it. My reading habit was started when I was in class 2 or 3. I loved to read Aesop's Fable since my childhood. I got few books on my birthday every year from my mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, sister, and uncle. My favorite fictional characters are Sherlock Holmes, Tintin, Himu, and a lot more.... There is an almirah full of books in my office room. Maybe 200-300 books are there. Most of my books, which were magazines, had been sold by my mom to the man who came to our house to buy old newspapers. The tragedy, of course. My most favorite book is "The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde." You must have understood or interested in psychology to read this book. Let me tell you about another book that changed my life a lot. After my 12th board exam was over, my father went to the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata for Joint Entrance counseling. There, dad got a magazine from a stall for free with few other leaflets. I've never heard the name of that magazine before - "Leader." The cover story was about Google. The caption was interesting- "You can make money without doing evil." The cover of the book features a photo of Larry Page and Sergey Brin are smiling together. That was the first time I came to know the details about Google for the first time. Now I work at Google Adsense since 2014. Google invited me twice to join the seminars. The first of them was held in Lucknow, India. I could not attend that seminar. The second one was held in our city, Kolkata. It was one of the most memorable events in my life. There were three Google employees too. I learned a lot about how Adsense and Google work, actually. That was better than reading a book. They practically showed us how Google, Youtube, and Adsense are expanding day by day through some fantastic presentations. I met a few of my blogger friends on that day. As I used a mobile camera, the photos' clarity was not good. But I got an id card from Google Adsense, that was a kind of dream comes true. Problogger is one of my favorite books about blogging written by Darren Rowse, founder of problogger dot com. Whenever someone asks me about blogging or making a blog or making an authority blog or making money from a blog, I suggest it. This is a practical handbook for new bloggers. I read articles suggested by the Google app. Those are very helpful and relevant. So, I will tell one thing- read books as much as you can and encourage others to read books. Thank you.


My Hobbies- I have a lot of hobbies. In my leisure time, I love to read the latest technology news from Google app, Beebom, etc. "Google" app has a new feature- they will show relevant information to your feed that might be interesting to you. Reading does not only mean "reading a book." You can read newspapers. You can read a blog, an article. Generally, I get some news related to Elon Musk, Cryptocurrency, SEO, Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6 both, and many more in my feed. I love photography very very much. My first camera was actually mobile (at that time, the mobile was not smart enough).... It was a 2MP camera. It gave me immense pleasure while capturing photos. My first camera was a Canon compact camera 10MP. I clicked a lot of pictures with that camera. Unfortunately, almost all images have been deleted. Actually, I uploaded those photos on "Orkut," a social networking site owned by Google, which does not exist anymore. Google photos didn't exist at that time. I regret that I have lost all those pictures that I had been captured in Kashmir, which is called the paradise of earth. Anyway, now I'm aware of storing all photos in Google photos. I select the best ones and upload them in Google photos just after capturing them as soon as possible. I have also used a premium camera called "Sony A7iii". I purchased it to capture low-light images. Photography has different categories. Low light photography and portrait photography are my favorite. But nowadays, good smartphones work better at night than those costly cameras. Really. My iPhone 11 Pro is the proof. If you capture a photo at night with it, it looks stunning. But the zoom is limited- 2x only. Now I'm using a premium compact camera called "Sony DSC-RX100 Mark 6". It is costly, but in terms of performance, it's outstanding. Among all (5-6) of my cameras, This is probably the best one. I love playing video games also. I played "Clash of Clans" with my nephew, but somehow we don't play that game anymore. I love to play the GTA V Redux version. If you play the standard version, you can only realize how much improvement has occurred due to redux mode. Redux is a mode that can increase the graphics dramatically. Nowadays, I also play Red Dead Redemption 2, which is so realistic that I can't believe my eyes. I will order a graphics card shortly to play Red Dead Redemption 2 AND Grand Theft Auto 6. Apart from that, I love to listen to music. I love to listen to rock, pop, EDM genres. Arijit Singh, Chester Bennington, Enrique Iglesias, Kishore Kumar are my favorite singers. I'm a music addict and very picky about the sound system. Blogging is my profession now, but it's still my hobby also. I love to write a blog. is a blog where I can express myself. I love to watch Youtube videos. Thank you.


My PC- I'm very much passionate about my PC. My PC is an all-rounder in my life. I spend almost all the time in a day in front of my PC. This is the place for my hobby, for my entertainment like listening to music from Amazon Prime Music, playing video games like Grand Theft Auto 5, for my work and professional life, and my virtual social life like Facebook. However, I don't use Facebook much nowadays. It seems boring to me where people love to leg pull each other, at least among the Facebook users around our area/state. I'm currently using an Intel i5 4th generation processor. An old graphics card- Geforce GTX 970 4 GB.... ASUS motherboard, 8 (4+4) GB Corsair RAM, 22 inch Dell monitor. I'm very much addicted to the GTA series by Rockstar Games, so I upgraded the pc four years ago. Now, these parts are considered backdated. I'm eagerly waiting for GTA 6. And nowadays, I'm playing Red Dead Redemption 2, which requires 6 GB video RAM. So I want to upgrade my PC. An i7 4th generation processor, a Geforce 6GB gaming graphics card that can even boost up to 50% of its performance if there are many textures. I already have 8(4+4)GB RAM. There are four slots in my motherboard for RAM, and maximum I can use 32GB RAM. I will add 8+8= 16GB RAM. It will be 24GB RAM then. 24GB RAM is enough for a PC nowadays. The most expensive part of my PC is my speakers. I'm very picky if the issue is the speaker. I have changed my speakers 4-5 times in the past 15 years. I have also used Bose desktop speakers, which is their top model- Bose Companion 5. It looks stylish. After reading many reviews, I purchased Audio Engine 5 Plus with Audio Engine S8 subwoofer only to boost the bass. I'm delighted with its performance. It works like a charm. The bass is mindblowing. The irony is that whenever I tell someone that I use Audio Engine, they can't recognize it because they never heard it before, but when I used Bose, everyone was surprised and thought of me as a rich person. Audio Engine speakers are not available in India. I imported it from the USA. I had to pay a lot of tax, customs charges, delivery charges and all for that. I planned to purchase a better monitor (actually a Samsung 32 inch curved monitor for immerse view), but later I canceled because of Google photos. The way I have arranged all images on my 22-inch screen will be affected. It is now in grid style. My monitor is full HD; still, 4k content appears very well. I spend most of the time just watching Youtube videos. I love to listen to cover music. I use a plugin on the browser that helps to present all 4k content as 2k content. I have a buffering issue for 4k videos. Well, that's my PC.

My Gadgets- Previously I told you many times in my blog posts, and even I tell you that I'm a tech freak. I love technology. The way technology evolves outstanding. It mesmerizes me a lot. My first mobile phone's camera was 2MP, and now companies like Samsung, Redmi sell smartphones with 108MP cameras. 10-12 years ago, we had to go to the CD corner to rent compact disks of movies and games. Then the torrent came, though torrents are still ruling the web world, the world full of piracy. Though it's not legal, yet we all use it.... You have to download the movies or games through torrent and save them to your hard disk. It takes a lot of space, especially if you are a real gamer or love to collect movies. It's the era of streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Hoichoi, etc. You don't have to download anything, need a good internet connection speed, and watch movies, web series, whatever, whenever you want. I use Amazon Prime Music. In the same way, you don't have to save music on your hard disk. You can stream your favorite song from Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Saavn, etc. I use Amazon Prime music. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will get many benefits in a single subscription. Moreover, it's affordable for ordinary people. You can watch movies, songs and a lot more. I use a premium compact camera of Sony for photography. It is a tiny power-house, pocket-size camera but too powerful to describe. I have used 3-4 cameras before from different companies like Sony, Canon, etc. But this is the best camera I have ever used. My sound system is also premium. It has been imported from the USA cause it's not available in India. My desk fan is also imported from the United States. The desk fan is made by the "Vornado" company. I hope very few people from India know the name. As a table fan, it's great. Now I call my room "home office." There are an air conditioner and a room heater for both seasons. I have a MacBook which is considered garbage now. The major problem is five keys do not work. There are so many problems with it. And to be honest, I love to work on "Windows" rather than "OS X" by Apple. Still, I keep it on my working desk because it's an Apple product. I love expensive shit. I have four bulbs in my room which can generate millions of colors, whatever you want. My smartphone controls the lights. You need the Philips app to control. These are Philips products. I have two tube lights in my room, which can produce two different colors- white for working and yellow for relaxing. I use iPhone 11 Pro. You can call it pro. The triple camera setup is excellent. I have an entry-level VR headset too. That's my gadget collection. Thank you.


People I Love Most- In everyone's life, some temporary people come and go. I'm not exceptional. There are many people with whom I used to talk every day, but now there is no relationship with them; maybe they didn't want to continue friendship/relationship. At a young age, we hung out with friends, ignoring our parents. But at a certain point of our age when we realize that parents are the real friends. Friends, the partner may leave us, but the parents will always be with us till their death.... My real friend is my mother, who takes care of me, even leaving all the work in her life. Mom will give birth to you, and your job is to make her proud. My mother is proud of me. Mom is pleased that I can do all the work/job at home, earn money sitting home. I have very few photos with mom. This photo is my favorite of all the recent photos. Now I will talk about my best friend, Uttiyo. I have never seen such a friendly person before. I will never see anyone like him again. We have been friends since 2010. Our bonding is exceptionally strong. I am blessed to have a best friend like him. My nephew is one of my favorite people. I have seen him since his birth, and now he reads in class 6. I have almost 500 photos of him in my google photos of all stages of his age. Now my nephew is even closer to my height. He is my kind of Guinea pigs when it comes to photography. I love to spend a lot of time with him; unfortunately, I am busy with some work when he comes. But the days when I've nothing to do, and he comes, we talk a lot. That's my life.