The time is not good for me. Somehow I'm unable to adjust with any of my partners. Obviously I'm talking about girlfriends or ex-girlfriends whatever you say. In last three months, breakup happens for five times and its really painful to face all those incidents once by one, its like someone is standing with a shotgun, firing at me, reloading and firing again.  I met all of them via Instagram, in fact, I promoted my post so that they could reach to a broader audience and some unknown girls- if they find my post nice, maybe we can start chatting. I have spent a few thousand rupees just to find a perfect girlfriend. 

The first one was from Kanchrapara, the town next to ours, and more especially my birth town. So it's special for me and her birthday was also on the 17th march. Really exciting. Even we planned to celebrate our birthday together. She told me- I like your tattoos, so I follow you. We talked a lot; probably she cared for me but... she is not interested in going into any relationship, or not to go in relationship with me. So when she informed me that, I stopped talking with her.
Sourajit Saha At Muskaan
Next girl was from Chittaranjan. I always told/tell my friends; I don't go for someone who lives outside of Kalyani region. Still, I was agreed in that case. She was kind of obsessed with me. Whenever I upload a picture on Instagram, she made it as DP of her WhatsApp. Everything was fine until I got a phone call from a guy claiming- she is his girlfriend, why am I interfering between them? It sounds so shocking to me. Later I realised that she was playing with two boys at a time. So I told them- no need to worry, I am staying away from this situation and live both of you happy.

Another one was from Kanchrapara too. The name is ridiculous. Merina. I even don't know the meaning of her name. Actually, I talked to her first instead of seeing her picture. So after talking a lot, when I saw her picture, she is wonderful. And I don't like that kind of girlfriend, rather than I prefer simple ordinary looking girlfriend more. And whenever a girl is beautiful,  a lot of attitude problem, ego problem comes. I like down to earth person and not a girl like Merina. So basically one day she sent me two hearts in WhatsApp, and I was on from my desktop. It would take a little bit time to find the emojis as I don't use them much. So I wrote I love you instead of that. And basically, it's one of my biggest faults! Why I wrote I love you only and an emoji? That was her logic. Then ego, attitude. I came out from the relation within a few days. 

And about the last one? I don't have enough patience to write about her now. Too much temporary people, and if I write about all of them, it will be a novel rather than any blog post. Let's move into something else. Actually, I'm very emotional. All these matters hurt me a lot. When they behave like these, blame me, I sometimes cry, alone in my room. Maybe some sad song or romantic songs plays on the background at that time. SRK is the person, who can heal all my pain. After watching his smile, hearing his speech, those show me a new way to live, live happily. I am grateful to Mr Khan. Shah Rukh Khan will be my hero until my best breath. Now while typing this draft, I'm listening to a  song, you can listen to that so. So beautiful melody, so lovely voice, and SRK's smile. I forget all my pain by watching these temporarily. Yeah, there is definitely something worth to live on this beautiful planet. SRK, I want to learn Hindi just to understand your films better. You are no. 1.
I told in the previous post that I had a Sony mirrorless which is very compact and amazing. So handy, lightweight. I have used that camera for near abound two months with a Sigma prime lens- 30 mm f/1.4, which delivered sharp and crisp images. So I'm grateful to that. I sold that camera a few days ago, and it is no more with me. Still, it's a memory, and I took a few photos of it. You can take a look at the camera. The model number is Sony A6000, and it's one of their best models on that price. 
A6000 Of Sourajit Saha 1

A6000 Of Sourajit Saha 2

A6000 Of Sourajit Saha 3

A6000 Of Sourajit Saha 4
Apart from that, I use Instagram daily. My Instagram username is iamsourajit, here you will get all the images, captured by these cameras, smartphones and all. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Take care. Have a nice day.