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Here is my short intro video. I made it for my YouTube channel, which is basically a time pass for me. Whiteboard presentation is now very demanding. So, I just tried once, and it was about myself. I will give you some more interesting information about me like-
Sourajit Saha

I was born in Kanchrapara. At that time we stayed at Kanchrapara railway quarter. My grandfather, my father, my uncle all were railway employee. We were shifted to Kalyani when I was 1.5 years old. I don't have any memory of that time. I grew up here; my schooling was here in this town. I still remember the day, the first day of my prep class. I was crying so much that my mother forced to take me back to home. I was absent on the first day of my schooling. Was it a teaser of my academic life? Anyway, I completed my prep education from Vivekananda Jatiya Vidyalaya then admitted Kalyani University experimental high school and I completed my schooling from here. Then I admitted to Adamas Institute of Technology, an engineering college in Barasat. Due to some attendance related problem I left the college within six months. My college forced me for at least 75% attendance, which was next to impossible for me. I was very much depressed at that time. Leaving a college sounds very easy, but it was really one of my toughest and probably the best decision in my life. Attending in an institute and spending all day there was not my cup of tea; rather I love to spend my time in front of my computer and doing something creative works. I admitted another college named Kanchrapara College, yeah a college in my birth town. I left that college after going two days. I also admitted NIIT (Kalyani) and left that after two months. No, academic life was not for me. Then I was looking for something which I could do from my home. I was good at coding, and I always prefer web development than software development. I started a blog, which made $0. Then I made another blog- my AdSense account got disabled. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles to come here. Now I have several blogs, and I can manage them all perfectly.

Why I've created this blog?

During my blogging journey, I have to face too many obstacles, which basically wasted my time. I went into so many wrong ways. Those helped me to learn which are right and which are not. So I want to share here all the mistakes that I've done till now. I may not be able to learn you a single right way, but I can show you hundreds of wrong ways that you can avoid to save your time.

Moreover, I wanted to be a writer, but publishing a paperback book is comparatively tough than writing a blog. Writing a personal blog regularly is like writing a diary. I started this blog as a personal blog. Then I started to share my blogging experience, and now this is the primary topic of this blog. If I write now about any personal topic, it would be kind of awkward. Still, I love to express my thoughts, love to share my experience, love to hear other's opinion. I will be really happy if my posts help you in any way. I love to get feedback from you. Check my contact page for my contact information. 

If you are new to blogging and seeking for information and tutorials, if you are already a blogger and still looking for more tips and tricks, if you love to read personal experience of a weird person, then my blog is here for you. Here is my commitment to all my readers- I will post articles on a regular basis, I will write every post in details with proper screenshots or images. Still, if you have any query, feel free to ask me in comments. I've already started twitter handle and Facebook page to promote my content; I will be grateful if I get support from you. I will give you few more interesting information about me like-

  • I'm eggetarian. I don't eat any kind of meat, fish. The egg only from the non-veg menu. So KFC basically useless for me. But I love McDonald's. Burgers are heaven. And French fries also.
  • I don't use local train and bus since last 4-5 years because of my leg pain. Apart from that by road journey attracts me more. We have few known drivers, and they are like our family members. We never think that he is a driver, he is from another family. We keep gossiping throughout the way. 
  • I don't watch television. I swear, I really don't watch. Not even for a single minute! I get bored easily while watching TV. Better to use a PC or laptop. You have to watch what TV will show you (almost) whereas you can see anything in PC via YouTube or DailyMotion. Now the choice is yours! :P  
  • I'm a college dropout. I admitted to an engineering college named Adamas Institute of Technology. I studied there for six months. I've a sickness of going school college or any regular institution. Don't know why but I don't like this. Bondage is not for me. My college pressurized me to keep attention above 75%. It seems an order to me; I felt college forced me to do that. I don't like this type of behavior. So as a result of it I left college after my first semester.
  • I am a very lucky person. Almost every wish of mine has been fulfilled. I wanted to work with Google Adsense and Amazon. Currently, I'm doing this. I wanted to teach someone who is elder to me. I had two students, and both are married. I wanted to go foreign once at least. I went Thailand with my father in October 2015. The trip was awesome! I wanted to get a dimple. At present, I have dimples on both sides which I had not even 4-5 years ago. Maybe I was too skinny.
  • I have very few friends to spend time with them. I'm really happy with them. Even I feel lucky sometimes that I've got such friends. They gave me company when I was alone; they gave me company when I have nothing. They are awesome. Apart from that, the big friend circle you have, more complexity will come with it.
  • I was very much addicted to Facebook. But now I spend 15-20 mins per day on Facebook and WhatsApp. I always try not to use my smartphone much, even as minimum as possible. I am least interested in the bike. Yes, you read it right. Maybe I'm the one one boy who doesn't get interested in the bike. I love four wheeler. I wish I could buy one shortly.
  • I love all type of music. Every genre of music. Like rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, jazz, etc. You can call me an audiophile. I have changed my speaker four times as I was not fully satisfied with the output. Currently, I'm using Bose Companion 5, and it's just superb speakers for the desktop. I have a plan for Bose home theater in future for any of my room.
  • I am an online marketer as you know from the video. I spend quality time in front of the computer to update block, approve pending comments, to create backlinks, to write articles, and yes we all have to do together. But the irony is that I have not computer science degree even no certificate on any computer course, not even certificate on basic computer knowledge course.
  • I'm a shopaholic. I go to City Center 2 or Mani Square frequently to buy shirts, t-shirts those are mainly my favorite. West side is my favorite store in Mani Square. And McDonald's in CC2. Uummmmm!!!!
Sourajit Saha SignatureContact with me via Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus or you can directly mail me which will be the best way I think. Alternatively you can message me on Skype. You will find all my contact information on my 'Contact' page. Check my 'Archive' page for all of my posts . Check my complete Scrapbook here. I would love to hear your suggestion too for my blog. Lots of love! Take Care. 
Hi, I’m Sourajit Saha, An Online Marketer & Cryptocurrency Spectator From Kolkata, India. I Have Been Blogging Since Last Quarter Of 2010. I Started Blogging As A Hobby, And Soon It Turned Into Passion And Later Profession. Click Here To Know About Me!


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