Let me speak a little bit about myself. I was born in Kanchrapara. At that time, we stayed at the Kanchrapara railway quarter. My grandfather, my father, and my uncle were all railway employees. We moved to Kalyani when I was only a year and a half old. I don't have any memory of that time.

I grew up here in this town. I still remember vividly the first day of my prep class. I was crying so hard that my mother decided to just bring me back home. And the result? I was absent on the first day of school. Looking back at it now, I was wondering if it was a teaser to what was going to happen in my academic life.
Sourajit Saha
Sourajit Saha
I completed my prep education at Vivekananda Jatiya Vidyalaya, then completed my high school at Kalyani University Experimental High School. Later, I got into Adamas Institute of Technology, an engineering college in Barasat, where I attempted to finish a degree. But I had the hardest time due to the required 75% of attendance. It was nearly impossible for me to sustain college. After 6 months, I left.

The thing was, forcing me to go to school was far from my favorite thing. I wanted a lot of freedom instead. The approach of forcing me to attend college took a toll on me, and it was one of the lowest points in my life. At that time, I just ended my academic life. And deep down, I knew I was closing a big door that may lead me to my future career.

But going to college and getting a degree was not my cup of tea. I would rather be spending my time in front of the computer and do creative works. However, I knew how my education can bring me closer to my dreams. So, I found myself trying again. I got into Kanchrapara College, a college in my birth town. After two days, I quit. I also got into NIIT in Kalyani, but I left college after two months. That was my turning point; I knew that academic life was not for me. Leaving college sounds easy. But it was the toughest, yet the best, decision I made in my life.

Instead of trying and failing again in college, I helped myself pursue something I was good at. That is when I found a job I can do at home. I was good at coding, and I always prefer web development over software development. I started my first blog with great enthusiasm but made $0. I started another blog, but my AdSense account got disabled after clicking my own ad. To put it simply, I had no idea how an ad network works especially Google Adsense, which is the leading in the industry.

Looking back, it was a long and difficult journey. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be able to get to where I am now. At present, I have several blogs, and I can manage them all perfectly.
So, what was my reason for creating this blog?

During my blogging journey, I had faced a lot of humps and obstacles along the way. I knew I could have saved more time if only I chose the right way. I had to go through a lot of trial-and-error methods to finally found something that works. I discovered the right ways, but I found the wrong ways of doing things too. In this blog, I wanted to share all the mistakes I have done in the past – not for you to copy but rather to give you a long list of what to avoid. I may not be able to teach you the single best way to make things work, but I can save you some time by showing you a hundred wrong ways not to do things.

Moreover, I wanted to be a writer.  But publishing a paperback book is comparatively tough compared to writing a blog. Writing a personal blog is like writing a diary. And this is where I started.

I created a personal blog, then later started sharing my blogging experience. At present, this is the primary topic of my blog. It was quite far from what I originally intended to do. And if I write about anything personal, it would be kind of awkward. Still, I love to express my thoughts, love to share my experiences, and love to hear other people’s opinions. It will make me happy if, in a way or two, my posts will help you to get by. l would also love to get feedback from you. Check my contact page for my contact information and connect to me via Instagram. 

If you are new to blogging and looking for information and tutorials to help you learn more; if you are a blogger who is looking for new tips and tricks; if you love to read personal experiences of a weird person, then my blog is here for you. 

Here is my commitment to all my readers – I will post articles regularly. I will write every post with details and tell my stories better with screenshots or images. If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comment section. I will be grateful if I receive support from you.
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To take you into a room filled with personal things, I will give you a peek at the life I am living.

I'm an eggetarian. I don't eat any kind of meat or fish. Eggs are the only non-veg I eat. So, KFC is not my favorite. But I love McDonald's. Veg Momo and cold coffee are my most favorite food. My favorite street food is Fuchka and veg Biriyani or Hakka Noodles in restaurants.

For the last 5-6 years, I don’t use local trains and buses for transportation due to my leg pain. I take road trips with a personal vehicle instead. We have drivers, and they are like family to us. We never think of them as an employee instead, they are just like a part of the family. We just keep on sharing stories during our trips. 

I don't watch television. I really don’t, not even for a single minute! I get bored easily while watching TV. For me, watching on my phone or laptop is the best option. But there is an exception to that, I watch FIFA World Cup Football on TV as the resolution on PC is not as good as the one being broadcasted on television. For other shows, I use my PC via YouTube or Daily Motion for my entertainment. The choice is yours in case you prefer anything else.

I am a college dropout. I pursued a degree in engineering in a college called Adamas Institute of Technology. I studied there for six months. But to be forced to attend classes at least 75% made me quit college. I left after my first semester.

I consider myself lucky. Almost every wish I have had been fulfilled. I have always wanted to work with Google Adsense and Amazon, and I am currently doing this. I wanted to teach people who are older than me. I had two students who are both married and with children. I wanted to go and travel at least once. And I went to Thailand with my father in October 2015. That trip was awesome! I have always wanted to get a dimple. At present, I have dimples on both sides, something I did not have in the past 4-5 years. Maybe I was too skinny back then.

I have very few friends I can spend my time with, and I'm happy with the friendships we have built. I feel so lucky that I have them. They gave me company when I was alone, and they were with me even when I have nothing. They are awesome people. Apart from that, I actually believe that the bigger circle of friends you have, the more complex it will just become.

I was once addicted to Facebook. But now, I don't use it anymore. I just keep it active for my payment account. I don’t even post pictures there anymore. I would rather use Instagram and Whatsapp to share about my life.

I am least interested in riding bikes. Yes, you read it right. Maybe I am one of the few boys who does not find it interesting. I prefer my scooty – no gear, no clutch. Simplicity, for me, is the best. I also love four-wheelers.

I love all types of music. Every genre like rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, EDM – anything! You name it. You can call me an audiophile. I change my speaker every time I am not satisfied with the audio quality, and that has happened at least four times. My last speaker was a Bose Companion 5, and it was good for my desktop. Currently, I'm using Audio Engine a5 with Audio Engine S8 subwoofer for bass boost, and I think no other speaker in India will give you the same quality. To make you understand how much I love music, I already spent 50,000 rupees just to import these products – shipping and custom charge!

I am also an online marketer as you may know from the video. I spend quality time in front of the computer. I update, block, approve pending comments, create backlinks, write articles, and yes, I do these things all at the same time. But the irony here is I do not have a computer science degree or even a certificate on any computer course. I don’t even possess a certificate in basic computer knowledge. But I still made it here.

I'm a shopaholic. I visit City Center 2, City Center 1, Quest Mall or Mani Square frequently to buy shirts. These are my favorite things to shop for. Westside is my favorite store in Mani Square. But currently, I almost get everything online. Myntra has a huge collection of clothing too. And there are a lot of brands like Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Mango, Roadster, Wrogn, HRX that I can choose from. Tommy Hilfiger is my personal favorite brand. 

You will see a lot of pictures on my Instagram. 95% of those had been captured by my bestie. He is a natural photographer and is acquainted with the tricks of frame, light, and angle to capture the best shots. Some photos were captured by my sister and my other friends. I am not a model, and I don’t even know how to pose. But I like standing in front of the camera. And I love to be working behind the scenes too with a camera in my hand. I love photography – nature photography, portrait photography, and food photography are just some of my favorites. If you still have not followed me on Instagram yet, try checking my feed, and I hope you enjoy seeing my journey through photos.

So, this is almost everything about me. I would love to share more interesting stories with you as we continue to connect in the long run. I would love to take you on my journey and let you see the world – through my lenses.
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Contact with me via Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus or you can directly mail me which will be the best way I think. Alternatively you can message me on Instagram. You will find all my contact information on my 'Contact' page. Check my 'Archive' page for all of my posts . Check my complete Scrapbook here. There are lot of interesting information in my scrapbook (about myself). I would love to hear your suggestion too for my blog. Lots of love! Take Care.