I don't use my MacBook Pro all the time. Rather than it has been placed inside a cover and kept away another room instead of my desk. And it makes so much trouble sometimes. Doesn't working all the times- keypad problem. Maybe I'm typing letters; it shows numbers as output. So it's very tough if I had to face this problem while giving the password. And naturally, the laptop didn't open due to the wrong password. But when its cold, and doesn't have that much energy to go out of my blanket and seat in front of my desktop. So at that time, I prefer MacBook much. But there are some limitations also like I love to play songs in loud, but in the laptop, you can't do that unless you use a headphone. And I'm totally a music freak. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I turn on my PC and play songs from YouTube. And it continues until I shut it down before going to bed. So hence, PC is essential for me. I have heard a song by British Pakistani singer Zayn Malik. The song is - "Allah Duhai Hai" from Race 2. I like Zayn a lot, but I love the original version more. Zayn tried his best to make something different in his own style and own accent. The song has been received 65000+ comments within ten days, and it's insane. Even Justin Bieber commented on that video- "So Zayn you can sing Indian songs too". And that comment gets 33k likes till now. Here is Zayn's version-
A few days ago, I was sitting on my single sofa alone and watching all the latest comments on Instagram and checking how my blog appeared on that screen size. Reading some comments is really fun. Like one foreigner girl, maybe 9-10 years old, and she wrote me a long message after watching one of my pictures and at the end- she wrote- love you. So it makes me happy. A girl, who is not even a teenager, loves me. And that love is different from the typical love- relation concept. That sounded sweet. I get a lot of comment in French, Spanish language. One of the remarkable incidents is that- 2nd November is SRK's birthday and who has been considered as the biggest superstar in the planet. So on his birthday, a Turkish boy uploaded a picture of SRK (check this link if you don't even know who SRK is), and there he tagged himself, his girlfriend or any female friend, three SRK fan pages and me. I was quite surprising. He knows somehow that I'm a huge fan of SRK, and so he tagged me from turkey. Those kinds of small incidents make me so happy than a lot of money. Anyway, here are all the pictures where I laid on sofa and surfing internet. Probably I'm not looking good here at all, still, I love those images, and all these are taken by google pixel 2. at that time, I did not have a Sony mirrorless full frame
Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 2

Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 3

Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 4

Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 5

Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 6

Sourajit Saha With Macbook Pro 7
Anyway, I use Instagram daily, kindly check my Instagram profile, the username is sourajitsaha17, here you will get all the images, captured by these cameras, smartphones and all. And we came to this restaurant many times before and took pictures in Pixel 2 and Sony A6000 too. But these pictures are very much impressive. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc. Take care. Have a nice day. - Sourajit Saha