Google is the most popular search engine in the world and when your potential customers begin researching products and services with this vast source of information, the corporate lists appear–along with recent customer reviews with starring ratings and comments. A study found 85 percent of consumers have confidence in online reviews than personal recommendations, it's sufficient to say that you find new customers with your Google reviews.

As a company owner, you can answer Google reviews and communicate with your customers. Through your Google My Business account you can either respond to Google reviews through your desktop or mobile device.
How To Respond To Positive & Negative Google Reviews
Responding to online client reviews can help you to learn from mistakes as a business owner and this learning curve will improve the overall experience and reputation of your clients. Read on our Google customer reviews comprehensive guide to learn exactly how to respond to Google reviews:

How to respond to Google reviews

1. Sign up for Google My Business through

2. To choose your listing, click on three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.

3. Click on "Manage Reviews."

4. Once the review you wish to discuss is found, click on "Address and answer" to type out a response.

It will be wise to set up Google My Business notifications before you begin, so that you will receive notifications every time a new customer review is posted.

How to Reply from a Desktop

1. Sign up for Google My Business by going to

2. If you have several locations, then click on the one you want to administer, press "Manage Reviews."

3. Click on "View and reply" when finding the review with which you want to engage. 

4. Then, click the three horizontal bars in the top left corner and click on the 'All locations' button.

5. Once you click "View and answer", you can write your message by opening the message box. 

How to Respond from a Mobile Device

1. Open the Google My Business app on your mobile device. 

2. Click on the icon of the horizontal bars.

3. To answer customers who left a review, click "Respond Now."

Negative Reviews: How to Respond?
How to respond to Google reviews when users leave bad and negative reviews? Many businesses and owners are afraid that they will not react to negative reviews because digital confrontation opens a can of worms that can lead to a rabbits hole. Bad opinions should be a time for improvement of your brand and customer service, rather than anxiety. So, how are you supposed to respond? 

1. Evaluate the feedback

You better evaluate the situation rather than respond to a poor review immediately. Customers have much power online, and you will fuel your angry customer if you respond to a negative review without thinking about it. Remember, if they're angry enough (although unfairly) and care about getting the reaction they want from you (whichever is tiny), they're able to spread negative effects online throughout your reputation, and people are likely to believe it until they see a reason for thinking otherwise.

2. Respond publicly to the review

It means do not reach your customer privately, but react on the platform on which the review was posted (it is also good to react in private with public reactions). Do not avoid digital confrontation, whether they left a bad review of Capterra or Google. Your customers and potential customers are aware and careful in responding publicly to bad reviews.

3. Empathize and offer solutions

You have not correctly answered a negative review if you just spend your time writing a fluffy response to the client apologizing for their experience and have actually took the time not to be impulsive but not to find a way to ease the issue or to do something that can be done. Make sure that you offer a solution to this problem. 

You should show empathy and efforts to resolve the complaint whether it provides your contact information and follows up with the customer offline.

Positive Reviews: How to Respond?

It is much easier responding to good reviews than an irritated customer who tells how bad you are about a company. Many business owners only focus on damage control when necessary. This makes sense— how often does a positive assessment spread like wildfire? So why bother to reply to good reviews by your team?

Because good reviews can create enthusiastic fans and add them to new business. Her’s how should you react to positive reviews:

⦁ Acknowledge by name

The customer should always be called by name in the first place, not a generic "hey" or is not authentic to mention their random name that they leave like xyz123. When people hear their own names, attention is turned on. The research on brain activation researchers learned that hearing one's own name is unique because it activates the function of the brain.

⦁ Show gratitude

If you don't show appreciation, you can't expect from users too. To thank your client who left you with a good review shows that you do not focus just on the squeaky wheel, but also on the client who gives you no headache (which is often surprisingly overlooked).

⦁ Give extra value

Only thank you won’t work. What is different response to a good review about your brand from any other company? Given the extra value means that the customer may share content. If your client has left a good review of the app's new feature, give it a beta test for next features. Always think beyond the box! 

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