We will be explaining all about Selenium Chrome Driver Download, but first we would like to break it down into the basics. We will explain what Selenium is and what it does, we will explain all about Chrome Drivers and then you will be led in a step by step process on how to download it.


Selenium in its simplest form is a portable framework for testing web applications. You will be able to use the playback tool for authoring of functional tests even if you haven't yet learnt any test scripting language at all.

You can also write tests in a lot of popular and new languages like Python, PHP, Java and Scala because of its provision of a test specific language called "Selenese". Most of the modern browsers used today accept the running of these test against them.

Linux, macOS and Windows are all compatible with Selenium.

Basically Selenium interacts with our browsers to test web applications. Selenium cannot perform these tasks without outside help and that is where Chrome Drivers come in.

Chrome Driver

Chrome Drivers are specified standalone drivers that are used to implement Webdriver's wire protocol for Chrome. Some of the ranges of duties it performs is providing capabilities for navigating to web pages, JavaScript execution and user input.

There are different chrome versions, so there are different webdriver versions for specific chrome versions. Be careful to match the one that fits your own chrome version.

Step By Step Way Of Downloading Selenium Chrome Driver

Before we start, it is important to note that Selenium works best with Chrome than any other browser and that is why they are mostly used. Their compatibility is a big plus and it is why it features on most people's list.

Step 1

You will have to open your ChromeDriver homepage. When it is opened, you will find many selections with many versions. As stated earlier on, it is important to know your own version and to know what version works perfectly for yours.

Step 2

Click on your preferred version and download the zip file. After downloading, unzip the file and retrieve the chromedriver.exe

Congratulations, you have completed the download of Selenium Chrome Driver.


Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world and that is why it is important to work on the more common browsers worldwide. A lot of people now prefer using chrome to write automation scripts as opposed to other browsers. So when you use Selenium Chrome Driver, you will get the optimum usage from it in running your automation scripts on their respective browsers.