The Amazon firestick is a USB device which is used to access the several TV serials and TV programs that are made available for the audience on the site of Amazon prime, the massive online site contains several TV serials from all around the world on a single platform and that content is all available with a Prime membership with an amazon account. 

Amazon has brought several gadgets like Alexa and kindle readers for an ultimate user experience by using the artificial intelligence implemented in the devices, all of the gadgets made by the Amazon can be connected on a single server using an amazon account to interconnect them over the internet.

What Happens If I Deregister My Amazon Firestick?

So, to know what happens after you deregister your Amazon firestick, you have to have an inseam clarity about the reason for registering the Amazon devices amazon account. 

The amazon prime is nothing complex, it is the internet use for telecasting on different platform of several TV programs and variety of many web series over the internet and the whole content can watched on the television by using an interface such as the Amazon firestick, the firestick uses the internet connectivity to access the whole programs avail be with the prime membership with Amazon. That’s why you need to register your firestick in the Amazon prime account yours on a pc or an android mobile app.

1> This is how you can register our amazon firestick device with your prime account. Irrespective of the mobile app or on an amazon website the same process applies to register an amazon electric device like Alexa, kindle or an amazon firestick.

2> Open your existing amazon prime account and go to the settings area over the menu tab.

3> Select the account settings and choose to register a product in the division.

Thereafter you can enter required credentials of the firestick device or any other amazon device to enable them for access to the prime content right away within seconds.

If you do not have an amazon account or a prime account membership you can create an amazon account and upgrade to the prime membership, however, the prime membership is only accessed by paid membership with a different range of memberships like premium, silver and gold. 

But, creation of an amazon account is completely free of charge at any time, the free account can only be used for buying and selling products on the Amazon site and not compatible to access the television content without a prime membership.

That’s how you can make use of the Amazon services differently and due to any certain reason, if you have deregistered your amazon firestick or any other amazon electric device from the prime account, this is what happens next.

Sorry for your disappointment no blast or explosion is going to happen if you deregister your firestick, it will just stop accessing the prime content and don’t show any mediate response between the prime account and the television. 

There are so many reasons to deregister an amazon firestick from a prime account and they include theft of the device, message by family members and when the device is lost.

Getting your amazon firestick stolen is an impossible scenario because no one steals a device that’s connected to a television intentionally unless they intend to steal the hole television set up from your house. 

The case of theft and getting the device lost will take place while you are changing places and missing the device in between the journey, but you don’t have to worry about any leakage of your account information that’s stored in the prime account. 

What’s even more disappointing news for the thief or the person who may have found the device is, the firestick asks for the Amazon prime account ID and password, to access the television content over the internet?

Even though they try to access the firestick by registering it with their prime account, you will be notified immediately as you have registered it previously with your account.

So, if you have deregistered your Amazon firestick from your prime account, it will be open to being registered with any other prime account and you may never able to find the device if stolen and you deregistered it right away. 

There is no need to deregister in your amazon firestick in the case of getting stolen or missing of the device as the USB interface do not hold any personal information provided in the prime account and is only used as an intermediate device between the television and prime account to access telegraphic content over the internet.

You can deregister your amazon firestick from your prime account if you like to register the same device with another account or to give it away to someone else unless you have to remove the device intentionally from your collection there is no need to deregister your amazon firestick from your account.


Even if the firestick is used to browse different categories of content on the television with children present in the house, you can switch on the parental guidance feature in your amazon account for using while around with presence of children or family members. 

The amazon prime account can be used to register 3 different devices to browse different contents at the same time, the amazon firestick is also counted as a device and you can connect mobile and a personal computer along with the firestick. 

If you find a need to Share the prime account with a family member or a friend, you can deregister your firestick to start the faculty of prime account to register another device.

The deregistering is a process which is simple and can be done using a computer or a mobile app, just select the registers devices and deactivate the selected device to stop the streaming services right away.