Amazon is a trusted source for different services from shopping to online streaming all around the globe and they are so much careful at keeping their users account safe and secure with several firewalls to ensure the added protection from the cyber frauds which are pretty common these days. So, with the added protection of amazon cybersecurity, it’s impossible to hack a user’s account and use it for their sole purposes. 

Although the Amazon is good at protecting its customers from the cyber hackers, some well-trained hackers are destined to break the firewalls and the user also have to be very careful to avoid getting their account hacked and misused in the first place. Even after taking the preventive measures, if you still feel that your account has been hacked this is who you need to call first. 

Who Do I Call If My Amazon Account Has Been Hacked?
Your friends and family, yeah you’ve heard it right your friends and family, they may be using your account as an excuse to tease you and have some fun out of it. And you don’t need to worry about the account credentials if the hackers are your friends or family members, they might have peeked a view at your mobile screen while you are logging in to your account earlier. You can simply change the password later on from the privacy settings. 

But, this is who you need to call if you have found out that your amazon account has been hacked and hacked by a real hacker this time. Without any humorous intentions just go to your amazon account home page and select the customer care services, you can find a dial free contact number for contacting the Amazon customer care services. 

They will assist you in the further process of securing your account without falling into the wrong hands, it’s as simple as that and end of the conversation. But what if the Amazon customer care personal are not available at the moment and not responded to your calls right away, then you have to say the word “OH MY GOD” and carry on with the following immediate actions to secure your account from the hackers. 

Change passcodes 

The primary action needed to be done while in the case of getting your account hacked is changing your password using your mobile number and the one time password, by doing so the hacker will be disabled immediately to access your account and it’s benefits. You also need to delete the device preferences except for the device you are using to change the password. 

This feature will enable every device you have ever used to log in to your Amazon account to forget the password for your amazon account. You can change your password by clicking on the account settings and choose change password section to access the page of changing passwords. 

Take care of the Amazon pay balance 

The new features of Amazon account use the customer's bank accounts to top up the Amazon pay balance or the Amazon wallet. This pay balance is used for mobile recharges or to pay for the ordered products directly from the Amazon wallet without withdrawing the money from the bank account at the respective time. 

Even though the Amazon wallet is protected by a passcode which is only known to you, the hacker won’t take long in finding out the passcode for your wallet too. You have to transfer whatever balance left in your amazon wallet into a secure bank account to avoid any possible usages by the hacker. 

Use the customer care chat service 

The 24/7 chat service is maintained by hatboxes which will assist you with almost every kind of problem-related to your amazon account and will guide you in solving the respective problem, by reporting your problem in the chat section the customer care executives will respond immediately after the report. 

The customer care executives will forward the problem of your account being hacked to the respective department and they will immediately stop every kind of action performed using your account and eventually block it for some time to disable the hacker for continuing with any further actions on your account. 

Do an overall check Including the Amazon pay balance you also have to check the various sections like the active orders and activation of several prime services using your amazon account without your knowledge, the hacker may have placed an order for a valuable item or an illegal product to their address using your amazon account. 

You have to cancel every order that has been placed without your permission and delete the search history too. Even if the hacker used his own money to order a product, the account used in the action was yours and there will be some problems for you regarding that in the future. 


You can avoid your account being misused by a hacker by following the above precautionary measures right away after you have found out your account has been hacked, but as these are just some precautionary measures you still need some professional help to deal With such situations. 

You have to make every possible attempt to contact the customer care executives over at the amazon who are there to help you with situations like these if you are unaware of the level of damage the hacker might have caused using your account you can demand the customer care executive to freeze your account and stop every action regarding any transactions and placing orders. 

It is better if you use the same mobile number as your amazon account to dial the customer care executives at amazon, it makes it much easier for them to trace out your account and take any kind of immediate action needed to stop the hacker from misusing your account details. Always contact the customer care services to take their opinion in such type of situations, they will try to help their best to satisfy the customers at Amazon