SoundCore recently introduced the Life Q30 noise-canceling headphones with Hybrid ANC technology, along with many other useful features. The headset can switch between many different usage modes, serving well for most diverse daily needs. In addition, the SoundCore Life Q30 also has a very good battery life of up to 40 hours, with 5-minute fast charging support for 4 hours of music and talk. Here are the most detailed reviews of this headset model.

Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Life Q30 headphones were first sold in September 2020 with outstanding features of noise cancellation and Hi-res quality sound. This is one of the standout products from Anker, the parent brand of Soundcore, that has made a name for itself as a company that provides good quality power banks and cables at reasonable prices. The product has a very delicate and lightweight design. It helps users feel like they own a trendy piece of technology. 

Life Q30 wireless headphones have up to 3 different color versions with the common point being that the earcups can be rotated 15 degrees and are super soft. By combining this unique shape and subtle color scheme, they make for a fairly well-balanced pair of headphones from a design perspective. Another reason to feel comfortable with this headset is the weight.  Weighing only about 250g, this headset is not the lightest headset but still does not make you feel earache or heavy head after a few hours of use.


In terms of design, Life Q30 has a youthful and compact design with very high comfort when wearing, thereby allowing you to use it continuously all day without causing discomfort. Hi-Res certified headphones for high-quality music listening. SoundCore equips Life Q30 with 2 microphones to ensure good call quality. Users can customize the EQ using the SoundCore app that comes with the headset as well as activate the Transparency feature to quickly hear the surrounding sound without taking off the headphones. 

More about Life Q30's Hybrid ANC noise cancellation technology: This technology takes advantage of the setup of 2 noise-canceling microphones on each side of the ear cup to recognize and filter up to 95% of outside noise, giving users the best entertainment or working experience.

The headset has a variety of usage modes such as Transparency (above), Outdoor (reducing traffic and wind noise), Transport (reducing aircraft and train engine noise) and Indoor (reducing noise from voices) stories of people around). Modes can be quickly switched using the SoundCore app. The Life Q30 is also certified for Hi-Res sound quality with a frequency response of up to 40kHz, as well as equipped with a 40mm driver that promises to deliver satisfying bass. SoundCore Life Q30 uses an ear pad made from super-soft protein leather, lined with memory foam to hug the ear. 

The total weight of the product, however, is still very light, suitable for the needs of wearing and continuous use all day. The SoundCore App for Life Q30 lets you switch between the 22 available EQ options or create your own EQ setup according to your listening preferences. The Life Q30 headset also supports NFC fast connection with Android smartphones.


This is a headset full of the most famous technology today:

  • Noise cancellation technology filters out 95% of ambient sound
  • 40mm audio drivers for high-resolution sounds
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Super soft protein leather earcups
  • Allow connection of Soundcore app
  •  The sound Hi-Res quality:
  • NFC Quick Pairing:
  • Multipoint connection: You can connect this headset to 2 devices at the same time

The box includes:

  • Soundcore Life Q30 active noise canceling headphones
  • USB-C cable
  • 3.5 mm . AUX cable
  • Travel case
  • User manual

Customer Satisfaction

Most users are satisfied with the Soundcore Life Q30 headphones. They can use it for many occasions, on flights, trains. They feel comfortable with the sound from this headset and in particular, its ear cups are very soft. The biggest complaint the Soundcore Life Q30 received was that it couldn't connect to iOS. However, this is the general condition of headphones not manufactured by Apple, which is completely understandable.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Soundcore Life Q30 has a lot of advantages to compete well in the audio market. The first is that it has Hi-Res standard sound to help users experience excellent music genres. This product has quite good durability, especially it is equipped with a sturdy travel bag outside. The details made of the leather of Life Q30 are genuine leather, ensuring no peeling due to the user's sweat. The set has 3 trendy colors, especially the pretty pink one. The battery life of this headset is also great, it can follow you through long flights without recharging. However, this headset also has a few disadvantages, first, it is not for Apple players because it cannot be connected to the iOS operating system. Some other users also report that it feels quite hot when charging. In addition, the Soundcore Life Q30 is quite expensive compared to similar headphones. However, for the features it brings, it is worth it.

Common Questions Asked

Can I connect Soundcore Life Q30 to my TV?

Yes, if your TV has Bluetooth then you can connect it to Soundcore Life Q30 headphones.

Can I connect Soundcore Life Q30 to an external microphone?

The answer is yes, if you want to make outside calls then connect the Soundcore Life Q30 with 3.5mm audio pressure that comes with a built-in microphone.

Does Soundcore Life Q30 have a bass boost function?

Yes, in the Soundcore app there are 22 settings to choose from.

Is Anker Soundcore life Q30 good?

OVERALL: 9/10. The Soundcore Life Q30 are hands-down the best wireless headphones under $100. They offer a blend of easily customizable sound and noise cancellation, top-tier design and ergonomics, handy app-enabled features, as well as outstanding battery life.

Does Soundcore life Q30 have a microphone?

The Anker Q30 have an integrated microphone.

Does Anker life Q30 pair with iPhone?

Yes, they will work with any phone or tablet that has Bluetooth capabilities.

Does Soundcore Q30 support Dolby Atmos?

There is no 7.1 surround sound built-in, which is nice for gaming but, if you have an Xbox One and Windows 10 computer, you can enable Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic to create a similar spatial effect.

How do you pair Anker Q30?

When powered off, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes blue to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode. 2. Select "Soundcore Life Q30" on your device's Bluetooth list to connect.

How do I charge my Q30 Soundcore?

Fully dry off the USB port before charging. Use the provided of certified USB- C charging cable and charger to prevent any damage. Do not power on your headphone while charging.

Can I connect this headset to game consoles?

Absolutely, you can connect Life Q30 to PS4 and PS5. For the most comfortable gaming time, invest in a dongle that plugs into your PS4, so you can connect them wirelessly.

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Soundcore Life Q30 gives you a great sound experience. It's not the cheapest headset on the market, but it's definitely a headset that takes your life to the next level. Just for its terrible battery life, Soundcore Life Q30 is also worthy enough to be a great headset to have in hand when you need to travel or block a noisy office space for many hours continuously.