is a popular tech blog, and the main person behind the blog is sourajit Saha.

Sourajit Saha is a tech lover guy, who eat, sleep and breath technology.

Here are some information about Sourajit Saha via Twitter, that might help you to know more about him.

Brief information of Sourajit Saha (founder of

Full name: Sourajit Saha

Nick name: Chhotu

Place: Kalyani, West Bengal

Parents: Mukul Kumar Saha, Pratima Saha

Age: 30 Years (in 2022)

School: K.U.E.H.S

College: Adamas Institute of Technology (Dropout)

Profession: Digital marketing. Currently Works at Google Adsense & lots of client around the world who needs to promote and grow their businesses.

Hobby: 1> Playing Video Games: Games like GTA V, RDR 2, Forza Horizon 5, Cricket 22 etc

2> Photography: Mainly portrait photography. Love to getting clicked y his photograopher friends.

More than 14000 photos are in his Google Photos. Currently he uses Nikon z5 with 24-200 lens.

A godox flash gun. His secondary camera is Sony DSV RX100 M6, which is a premium compact camera.

3> Music: He loves to listen music all day all night. Pop music is his most fav. Backstreet boys, One direction are his favourite pop bands. Linkin Park, Fossils (Bengali band) are his favourite rock bands.  

4> Books: He used to read a lot of story books in his 20's.

Relationship status: Single

Favourite food: Cold coffee, Fuchka, Biriyani

All time favourite films: Titanic (English), Rockstar(Hindi), Nayok(Bengali)

Favourite singers: Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Enrique, Chester

Favourite Color: Black

Favourite cricketers: Sachin Tendulkar, Brett Lee

Idols: Satyajit Ray, Shah Rukh Khan, CR7, Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik 

Here We will share some resources from various sites related him.

As we said he is a big fan of SRK, so he posted photos randomly which are similar to SRK's hairstyle.

Here is a picture of ponytail.

The reason of his deep love on leather jacket- most probably from SRK. Here is another tweet for you:
He has a lot of tattoos allover his body. Previously he said that David Beckham is his inspiration for tattoos. But he could not deny the relection of Zayn in his mind, specially his neck tattoos. You can find his tattoos' pictures on Google, but here is an example for you:
Most of his photographs have been captured by his best friend Uttiyo and brother Sudip. Here he tweeted a picture with Sudip. He is literally grateful to both of them for clicking so many pictures of him. 
One of his regrets in his life- he does not have beard. His beard style is like Johnny Depp. Anyway, we found a picture of him, which looks great in beard. He claimed it is self clicked with a timer set.
He confessed that behind of his affection to watches and sunglasses, the person is his best friend plus photographer Uttiyo. In his school life, he never used to wear sunglasses or watches. Here is a sample photo of him.
He is a big fan of megastar SRK. He also have a facebook page named "Young Shahrukh", an Instagram account named "sourajitsaha17" where he loves to post pictures as SRK style. Here is a picture with tag "FAN" dedicated to his idol SRK:

He also tweeted about possible release date of the next title of Grand Theft Auto.
We tried to cover some of his notable tweets, still a lot to be mentioned. Anyway, in our next posts, we'll try to cover his other social media handles too like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
If you want to contact Sourajit, check his contact page. To know more about him, check his "about me" page.